: Altering any file for any reason can result in a ban, if you want an exception submit a support ticket.
lol, hooking up 3 monitors to a computer is standard. i didn't realize changing the render resolution was altering files haha. you do realize that graphics card companies provide you standard utilities that anyone can use to click a button and get the resolution changed right? they actually market it. AMD has an in game overlay option to do everything while you play or load the game up. in this situation riot is the 3rd party program and the hardware itself is running on drivers with linked libraries that are utilized by the video games.
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: Match making is a bit silly for me. Is it only happening to me?
: Bring back twisted treeline
twisted treeline is great. it's the fastest way to practice champions for top/mid roles to feel out champions. they just need to remove the timer on surrendering and the que dodge timer. like really?? 3v3 is so comp based if you get out picked you lose. no reason for these timers.
: Cool, so thanks to pro play. Sejuani will literally never be even close to viable to play in SoloQ, thanks riot.
how is this a bad thing. league of ultimate is a boring variation of what was once a plays based income game.
: Patch 9.16 notes
soo are they adding the kayle attack range balance in as well or have i been waiting on nothing?
Spoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloudinator37,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ftspKjJq,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-07-25T03:45:56.935+0000) > > ok first of all they don't even maintain anything outside of summoners rift. the argument is that no one plays it but the reason no one plays alt game modes rank is because they don't update and do anything with them. > > so let's say a ton of people play ranked aram. who says how it will be balanced? what is the counter balance? will people still play normal aram anymore? Just because a system is 'ranked' doesn't mean it has to be a perfect ranking like SR is intended to be. Just some way to seperate those who can play random with more skill from those who play it with less. Sure they're are scum accounts, but anymore the patch balances should bring them more in tow.
the SR ranking is using the MMR system, mmr is a weighted win-loss so if someone had an account with 50 wins and no losses it would effectively have no one with the same rating and will put it against someone of higher and higher rank. the moment you lose it sets the standard for your account. technically you are unranked until you lose. your points don't have a measure without a weight. the mmr system is a system designed for chess. since chess has a 0 sum equal board with in theory a perfect strat to always win. the MMR system does not account for patches, updates, changes, character, team members. tournament game play makes sense with a mmr system since you are communicating and playing as a unit. this would be true more over if the latency was always the same as a LAN(roughly 1-4 ms). now to add in random champions and have small amounts of power balance. there would be no reason to not dodge unless you get the ideal team comp. the strat for this ranked would be to make multiple accounts, roughly 4-6, and have a dodge rotation to prevent loss. even with map power balancing, you have now changed what would have otherwise been a fun game mode into a stand alone game with cross over heros from the parent game. IE: league of legends. the same things go with dominion and twisted tree line. they do not balance heros they balance items. lately the heros have been created based on the items themselves which is utterly discerning to say the least. this means that coming up with fun interesting ways to play the hero or as a whole will no longer exist due to the stream lined nature of design. so yes, i think this is a stupid post.
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: It sure doesn't feel like Riot wants you to climb in ranked
it looks like everyone is having a hard time understanding weighted rating. when you lose a game. you have to play more games and win more then you lose by a lot. if you have 100 games played bronze. make a new account.
Terozu (NA)
: Riot hard buffs Lux, she gets a prestige. Riot hard buffs Pyke, he gets a legendary.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloudinator37,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=waRUvU7P,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-07-24T06:55:14.462+0000) > > OG thornmail did the job. 100 armor and reflect damage. easy. if you need a mortal strike then buy another item nerds. Yeah 30% premitigation damage return usually more than negated any lifesteal the enemy had.
the only issue with the current version is that it has too much requirement to be good. they over analyzed the meta and didn't account for too many things in their complex assessment of the item and how powerful it could be in certain situations. now what you have is an overbalanced tank only item that no one wants to build because basic team balance invalidates the item all together. as how i see it, this item is simply a way to balance bronze full AD teams.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloudinator37,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ftspKjJq,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-07-24T06:56:33.687+0000) > > don't come up with stupid ideas. stupid ideas usually get used over good ones. How is it stupid?
ok first of all they don't even maintain anything outside of summoners rift. the argument is that no one plays it but the reason no one plays alt game modes rank is because they don't update and do anything with them. so let's say a ton of people play ranked aram. who says how it will be balanced? what is the counter balance? will people still play normal aram anymore?
