: Because under the current system, having a "very bad game" and playing well in a loss are the exact same thing. I'm not saying feeders should be banned, but there absolutely should be some difference in LP/MMR loss.
: The reason its hard to solve is because an automated system will never ever be able to determine if something is "intentional" or not. Until Riot is willing to have more manual reviews, or realize that it makes no difference if it is intentional or not, this problem will always exist. The most accurate and complex system in the World isn't going to catch someone inting if they are purposely trying to make it look unintentional.
If someone is unintentionally feeding, why would you want to punish them? What if you had a very bad game?
: Well, we use the story internally to have something cohesive to lean on throughout the production of the skin. If you think about the way the majority of players experience a new skin, it's actually not as soon as it hits PBE all over the boards, Reddit, surrender@20 etc. A lot of the story, as Chromatic Eagle rightly pointed out below, is told through the splash as the first point of story context, within the client. With Yorick we had a lot of real estate to tell some of the story within the game engine with all of his spells, minions and maiden as well. If that's not resonating for you, to be honest, that sucks to hear. I mean with such a large player base there's literally no way to please everyone, especially under the pressure of the "6 year wait" for a new Yorick skin. We knew that going in, but please know that this was anything but a "kill the memes" attempt. We all view Yorick as an incredibly underrated champion, both from gameplay and creative perspectives, and my team was absolutely foaming at the mouth to work on him. We have ton of ideas for more skins for him, as we all had a blast working on him and plan on revisiting him on a regular skin cadence. Thanks for the feedback, check out the splash when it arrives!
I'm not saying that every skin line needs the same hype as the Star Guardian page, or a cinematic like Project, but a comic or webpage going a little more in depth can be appreciated. Think Pentakill.
Nefas (NA)
: Are players supposed to "get" this? Because none of that comes through in game or in client and to me makes Arclight one of the most boring and generic skin themes available - just toss in some golden light particles and done.
: Riot doesn't release their internal lore for the skin themes, if they have any. They'd rather have you guys do all the hard work for them so they can steal it and not pay anyone.
They've hinted and even explained several times, especially with the Star Guardians. They like to let the fans come up with ideas because they don't want to crush anyone's head canon. At least to a point.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XtqcvhtY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-16T06:13:22.969+0000) > > Arclight Vel'koz probably introduced the most lore; where he is *the* god that bestows the power of arclight upon mortals in times of darkness. His splash depicts him manifesting before a church to 'test' warriors hoping to become his chosen archangels. Those found worthy will become arclight, and spend eternity doing his bidding in the mortal realm. Those not worthy, well, disintegration and oblivion await. Varus and Vayne were found worthy and granted righteous power and immortality. > > Rioit DrPh8 would know the full story for Yorick as he worked on his concept with Aleks Nikonov, but I know that a King made arclight would eventually have to watch his queen, his family and even his kingdom fade to nothing as the ages wheel. I wonder what Vel'koz would make of his fixated worship of his lost love, is it divine or blasphemy? This would be great and all if his Queen didn't have the voice of a she devil writhing mass off damned souls, totally ruins the fantasy, give Maiden different voice processing, I get why Yorick's voice isn't being changed but come on with the Maiden.
Voice processing is changing the sound effects of their dialogue. What people want seems to be what SG Ahri got.
: Summoner Showcase 126
: Honestly I'm just happy to see actual character development taking place; we've never seen a champion move factions before, and I think it makes a whole lot of sense in Ziggs' case.
: "Zigmund" LOL "I just want to be fuzzy and blow stuff up" I feel you Ziggs. Heim is a little shit. I love Ziggs though and I am glad him and Jinx have become friends and actually live together lmao, such an awesome friendship.
Can you blame Heimer? He warned him about the dangers.
Solideus (EUNE)
: https://i.imgur.com/3LophWn.jpg ...was it good for you?
Oh god I'm shipping Jinx with a Yordle.
: You'd think a Yordle would know this though, and Ziggs appeared to be pretty confused when Jinx could see him for what he is.
We know that Ziggs doesn't know this, and such a phenomenon is probably rare.
