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: It's meant for champs like {{champion:50}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:27}} who want to stay in the fight longer
I will give you swain (the problem being that he will get this item 3rd at the earliest in most games rarely go it second item), but Sylas wants cheap cdr, you almost will never see this item on him (point in the orginal post about how this version of madness doesn't make almost any champ that did not build it want it more). Current mord builds very low amounts of AP (remember item with current madness passive benefits low ap users) and its rare games go long enough to ever long enough for him to get value out of liandries having more ap value and he doesn't build Rod of ages which decrease the value even more. I will put singed into this category as well, and contest its an optional item on and has multiple build paths. Rumble is the only real befit in your list because he will get liandries done every game, I don't know if his ult or flame splitter will get its damage updated as the madness goes up though. If it doesn't then I don't see a benefit for the new madness for him outside or late laning phase and maybe 20-25 min team fights. The only champs that benefit to the changes are, cassio, azair ryze, swain and aniva and the first 3 champs already have great alternative build paths so it seems silly to give them more items and forgo other champs that rely on it (plus they don't even build it before 3rd item) and Anivia probably won't get to finish liandries in a lot of her games because the game will be won or lost already, but hey at least she gets actual benefit out of it because its her only real build path unlike the other ones I listed. Same opinion for swain a champ that will rarely get to build.
: DFG was removed, core users negatively affected were compensated. Spell vamp removed, core users negatively affected were compensated. Morello removed and replaced by Lost Chapter lines, core users negatively affected were compensated. Liandrys is going to be changed, fill in the blank.
Champs that built DFG either A already had enough power and had good alternative build paths. Champs like fizz were compensated in a way that took years and multiple mini reworks of his W before he settled into a place. Katarina stayed in an awful place for years till they mini reworked her kit. Riot never even compensated some of the users it took years to get them back to a place. "Spell vamp" It was a vlad item, and he was mini reworked (so planned at the same time) with its removal into his current state. Thats a pretty bad example. Morello is not even comparable that was a planned out so mages he other options to build as their first item and everyone knew that the lost chapter line would replace it. Liandries currently has no compensation buffs for any of its core users they are making it worse on them and they have no item up for discussion for mages that heavily built Liandries. They are strait nerfing the item for core users and have no plan in place but a wait and see approach and since most of the champs that built liandries have low playrates and don't have pro presence, users laugh at the idea that their champs will see compensation buffs anytime soon or ever.
: +10% to *all* damage on an item should have never existed in the first place.
That fine if doesn't exist but the item has always been designed as a go-to option for champs with lower ap ratios or have to build defensively giving it a new passive the just gives it stacking ap is counter-intuitive for most people that want to use it. Even AP bruisers (unless your name is singed) will rarely get stacking value out of it because the often desire cheap cdr (it has none). The item should not be given stacking ap either leave the 10% to damage passive (which is really difficult to stack its not ner as op as you think it is unless your name is malz, brand or zyra or anivia, singed). I mean if we're going to go that route lets start off naming things that exist that are in the game (ravenous Hunter,taste of blood, wits end passive, Conquer, 2 tenacity passives, Spear of Sojin) I could go on here. You don't seem to be offering any suggestions here, you just seem to be against things you don't like. Im not arguing for the madness passive to continue to exist im arguing the flat stacking ap passive is counter-intuitive to the core users of Liandries, and it's only truly beneficial on a few champs and brings in almost no new champs that wouldn't already build it.
: that's why ryze is the toplaner in the pro play and that's why mages dominate soloq yeah buddy ur totally right
Ryze being good in pro play almost has nothing to do with his status as a mage, it has everything to do with targeted ranged root cc, some map mobility and safe wave clear
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