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: Did you duo queue in this match?
> [{quoted}](name=TheRiddum,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XHe71VAX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-17T16:17:29.067+0000) > > Did you duo queue in this match? Nope.
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: As a person that has over 100k points on caitlyn, I can say I always found it unfair that i can just place my w under champ, so the second they get revived I can just POP them again.
I think it should at least have an animation like Jhin traps. Jhin traps are arguably a lesser threat than Cait traps, but his have a throwing animation whereas Cait's just... appear on the ground.
: I have a sneaking suspicion that if we just turned off our API for like...2 months we'd start to see a lot more creativity and "off meta" decisions being made again. As a competitive sport/game depending on your degree of investment in league, it's only natural that people will attempt to optimize the game as much as possible to give them the best chance to win. That gets made all that much easier when you can go to any 3rd party sight and look at whatever is "the strongest" champ/build order/strat on any given patch. Then throw the LCS into the equation and you not only have numbers to look at, but demonstrations by the best players in the game in how to play the game best. I was personally finding myself get a bit burnt out in ranked this season, so started focusing more on normals with friends and just tried out champs I haven't played in ages, or took them in weird spots (Brand jungle). Even though I'm sure it's far from optimal, it was actually super fun to just try funky shit again. That was one thing I loved seeing when we first rolled out runes reforged (or the rune builder website). I was seeing so many people going "oh shit! These specific runes on this champ sound so fun I can't wait to try it!". You know, true theorycrafting, something of a lost art over the years. What we were seeing was players reading tooltips and getting excited envisioning moments in game, not looking at and trying to crunch the numbers for what was best. There was excitement, there was creativity, there was fun. Then runes launched and people immediately turned to 3rd party websites to figure out what the optimal pages were, and we saw decision making quickly converge on what the numbers said, not on what sounded fun. Part of it is we don't yet have the system to the point where you have to think hard about what's optimal, and part of it is human nature. Losing feels bad. So you tend to optimize to chase the win, as opposed to take the risk of picking something "troll" and lose a game/waste your time. This is hardly scratching the surface, but it's something i've been lamenting on weekends, and something I don't have a good answer to.
My favorite off-meta picks got explicitly changed to not be able to go in those roles anymore. Riot didn't want Kog'Maw mid, Zac top was fun, but his unnecessary rework didn't even consider him as a toplaner. Skarner's and Mordekaiser reworks also came with changes that almost prevented them from going toplane. Players make champion picks based on Riot's API, but it doesn't help that Riot makes balancing decisions that force champions into certain roles.
: i had to watch this video 4 times and read it over 3 times as a lvl 7 morg main... your correct.. but i never would have noticed this... it should be fixed.. but.. i never for the life have me would have noticed if u didn't point it out.
Yeah I didn't know how to explain this properly. Basically when you take damage a red section of health replaces how much damage you took, then shrinks. However, it always appears at the end of the health bar instead of where your actual health is.
: So are you saying that the red bar should apear after the health but before the sheild? But surely a red gap between the sheild and health bars woulds be just as confusing....
Right now the way it is coded the portion of health that is damaged just disappears and the red portion appears at the end. I guarantee it would look better if it went just to the right of the health but before the shield.
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Ampson (NA)
: Hi, VØIÐ! I'm one of the Champions Sound Designers and I get the opportunity to work on processing our Champion voices. Our Audio Team uses several different software, but I personally use Nuendo as my main tool and Adobe Audition for final mastering and batching. Audition is a great piece of software, so I'm happy you use it! In terms of plugins for processing, it really depends on the type and timbre of the actor's voice and what characteristics we want to add to them. In general, my go-to's are Altiverb, Fabfilter plugins, GRM Tools, Soundtoys, Ozone, Waves DeEsser & Rbass. If you have other questions, feel free to ask! :)
How do you guys make sound effects for abilities? Like do you use some software to make sounds that sound like fire and rocks and ice and stuff, or do you record some audio and edit it?
: All hard cc prevents any abilities from being cast anyways with few exceptions. Most damage abilities are not effected by grounded/roots. Garen can ult while rooted while darius can't even though they have pretty much the same range and darius doesn't get any real mobility from it.
Yeah, but it can't be interrupted while CCd like the original commenter said, which was my entire point.
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: roots and grounded can prevent him from ulting though.