: I'm rather disappointed with this comic. * Least important first, but I don't like the graphic style. That's subjective and personal, but that doesn't help... * It's yet more teasing about the nature of Yordles without a clear explanation. * It's just violence without consequence, and the characters don't really develop. There was almost a moment there with the donger "betrayal", but well, no, doesn't matter in the end. It's a big let down compared to the Darius one, I think.
We learned that Heimer is responsible for the Yordle charms, which makes me wonder how Kled got one, or is the charm innate to them as well. We know that Ziggs isn't a killer, and that somehow Jinx hasn't killed either yet. We get some context on Ziggs' relationship with Heimer.
: Thank you. I hate champion reworks on champions that don't need them. But according to Riot they need them in order to make them **unique** and add **"character"** to the champions. PS. I am so salty because every year my main is reworked. GP Annie and now Xin Any suggestions for new main?
A few of those champions are "binary" and are either only planned by mains, or can be obnoxious to play against.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll keep making artillery champs occasionally. It's likely to always be the smallest, or at least one of the smallest sub classes though. That's not a problem in our eyes - not all subclasses have the same amount of design space in them, some things are just more niche already.
: Why not just sell them for 750?
It's not about how the skins look, it's how the interact with the gameplay as a player model.
: I'm the main playtester for Evelynn. Can't talk too much about her but I find her super fun~
: Can we stop putting slows on every other spell?
His E slow was weakened for the new one.
: Look at it this way: the Immortal Journey skins are not aimed at western audiences.
Speak for yourself I love this theme. (I get what you're saying.)
Meddler (NA)
: Ezreal jungle seems cool from what we've seen so far. If he falls out of botlane entirely would want to try and let him back in there without pushing him out of the jungle. Same approach we've been taking with Ziggs as mid and bot. Possible that changes of course if Ezreal jungle starts looking really unhealthy in some way we're not currently seeing, pretty optimistic it's something that's fine for game health though. Nothing on the W at present, he's on our short list of small gameplay update targets for sometime next year though.
: this is an overall nerf imo.
Isn't she oppressive when good?
: Upcoming VGU's prediction w/ smart analysis
Almighty (EUNE)
: A new Janna skin. :drools:
That's a really pretty skin.
: The Next Big Skinline...
: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oUndvmK1kYA/VqaVkfJourI/AAAAAAAAK1o/6NpIYRoM408/s1600/shenpassive.jpg Only one champion has a floating sword like that with elaborate design, and last I checked Irelia isn't getting a VGU any time soon. Kayle has an unsheathed blade, Leona too, Aatrox's blade is far longer and wider, Garen's broadsword is much larger, Fiora has a rapier, Master Yi's sword is single-edged, Tryndamere has a curved sword and Yasuo has a katana as long as Sephiroth's. It can only be Shen, my 999 friends (give or take).
You are really invested into Shen's sword.
: Jokes on you it's a new ionian champ and that is actually a walking staff.
What if it's a Lee Sin rework and that's his cane?
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
Let's say that this update goes really well with fans, will parts of this kit be kept in a future vgu, like Warwick?
: to be fair Arclight is the super-generic "turn dark guys into light guys" skin line, happy for the yorick mains but i barely even count Arclight as a skin on any champion
Don't get me wrong it's a fair enough criticism, but people act like he deserves a legendary or ultimate skin for waiting so long.
: It is finally here... Arclight Yorick!
Inb4 people say it's not good enough
: Iunno I find his voice out of character for a demon and kinda just sounds like somebody was pitched down in post. I'm just gonna get downvoted for saying this, but it's the major reason I can't take Kayn seriously.
He's not technically a demon, and Lol characters are known for trying to break stereotypes.
Nylisa (EUW)
: Star Guardian quiz, which Star are you?
Post your descriptions? I got Syndra. Am I a good guy, or a bad guy?
: Are we talking about the same olaf? The guy who runs at you and tries to kill you while spamming his Q?
