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: The Golden Ratio and splash arts
Make makes the world go around, or in this case, inward!
GIJose65 (NA)
: So Star Wars episode 8 is coming up
Personally, I think Kylo Ren will have a better back story this time around with Last Jedi. I am actually looking forward to Captain Phasma actually doing something this time around so that we can have some gunfight action!
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: 0 Maokai nerfs 0 Shen nerfs 0 Pantheon nerfs But press the attack nerfs
I haven't played enough Maokai so I won't discuss much about him. But as a Shen main, I am honestly confused on why you think he's broken. ATM he has a 50.85% win rate ( and requires a much higher skill floor than other tanks. The only reason why people are complaining about him is because he initially had a 53% winrate when Pre-season started. People started to bandwagon on playing Shen and what do you know they fail miserably! Shen requires constantly repositioning his sword in order to drag it through his target, constantly have an eye on his teammates if they need his ult, and simply landing an effective Shadow Dash in a teamfight. Not only that but timing his passive is also very important. On a side note, your OP.GG suggests that you main Kayle. Nothing wrong with that, but isn't {{champion:10}} deserving of more nerfs than {{champion:98}} ? Kayle has a 52% winrate ( Pantheon is a different story. I don't find him that bad b/c he scales bad late game. But I agree with much of the community that he needs a rework. He has little skill expression and needs a weakness other than ooming once mana goes out. His Q is the biggest culprit as it is spammmable and point and click.
: OK as much as I love PROJECT Jhin...
Shen would like to have a talk with Riot.... A looong talk.
: What happened to champions getting new skins roughly a year after their release?
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: Let's talk about the Immortal Journey skin line teaser and why this shouldn't happen again.
Project is good but Shen-pai is much better. Would buy it even if costed me 50 bucks.
: Cosmic Blade Shen
As a Shen main, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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: Is the ARURF champion selection truly randomized or is it biased towards getting a certain group?
: the jungle plants are the worst thing to happen to this game
Does it really aide bad players? Bad players will mistakes regardless of plants. Good players can use these plants for predicting skillshots.
Pyro (EUNE)
: As expected, the Japanese version of the Star Guardian song is amazing
All it is missing is the TV Tokyo logo at the end of the video.
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Bârd (NA)
: Ornn's upgraded item stats and how much value you get from an upgrade
Wow these prices are legit too low. This is especially shown by the support items. Bumping up the price should be a better idea so that it is truly a late game thing or else people would abuse this early on.
: This group won without a single kill and Riot bans them all for 14 days
Honestly this gamemode is fun but it gets stale after a few games. But Poro King is a pretty dull and boring version of ARAM.
Arduno (NA)
: What if the Jungle was alive?
My idea is an idea of a roaming monster that spawns around 20 mins in both sides of the jungle. It is like a mini boss stronger than the typical monster but weaker than rift or drag. It gives some benefits such as gold and exp.
: When will 4k be playable?
This belongs in General Discussion but I agree 4k should be a thing since League is not a very demanding game to begin with.
car4 (NA)
: So Riot, are you ever going to address ChoGath or am I just going to continue to get one shot?
Ever heard of Blade of the Ruined King or Liandrys or any of the armor/magic pen items? Hell if you really hate him then just ban him.
Windoges (NA)
: Akali sounds quite similar to a certain someone before the assassin update..
Old Kat played nothing like Akali. Kat is more based on kill resets. Akali has a shroud that makes her invisible. Plus Kat's Shunpo was on a pretty big cd if she did not get a kill whereas Akali's R has a short cd with 3 charges.
: Janna's Passive and W are outdated. Here are some ideas to give her more room for skill expression.
I am not a support main but here's my two cents. Janna is a very unique support that can directly boost allies damage. Is there any other support that can do this? This is what separates her from the other supports. However I do think your idea is a better more lore inspired kit for her.
Taikobou (NA)
: Veigar's ult should be a skill shot
It's not OP. Veigar can't really deal with AD assassins because there is no ap for his ult to scale with.
CLG ear (NA)
: so is pentakill 2 better than pentakill 1?
I like metal in general. Both the music and the actual thing.