So can stuns and knockups, but they can't prevent it from completing once it has started being cast.
Cactopus (NA)
: A goodbye letter
So long, fellow cactus 🌵
: But then he won't need the Mana from Manamune, and then literally no one would buy it.
Nonsense, it has great resale value once it becomes muramana.
: This is not only correct, but can actually be game-changing in certain cases. Darius's ult is counted as a dash, and causes him to move to his target while ulting: unlike "typical" damage ults, Darius's ult can therefore be interrupted or prevented with the right kind of CC, namely anything that can knock him down or ground him. Darius therefore has mobility, however small it is in practice.
Darius ult can only be interrupted when he loses vision of an enemy he is ulting, CC can't stop him from ulting.
: Feel free to list the abilities that you have difficulties seeing. It's helpful info.
Forsaken Jayce: His unenhanced Q is hard to see, the sort of dark-red on green grass is one of the hardest for me to see. Classic Swain: His E is similar, I think if these abilities had some brighter orange in them it would be much easier to notice them in fights, while still matching the red color scheme. Classic Ornn Ult indicator: Not as bad because you can just watch the goat, but the thin, dark-red lines are super hard to see on green grass. These one's aren't nearly so bad, it just feels like I have to look much closer to notice them whereas if they use different skins it's easier
: Damn you destroyed me right here. So when is Darius getting ult indicator? Or Garen? When is Pantheon getting guaranteed crit indicator?
Garen does have an ult indicator actually, it only works on the villain however because that's the only time it does true damage.
: Hey friend, I'll fwd this to the right people on Monday.
Thank you! There's a couple other abilities I have trouble with seeing, but this one is so critical to playing Cho'Gath, it made it super frustrating to have to guess.
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: Blitzcrank's W
The purpose of his W is for quick repositioning before throwing a hook. Without the movespeed penalty he tended to just use it to run people down. It made it almost always better to simply run at people instead of trying to land hooks.
DyQuill (NA)
: AMA with the Kai'Sa team! (x-post from r/leagueoflegends)
Was there a point in development where you decided she was going to look more human? Some of her concept art had her looking more like a half-voidling, with organic guns instead of arms and a more jagged void suit.
: Not the ones near me anyway.
You think the ones closer to you would be delivered the fastest
: > [{quoted}](name=CleverCactus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LK89B9Ub,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-06T16:57:40.103+0000) > > He'd get bigger shoulder pads. You sure you didnt want to post in memes and games?
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LK89B9Ub,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-03-06T16:58:20.275+0000) > > You sure you didnt want to post in memes and games? In all seriousness, I was thinking of a corrupted knight thing where the more villains he kills in the name of "justice" the darker and more sinister he becomes.
: Why does Garen seem like a good choice for a top lane ultimate skin compaired to other toplaners? Just saying he would be a good choice is imo just pointless without even any sort of idea or concept. Saying he would change as he kills also isnt really much of a concept. How would he change, what would change.
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LK89B9Ub,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-06T16:55:52.616+0000) > > Why does Garen seem like a good choice for a top lane ultimate skin compaired to other toplaners? Just saying he would be a good choice is imo just pointless without even any sort of idea or concept. Saying he would change as he kills also isnt really much of a concept. How would he change, what would change. He'd get bigger shoulder pads.
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: Jhin and Teemo traps are extremely powerful and also stealthed Nidalee's is stealthed but it only sets up her jump Shaco's boxes can basically only be cast melee range Cait traps are not stealthed and are also pulsing red dots on the ground
> [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ImiyaVgO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-03T22:19:59.079+0000) > > Jhin and Teemo traps are extremely powerful and also stealthed > > Nidalee's is stealthed but it only sets up her jump > > Shaco's boxes can basically only be cast melee range > > Cait traps are not stealthed and are also pulsing red dots on the ground Caitlyn traps are just as important as Jhins, can't be disabled, and can be hidden behind turrets.
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: Nope! We should get worse at that.
It's okay, aiming is hard when your eyes are on the side of your head! {{champion:29}}
: They are not the ones that get upvoted.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord of Math,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=W4nE0bL8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-28T09:00:34.347+0000) > > They are not the ones that get upvoted. I had a pretty popular Blitzcrank suggestion a few months ago that got a lot of upvotes on here and reddit. Nothing happened though.
