: Disconnecting after Matchmaking screen.
What antivirus do you have if you don't have Avast. Is it AVG ..AVG and Avast are the same company.
There is no cost if you own the software if you don't own the software there is an obvious charge for tech support.
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: Experiencing random disconnects without Avast! installed.
Guys..... I too have AVG and was concedering just uninstalling the program. I just renewed it like 2 months ago. I know for a fact McAfee has no issues..... My two friends both have McAfee and are playing with no problems. After reading your posts I don't know what the hell to do. What if o buy McAfee and it still happens??? Avast is AVG. Roit is blaming avast for the dc....I feel Riot washed their hands on this problem and just tells us to use a different antivirus until the problem is fixed. Has anyone called AVG on this ??? I'm going to try to contact them today and I'll post you guys. If anyone else can call AVG and get some info that would be cool. Looks like were on our own here guys.BTW using Windows 10 AVG 64 bit


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