GigglesO (NA)
: I don't think ADC's are actually weak...
Adc main here idk where anyone in these boards got the impression the theme is that adcs need buffs to the champs themselves (besides Lucian/Kalista). All of us have been saying it's an itemization/mastery problem as well as a power curve problem. It's why adcs DO suck. They take way too long to scale. When they scale they are gods but it takes way too long to get there. 4 items just to be relevant. And 5-6 items to reach god mode. They are going to look at the power curve of adcs already they said as well as looking into giving adcs some agency earlier in the game. Personally that should be enough to calm the tides. Adcs need a less terribad curve. Shave some of that late game god mode for some kid game strength.
: Hey man did you ever get this solved because I am in the same boat as you right now except I have skin spotlights replay along with lolwiz.
yeah, turns out it wasn't lol wiz after all. there's other stuff you can be banned for even if you don't use it in league. My computer has a weird mouse mod that lets you change direction really fast. even though it is turned "off" for most of what i do, just having it on my computer is bannable. so I didn't script, but it wasn't lol wiz either. I would check your computer. there's a lot of like stuff that even if you don't use it in league, just having it on your computer will get you banned. make sure its not installed or even running even if you use it for other g ames because apparently riot cant tell the difference?
: Unfortunately, he needs that damage right now to be the highest dps in the game. Damage feels overall too high. Hopefully they copy the assassin update for other classes, where burst takes 1-2 seconds on a squishy and make dps take 4+.
He doesn't need to outpace a champ like twitch by a huge margin to be the highest dps in the game. Right now if you don't kill him at the start of a fight it's over. He is gong to kill everyone who runs immediately at him. That's how fast his dps is. The top tier hyper carries like twitch who blow up multiple people in a couple seconds usually have to be fed. Kog doesn't. Kog just needs two items. And once he has three it doesnt matter what he builds. That's why you see good kog players going wits end, rageblade, hurricane then survivability. Ever try to kill a kog maw with those three items and frozen mallet and mercurial? Good luck! Not only does he kill you fast. He slows you from around 800 range, and if u do manage to cc him he just cleanses it.
: Then keep the support ticket open, because something clearly went wrong and that is how you will get it fixed.
I hope you are right because if they stick to their guns I have no respect for this company
Wuks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chuck Charles,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=oZAqNOtA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-02T01:48:45.923+0000) > > Well say what you want but they are sticking to their guns on this one. They won't lift the suspension This is why you don't use scripts or let other people use your account.
Wuks (NA)
: I can assure you that nobody is supposed to be banned for using LoLWiz. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sargonas,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=ao7rYcrT,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-03-25T07:17:22.320+0000) > > Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in, since someone asked about our thoughts on this. LoLWiz, in it's current incarnation, is no different from visiting OP.GG or LolNexus or any other similar site. The only real difference is that it is displayed via an Overwolf Plugin, rather than a web page. It's powered by the Riot API, and no questionable access the game client, so as of right now we have no issues with using this app and will not frown upon players who do so. > > That being said, we reserve the right to change our stance on this, if in the future the LoLWiz app adopts any functionality we find to be harmful to player's experience or the game's ecosystem. (Though if that happened we would first attempt reach out to LoLWiz and try to course correct things there, instead of banning players.) Also, naturally, we can never officially condone or promote the use of any third party tool, as we can never guarantee your game stability or safety in doing so. > > TL;DR - It's not directly affecting the client, as it is a component of Overwolf and not a game-mod, so you won't be banned. Did Riot Support specifically mention LoLWiz as the reason for your suspension?
Well say what you want but they are sticking to their guns on this one. They won't lift the suspension
Firu (NA)
: That doesn't sound right.
I can send you screen cap on Twitter if you want. Or just look at my exchange on Twitter.
: When you say that they confirmed it, do you mean they actually said that was the reason for your ban? Or is that just something you deduced?
