: The world is going "Dark Mode", Why is Riot going the Opposite way?
Deviant Art now has a dark mode and I hate it. Green is king!
: On Riot’s website “Defend human rights around the world from online privacy to gender equality”
Do any companies really support LGBTQ+ for any other reason>? it is just the easiest thing to support without any effort. It looks good to put up rainbow flags in support of something everyone already supports.
: Is this game really about CARRYING or is it about if your team WANTS to be CARRIED?
I play LoL more casually now because I realized how bad it was as a competitive game. Years ago, a youtuber named Dunkey quit the game and gave his reasons, and the more I play the more his reasons crop up. Until you get into very high elo the game boils down to "who is gonna get caught out first"
uxiscx (NA)
: Don't change Pyke
Ignore OP, nerf pyke into oblivion and slowly path him up little by little until he feels right.
Nutty123 (NA)
: Rift herald is a one time thing and normally Top, Mid and Jungle are involved to take this so there is no need for a duo top lane. Dragons spawn every 5 minutes after the first one has been killed, so it's better to have 2 other players other than the jungler always being present.
By the time the second one spawns though laning should be wrapping up. And unless it is a fire dragon it is not really worth forcing early on. And while rift might only be used once, it can make getting plates and snowballing the game much easier. it is more worth than 3 out of 4 dragons.
: Why is zed allowed to be strong/broken season after season.
Because he is popular and probably sells skins.
Andsauce (NA)
: Stop "balancing" ARAM
It is my theory Riot doesn't have a balance team. they have people there to make the game unbalanced in favor of some champs every path, and slowly move the met around to keep people interested in the game. I am certain that balancing the game is not as hard as they let on. they could have done it years ago, had every champ balanced around how much damage they can have and deal out compared to the others. The odd builds that come up like Jhin with 3 IEs might throw a wrench into it, but overall I bet if they really tried we could have a very balanced and fair game.
: How Easily Play if u Autofilled Top Lane
Or just play Kennen and play safe. You can pretty much free farm while harassing. You don't even need to know how to play him well, just try not to feed and ult in a team fight.
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: Why are tanks so broken
They are broken because mages keep fucking them early game
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > what is the point of playing this game? Having fun, mostly.
But what about when Rot no longer supports this game? Shouldn't you be investing your time into something that you know won't vanish one day? It could happen tomorrow for all you know, an Earthquake could swallow up Riot HQ and the game will be deleted forever
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Sebbo (EUW)
: Fiddlestick`s new passive
His new passive is that he will turn invisible and become a ward shaped like a scarecrow. He gains passive EXP for doing this and gains gold for every enemy that he spots. Also the AFK checker is canceled when in ward mode allowing him to stand there all game if he wants.
: After Every Kill In The Death Realm Allow Mord To Become Bigger
No that is just silly. Mord is a very serious character and there is no room for sillyness!
: Garen Damage
You can test it in pratice tool. I'd go Triforce, 3 IEs, and a Phantom Dancer for some extra MS and a shield.
: Nautilus Q Hitbox could use some adjustments...
Naut should be allowed to pull in two enemies at once. His anchor has two hooks on it after all. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Supports: cut them loose from bot lane.
I wish the Support items gave passive EXP tot he support when they are away from lane. Like maybe half as much as they get from sitting in lane. That way if you roam a lot and make some big plays, you don't fall behind. Because i have noticed that levels are more and more important as LoL goes on. Some guy can be only 2 levels ahead of you and it feels like they are giants.
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: A small tweak for Jhinn
The Jhin fantasy is to set up your enemy with a trap and your W. To get them on the 4th Q and then as they leave you ult them or someone trying to protect them.
iiGazeii (NA)
: You can QSS Morde's new ult?!
{{champion:41}} Is still the king
Manxxom (NA)
: If your a morde against another morde who put you in the death realm, ult him while in his ult.
I hope it crashes the game for all players. That would amuse me and my dark heart
Ingale (NA)
: Disabling Autofill in Ranked would make ranked more bearable.
But then who is gonna play Jungle? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Why don't you just delete Twisted Treeline ranked...
-Asking Riot to remove content from the game What is your problem, do you just hate fun?
: If you're autofilled
My advice, play Teemo. Doesn't matter what roll you got, teemo is good enough at it that you can play it and not be a troll. And it is fun.
