Xhaiden (EUNE)
: The marketing team doesn't check the forum, or at least - they never showed any interest in what the community had/has to say about their money making schemes (as they proved through almost every past action). Gambling schemes prey on human weakness - and that's exactly what Riot exploits the most. Even more than that - they're trying to speed-up the gambling process with the current scheme (Little Legends) - by trading quality for quantity. As in... champion skins are far more complex (well, some of them are - mainly Epic and above... cause the majority are more like a suit placed on top of the old model - since they kept the same abilities as the original, same interactions, same taunts, same dances and same voices/audio). Obviously, same can't be said about Little Legends. They don't do much (they have their dance moves and taunts - but other than that - they drag a champion and open a box / there's not much interaction with the actual game). Even the difference between tiers revolve around cosmetics alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsS5o5hM06M My point is: they're far easier to put together - compared to a champion skin. And since they're part of a permanent gambling scheme.. everyone who's affected by a gambling addiction - should be really careful with this ones (easier said than done - unfortunately). This is the part that i find worrying about "the new business model..." since it's quite predatory - when it comes to people with gambling addictions. Personally, i find it immoral. I presume you were referring to this new releases... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5nA4xayraI (at this rate Little Legends could triple by the end of the year - if not more). This is what TFT is all about. Why it became permanent in such a short time. And since TFT covers the space - where the temporary modes used to be (like URF or BN), i take it - this may also be the reason why they intend to recycle TT (to use that space for temporary modes). Anyway, this is a different subject - for a different topic.
> more recently with the Prestige skins - where the community was completely ignored and nothing was changed Didn't they used to have it where you can only get prestige points from buying chests? Now we can grind them out in events.
: Just to clear this up. Interlocutioner was the lead writer for Pantheon. I shadowed the process and learned tons from him! He asked me to speak on his behalf for his video, and hopefully I did an ok job. Please give him all the props!
Idk who to go to, but I think Lula should be capitalized in Pantheon’s story.
: Why are you buffing khazix?
: Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...
Riot isn’t as against snowballing as players are. A winning team should win harder, otherwise the losing team will turtle forever. Maybe they went too far, and I agree damage is high, but I don’t think riot is going to remove the new system.
CLG ear (NA)
: PSA: "Introvert" doesn't mean "Shy" or "Socially Awkward"
Armchair psychologists debating what a term means.
: What Arakadia said basically. I'm not saying she is lesbian, I actually didn't think about reading it that way, but then someone on the boards pointed out she could identify with her because Lux' story mirrors her own. And I can acknowledge that there are parallels. That's not a bad thing, let people have their own interpretation as long as it doesn't interfere with the canon...
I’m fine with her story being a metaphor, or people having head canon of her being gay. My worry is when people think it’s canon, when it hasn’t been confirmed. I think that poster didn’t just see Lux as a metaphor, but as an actual gay character, with a lover/crush to boot. Imagine how that person might feel when there’s shipping between Lux and Ezreal, or Sylas. Even Riot’s done that. Imagine being someone who argues that a character isn’t lgbt because it isn’t confirmed, with someone who is convinced that they are. That person is either called ignorant for not seeing the obvious, or a bigot who’s trying to erase representation. I wasn’t even aware that Taliyah was meant to be transgendered. If someone wants to see her that way, fine but what do you say to someone who believes that’s canon?
: She's not. Her designer, Daniel Z. Klein said that they had this as an idea, but dropped it. Her story can still be read this way, just like Lux can be read as a lesbian having to "hide her light".
I’m not sure if “reading a story as x” is a good idea. If they want a gay character, they’ll make one like Neeko, or the guys in Varus. Trans people is too sensitive to only imply.
: I'm amazed at how naive and dumb they made her. In the end she was ready to let her friend die to keep her ass safe.
People are mad she’s used by him and they’re mad she left him to die lol
: I thought so too, he presumably knows that magic can be inherited and he knows about Lux. Garen having magical power wouldn't be this surprising to him. Celestial power, however... Well, she's an advisor to the king now. That's cool, I guess, but I want to know more about her background. Maybe a story where she leads the Dauntless Vanguard. The picture I used is from [What once sailed free](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/whatoncesailedfree) where she kinda did, but we see almost nothing from her. I agree that J3 needs to die, not much to say here. The idea with Lux standing up and confessing is that it's more about her, really. She betrayed Sylas in his eyes because she does not come with them, denying her powers. Of course there would be backlash, but people know that she is a good person. She helped with the illuminators, doing beneficial work. She's a **crownguard**, a name with power. Maybe it could prove that not all mages are bad and the Demacian Laws are wrong and hypocritical.
Sylas spent years using his powers to capture other mages, and his own comrades couldn’t accept him. These people already condemned her as a mage-lover. Being a mage could’ve started a riot.