They confirmed to me on Twitter when I told them I only used Lolwiz they said "no 3rd party programs are allowed"
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: I agree this is difficult to do, UNLESS you acquired some new friends recently, otherwise as you climb with any champ, you'll be placed with mates who sabotage that champs ability to climb. Ex. just search the forum for the latest "adc's quit complaining that your support is taking cs" MY spider sense tells me, whenever I see counter-logical posts which complain about the apposite of what is actually occurring, what's actually happening is this is the new troll/bot and these people are attempting modify player perceptions about what is actually going on. so it's natural for people to be skeptical, as to how you were allowed to climb without any of these normally in game road blocks.
I mostly play solo and nothing really inhibited my climb when I played miss fortune. I go about 52% ish win rate on every else but pub stomp om MF. if you look at my win rates on OP GG I have upwards of 55% win rate and everyone else is aroudn 50-5% pretty normal I'd say. I'm basically high gold skill at everything but Miss fortune who I can play at a high plat/diamond level (if I kept grinding)
: Hacks/exploits, as in a booster using scripts. Just saying.
I am not boosted. jesus christ dude. i am a former lux main who discovered how broken miss fortune is and abused the full armor pen build up until plat 4. could honestly abuse it to diamond if i cared enough, but right now I have to deal with this and then after that I'm not even sure if I want to play now that solo queue has been cancelled. regardless i put 4000 hours into this account for it to be falsely accused.
: Did you create and level up this account yourself? From day 1? Have you ever allowed someone else to use your account?
yes to first. no from second. account may be compromised though. if so I should change my password. but we'll see.
: If you were boosted, they could have used scripts. In just over a month, starting April 11th, you went from Gold V to Plat. Looks suspicious, but I'll let Riot tell you why you were banned. Not my place to accuse.
I am not boosted. I just started abusing miss fortune recently and climbed very quickly. They said specifically in their message I am banned for hacks exploits etc. something I have never done
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Klae (NA)
: Lack of diversity in the ADC role
Lucian is pick ban in all elos. I have honestly never seen an adc meta this bad. Jinx/Vayne meta last season was atrocious but this is literally just one champion dominating. Miss Fortune can deal with him in lane and has a great team fight ult but she trades of all the other t hings that lucian has for it. Lucian has a pretty decent (not as good as MF) ult that can shred and he has mobility, burst, dmg, and scales decently. he is good to top tier at literally everything. there is no reason not to pick him unless you main something different. he is the best by a wide margin and he desperately needs nerfs.
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: Soo, someone suggested to nerf zeds defensive stats..
ok a couple things. melee champions are given higher base stats in GENERAL because they are melee. that is why they have MR per level, higher health, etc. now as for shen vs zed that is quite easy to explain. Zed's kit pretty much requires him to ult and go into point blank range for at least a bit. its not long obviously which is why he's frustrating, but to do work he does have to get into the fray and hit people. early in lane phase this doesn't apply, but later it does. which is why you give a champ like that scaling. Certain champs get poor scaling because their kits would be broken if they scaled like a normal champ for their role. Shen has a shield that refreshes every time he hits an enemy with an ability. if he had higher base stats paired with building tanky then having a shield on top of that MIGHT make him broken. I'm not sure, but that is most likely what Riot thought. A good example of this kind of thinking is Miss Fortune as ADC. she has the lowest base AD and scaling AD in the ENTIRE GAME. as an ADC. and when you see it you are like wow, she has lower ad then everyone why? (compare leblanc base ad to miss fortune) well because her passive is super strong, and her ult is super strong. they have huge ad ratios. if you give her regular AD scaling she will simply just bully everyone from the start and scale normally on top of being ahead in items from her early bully. to make her balanced you have to give her shitty ad or she will just be broken beyond belief. same thing with shen probably. he has lower stats than another melee assassin because he has things in his kit that make him tankier naturally and Zed doesn't. If Zed had dmg reduction, a shield, or any of that you could nerf his base stats to compensate. I want to touch note on that I am not against or for zed's base stats being nerfed as I honestly don't know how they would affect him. It isn't the worst idea however as certain champs like Katarina have horrible base stats to compensate for how good they are when they get going. hope that helps.
