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soopcan (NA)
: Please consider taking a look at Sion's current state (Especially Jungle Sion!!)
Sion is incredible, just not in the carry-top-laner meta in solo Q imo. More damage on sion would help, but that’s not the solution - solo lane tanks would still be poo and sion would end up getting the damage buffs reverted in time I play a lot of sion and right now with conqueror and fighters all around, it’s hard to deal with the pressure in lane beyond the first 6 levels barring jungle help. I’ve been building zz’ rot to help mitigate the lane pressure and impact elsewhere. TL;DR hang in there for when tank spanking fighters fall out of vogue
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Any concern jinx is either over performing or at risk to over performing when Lucian gets nerfed? She received QoL and buffs when she was out of favor that make it easier for her to stay safer until later on when she pops off. With crit changes, curbed systemic damage, and Lucian falling, I bet she’s gonna be a bit much
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: I'm really excited for Kayle, but Morde is finally getting his due.
: I don't know why you're surprised, Meddler had already said that it's VERY likely that the Morde rework will be in 2019.
> [{quoted}](name=Salvor Hardın,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U6sHoWGh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-23T13:30:01.877+0000) > > I don't know why you're surprised, Meddler had already said that it's VERY likely that the Morde rework will be in 2019. Not surprised; just excited. Got my hopes up every roadmap but given meddler and reav3’s comments it seems inevitable this time
Dynikus (NA)
: morde rework confirmed Pog
> [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U6sHoWGh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-23T13:20:27.518+0000) > > morde rework confirmed > Pog I will do a back flip in a suit of armor filled with locusts
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: Why can't lp and mmr be based on performance instead of win/loss in solo queue?
It would shift the entire incentive of the game. Right now the goal is destroy the nexus, taking at least 5 towers and an inhibitor to do so. Teamwork, gold advantage, and objectives work to that end. If the goal was to “do well” then the entire focus and incentives in the game fall apart. Now we’re just fragging with master yi for a KDA. Now we’re just shielding with shen for a low amount of damage taken. Now we’re just picking zac or Sion for a low death rate and so on.
: A game where your team ffs a losing game successfully at 15 mins feels better than winning.
I won’t change your mind because I agree. Nothing is more frustrating than being hostage in nigh impossible to win situation, wasting valuable time. If I could gather this data, I’d be interested to see the result: 1) Check the loss rate for being x behind in gold at 15 and 20 minutes 2) Check the average length of those games beyond 15 and 20 minutes 3) Take the amount of time spent in those losing games in x time (a month, w/e) 4) see how many average length games you could play in that time period with that time The point is if we had a way to resumably predict the outcome of a game and applied it to every game we played, it would be useful. Let’s say you win 1/8th of games where you’re down 3,000 gold at 15 minutes (just arbitrary numbers), how much time would you save forfeiting all 8 at 15 minutes? Could you play enough games to compensate for the 1 win you would have gotten? This is all just ideation, but I’m HIGHLY interested in what the data says
: My games with master yi today
I won against a 20-something yi BUT I was lucky with the teams. The issue is as old as this game. Yi is a carry with no item build that counters him. But he’s super weak to organized play- which you have to chill and cooperate to do. He’s massively weak to attentiveness early in not getting him rolling. You beat him proactively that way. Reactively you have to organize. All that being said, I do think he’s poorly designed.
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: Why does a scaling champion have an above 50-59% winrate at all points in the game
Yenn (NA)
: Only roughly 50 / 141 champions are viable if you want to climb to/above Diamond
Keeping most of the 140ish characters viable all the way up to the 98th percentile (Diamond) would be nigh impossible imo. I agree that they should make more of an effort to try though. Even if they have to ham fist characters with crappy kits via straight up beef (aatrox just before rework, dr mundo)
Nrsh (EUNE)
: Ever since the roadmap was revealed I have seen mostly broken spirit and will to give up on playing league or Mordekaiser until the rework, but what if we will make the exact opposite happen? What if we made Riot care that Mordekaiser is so problematic? Not by words, but with deeds.this is a serious suggestion: if you think you are up to the task, join me. From this point until the Mordekaiser rework is announced, we shall play ONLY MORDEKAISER! No matter which position, no matter which team comp, if games will constantly have a walking 200 bugs in them Riot will have to take action. Are you with me?
