: Normalize Item drops NOW!
I came here with literally the same subject name and saw it was up. Thank God others realize this too. RNG the items, not the drop rates. I agree an item shop would be better than the carousel.
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: Rageblade discussion.
So - read everything so far. The answer, and the issue, seem much more straightforward to me. Let's start with the issue, which no one so far has addressed and Riot themselves stated. Champs like Jax or Vayne who have an on hit effect every 3 attacks had fantastic synergy, while champs like Kog Maw, Varus, or Teemo with built in on hit fx every attack got a uniform buff. The solution ? Not to shift the trigger to the 3rd attack which is obviously a massive nerf and why we are all here. It's also not to nerf the champions with 3rd AA synergy and revert the item as suggested in this thread. The solution is to have the item be a uniform on hit buffing item when it's stacked. Simply put, before if every other AA triggered on hits twice, this added some more effectiveness for users with on hit effects over 2 attacks, but doubled the effectiveness of users with 3rd AA triggers. We need something in between. " When stacked, on hit fx are perhaps 33% more effective. " In simple numbers, if your on hits gave 100 damage per AA, now they do 133, every AA. For a user who gets 300 on hit damage on their 3rd AA, they now get 399 damage, same as the standard user over 3 autos (133x3=399). I say effective instead of damage too because perhaps they make a champ who does CC on-hit or make Ashes slows on hit FX. The item would behave as a uniform on hit buffer, no more effective for 3rd hit users than every AA ones. It could be tuned independent of its effects on just some select champs. In a sense it would be like a Deathcap, but for on hit. I don't think the item should give Pen personally as that has nothing to do with on hits and is available elsewhere.
: Extremely Immature players since a week ago - something changed
Ok so Rester hasn't noticed a change but Spring Break may explain a small portion. It is however worse than I've ever seen it. I know that they reset high ELO ranks because somehow lower level players got in there. Is it possible that Iron players who are there because of behavior shifted upwards when they awarded people their highest positional rank ?
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: Alot of people get stuck to 0% lately in loading screens
Its within the last month and a half this has been happening in all my games. 1-3 people usually sit at 0% for about 30 seconds then it counts up. More people are getting stuck. This needs to be patched !
: Nunu and Willump - It's Me and You
The quaint vibe of the things Riot makes to set a stage for the world of the characters is such an entirely different feeling than dealing with the flaming trolling terribly behaved community in the game. I wish it felt like this to play.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
Plus: Champion Cannon - just a fun interaction and not op to gain If hitting teemo grants gold on hit this works can't tell Neg: Blitzcrank minions - just not fun to deal with and hard to see 1 hp minions - waaaay too op, stronger than baron. Walking nexus - completely won game and this means nothing because your nexus walks out
: Patch 8.14 notes
Master Yi's {{champion:11}} Q damage to minions was nerfed last patch to prevent specifically him from gold funneling, but it obliterated us out there who play lane Yi and anyone who split push with him, mandating a hydra build which does not work well. Now that you get 10 less gold from lane minions when early jungling this addresses the issues for all champs doing this. Thus, please revert the Yi changes and make his Q damage boost fully affect minions again.
: Patch 8.11 notes
I was expecting the balance changes to Kai'sa and Ez downward and Yas upwards, but what about Trynd ? With crit changes his damage is now waaay less (full build 800 crits vs 1200 on low armors) and its much more expensive , and he can't use ER for 30% cdr, oh and no configuration lets him have a good amount of either just a bit over or under on crit %. So hes like 2/3 damage with much later power spike (cost) with wasted gold efficiency with 30% less CDR. He's destroyed for top. The jun Trynd is less based on crit so he isn't as hurt, but crit now just needs to function differently on him to compensate this - and please don't complexify him in a rework. There are only a few OG simple right click champs left and there is something elegant about their play style which should persist past all the newer more mechanic heavy ability loaded ones. There is nuance in right clicking.
: Practice dummy 10,000 hp makes % health damage display too stong
I came here because of this exact issue ! Lost 1x1 under tower as Kog with full build with sold boots vs a Trist boots both level 18 and I had 2 lifesteal items and she one. It didn't make sense. The practice tool told me she had about 1700-2000 DPS and Kog 3000-3200 , then I realized the dummy has 10k life. We should be able to set dummy stats for sure, health MR and ARMOR
: Legend of the Poro King is not showing up
Just on weekends ? It's the X-Mas mode and it's the solstice.
: The problem with Twitch having his "invisibility" removed.
Agreed with OP and well put. Everyone who replied here needs to up vote his post. I was the first vote. No amount of number compensation will fix removing an entire playstyle - Twitches playstyle. Jungle Twitch would be the only style to go even parity with these changes, but that's such a rare role and a very dangerous one to play that it doesn't deserve this consideration. I think basically this registers as no or little consideration. Lane twitch cannot suffer this nerf. He has no escape. His lane engage is predicated on gaining proximity and playing around vision. To make him visible close up and SLOWER if disengaging obliterates his game style. He doesn't need to be grouped into a category that made Rengar receive camo. Twitch isn't like Eve or Rengar because he's not primarily roaming around avoiding detection. He's laning a huge and critical part of the game , not jungling. This makes the character way less fun. That's the point of the game too I believe, after watching the intern's Riot Origins video.
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: or use alt. But I think they should put that button there. However we must be the only ones that used that button, my friend. hahahahaha
I have rsi and use a special input device with limited buttons. I need that ping as a jungler and without built in voice like Dota 2. Please add option to have this button back I need it
: The Making of Featured Game Modes
Well it looks like everyone wants URF, but I felt that the 1x1 and 2x2 experiences would be great permanent modes , especially the ones we never got to have as featured on that fire map in the season 3 all stars game. The implementation for matches was all wrong however. What made them good ? 1. They offered the potential to practice laning. This directly applied to summoners rift. 2. They created a fighting game like environment where you could actually challenge people. What was wrong and could be better ? 1. The games were potentially only a few seconds long with a several minute wait. This was absurd. You should have been able to rematch indefinitely immediately after defeat. The option to rematch from character select also should be available. 2. The character selection screen for such a short game had all sorts of built in timer delays. These served no purpose. 3. You didn't have the ability to access the mode to challenge trolls or braggarts from the stats screen post summoners. This would bring a real fighting game arcade feel to the challenges. Maybe mid thinks they lost because of jun. Maybe so lets head to head.
: warwick's Q has a very long cast delay while he performs his swipe, and during this delay it can be canceled with any input, from re-targeting Q to a movement command.
It is not lar or delay it is a bug I described it in an earlier post. It happens when preemptively hitting q during r, something I belive you used to be able to do to instant q after
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: [GAMEPLAY] WARWICKS ULT LOCKING HIS Q i played a game last week as jungle ww everything was fine till i started using my ult, instead of following up with a q with my ult the enemies were able walk away, i would chase trying to q them but everytime i got in range i just stopped there, i would have to resort to AA's to kill the target, and i only seemed able to q again after the person i ulted died. Im not entirley sure how to reproduce it but for me everytime i ulted i spammed my q and none of the ults that caused the q lock were interupted. I havn't lost a game because of it yet, but it is very aggravating. It happened almost every ult.
This is happening to me as well. Also, it seems that this can affect even his w. It's as if there were an invisible cooldown. I even tried clicking the icon to make sure it wasn't a remapping issue or my keyboard.

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