Defended (NA)
: Health is way too accessible this Meta...
2.6k health seems like a lot. but its not effective health. you only have an ohmwrecker. you are going to effectively explode. this only works to make you tanky when you are way ahead. at which point you can literally build anything and it doenst matter because you are that far ahead. I mean the other day I played on a bronze 3 smurf and I was so far ahead I built a banshees and maw on lucian because enemy leblanc was fed. i had around 2.4k health and around 120 MR on an adc. i still got one shot if there was more than just Leblanc there. i think people overcomplain about people being "tanky". no. they are not tanky. they can just survive burst and aren't glass cannon. having high health does not make you tanky. it means you won't explode from one ability. you will still explode if focused at all. high health, high resistances and paired with some form of sustain/dmg reduction ability in a team fight is what makes someone tanky. think ekko with ult, maokai with ult, rammus with W, etc.
: Tank Fizz has the durability of a tank, the damage of a bruiser, and the mobility of an Assassin.
the problem with assassins right now is that their base damages are high to get them going which they need. they mostly need the high base damages or they will never have any pressure in lane. but when they have high base damages everywhere and the power is loaded onto their standard abilities it means the longer the game goes the cheesier they get. old fizz used to just activate his W and then E > Q and you would die. or Q > E. it didn't matter really because his standard abilities one shot you. the ult was more of a pick tool then. obviously that is toxic so riot changed it to where he at the very least has to land his ult to one shot you. the problem is they made it amplify his damage so a tanky fizz can still one shot you because of the way his W works. he ults. and while its only amplifying his base damage abilities the W he can apply over and over and get the increased damage on it. Personally, I know this sounds weird because everyone complains about targeted Q and his playful/trickster E...but the W really has always been the issue with his kit. it is honestly like hidden power because everyone underestimates just how much damage it does. what I would like to see if fizz get maybe a one time execute as a passive somewhere either on W or his actual passive for low health targets(kind of like zed) and then his W get changed into something else. maybe something to help him get through lane phase instead of a damage dealing ability.
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BeeCuz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chuck Charles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ERT1AvLu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-22T09:32:45.386+0000) > its interesting. the idea of "i havent crit in awhile IM BOUND TO CRIT" is just wrong. To set the stage for comprehension, let's roll **three ** six-sided dice looking for the outcome three sixes. totalChances = sidesPerDie ^ numDice = 6^3 = 216 chances. There is only one of those 216 possible outcomes that contains three sixes, and thus 1/216 chances of that outcome. So far, so good, right? For Part Two, let's roll **two ** six-sided dice looking for the outcome two sixes. totalChances = sidesPerDie^numDice = 6^2 = 36 chances, and thus 1/36 of the outcomes will be both sixes. And for Part Three, rolling **one ** six-sided die: totalChances = sidesPerDie^numDice = 6^1 = 6 chances, and thus 1/6 for the all-sixes option, completing the stage for the problem. We know the chances at each of three points, the roll of a set of one, two and three dice. If we instead traverse the implied timeline forward from one roll to three it becomes a conditional probability problem, where the second roll comes with the precondition the first was a six, and the third comes with the prerequisite the first two were sixes. When we take into account that our present state has been only one out of a set of many possible present states, we can then say on the one hand there is only 1/216 chance of three sixes and on the other at each stage the chance of the next roll being a six is 1/6.
except RNG in league isnt a six sided die. its a number generator that is random 0 to 100. if your number is at your crit chance or lower then you crit. if its higher you dont. it is random every time. your chances statistically do not increase. what increases is the probability. aka, its unlikely to get 20 straight tails when you flip a coin. but statistically speaking that 20th flip on a coin is still 50/50
Statick (OCE)
: Fun Trying to Exploit Crits
its interesting. the idea of "i havent crit in awhile IM BOUND TO CRIT" is just wrong. mathematically you are no more likely to crit on the 7th auto after having not crit 6 times in a row than before. its unlikely of course. probability says that. but your technical chances are the same they always have been. its why you can get 10 in a row without crit. and 5 in a row with crit with only 10% crit. i mean its highly unlikely but it can happen. every attack is individually generated. so your chances are not actually going up. there is no actual way to exploit the system even if it feels like it.