: Dear Riot pls Nerf Darius
I honestly think you just don't know how to play the matchup. Git Gud
: > [{quoted}](name=Clockwork Mouse,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cd3cr0y9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-01T03:02:43.650+0000) > > Damn, you got it faster than i did. Took me a little over 40k pts to get mine. I got tons of S's with her. she is great but will never be great as {{champion:267}} . guess it is time to go to return back to my one trick life nami
> [{quoted}](name=Wizard Blaze,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cd3cr0y9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-01T03:06:59.493+0000) > > I got tons of S's with her. she is great but will never be great as {{champion:267}} . guess it is time to go to return back to my one trick life nami Yeah, Nami is so annoying. It is so unfair her poke and heal are the same ability! T_T
: I DID IT GUYS! lvl 7 mastery Yuumi in no time.
Damn, you got it faster than i did. Took me a little over 40k pts to get mine.
: Yordle vs Moogle
Moogles are cute mascots Yordles are furry bait
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: And so the bird abuse continues {{sticker:sg-janna}}
She already throws him at people
: I imagine Quinn would have a dagger on her somewhere anyway.
Maybe she just grabs Valor by his talons and uses him as a club.
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Oozıe (NA)
: Nerf Aatrox or Yuumi or both. This shouldn't be in the game.
But last week people said yuumi was a troll pick, that she is useless.
rHarvey (EUW)
: Sure is fun when only botlane matters.
Be me, a person hat plays only supp and ADC. Hear "An ally has been slain" enough times that it becomes background noises Get ganked by the mid lane They don't give a fuck about tower diving you because it only takes them half a second to kill you {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Play Blind Pick if you want to ban no one.
It is their choice to ban no one if they want to. Besides, you can't ban all the broken champs or the pens that might counter you. You will have to fight them eventually, better to lean how to fight them than avoid the issue forever.
Inkyu (EUW)
: I want this so bad, especially with some of the animations described here BUT part of the reason Rakan can have a melee animation is because he's one of the only ranged champions without a projectile (others I know off the top of my head being Thresh and Zoe's empowered attack from her passive, I'm pretty sure there's more though) and part of the balancing of ranged attacks is that they use a projectile (so things like windwall and unbreakable can block them), and I'm pretty sure that riot have stated at some point that it's wayy too difficult to code in a special case like that, but perhaps that's wrong given that zoe's passive exists but I want this so bad
I think Riot is just lazy when they say something is hard to code in. They said that about Jhin's ult's zoomout in relationship to people wanting it on {{champion:101}} But eventually they got it into the game. I am sure it would take some resources to make animation changes to the characters, but i think they could do it without too much trouble.
: Please Revert Akali
When Akali is so hated that people rather have her old kit, that everyone hated to fight against anyway
: the nerf to ammumu is really sad.
Fits with the character {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: even more satisfying than WINNING your ranked games.
You are an awful human being to get joy from the punishment of others.
Sadalsa (EUW)
: The only advantage you get from being in melee range as an ADC is that your auto's reach their target quicker, however it's not recommended you do so.
high risk, high reward gameplay! i am not feeding, this is how the pros do it!
Triple3T (NA)
: How to get teammates to stop banning your champ?
What I have been doing is waiting last second to ban, that way I can ban the champs of the one who banned mine. Eye for an eye.
: ADC is the best role
DPS is nice, but burst is king right now. It is why everyone is playing that new hotness Ezreal build.
: Not even a single patch Amumu gets nerfed, even LS is baffled. LS is super piss about it too.
: Neeko has a around 49.81 winrate in low elos but around 50 to 51 percent winrate in higher elo
Neeko's kit is so disgustingly safe, what reason could she need a buff? Both her Q and E ignore the minion wave (Her E being empowered by it)
: Incoming counterplay for ADCs vs Yasuo’s “windwall and stand on top of it” play.
Would only be an animation like {{champion:497}} Still counts as ranged. Though would be funny seeing people funny reading "Windwall blocking my fist!" comments lol
: wait wait, I love this actually. Imagine Lux in melee range just whooping them with her wand I fucking love it!
You are right, i like that idea too. Maybe I was being too narrow-minded, mages and other ranged champs can do it too. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I feel like only a few ADC would actually suit this Like twitch is crazy enough so can easily see him just swinging the crossbow around Kalista could just use the spears as a spear But Jhin, I'm not so sure about
{{champion:202}} Only perfection Can't see him doing it unless he does a fancy twirl as he pistol whips them lol I think it would be interesting to see who Riot could put the animations on though. I can see {{champion:96}} biting someone and {{champion:51}} hitting them with the butt of her gun. {{champion:17}} could see him pulling out a poisoned knife out, he is an assassin in lore.
: This again? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=B2zVEWYj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-29T18:05:09.140+0000) > > This again? > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} It is just gonna keep coming up until they stop being part of controversies
MnazClaw (EUW)
: How to become gangster with Twitch
Learn to position Let your team mates die first (Teemo can be a tank for a split second if you think about it) Learn how to kite and attack walk Look up inspirational fan art from furry websites
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