Arizip (NA)
: Top Five Champions That Need Nerfs and Boosts? (The Ones I Find Annoying)
Some of these opinions that you have claimed, though respectable and understandable, are easily refuted by statistics and in-game explanations. It may be so that the champions you have listed are indeed "OP" in certain elos, but you do not address them in other elos. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that because you are low elo that it means that your opinion has no merit. However most of the champions that you have listed can be countered by good macro and itemization.
Rackier (NA)
: Everyone has the right to have an opinion, no matter the elo
"Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions."
: Xin Zhao's Horses
For a major Xin Zhao VGU, maybe it would be where he can summon a horse at will (ability) or a passive in which he can gradually get the horse (like Kled). IDK but it makes sense in the lore and in real history. Typical horsemen carried long spears as weapons.
Fasmodey (EUW)
Personally, Xin is what I call one of my pleasure champions in the sense that he is really easy to play but also is very strong in the right hands. However his kit is far too out dated for a simple mini rework. But for the mean time Riot should change his E ability into a skill-shot. His W needs to be changed in my opinion simply because it is a generic AA booster. He already has his Q so his old W passive can be transferred to his Q as a passive. For his new W however, it should reflect Xin's experience and strength with his spear. I have no idea how Riot can do that but my guess is to make it kind of like a Riven Q with some form of weapon swinging.
Thé Nut (NA)
: Shen Rework Reworked (Feedback welcome)
Maybe make his W like a a Jax Counterstrike. It goes with him regardless of the sword but also can block autos for the team if Shen is right next to them. Obviously it wouldn't last as long as Jax but it would definitely make him more of a warden. Also make it so that when you level it up it either increases in duration or it increases the radius. This simple change actually makes him a really good peeler as he should be.
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: Am I the only one who hates Kindred
Yes you are probably one of the few that actually think like that. Last time I saw a Kindred in any of my games was in May 2016. It's about time she got some love.
Joxcab (NA)
: First of all, Kindred is "they", REEEEEE. Lamb is a she and Wolf is a he, but they are technically both ONE SINGULAR entity representing the metaphysical concept of death itself given form. Each side of a coin isn't its own separate coin. Second of all, that didn't happen until Riot buffed Kindred for no reason other than to force them into pro play. They were balanced before that. Third of all, they've been gutted after said buffs later. Fourth of all, there's not enough time to judge whether the rework has helped fix them. Fifth of all, what is even the point of this thread? This has literally nothing relevant at all with the new Kindred. What you're talking about hasn't been a thing in over a year and barely lasted a few months maximum.
: Tens of thousands? Try more like hundreds of thousands. Plus RP for the double rune pages. And everything gives you an advantage - unlocking more champions, a better computer, a more stable internet connection. And while runes are strong, the cheapest runes are generally most effective. You dont need fancy energy-per-level quints. AD and AP work just fine. You dont need mana/5 seals - armor works just fine. There was no "promise" to be competitive. You knew, going into the game, that you had to grind to unlock champions and runes. You want a promise to be competitive? Go play Overwatch or DOTA or something where everything is unlocked. When you started to play, you knew there was going to be some level of grinding. But it sucks that after years of grinding, Riot decides that all that time and effort spent to unlock all the runes is wasted (and lets not pretend like whatever Riot gives out for the runes is going to be worth the investment.) Its a bait-and-switch. Riot's game told us for years to grind to unlock runes and champions. Riot gladly took all that time, money, and effort for years. Now they are basically saying it was for nothing?
You are absolutely right about the game not being a true competitive game. This is why riot is changing it. I spent about 1500 ip on runes. I switched my AS tier 2 quints to the tier 3. They worked a lot better than my previous runes. The only problem I have is that runes cost way too much for what you are getting. Also being limited to 2 rune pages is ridiculous. I know you can buy rune pages for 6300 but i would much rather prefer buying new champs. Runes are a cool idea but I think that only a select few of these runes are actually viable. You always see armor yellows, ad or as reds, as or ap quints, or scaling cd blues. There are many other options but they are laughably very situational or just useless (death cooldown reduction.) It's about time they reworked these runes.
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: so why does xin get to do everything aatrox down but 3x better.