Derfel (NA)
: Why does QSS remove WW's ult?
it doesnt remove WW ult actually. same with malz ult. it only removes the CC portion. if you dont walk away the damage will still apply. in malz's instant its a tether so you actually have to walk a distance away. with warwick its almost broken immediately since its melee range damage, but technically the QSS only cleanses the CC portion. it has always worked this way.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, we'll likely do something for Corki. Of the three champs clearly hit by the TF changes (Corki, GP, Yasuo) he's the one who's struggling the most even when played by people who've played him a lot. He's been on our radar for possible buffs for a bit already, this probably pushes him into the 'needs to be looked at now' category. Not sure what changes yet though sorry.
i know you aren't sure what changes but just wanted to give you my thoughts as an adc main even though you will ultimately go your own route and I trust it. you guys said you envisioned corki as the magic damage ADC which is awesome. but the problem is with trinity he had too much burst too early with half of being magic damage (squishy champs have less MR than armor so he will always do more damage early) but now that trinity will lead to either only trinity > bork builds and very poor scaling but strong early mid or he abandons trinity I think one way to help him could be to maybe give him some form of better scaling with AD on some of his abilities or even have something scale with crit a tiny bit? if he can go an ER or IE build into one of the attack speed item he would be a standard ADC who is the magic damage carry.
: Don't nerf Irelia , Rework Her
uh irelia has a lot of problems. late game scaling is not one of them. she is weaker later in the game because her base damage (even if its true dmg) fals off signficantly. not only that, her main option is to dive the backline and later in the game that gets harder and harder. your stun is not reliable vs QSS and the like so you will just be shut down later in the game. irelia is strongest with her trinity power level spike and a few levels in lane. levels 7-9 are huge for irelia. but I mean...her biggest problem has always been "well i want to trade with you, but now that you can kill me while i stunned i can't. she just zones you or you die. if you trade you get her lower than you and she stuns you. the way her E works is the only problem in her kit. i mean thematically she feels like a mess. her ult feels out of place. I'd say she needs the E reworked along with a new thematic ultimate, but her E is what makes Irelia...well Irelia. maybe if they gave her another ability that did more damage base on if she was lower HP than her opponent and the stun wasn't conditional anymore. conditional CC is kind of toxic but conditional damage isn't.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chuck Charles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v2lE7vyc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-20T10:35:59.348+0000) > > no, just no. cdr is everywhere in ap items now. zhonyas, abyssal, lich bane, nashors tooth, nomicon, and nevermind that ap champs can still build ionians. > > give 20% cdr to lich bane and it becomes standard rush on so many champs. i mean why rush anything else as twisted fate. it would literally be the perfect item. why rush anything else as fizz? > > at least right now those champs have to make choices between more cdr or some cdr and a better damage item. Vayne and Yi rushes Blade of the Ruined King. Well most of the times
: Trinity and Lich Bane
no, just no. cdr is everywhere in ap items now. zhonyas, abyssal, lich bane, nashors tooth, nomicon, and nevermind that ap champs can still build ionians. give 20% cdr to lich bane and it becomes standard rush on so many champs. i mean why rush anything else as twisted fate. it would literally be the perfect item. why rush anything else as fizz? at least right now those champs have to make choices between more cdr or some cdr and a better damage item.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Chuck Charles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1MjB9uBe,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-19T00:31:27.886+0000) > > they honestly don't need them. the only players who SHOULD be playing vs bots are the newest of players getting used to the game before they dive into PVP. those players are usually sub level 18 (keystone levels) so giving bots a keystone would actually put truly new players at a disadvantage. > > players who are experienced enough to be level 18 probably aren't playing vs bots anymore. and those that are will stomp them keystone or not. You'd be surprised how many people play bots, either for the 'first win' bonus or just because it's a mode where you're extremely unlikely to encounter ragers, trolls, AFKs, or the bad kind of tryhards (you know the type). Though you do encounter more bots (the XP farming type). Good for relaxing after a stressful game/day. Wouldn't mind seeing the bots get some touch-ups to make them a bit harder. Also wouldn't mind Doom Bots, but there's a lot of scripting involved with that.