Seal Bot (EUNE)
: Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??
As one of five Sivir mains, I’m glad she’s mentioned.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6vXArGnp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-10T14:16:38.345+0000) > > Here's the reasoning: > > Yuumi is REALLY strong in pro but not so strong at lower ELOs. Since she meets their criteria for a nerf based off of her pro presence, she needs a nerf. But they don't want to hit her in ways that make low-skill Yuumis weaker. So they took a look at the difference between a really good Yuumi and a mediocre Yuumi... and yup! You guessed it. The main difference is that top tier Yuumis get full value out of their passive, while mediocre Yuumis don't. So.... by reducing the power of the passive, they can make top tier Yuumis a bit weaker without having a huge impact on the less skilled ones. That's actually a very logical explanation. i still hate it though. It is essentially a buff to low elo and nerf to pro, by this theory...
It is. That’s probably their intention.
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usul1202 (NA)
: My growing number of mundo skins agrees. Why does he have so many skins??
: Riot please listen to the item RNG community criticism ....
Is it rng heavy in dota as well? I don’t think riot’s going to back off rng unless the entire internet blasts it. The boards are a fraction of the community.
: I think in her younger days. I mean she had romance with GP back then. Guess she was more slim.
: Streamers are a big reason of why community is toxic
I don't think there's that many kid-teens who watch Tarzaned. It's not like there aren't any college-aged men who pull stupid shit like inting.
GenoXx (NA)
: Random lore Question: Has Illaoi ever wore a dress?
jamyooes (NA)
: Can't hover over friends
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Why instead of pick only 2 roles cant I order the 5 based in my preferences?
I'm pretty sure it would result in people picking support last, which will mean longer queue times. Most people here don't mind that, but enough players or Riot care.
: is a shame the company has lost 700 mill in revenue.
: Riot, these lootboxes aren't making you look any better.
Riot keeps doing it because players keep buying them. You don’t have to be an addict to purchase loot boxes.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: A small observation
Are the other two leaders of the black rose? They felt like partners or loosely affiliated.
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: New bio for Zilean and stories for Qiyana and Malphite
I’m not even mad at Qiyana. Sure it’s wrong what she did, but she gave her sister a chance, and I’m more upset at how violent Piltovens are to the villagers. We got ourselves a political character that isn’t from Noxus, and I’m excited for it.
Zeanix (OCE)
: I would take Demacian Vice Cait over Arcade any day
Holy crap I want Vi to beat me to death with that skin.
: PBE Update: Demacia Vice Garen & Lucian
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: They were made for something else, but Riot decided to test the waters with this two and if its a hit it will be expanded. {{champion:122}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} are in the line if I recall correctly. Papercraft failed badly as experiment but these are popular, broad champs so its gonna be okay IMO.
Sillae (NA)
: The last time serious progress was made in the "main" lore, I think was the Bilgewater event where Gangplank was temporarily killed off by MF and came back as a man who realized his mistakes (not in a moral sense but in how he underestimated his enemies) and everyone was pissed that they couldnt play GP for a week (including people who were never going to play him in the first place). Major developments might merit gameplay changes in Riot's eyes and Riot might not want to risk another backlash.
They made gp unplayable during an event where you needed him for some missions.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=w7okAJ0i,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-20T14:24:22.400+0000) > > Why? She looks fine AF. She is dressed like a stripper, lol.
It’s Ionia a lot of them are strippers.
: got my friend permabannede - he blocked me on every media - did I do the right thing?
Take a minute and ask yourself why you think you did the wrong thing? Someone who is rude to others and yourself isn’t worth your time.
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: I never heard of this guy Nightblue3 before but hes saying the 'R' word like multiple times a sentence. How is he even allowed to stream?
> [{quoted}](name=Penelope is Sexy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AtEYhR3a,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-14T22:02:34.234+0000) > > I never heard of this guy Nightblue3 before but hes saying the 'R' word like multiple times a sentence. How is he even allowed to stream? I’m confused on what’s bannable on twitch. How many people have said bitch?
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Endeavor,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AtEYhR3a,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-14T20:19:16.417+0000) > > I mean, Tyler1 got banned. Dunkey got banned. There are probably more... seems inconsistent though. And Tyler1 came back, and is still a big bag of toxicity. Why did they let him come back? Because he's a good source of revenue. People watch him to see him throw massive temper tantrums. Any form of attention, even negative attention, is good for a game that's trying to remain relevant.
> [{quoted}](name=Trolosaurus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AtEYhR3a,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-14T20:24:03.181+0000) > > And Tyler1 came back, and is still a big bag of toxicity. > Why did they let him come back? > Because he's a good source of revenue. People watch him to see him throw massive temper tantrums. > Any form of attention, even negative attention, is good for a game that's trying to remain relevant. He was the only player permanently banned, and he had to prove that he isn’t toxic. Doesn’t he keep his toxicity verbal or as jokes nowadays?