Xin isn't op at all. He has no real escape making him a "one commitment" only champ. He is only good for killing but lacks any real cc besides his knockup. Tbh xin is good for low elo but terrible for the top because he is a very straightforward champion. You right click an enemy and use your abilities to gap close or enhancd your autos. Xin is a fun champion to me when im just tired and want a more simple playstyle. Aatrox is similar but takes a bit more practice to get the hang of his mechanics. Tl;dr Xin is not op. Aatrox and xin fullfill the same role but one has a much higher skill floor than the other. Edit:grammar
Zexvain (NA)
: Can we stop nerfing shit only because it's in the LCS?
What really bothers me is that they nerf champions like Shen. Shen imo is the very definition of a team oriented champion. Shen isn't a bland carry or just another tank with cc. He is the kind of champion that people can't complain against because he's good in teamfights. Riot loves it when the meta favors tanks because it favors more coordinated team fights rather than just having a one shot meta like the one before season 7. Shen isn't even that strong in lane. He only has his q which is only an auto attack enhancer. Shen has a weak lane but strong team presence. It's a no brainer to have Shen as a top because he is just so good for well oriented teams. What needs to be done is not to nerf Shen, but rather make it so that other champions are just as good for teamfights. Shen is the IDEAL champion. Has clear weaknesses but when mastered, is extremely good for winning games.
: Hey, here's an idea for how you balance Shen in competitive: Have Shen's Teleport summoner and his Stand United share a cooldown. Seriously, the problem is that you can just TP and then TP again right after, right? So just have it so if Shen ults, his TP is on CD until his ult comes back. And if Shen TPs, have his ult go on its normal cooldown (not TP's cooldown). That way Shen has large gaps between when he helps a team and when he can help a team again. Solo players can compensate to this by just not running Teleport. Easy change, fixes all his issues.
That doesn't solve anything. Shen players would then just run ignite every game and then play aggressive in the early game. IMO Shen is good really good for team comps but is lack luster for soloque especially in lower elos. I just find it ironic that Riot is pushing for a more team fight oriented game but nerfs the champs that make that possible. Shen in general has an ok kit but the reason the lcs choose him is because of that ult. If the ult is changed to be based on missing target's hp, then it would actually make shen the ultimate screw you to assassins and burst mages. That alone would make shen become picked even more because it is after all the one shot meta.
: I've been gone since just before Kled launched. What have I missed?
: League client update Q&A coming 11/17
I run a potato laptop but I can handle the game at a reasonable 30 fps. But the new client is super laggy for me. I am glad however, that riot will try to fix the current issue soon enough. My suggestion to fix the lag is to simply have the option ofdisabling client animations. You know like the "swooshing" of the player banner during matchmaking or the animations of picking a champion. If you could take out the animations, I would very happy. thx ;)
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: This is how mage/ap mid vs ad mids has been addressed?
There is a reason why there are a lot of magic resist items for ad midlaners. No.1: Most Ad midlaners are assassins and therefore are easily poked. Plus they need to get to the target at melee range unlike a mage that sit in the back and deal a lot of damage. No.2: even champs that are ad casters such as jayce and ezreal dont really benefit from these items because they are ranged like mages too, but mostly deal ad. TL;DR Mages dont need more defensive/offensive items like Hourglass because they are meant to be played a distance. Assasins on the other hand, need these items in order to not get heavily punished in lane by poke.
: No he is exactly the same as in game aa his splash. His face isn't conpletely covered you can see his eyes. Their just glowing.
Its not the eyes.... If you look closely you'll see in his spash that no skin is showing on his face. Ingame you can clearly see skin. That is what i mean.
: Talon rework thoughts?
"No gap closer to be kited". His old e was pretty predictable imo. The new q makes him just as mobile. The new q is now his old q and e wrapped together. I can predict jungle Talon to be a thing soon.
: What do you mean? edit I mean shen look exactly like his in game model, you see both of his eyes in the splash.
I dont mean the eyes themselves. What i mean is his head design such as his mask is very different than the ingame model.
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: Faker himself couldn't carry the trash I get queued with.
What you describe my friend, is elo-hell. I feel for ya....
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: If you could add a passive to your favorite champion...
Mordekaiser gets a pentakill. Metal Asf music for the rest of the match.
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