so you want harder bots that you will still rofl stomp anyway when new players are going to have a bit harder of a time vs these bots? why? giving them keystones are not going to make these bots harder. bots are always going to get stomped by experienced players due to their AI. come on.
: Give intermediate bots a keystone
they honestly don't need them. the only players who SHOULD be playing vs bots are the newest of players getting used to the game before they dive into PVP. those players are usually sub level 18 (keystone levels) so giving bots a keystone would actually put truly new players at a disadvantage. players who are experienced enough to be level 18 probably aren't playing vs bots anymore. and those that are will stomp them keystone or not.
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Feathermane (EUNE)
: I think the exclamation mark rework really did the most you could do and drained all of Riot's creative resources.
i hope this is sarcasm. riot has already showed with fiora and gangplank reworks they can make a new kit with lots of counterplay and things to play around. granted, fiora and GP were WAY overtuned and busted, but the problem was their raw numbers not the kits.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chuck Charles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y8K5IRr6,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2016-05-16T10:52:03.251+0000) > > also banned in 77% of games Before people started banning him like crazy, his pick rate was still at around 13%
he has been "picked like crazy" for ages now. he has been a top 5 popular mid laner for a reason. he is one of the best mids if not the premier solo queue mid when played properly.
: "the real problem is your inability to counter pick" Whereas counter-picking Lucian would be nice, unless you're bottom lane, it could be seriously problematic for yourself.... For obvious reasons. "If you are playing blind, than your argument has no validation at all" "Then*" I don't know, I feel like there always being a Lucian that roflstomps the bottom lane is a pretty decent argument. "If youre playing ranked and not taking someone with HARD cc then you are a noob." I don't know, I see a lot of successful assassins that have little to no CC. Not to mention fighters, who are pretty much limited to a single stun and slows. "MF out ranges lucian all day long" Yes, but Lucian out DPS her. So in a fresh fights, Mf can do literally nothing. "Varus out ranges lucian all day long" Same problem. Also MF and Varus have no mobility, which makes it very simple for Lucian to jump up and burst them down. "Caitlyn / trist speak for themselves in out ranging lucian all day long" Caitlyn and Trist both have the previous problem, but the reason they can contest with him is their mobility. They can harass him a bit here and there, but they have the capacity to counter his engage by simply backing off. "The problem is your choices, not lucian or corkis mechanics" I think marksmen having strong or even excessive mobility is a mechanical problem, simple as that.
I main MF and she is ok into Lucian. Skill matchup in 2v2, but Lucian wins hard 1 v 1. No one really beats Lucian early tbh. MF with ok support prescience can destroy Lucian though with good Qs off minions and quick single auto trades. She also later in the game has great burst due to the w and ghostblade active combo. She can melt anyone in a second or two. Lucian if he goes a similar build can do much the same but lacks any sustained dps, since unlike MF he doesn't have a massiveattack speed steroid on a short cool down. Nonetheless, Lucian is better. The mobility is really the main reason. An adc who can reposition pretty much all the time is a nightmare. I played him last season before reaver and he wasn't an issue then even though his only buff was the culling. (Albeit it is still a broken buff) now that he has access to CDR AND crit he is basically season 4 Lucian which was busted for the exact same reasons
: > [{quoted}](name=Sp33d Zer0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y8K5IRr6,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-05-16T08:19:14.959+0000) > > Because a lot of people are trash at him. He has a super high pick rate, just like Lucian. Lucian has a 53% pick rate but only a measly 50.9% win rate plat+, yet he is still deserving of a nerf for next patch. Zed has 10% pick rate, that's 1/5 of Lucian's....