Spoo (NA)
: So we have ranked TFT, when can we expect ranked ARAM
don't come up with stupid ideas. stupid ideas usually get used over good ones.
Moody P (NA)
: Tank items are too passive to be satisfying
are you trying to say that over balance isn't fun?
: ThornMail does not accomplish it's anti-aa function.
OG thornmail did the job. 100 armor and reflect damage. easy. if you need a mortal strike then buy another item nerds.
: What an exhausting read lol. Sounds like a bunch of nit picking complaining about imperfections with the game. I dont like your idea of de-ranking people for dodging a game. I disagree with a lot of shit in here but it was so long and dragged on and on, i dont even remember half the shit anymore lol. I suggest you add a TL;DR section, or take out all the filler about popcorn and the "so now" this and that.
the tl;dr would just be that including a time based penalty for dodging a game is stupid. LP loss is fine and if you de-rank it doesn't matter. the way the MMR system works is a weighted metric based on how many games you lose. if you lose 10 games you don't have to just win 10 games. your rating has to catch up and the mmr you get will be dependent on taking a higher valued win. on the flip side if you lose enough games you can't get those huge increases for a VERY long time. a good example is having 100 games played and getting a 20 game win streak. compared to 0 games played getting a 20 game win streak. the weighted system doesn't forgive you for losing if you win a bunch.
: it wouldn't let you buy It to begin with
it does in the arcade event, you can get the chroma and not have the skin. therefore you cannot use the chroma
: gg TFT: WTF is this balance patch?
wow this makes me not want to play the next patch of it. i mean there is only 2 builds that win and the current state is based on who gets what first. the fact that you have a chance to only get 1 item and someone else can get 4-5 is kinda pathetic on a game built for esports players. get 1 item and bad picks, you lose. leave in the first 5 min since everyone else is way ahead. unless you're the spectator type that just wants to make the game harder on the remaining members.
: I actually miss those old days, where people could talk trash and nobody would cry about it being "toxic". People back then realized that they were on the Internet and random peoples words should not matter to them.
you mean the days where games would end in 13-16 min? that was the life.
Thuban (NA)
: 20 20 minute games is only 10 hours. Not that hard to pull off.
i'd agree, i've played 30+ games in a day for a few days without sleep. energy drinks man.
rujitra (NA)
: You realize that there's 5 enemy and 4 teammates, thus statistically these players are on the enemy team more often? And there's no way for Riot to rig your matchmaking like this - they don't have a crystal ball and they aren't a psychic. How is Riot supposed to know that player will AFK that game?
actually riot logs virtually everything and can use it to implement AI. it's their data after all.
C2K123 (NA)
: LeaverBuster a bit too aggressive?
the leaver buster is a fix for people not being able to surrender. if you could surrender and take the full loss points people could just leave and not get spanked for not having 20 accounts to play on.
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: Ranked Rage quitters need an automatic break from ranked. 4 days * number of rage quits in previous 30 days. So on a 2nd offense within 30 days of 1st offense, you get to play TFT norms for 8 days. A 3rd offense = a 12 day cool off period. A 4th offense = a 16 day cool off period. Since 4+8+12+16 = 40 days, it is not possible to get a 5th offense within 30 days of the first. Actually, once you hit 4 in 30 days, you will pretty much be incapable of getting higher than a repeating 12 day ban if you don't learn your lessons. As for FF? Seriously, I never ff in ranked. And I never really understood why anyone would ff in ranked. At my elo, I have seen teams throw so hard they should be MLB all star pitchers. I had a 13-1 Zed straight rage quit when our JG smited the red buff instead of handing it over. GG. Other team won. In Norms OTOH, way too many people will never FF. So when the possibility of comeback actually matters (ranked), you will get what I call "surrender monkeys" who initiate the vote every 3 minutes on the dot. Gotta wonder how many times they are spamming "/ff[ENTER] /ff[ENTER] /ff[ENTER]" while waiting for that 3 minute timer to expire. Then in norms where the game doesn't matter, people want to play until the nexus falls even though the score is 35-2 and the enemy team's katarina, vayne, and yasuo all have at least 10 kills and a baron buff at 20:15. People having a bad day? Stuff happens. And yes, they should get a vote. But unless multiple people are voting with them, after 20, there is nothing they can do to stop you from FF. And they can't force you to FF unless they get the whole rest of your team. They can straight int (as opposed to feeding because bad day or bad game). But that gets reported so real int seems rare to me.