.......Why did I think you were talking about {{champion:516}}
Jaredan (NA)
: Hi Dolljointed, As has been mentioned elsewhere, SG Lux is not Lux. 'Prime Runeterra' Lux has had no change in the portrayal of her sexuality, whatever that may be. I'm very sorry you feel I lied to you, it was certainly not my intent. When I responded to your original post, it was in regard to exceeding the expectations that have been set previously in handling the topic of sexuality in League's stories. I still believe we will do much better than we have previously, though that in itself isn't a promise to make Lux herself gay. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, it was in no way meant to be malicious or deceptive. To be clear, what I mean is this: we are aware of a lack of representation of LGBTQIA in previous stories and characters. Many of us at Riot fit into one or more of the letters in the aforementioned acronym. There are reasons why I can't go any further in my explanation of things specific to content, which sucks, I know, but it's one of the pitfalls of the conversation. I wanted to respond to you to say we hear you, to give you encouragement that we didn't take gender/sexuality issues lightly, and that I have complete belief that we will be demonstrating that through content. However, there are things that I couldn't, and still can't go into due to responsibilities to product teams, etc. I did not intend to specifically imply that Lux is lesbian, and if I did so, I apologize. What I wanted to state is that we will do a better job in expressing the many colors of the rainbow through stories and characters as we move forward. I still believe that.
I'm not saying you guys have to, or that you should to fill a quota, but don't you think it's kind of messed up that we don't have a non-straight character yet, but we have multiple characters who are blatantly straight? Xayah and Rakan almost feels like a slap with how open they are about their relationship.
: A not-so-legendary legendary. Also a missed opportunity to update her base voice over like you guys did with Lux. Sounds like excuses to me, no offense, because I doubt localization is a concern for you guys.
Having a bunch of kill/champion lines isn't a legendary? Lux was a rare chance because she had an ultimate skin.
: I have the proof , im just not going to share it with you. I have significant evidence and an internal source that riot's banning system is financially motivated and Im going to bring it to a class action. Enough said for now.
: Cosmic Reaver Shen, legendary skin. _In the battle against the creatures of the Dark Star, the Cosmic Reavers find themselves overwhelmed. Just as the Cosmic Blade (Master Yi) is about to be torn asunder by the Dark Star entity known as Kha'Zix, a mysterious force deflects the creature, sending him flying backwards in a flash of light. When the light fades, a mysterious blue figure is standing there, having appeared out of nothing. The Cosmic Reaver (Kassadin) suddenly turns toward the figure, alerted at the feeling of tremendous cosmic power. The Cosmic Blade grips his blade, ready to retaliate should this figure not be what he seems, but the figure offers a hand to the fallen warrior, and with a commanding voice that filled him with purpose, the figure beckoned,_ ##"The cosmos is under my watch. Let us stand united in our battle to protect it."
Cosmic Reaver Ahri.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I actually like talking to you guys. You call us out on our bullshit, and we can make our case and have everybody judge us fairly for it. I just want everyone to be civil about it lol
: So there are only two tiers of runes now? That's unfortunate :/
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xJLx MCHammer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UbsYNKAe,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-09-02T18:43:23.518+0000) > > It's thriving but to act as if the subs are up is a lie They arent on level of cataclysm when it had 12m subs, but its still 50x higher than next MMO RPG and Legion has more than Vanilla and TBC ever had. Only Wotlk and early Cata beat Legion
Sharjo (EUW)
: Hungry for aquatic mammal tit, get it right bro.
I don't know why people fail to understand this.
: It being the Void is incredibly lame. Makes things feel less like a world and more like an island.
The void is a world threat. Having the dark be some separate force that only affects Nami is kind of lame.
Meddler (NA)
: Tweaking VO's not very live gameplay associated at all. Neither are new champions/VGUs, most of the development of Runes, ideas for new dragons, changes to the ban system etc or a lot of other things that I believe will be of interest to people in these posts. I figure people want to hear about Live Gameplay work a lot, so often talk about that, but don't want to limit things to just the work of one team. Big patch, then 2 weeks after that, small patch, then 2 weeks after that big patch etc.
I've seen some pro players complain about how often patches disrupt game balance, making it difficult for them to plan around. Will this change take away a bit of that stress?