: As someone who's mained fizz for 100< games... Can we rework him
honestly the only thing on his kit that needs a rework is his W. The E is his signature move. the ult is a skill shot. and the Q is just a basic dash. the W has always been the most infuriating part of his kit. because the E applies a slow his auto attacks in extended trades are pretty nasty and the damage over time lacks clarity. many times I've been like "im going to survive" and forget the W has DOT. granted, thats on me. not riot, but i wish his W was something different. it is really really strong. and they've gutted it so many times. it just needs to be something different at this point.
: Ziggs Feedback/Proposal
i feel they can buff his W cooldown timer to something more reasonable. that's not a bad change and wouldn't break him. 26 second cooldown is obscene. even with CDR his escape is still that of most mages without CDR. for contrast, Lux (who is honestly weak now after overdone shield nerfs) has a 15 second cooldown on her Q at rank 1. and she levels that up second. not last. you gotta be careful with ziggs as his kit is pretty toxic when he is good because he can just poke/wave clear forever while staying a million miles away from you. a good ziggs is annoying because you will never be close to him. even leblanc/zed will not get on top of a good zed as he can farm safely from a HUGE distance. (literally under his tower) which is fine. if thats his strenght, his weakness is he is vulnerable when he finally does come out or need to come out to last hit with auto attacks. well if thats the case his cooldown on his W can be a bit shorter. it would give him more windows to play aggressively which is ok with me. I mean, the W escape is really weird to use anyway. to use it quick and safely is not easy and in a sticky situation like a gank it might not even save you anyway. its cooldown is way too long for what it does.
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: fizz is the most toxic champ in the game
nah. fizz is annoying. but toxic? current malzahar, morgana mid are both the worst mid laners to play against. malzahar is basically "press E" and now you cant stand near the minions because it might bounce to you do and do a literal fuck ton of damage. you also cannot get near malzahar if he hasn't used his E because then he will E you. and post 6 he basically has a big stop sign on his face that says "if you try to fight me I will push all my buttons and delete you. seriously, that champion in his current state is cancer. nothing you can do against a GOOD malzahar in lane as he can always choose to just shove the wave and roam without even having to be there. once he gets some AP he doesnt even have to know if the E will clear the minions. it will! Morgana is incredibly similar as well. press W. last hit. walk away. level 2 and beyond same thing only now you throw out a Q once the wave is cleared since there are no minions to block it and the enemy inevitably has to clear their minions still. you dont even have to land the Q consistently. and you also do not have to worry about ganks at all. laugh at the jungler who tries to get to you as you spell shield yourself and walk back to your tower. maybe lee sin or nidalee can do something to a mid lane morgana early. but thats about it. no interaction champs are the worst. at least fizz players can mis use their abilities and fuck up. fizz is super vulnerable if he fucks up his abilities. morg and malzahar have to royally fuck up to die in lane. Kayle also tilts the fuck out of me. she basically harasses the shit out of you and if you try to turn on her she will ult herself and burst you through the invulnerability. and if you run while she ults she jjust backs off herself and lives through your main chance to kill her. good kayle's give me nightmares.
: @Meddler Can Skarner get the Kindred treatment?
i thought you were suggesting skarner gets a botrk passive that stacks infinitely and you buff his early game to where he can cut through everyone with ease from level 3 on. i almost tilted thinking about it. but then I thought about kindred and tilted anyway.
: I'd say keep the slow on his W, but reduce it, and get rid of the 150% AP scaling on the shield when you pop it. A good glass cannon Ekko is just as hard if not harder to kill than a good tank Ekko, mostly because of that insane AP scaling on the shield.
