: Your problem sounds more like it's on your GPU or something, I mean I have a 60hz TV with my PC having GTX 1050 and whatnot, I should upgrade to 144hz to get a smoother experience, but it's not as bad as on your end. Maybe your monitor has lived out it's cycle or you need to start upgrading that PC. Also what FPS can you hit? If you can hit only 60FPS you have no need for 144hz, but if you can get more than 60FPS then upgrading is recommended. My screen can tear a bit on newer games because of my high FPS compared to low hz, but there's no ghosting or anything.
I have a 770gtx graphics card with 4gb of vram I can easily run league over 200fps @ 720p but I cap frame to 80 or 120 so I dont have tearing etc its not a pc issues it must be the internet or ghosting input lag in the tv no ? I need expert technical advices on ppl running theses 144hz-220hz gaming monitor in hdmi 2.0 or highend display port to see if there is a difference... I have a 15mbits internet connection downloading at 1.7 megs second and my ping dont improve if I boost my internet to 100mbits at 13megs download a second etc something weird is happening in league or online games for me here etc I think its my tv or my keyboard or my internet service provider etc maybe not sure friend thats why i ask
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