: > [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5Tb7a3QZ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-08-31T23:05:43.313+0000) > > I'm a Sivir main who's tired of using Warden and Winter Wonder, so Idk. (Huntress Sivir master race. Bow to your towel wearing queen!)
> [{quoted}](name=TouchFluffyTaiI,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5Tb7a3QZ,comment-id=000000010001,timestamp=2017-09-01T01:18:28.410+0000) > > (Huntress Sivir master race. Bow to your towel wearing queen!) I'm waiting for Spectacular to go on sale.
: Cus Sivir es fun But yeah Gemstones are a fairly rare drop, people have spent over 100$ trying to get one of those craftable skins before early on Just keep in mind you're trying to pay for a Chroma of what was a 975 skin being given away at Pax, how much is that worth to you?
> [{quoted}](name=TwitchInMyPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5Tb7a3QZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-31T22:26:55.027+0000) > > Cus Sivir es fun > > But yeah Gemstones are a fairly rare drop, people have spent over 100$ trying to get one of those craftable skins before early on > > Just keep in mind you're trying to pay for a Chroma of what was a 975 skin being given away at Pax, how much is that worth to you? I'm a Sivir main who's tired of using Warden and Winter Wonder, so Idk.
: MF should have been the leader and Soraka should have gotten the legendary skin
To be fair, Soraka's lore is severely outdated. She may not even have that title anymore. Also be honest, if MF had gotten the legendary, people would still complain.
Rioter Comments
: Zyra can be contentious so I want to preface this post with THIS IS ALL ENTIRELY MY PERSONAL OPINION AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF OUR LIVE OR BALANCE TEAMS. First I'm not going to talk about Brand or V'K because I think, even if they're often played as support, we see a good number of them succeeding in mid as well. I think characters like them are merely a result of perception as opposed to actual lane to lane imbalances. We've seen similar things in the past with character like J4 (played in jungle for years even though he was winning more as a top laner) and Morg (played almost exclusively as support for a season, all while being a god-like midlaner) I think Zyra's case is special and comes down to asking the question "what is your kit actually good at?" Zyra to me has been a support since season 3 (when we gave them gold) because her kit isn't amazing at waveclearing and roaming for aggressive ganks (things midlaners love to do) and is much better at things like zoning opponents off the minion wave (which she can only do if she doesn't use her spells to waveclear), heavily punishing enemy engages, and following up on ally CC (things supports love to do). To me the problem with Zyra isn't in her kit or our balance strategies, it's in perception. We told players years ago "we're giving you a mid" but after a few months of Zyra and meta changes that wasn't what we were giving you. At that point she was potent as a support and we had to tune her for support. We could make Zyra a mid again, but IMO that's a DIFFERENT character at this point that would need some CHANGES (not just balance) to how her plants and E work . We'd need to realign her strengths. We recently did this with Malzahar and his voidlings, he's a mid again. It's possible to do that with Zyra, but right now she's a support and we balance her as one. We'd have to make the decision to change that. I personally caused some role confusion when I made Vi. [ If you watch Vi's spotlight](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp3ZrRJz-ZY) you'll notice we told people she was a toplaner, but if you read her kit you'll quickly realize that what we actually released was a jungler. She could top for a while, but as we repeatedly nerfed her due to her power in jungle (the role her kit was actually suited for) she fell out of that position. Luckily, with Vi, there weren't a lot of people who got hurt by this shift. Hunting ADC's in top -----> hunting ADC's in jungle is not the worst transition. Carrying in mid ----> supporting a carry in bot feels a bit more painful. TLDR, I can feel your pain, but Zyra's kit is a support kit. IMO, if we want Zyra to mid, we'll need to change her kit a bit, but that might prove difficult given the reality of what plants are (temporary turrets that are way better when not used on the minion wave). **again this is all personal opinion and could be totally wrong**
It might be a personal opinion, but it's the most honest and clearest explanation we've gotten so far. Thank you.
: Don't forget the dope ass theme music. Let's be real here. Best part about Ekko, Jinx, and Vi is the kickass music.
: They are not worth the buy
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