the whole point of assassin ekko is to reward you for landing the very difficult to land stun. it has a 3 second channel time which is massive. 2.25 second stun and 150% ap shield means you can dive into the enemy team if you can land it on a squishy, kill them. and probably have just enough health to ult out because of the shield the shield is not meant to give you the ability to tank the whole team forever. just to help you reliably assassinate your target and ult out. the W is honestly the main part of his kit that is fine. The Q initial slow is ok as well. the slow on his passive is pretty crippling for tank ekko though. i mean if he is forced to build squishy it isn't really that big of an issue. laning as ekko takes a lot of skill if you are going full ap. its very hard to trade since you need Q to trade but you also need it to wave clear. and if play it even slightly wrong you are fucked and shoved into tower or taking bad trades and being forced to back. I think he just needs a little more base damage nerfs and ap ratio buffs and then he will be in a good spot. probaby just nerf the Q damage as right now it doesn't seem to make much sense. its base damage is the same on the way out as it is on the back. but its ap ratios imply that its stronger on way back than it is on way out. the return Q is relatively difficult to land but the damage is same for initial Q which means the brainless E > Q combo will always be decent in dmg. nerf the initial Q damage and then tank ekko will be more in line. you could also give his passive a longer internal cooldown on the same target. right now its pretty short.
: Are you serious? If they did, we would have no reason to break shards, just wait until we have enough essence
exactly. I've done the math roughly since I've put a fair amount of cash into the hextech system trying to get annie. lets say you get the 10 chest bundle with an extra chest/key. thats 11 items. usually you will end up with disenchanting some and rerolling others into things that add up to about 2 to 3 items depending on what you end up getting. ive spent around maybe 70-100 bucks total on hextech and I have gotten 3 legendary skins/ultimate skins. (dj sona, gentlemen cho, aether wing kayle) I've also gotten some good skins too and some legacy ones you can't get until seasonal like arcade sona, team spirit anivia, and a handful of other 750 rp skins. I have also gotten i think 4 icons, and almost all the champions where I owned a little more than half when I started. I mean the system is great if you don't own all the champions and gives you way more value than you would get buying RP. the DJ sona skin itself is around 20-25 bucks and I got that, two other legendaries, 1/3 the champs, some icons, and a ton of other skins as well that this system is honestly really worth it. now the only downside of hextech is you don't get to choose what you want, but you know that whatever you are getting is typically in the long run going to be value. so THAT said, there is no reason to make it any easier to get anything. the system is fine. the only gripe I have is its super hard to get hextech annie and I'm going to go broke trying to get her. i never have any issue with essence.
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: @Meddler Your season sucks. I can help you fix it.
The funniest thing about this post is it's almost the same as every other salty bronze post on here. But it's hashinshin. This post is proof that salt never stops as you climb the ladder. Now that said, this meta does suck but they ARE trying to fix it. Have you even read the PBE lately? They are buffing black cleaver, nerfing sun fire cape to be in line with randuins and dead mans plate. Deaths dance got buffed this season and is actually decent on bruisers. High Elo rivens in Korea build it every game. Bruisers suck right now but they riot is slowly trying to fix that. You and everyone else are just impatient. They do not want to do a knee jerk response to balance. That's how you get bullshit op champions or items. Sun fire in its current state is actually because people were claiming "sun fire costs too much for when I can just get dead mans". People for the most part do not know what they are talking about. Sure, you are well versed in this game. But that doesn't mean you are going to be spot on when it comes to balance. The balance team mostly does a good job of balancing to be honest. The main gripe people have is it takes AWHILE to fix an overbuff. Graves is starting to finally get close to being balanced. But when he is it will be worth it because he won't be in the dumpster either. Ekko is still broken, but give it another patch or two and I'm sure he will be balanced. Fiora was a broken piece of shit for most of the season and now she's what she always should've been: a late game beast. And not THE late game beast like she was. Tldr= while your complaints are justified, give riot some time, they simply take so long to fix things because they do not want to dumpster champions and items
KilljoyX (NA)
: Would it be illegal to sell "Elo boosts" as a dynamic que 4 man?