yeah first of all the evaluation of this system is to force someone to do something. they need to go back to just banning people if you leave too many games. plain and simple. if people rage quit the game that means they didn't want to play it, give them the penalty. people would be more likely to not follow through into a game if the leaver penalty wasn't a time constraint. you wouldn't see as many bad combinations since in retrospect they are bad in a personal opinion sometimes. so to recap, if someone leaves before the loading screen then they lose rating and no one else loses rating. if they leave multiple in a row they lose recursively higher scores of rating. easy and simple. if you dodge too much then you have to never lose or you can't get rating with this method. if the game starts and someone leaves before 5 min they lose the same rating as a que dodge and the game just ends. allies lose a reduced number if any rating. after 5 min the game is considered in progress and the team is now responsible for participation in the game thus everyone loses rating together. the main proposal i am making as more of a direct solution to wasting additional time for people who DO NOT leave or rage quit. in comes the surrender evaluations. if you are not a support role and you are dying all over the place having a bad game, you cannot stop the people who aren't having a bad game from leaving since it should not be their problem if someone is having issues playing the game and can't compete. in my opinion there is no reason a player who is 0-5 in 5 min of the game should be capable of stopping others from avoiding a 10-25 min time dump of their day. i would also like to point out surrenders should NOT be under time constraints. making the whole community of players wait 15-20 min to leave if someone did really bad early makes this game out to be something that it isn't. that would be a job. this is a game, there is a difference and you aren't being locked in a room to exercise for the duration of what is expected in some military instillation style prison.
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: Patch 8.7 notes
wow instead of actually balancing items to make them interesting you are going into an open field and screaming meta at the top of your lungs. higher me and i'll make the tweaks to the game not blow a$$chunks.
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: kappa timers
lets talk about que dodging, even in hearthstone people leave games as soon as they start and still hit legend. take for example freeze mage, there are a few things that will most likely win although most games go fine. so for a player who mains a set of champions to say i don't like this match up and then get punished for their selection knowing it's a better alternative to leave the game and get a new one. is flat out just wasting peoples time and they get fed up, play the games, and rage the next game for being forced into this situation.
Minarde (NA)
: If you remove dodge timers, people are just going to dodge unless they get a "perfect" comp. Riot accidentally tried this years ago with Dominion draft when they let a "no dodge timer penalty" bug persist for months. The dodging got so bad that everyone completely stopped playing draft, and the queue died. Even after Riot finally fixed the bug, no one played draft anymore because no one else played draft anymore.
that is weird that you put it like that because the people who care about their personal ratings wouldn't want to lose their ratings looking for perfect comps. the game is based on the sole concept of winning is everything. if the players don't care about their rating that's fine for them, they can tank it and live at 0 rating getting paired with bots and new players forever. maybe people will learn how to communicate on a higher then grade school level in the process of trying to avoid losing rating to dodges like they use to in season 1. originally the game would simply have a play button and once you que'd it didn't matter if you were afk, you could sit in the base forever and they simply banned people for not playing their games in ranked strait up. but that becomes an issue when people take longer then 40 min to complete a game when games should take 20-30 min to play because most people don't have that kind of time to climb ladders. if you que'd for ranked, you would go to champ select automatically, if you didn't pick a champion it was randomized for you. due to the concept people have of these meta or perfect comps you mentioned which are glorified from tournaments and streams. they removed the button for a player to randomize a champion all together. now it has gotten so bad of these ideal comps, players are being punished for wanting to leave. if you play ranked and you don't care about rating, don't play ranked. that being said you shouldn't force people to complete the game if they decide they don't want to play anymore. the stress levels of players goes up due to this forced interference causing them to want someone to be punished for their dissatisfaction in the first place. they sit there and wonder why they are stuck still playing for another 5-10 min. punishing the entire team, sitting in a corner of their base blaming each other. then comes the reports, idk how many times i've flat out told people to stop bugging me for something that was minor that wasn't game changing or seeing someone get badgered over a lesser due to the fact that people have to continue playing for another 10+ min. they stick everyone in a bus and lock the doors under penalty of not riding the bus anymore if they want to get off. this is still true with lobby dodging, you get people who are tilted from a previous game who clearly need to take a hike and relax ruined the game for 4 other people. these 4 other people are stuck for 20 min assuming that everyone is okay with surrendering. then if someone decides that they want to keep playing they are forcing the rest to take even more time out of their day when they clearly don't want to play that game anymore. under penalties of not being able to play. so ask yourself, which part is worse, saying you can't stop or you can't play anymore. or saying you can't dodge or you have to sit in a que and take a loss of points. both waste your day. taking valuable time away from people. so make more accounts? yeah people do that, i know someone with 5 accounts. he dodges all day long and doesn't give a damn about the system because he has leveled 5 accounts to play ranked. no ask yourself, how dedicated do you think players should be to play a game that can be a completely 1 sided match that doesn't end for 15-20 min depending on the map. on a team who isn't interested in winning anymore for that duration. they get to sit there for all that time and watch themselves lose like it is torture.
