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: I want to take a minute to answer this from my perspective. First of all our intentions of doing less VGUs and more New Champs was actually based on caring for the playerbase as well as from player feedback we have gotten over the years as we have done New Champs and VGUs. Let me go into a bit more detail though. First when I said less VGUs I didnt mean we would stop doing them, I just meant we would slow down. Expect to still see plenty of VGUs in the future, just not as many as we have been doing last year. The reason why I feel that his is coming from a caring place is this. There are many players that share your perspective, that they want their main updated, and changed. But you have to understand there are also many other players that love their Champion, and find it very frustrating when they are updated even if many other players think the update makes them way better. We have to care about these players as well, and whenever we do VGUs we also cause a lot of disruption and frustration from players over their Champion being changed. New Champions generally don't cause this player pain. Last year we actually saw a lot higher player frustration over change, partly due to how many old Champions we were updating and changing, with many older players feeling alienated by the changes. At this point, after Morde, many of the Champions we would consider for a VGU have much higher players bases then the Champions we were doing VGUs on in the past. This isn't to say there isn't value in doing them, but if we were doing them at the rate we were doing them last year, on Champions with bigger player bases, then that is many more players that would feel frustrated or alienated by the changes, even if many other players like them. This isn't to say we want to stop doing them as we feel there is value in the game feeling modern and up to date, which means we value updating the things that are getting old and dated. The Champions on the list just aren't as dated as some of the ones we did over the last couple years, and as a result the value in updating them isn't as high, and also has a higher disruption and player pain cost since the Champions have bigger player bases.
I'm one of those players that was negatively affected by all the updates. Sure, some of the updates actually made the champs relevant to me like {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} , but it came at the cost of losing the champs i already liked playing. I'd 100x rather have my old champs back :( RIP the old :{{champion:114}} {{champion:55}} I literally cannot play fiora anymore and she was my main prior to the update. I still play a lot of katarina but I never really feel satisfied anymore. The old kat had a certain finesse to her that the new one just doesn't. It's also 100x slower. Hate both of these updates. This is not to mention the loads of tiny reworks and huge nerfs to some of my other champions like : {{champion:76}} {{champion:429}} which i could easily live with if my mains weren't removed from existance
: I dislike the bans system. Honestly I don't see the point in it since the champions are randomized anyways, feels disappointing when you just end up seeing your mains get banned.
Imo, this is the best part. See, i would agree with you up until they added the champion pool at the top. When this got added to the mode, it basically made it so that if lux,ziggs,fiddlesticks, etc. showed up in as someone's picks they were now available to anyone on the team even if that person might not have wanted to play it (originally, rerolling just comepletely removed the champ from your team). This meant that there actually became a meta of op poke mages that honestly just busted your chances of winning. Sure, you could win against these champs, but your chances were way lower especially if they had more than 1 on the same team. Bans make it so you can knock out at least one of them and hope the rest don't get picked. So far lux,ziggs,fid have been banned in every game I've played of aram on my other acc.
: I don't think ADCs itemization is bad but ADCs in general are bad
Imo, adc's just need more health. I don't get why they are a class expected to build full damage to remain relevant, but they have the worst base health and mediocre scaling. Even in the most defensive builds for adc, you can't affourd to spend gold on health without becoming useless in the damage department. Yet it was nerfed in the last base stat change. Adc's shouldn't have hp regen like most classes (since they naturally build it), but they should have more health.
: You know it takes a long time to go from base to lane, right?
I know this is like old as fuck but I just saw it and still got triggered lmao. If you're a sup main and you actually expect your team to sit there at the wave and wait for you to walk from base just so you can trigger your stacks, you are on crack. Legit, i'm a sup secondary and that is just something that is your fault. You should have proc'd them before you left, or just accept that its gonna be a minute before you can do it yourself. It's not anyone else's fault. No one is gonna risk them grouping and using the wave to siege tower just for your stupid stack.
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: Or the already maxed out ADC solos 3 waves for no reason, when the tank with 4 Relic charges moves to it to get some items for himself to help the team even more. That Alt + F4 does look mighty tempting sometimes... Let's just say I "missed" that next Taric ult. The Vayne was _just_ out of range.
how in the fuck is an adc gonna solo 3 waves before you can hit even one minion lol. That's just bad on you tbh
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: Nobody knows what relic shield does
Honestly, I see people complain about this alot especially in low elo. The thing is, when I play support I literally do not have this problem. I usually do leona or alistar. I don't main support but I play it often enough lately due to having a mid laner most of the time. I feel like the fact that it has an execute means you should be able to get it even with mages pushing the wave or marksman (somehow) clearing the entire wave (I can't really think of a marksman that can burst a wave before you can auto lol). The thing is if you want to get those procs then you should be in position to get them otherwise don't expect to get them. No one is going to wait for your slow ass.
: i love being a support main
TBH this happens in every role dude. I main ADC / MID and every time I get filled we basically don't have a carry. They int in lane and give up calling ff for the whole game. There's really nothing you can do, sometimes you just get unlucky that a worse player gets the position or even just that a better player is having a bad game in your main position.
: If you q up as support and don´t get it, odds a quite high that your sup and adc are premades and as we all now, premade botlanes do either really really well or feed super hard. There is nothing in between. And depending on your rank the support player may be just inexperienced, playing a champ in a role he is not familiar with, while his duo buddy is all like: "dw it´s super easy just do this thing, don´t feed, I carry." Then they get demolished by someone who mains support and blame their jgler. I guess that´s one of the reasons I stuck with playing support. Sure I could q up as a jgler but chances are high that the next guy could perform just as good if not better than me in that role, while there is a high chance that your support is either autofilled or just tries to get carried, so it made more sense to me to replace the weakest part of the group.
I dunno what elo you are, but in silver there is a 75% chance your jungler is uh...special and I'd much rather have a good jungler lol.
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: well I meant in example of if you're taking baron and won't want to reveal your location. But in all other aspects yes I'll just take it down. So many times sadly we have lost objectives due to our team telling them what we are doing when we trying to sneak something
Honestly, it's a false sense of security. Anyone with a brain will notice that your team isn't on the map and their vision on baron just went dark. If you're in a position where you genuinely believe that killing a pink ward cost your team the baron, you maybe shouldn't have baroned. To add on to this, yes, there are a few situations where your advice can help sneak baron. e.g. showing 2 people in lanes and making them believe the rest recalled, but in those situations it's kind of obvious that you shouldn't hit the ward.

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