CCTyler (NA)
: I agree, blind pick is the queue I use when I don't care, but draft is the closest thing to ranked without having an impact, so without draft I cannot guarentee my roles and it will hurt my practice for ranked.
Or you guys could just play ranked if you want that ranked experience. -15 or w.e LP isn't that bad, especially since you'll be practicing for next game. If you're playing draft, you're probably in the mindset that "this game doesn't matter all that much", which wouldn't be an effective way to practice. Ranked, however, would help you play at the best of your abilities. If you lose, so what? Shake it off. One game isn't going to kill your season. Imo, I don't know why Riot tries so hard to change things that don't need to be changed.
JRobin31 (NA)
: This doesn't matter in the new system because if you are really a duo that goes bot, then you will pick each others roles for your secondary and never be forced to lane with a random... like ever.
I was told that you aren't able to do that. Like, if you tried, it would say something about expanding your roles. Guess it was false?
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: Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia
Goddamnit, Riot. This was my jam! My space jam Irelia Jungle is now gone because of you guys! Riot.....please.

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