: This feels like pretty solid hyperbole here. Tower dives don't happen at lvl 2/3 period, and as Edat has pointed out a few times, with blast cone spawn being pushed back, the enemy has very obvious routes that you can ward, whether you do is up to you.
Except if you are on the top side, the multiple routes to gank you are killer. You can't ward the red buff to make sure it doesn't get stolen as well as warding tri-bush+river. So you have to spend the first few waves freezing as much as possible and not fighting the enemy laner, so you don't get ganked through tri-bush, or risk your junglers buff getting stolen. The first couple of levels are some of the most exciting minutes of the game, it can determine how your lane goes, it can sometimes determine how the entire game goes. It feels really unfun knowing that the ideal situation is to just ignore the enemy laner as much as possible, especially on champs that have really strong early levels.
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: List of Abilities Unaffected by Tenacity
Vel'Koz E is affected by tenacity. You can even cleanse it.
: I hate that this thread that gets parts of the Void completely incorrect has so much attention. Kassadin's mere existence disproves your claim that the Void takes everyone for itself, and in fact there is nothing in either his or Malzahar's **_current_** lore or voice lines that suggests they're insane. There are two options when faced with such a powerful enemy as the Void: fight back or join. They simply chose the two opposing choices. Both choices were heavily influenced by fear, not insanity.
Most current lore is on the Universe page. "Miraculously, he was able to overcome the alien urges that went with it, and he emerged as something more than human." -Kassadin's Biography "Many men have gone mad beneath the glare of the Shurima sun, but it was during the night's chilling embrace that Malzahar relinquished his sanity" -First sentence in Malzahars bio
: ***
I never said I hated Kai'Sa, and most people haven't. I think a lot of people are just disappointed like I am.
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: The new champion is pretty metal, but here she is! Introducing...
Wow didn't see this post when I made my joke :(
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Leetri (EUW)
: I mean Kassadin just got blue skin and some gimp gear and Malzahar got glowing eyes. Not sure why you expected anything more than that.
Kass and Malz merely saw parts of the void in Icathia. Kass's daughter was supposedly thrown into the void and stayed there. It would have been far more interesting if she was grotesquely half human, half voidling. Instead she's another pretty face with a void suit.
: I have to say, I'm a little disappointed at her design. Wished she would be a little more creepy or monstrous. At the very least unnerving and uncanny. She's really just "hot Venom" as far as I can tell, and overall I feel like we've seen her in League of Legends before. I'm pretty neutral on her kit. Seems fun.
Looks more like someone in a suit than someone afflicted by the void. The void should turn people into monstrous versions of themselves, not normal people in pretty suits.
: > [{quoted}](name=CleverCactus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rzzwjNob,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-02-19T00:53:07.959+0000) > > We can have different splash arts for different regions now though. Even so, Chinese company has the final say.
I don't think Tencent actually controls much of anything related to what Riot does.
: It is unlikely. The problem is Tencent is a Chinese company, which has the financial say in what Riot Games is allowed to do. Now, I leave this video to you. It explains this better than I could ever dream of.
We can have different splash arts for different regions now though.
: The new one overall looks less detailed and a step down from his other one
I couldn't find two full-size images from both versions so the resolution on these might be off, but I do think the new one doesn't look as good.
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Mahana21 (EUNE)
: New Cho'gath ult indicator
Dark Harvest orbs are basically invisible to me because it is red on green. So are the Ornn ult indicator lines. I have no idea what Rioter to contact about stuff like this, it feels unfair that I can't see abilities as easily. Laning against Forsaken Jayce with his red skillshots is a nightmare.
: i cant tell what this thread is about. are you complaining that you can't see the giant indicator on the ground from zoe as to which direction her LINEAR skillshot is headed in? or are you complaining about her damage output that is reliant on hitting another skillshot that is tremendously visible and has sparkles and a silly noise .
There is no indicator for the enemy where the skillshot is headed. Her damage output is definitely not reliant on landing her E.
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: How much force would be needed to impale someone with that, tho.
The skin could have a fishhook or harpoon sticking out the tail, like someone tried to catch him and he impales people with it now.
: > **E - “Nevermove”:** Swain projects his demonic hand forward
If you look at his model he shoots a projectile out of his right hand (the normal hand). And like I said if it's just a human hand, the nevermove pun makes no sense because it has nothing to do with ravens.
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