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Victusify (EUNE)
: I don't even know why there is FF vote in-game. I mean, if its 4v5 or someone DCed for some reason, then sure. But 5v5 or 3v3 shouldn't have this option IMO.
so you think that in a clear win situation where you can't get kills and the enemy team can force you into waiting 15 min to start a new game this shouldn't be an option. it is possible to just kill camp players so they can't get gold period. you think that it would be better to enable people to force you to wait an hour to play another game?
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: Dude, these are bots that give you addresses, and I hope you did not click on them, because if you did, they can get on to your computer, its called Phishing. Scan your comp.
i do not click links people give me online. i type them into google and see what they are before i whois them and find out who owns them if possible.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Cloud Vapins, Riot are working on these at the moment. Problem is a lot of these are legitimate accounts that have been hacked/scammed due to people giving their details away. If you look some of them up you'll see they're not level 1 noname accounts, some of them are actually gold, platinum, etc - people who just got their accounts hacked.
I am almost positive 101lolfreeacc and 102 are not legit accounts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloud Vapins,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=PEwTLhoF,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2014-12-22T00:23:02.577+0000) > > instead of pointing to a mockery comical that might entertain you for a few seconds, how about doing something about these players. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/majPomTZ-where-are-tribunal-reports-going Why aren't you the one reporting it? besides he probably reported them already. If not then his viewers had.
I report people for any reason they give me with detailed descriptions and sometimes even links to uploaded match videos so they can watch what happened if i feel it was that bad. I also make it blatantly obvious when they are in the wrong by asking them specific questions which display their intentions. If i ask someone to stop harassing me and they say 'LOL' and continue... You see where i am coming from here.
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: but isnt vlad's invulnerable damaging ability on like a 12-15 sec cd at max rank? and also takes alot of his hp to use?
vlad can die in pool... he is not invulnerable.
: I'm for this. Now we get a chance to take down WW, Nasus, or Yi. Although it will hurt people like Zac more simply because of collateral.
Next players are going to suggest putting flash on items along with ziggs ult, kalista ult, kayle ult, and katarina passive...
: You should watch League of Children on Youtube. It really showcases the toxicity of the league community.
instead of pointing to a mockery comical that might entertain you for a few seconds, how about doing something about these players. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/majPomTZ-where-are-tribunal-reports-going
: Not just for Ranked, but for every draft pick as well. You ban 6 of the most op champs, and several more slip through and stomp everyone...
Not to sound as if i'm not thinking about solo/duo que here. So there are 6 bans, out of how many champions that a Professional player uses, think about how this would affect the picks remaining to a single person on their team. Now that is covered, try making a list of the champions for people to view. See what they have to say about those champions and how you can become a better player to overcome the advantage those champions have over your play style and champion selection.
darkdill (NA)
: Agreed. Since it can be heavily contested, it should qualify for the Poaching Smite effect.
This would not be fair then to champions that do not use this item in jungle. playing a high mobility champ with high damage could result in sever one sided gank potential. it would be nerfed within the week and they might not simply remove what they just put in. they could nerf the buff all together and then what would you have. look at what they did to WW.


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