: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
I really liked best of 3. If my team lost I knew the other team was better currently and my team needs to improve. In best of 1, my team loses, I am left with contempt that the other team got lucky.
: > Are seats assigned? I want to sit with my friends. > > If you want to sit with your friends, buy tickets together. Seats are assigned for every ticket. > How many tickets can I purchase at once? > > Six tickets may be purchased per order. What if I have more than 6 friends going?
yeah its assigned my question is can you trade seats with other people in the arena
: Is riot giving out free stuff to people who attends? I've never been to a semi-finals event or world event, but I know every now and then they give out stuff like championship skins. Or does that apply to worlds only?
I hope so bro I am going shits gona be lit
: I'm favoring RNG to win it all. Despite SKT's ability to constantly dominate in international play, RNG has been more dominant in the LPL (compared to how SKT performed in the LCK) and show a lot more overall consistency coming into MSI.
: Flash Wolves fly the LMS banner at MSI
whose the grill. she a entourage or nah. Holy cow they getting sponsored by Adidas.
: Oh, NA, land of fanboys and Koreans. That might place where people without criteria downvote comments just because they can't see reality
went full retard on that comment. and even though Tsm isn't my favored team in Na ( ClG btw), I still'respect TSM's accomplishments


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