it is against terms of service. people mis understand difference between legal and illegal. in any game that is free to play or even pay to play...or anything really you usually have a user agreement. (the one you click accept every time the patch updates) I'm almost certain that riot would protect themselves somewhere in there with wording that says you cannot make money off of their game in any way. this can be a variety of ways. you cannot buy a bunch of exclusive skins, then later sell the account when they are legacy for more money. you cannot boost for money. it is not just about integrity, it is about the fact that no company wants anyone making money off their game, but them outside of the few exceptions like streaming which provides free publicity or Esports which furthers their brand anyway. you cannot use in game anything and make money. same reason why farming gold in games like world of warcraft was not acceptable. people also mis understand the difference between carrying friends in dynamic queue and elo boosting. if you want to queue as 4 people with a 5th person you are carrying to diamond that is one thing. if you are logging in on his or her account and playing as them...that is against the rules. you cannot advertise yourself as 'elo boost" because 1.) that's not what you are doing really. and 2.) you are openly saying you are exploiting the game to make a money in a way deemed unacceptable. if you advertise as say 4 man coaching to diamond that is another, but i'm not even sure that is considered acceptable. elo boosting will always be a thing, but there is a difference between elo boost and diamond people carrying their friends up the ladder.
: Bot lane Kindred?
kindred is actually ok in bot, but not the best. its really hard to stack her passive unless you snowball. (cant guarantee) and that is where most of her damage and strength as an "op" pick comes from. when you get it stacked its basically a free bork on your kit which is massive. but if you dont she is just your average adc with decent mobility, great early game damage, and insane sustain in lane. that is her main strength. her passive healing on E i believe it just so strong for sustain in lanes. so if you are NOT against an all in lane and are against say...soraka/janna instead kindred is safe as hell. still think she is best in the jungle because her early ganks are actually really good damage output wise, and you can get passive stacked WAY easier.
: Tips on how to beat gnar?
depends on who you are. some matchups, gnar jsut flat out bullies you. with all matchups you have to asses what you can do before hand. and then see how the lane plays out. if you are outclassed/outmatched just let the wave push, freeze at your tower, and call for ganks. in most cases, in most ELOS i should say, the gnar can and will make a mistake. mini gnar is actually a top 5 squishy champ in game and MEGA gnar is one of the beefiest in the game. his passive that makes him mega gnar has a cooldown once he gets out of it. so when he goes back to mini, in most matchups this is your chance. especially if he used his hop on you while he was in mega form. that has a long cooldown. abuse it. as for everything else, well you have to dodge his boomerang. that is most of his kiting. if you get hit by a boomerang don't keep chasing him. if you can't dodge the boomerang well you are out of luck. but yes, TLDR...he is super squsih in mini gnar. and if he gets too aggressive and isn't close to mega gnar, turn on him and explode him. champs that destroy him in mini are irelia, riven, yasuo, pantheon, jax.
: Why do people smurf ( Bronze\Silver\Gold ) ?
I smurf specifically to work on stuff that I am weak at or want to master from the ground up. I have an account that I'm currently leveling that will be a Leblanc only account. I am doing this because I have only a 35%ish win rate on her in my elo. i can win lane, lose game consistently so smurfing gives me a chance to see how to carry from the lowest level and work my way up one step a time. in general normals, and smurfing is where you can play your weakest style/role/champs and not worry about being pub stomped. if i were to play say top lane riven vs my elo I would feed like a monster every single game and probably not learn much. people who smurf to pubstomp in low elo are another breed of person.
: We're not presently looking at anything on the rework level for him (that I know of), but we are considering him for buffs next patch. We'll see how they test out. He also may be the beneficiary of some of the new or updated items. {{item:3146}} hype.
has it ever been considered to move his ultimate shrooms to a standard ability (like W?) and make them maybe deal less dmg, but still apply the annoying slow/poison? I've always felt he could still keep his identity without the shrooms being a cheese tactic to blow people up, and then you could use the shrooms as kind of a mini game that worked with the rest of his kit and use that to set up a new ability. his character actually has potential...sociopathic cute little yordle who kills....but I feel if you could move his shrooms to a standard ability and make the more utility focused rather than dmg he could be opened up for a new ability that makes him more fun to play as/against that strengthens his character.
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