: Parties level up!
I was hoping this meant that they would finally give bonuses for playing with friends, like the old ip bonus that you used to get.
: I don't think the colors that were used for this skin, the pink/purple look that great.
> [{quoted}](name=iLBGAMing,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5oY0xgOi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-24T21:46:50.517+0000) > > I don't think the colors that were used for this skin, the pink/purple look that great. If it's free content, and they aren't getting any money out if it, they won't try
Hadfield (EUW)
: The in-game model for Victorious Graves is utterly disapointing
It's a free skin, so they aren't going to put any effort into it, thats why most of the victorious skins are trash tier. Unless they can make money off it, they aren't going to bring their A game :(. feelsbadman
: Faker crying meme :^)
: Faker crying meme :^)
: Faker did amazing... His name has already been etched in history of League and will be remembered forever. But this isn't the end. He will return, more powerful than ever. The Demon King will arise again.
Blitz100 (NA)
: A Short Open Letter to Faker
I enjoyed watching faker cry like a lil baby, what a sore loser, and after all he's accomplished {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: How exactly did they profit from making a new map for dark star singularity then?
for promoting the new skin releases? it was the same story with the project game mode, as well as the star guardian one, they would have never made it if it wasn't skin based.
: Petition for night summoners rift
Riot won't do it if they can't profit from it somehow.
: While it refreshing to have someone not SKT win worlds...
Even if he is a champion league player, he sure can't handle losing like one...especially after his cocky remarks beforehand. No sympathy here lol.
: to bad mastery 7 isnt really an achievement.
I agree, its really just a matter of playing the champ long enough, and farm enough cs to hope you get it eventually. Or just play support.
: Neo PAX Sivir and Epic Capsules
I feel kinda sorry for anyone who got this skins back in the day, it devalues them hard. Like championship Riven.
: We need more, much more Quinn skins
because we all want to play against more quinns
: {{champion:28}} mains unite!
because this games needs more evelynns lol
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
Why can't they just have a permanent IP boost for all players who queue as groups to promote playing with friends?
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: [SUPER IMPORTANT PETITION] Change Sion's ban quote...
They will need to buff him, that way people can hear it moreski
Arden17 (NA)
: Am I the only one who likes the Maokai skin :(
: Feature Request: Ping Checker in Lobby
I think there should be a ping bar that other players can see in game as well.
: Become a League client update alpha tester
I can't wait to playtest it, this will be amazing, I hope I get selected
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
I doubt a Leona Victory beatdown would look as cool
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
Are there any buffs for sion incoming? His kit is too unreliable for what he is supposed to do


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