Gubaguy (NA)
: Glad to see kruphix findging work these days
There are god cards in magic? Since when?
: Qiyana Can Dab on Them Haters
: Yeah, except to my understanding, Riot has never just introduced a new region entirely before. Demacia, Targon, Freljord, Bandle, Shurima, Noxus, Ionia, Bilgewater, and Shadow Isles were all in existence from the start (even if their names weren't solidified), so they had much more capability to place champions where they needed them. This is a new frontier for Riot, and for the game, so while historically, new releases aren't tied to a region unless they come in pair, there is no history or precedence of Riot releasing a completely new region into the game before.
Isn’t the region technically the Kumungu area? Just a different name? I personally wouldn’t call it a new area.
: Yeah, but most of the other regions are pretty well established right now, and have gotten lore injections pretty recently. So they're not starving for attention at the moment. The only exception is Bandle City, to an extent (though it got some lore with Yuumi), but I don't think it'll be getting anything more until Corki's VGU, whenever that may be. Ixtal is new, and it is starving for attention and more characters to round it out and give us definition for what the region actually is.
Historically new releases aren’t tied to the same region unless they come in pairs. Starving for attention seems like an exaggeration when the place has just been revealed. Qiyana isn’t even out with her color story. There could be a larger story with the other champions.
: What's up with the Body Proportions in these new Arcade skins?
Criticizing the art is one thing, but there are reasons why game models aren’t always realistic. They have to be able to animate certain things, and you’re usually looking at them for a certain angle.
They may be retelling Sylas’s story, but I feel like his needed some visual context. We’re supposed to see him as the villain, and hate him for playing Lux, but we get to see why he’s one, and I personally can’t fault his actions (yet).
: Remember that Sylas is cunning af and is also telling Lux a lot of lies to have her more in his power. I find it too convenient that has been exactly the crownguard who caged him.
Another poster in another thread has pointed out that Sylas may have been the one to have killed Garen’s uncle. That story could be true but have widely different interpretations.
: No. They don't treat mages like monsters. They treat them like sick people. We have seen it in other stories. Mage hunters don't resolt to violence unless provoked, and even then they are not lethal weapons. There are cases of mages that live free as long as they register and don't use their powers. Do they treat them fairly? No. But they aren't genocidal monsters about it either.
History and current cultures have shown how we treat sick people. It’s not all that great. By living free, you mean kept far away from the kingdom. I don’t think we’ve seen how those people live either.
: Apparently finding ideas to make skins for Xerath is hard.
It’s not hard to find ideas, but either it’s hard to make skins for him, or they don’t want to.
: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
Wasn’t it confirmed that Zilean is getting a skin this year?
: We need a massive VU overhaul for old champs
Haven't Riot said in the past that VUs weren't as well received as VGUs? Besides, there are always some changes they can make to gameplay, like with Ezreal or Morgana.
: Qiyana - Special Interactions!
I actually like how arrogant she is.
Reav3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HommeGoujon,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TjgMG5GF,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-06-11T17:07:25.648+0000) > > I thought Qiyana was stronger than all her sisters. What would a weaker sister bring to the game? Or are you guys planning some kind of behind-the-scenes plotting with some dark magic involved from one or several of the sisters to rival with Qiyana? Well Qiyana sure believes she is stronger then all her sisters, but that's from her perspective
I’m not against her being wrong, but you’ve shown us she’s strong enough to cripple one of her sisters. How do you sell another who could be her rival, and why hasn’t she done anything sooner?
: I think it would be cool if Riot made a voodoo champion with some cool voodoo lore.
They’ve said before that they want to do something more original than just plopping real world cultures into their setting. So at best we’d get a unique take on voodoo.
: [OFF TOPIC] Sony announced the Gaymer system is going on the open market next year...
It’s an optional system people can buy. A collector’s item. Sure it’s shameless pandering but whatever.
: How Qiyana's Lore (sort of) Saved Her Design And Steps in Perfecting It
It’s almost like people shouldn’t be knee jerking about designs until they get all of the info.
: It is just me or does Riot prefer we watch rather than play the game ?
With all of these event passes they keep peddling I’m sure they want both.
YaraUwU (NA)
: Just a quick thought for anyone that thinks Qiyana is the dullest champion to date. Kai'sa exists.
> Like her ult could have been the void creature talking over and her going berserk. She's meant to be a survivor of the void. Going berserk doesn't convey that. As for her suit, it's meant to be aerodynamic, because she's a high speed marksman. A bulky suit wouldn't read as such.
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