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: You just said that like because some people aren't toxic that means everyone isn't toxic. Toxicity is as much a part of gaming as none toxicity is. Just because something shouldn't be part of gaming doesn't mean it isn't. There will always be toxic people just like there will always be none toxic people. And the removing chat argument is something I've told the DEVs quite a few times including on this post so we agree there. And I agree with you in an ideal world people wouldn't curse or tilt or be toxic, but it does happen a lot in this game. And if you think it doesn't keep playing, you'll see, I'm not lying.
**Gaming** and **toxicity** are two separate things. **Games** want **toxicity** removed. **League** wants **toxicity** removed. Therefore, **League** punishes **toxicity** to **remove** it as much as possible. I don't understand why you are supporting toxicity in games. **If you think it's not fun without toxicity in League, go find another game to fulfill your desires of toxicity. ** **League **for me at least, is a **strategy game** where you **work together** with your teammates to win and **toxicity ruins that. ** Toxicity is NOT part of League. Toxicity is a separate entity that ruins and kills League. Toxicity is not welcome in League.
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: I really hope Tantram comes back to respond again to you... but I love how you're telling the person who coded the systems and literally can see how many times you've been reported - I love how you're telling him that you know better than him. You keep saying things like "good chunk of the community" - it's not - it's a very small minority. You say "every single time I get reported by 2+ people..." - but that's not how it works - it literally isn't coded that way. You say "find me a competitive game that has chat and doesn't have toxicity" - that doesn't mean that it **should** be that way. How about you find me a game studio that doesn't have any sort of punishments for toxicity? Come on man. The stats, off the top of my head, were something along the lines of less than 10% of players ever get a chat restriction, and less than 10% of those punished at any given level ever get another punishment. Hopefully Tantram can bring back better numbers - because I can't find my link that had them.
> And yet in football people get in fights, they do get in each others faces, they do swear at each other. and in football too, they get penalized for getting in fights (u know.. yellow card.. red card.. or blue.. ;){{champion:4}} )
: I'm literally saying that toxicity is part of any competitive gaming, always has been, always will be. And if you ban/restrict people for it in the most competitive gaming environment in the world than you're going to lose your playerbase, because that's how reality works. But here's where it gets really interesting, apparently riot CAN be toxic, but if players are toxic they get banned. Riots own support have been caught being toxic with no repercussions, and yet if a player does it they get banned. Also right now they completely changed what being toxic means. It's one thing to swear and tilt none stop, it's another to defend yourself in a reasonable manner and still be banned. They don't care about making this about proper toxicity being banned, they just ban anyone who gets enough reports in 1 game regardless.
Toxicity is not part of any competitive gaming, and **toxicity really shouldn't be part of anything.** People who are truly good at this game avoid toxicity at all costs (feat. why faker never really uses the chat function). Competitive does not, and should not mean toxicity. Losing toxic player base is what the League community actually wants. People play to have fun, use their brains in competitive ways, not curse at each other and ruin the day.
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