My first reaction was buy a bunch of accounts and int with morde on all of them so you’re idea is way better
: I hate being flamed because I have 48/47% winrate in plat 2
You’re better than 95% of players- try not to let it get to you. I’m in Plat 5 and I catch this mentality all the time despite being in the 92nd percentile.
: Bringing attention to Morde is cool but how can you be disappointed when they're finally putting Kayle and Morg on the roadmap? Kayle has needed a full remake for her entire existence and Morg has needed a visual update as well.
I like your attitude because those two champs at the very least need new VO and looks because they’re dorks. Their kits almost deliver on their fantasy but also need fixes
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Psyrix (NA)
: ... Ezreal isnt getting a VGU tho, hes getting a VU with slight tweaks to the W. Panth, Morde, Mundo etc, require VGU. It'd look weird and fall below standard to have a sleek new pantheon that still uses the same kit. They require a more complicated treatment that not only deals with how the model looks, but the identity of the character. If they update the model, then later when theyre working on the kit realize it donest work, that alot more work that needs to go towards it rather than done all at once. Ezreal doenst need an update in his themes or kit really, the model looks clunky, kit is basically fine, so less work required as they arent redesigning him/overhauling him like other VGU's. In regards to your last statement.... how about u come up with a unique, interactive redesigned kit (that falls under league's modernized standards)for any of the champs you suggested, give a slight suggestion as to how each ability would look (and how the champ would look as well), additionally think of what sounds would best suit that champ and give a slight summary of the new lore. (this is all ignoring the technological aspects of designing and inputting the code) Akali and Irelia came before Nunu because their teams had a more fully realized concept, and were closer to finish so more attention may have been given to them in the later/last stages of development. Especially considering Riot commented about Nunu in terms of how they want to shape him before and were hitting blocks. It's not like the other champs dont have their teams working on them. Riot has commented that the more developed an idea is the more they'll focus on it when it reaches its latter stages (ready to be shipped to pbe and testing) but still has other teams working on their projects while that happens. And when one team is done often times they go over to help the other team finish theirs. Riot has stated that they won't advertise a new champ/vgu until it is almost completed (has the kit and concept mostly down) in hindsight of the debacle that was Ao Shin.
Ezreal is getting a VGU And I’ve tried throwing my hat in the ring on rework ideas- as have many others. There’s so much of a flood of them on the subreddit that people were told to allocate their rework ideas onto one thread.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: Gnar is actually pretty terrible atm
IMO the dude needs to be kept weak as he has so few weaknesses if allowed to be viable. Mega gnar is difficult to fight and successfully catching and killing mini gnar is difficult. Late game the way he runs people down with endless kiting with BC plus FM is also pretty uncompetitive,
: Any way to avoid playing with smurfs? Getting sick of it.
In this game you either quit a good guy Or you suffer longer enough to become the smurf (villain)
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The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I think that weve had enough reworks for now, give us a new champ! Then please go on to rework nunu but first a new champion please{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I don’t know many games with such a disparity in the quality of the playable characters (not viability in competition). We NEED to VGU the back end of the roster {{champion:82}} {{champion:106}} Trynd Teemo Pantheon Mundo Fiddlesticks Skarner Kayle/morgana Rather than continuing to introduce new characters that widen the disparity
Glîtchy (NA)
: is there any ACTUAL purpose to giving Garen such absurd damage?
I think I know why. He’s a been recipient of buffs that artificially make him viable. By that, I mean the game has evolved around Garen a LOT in the last few years and so they’ve got him ‘roided out via numbers to ensure he’s playable. Other champions who have received straight numbers buffs (and possibly other changes) to survive the evolving game: Nasus Dr. Mundo Vayne Singed in 2017 (I believe they walked back on some of it after the passive rework) Lux
: What are some of the most cancerous abilities?
Irelia’s dash (Q?) Aatrox’s Q Mundo’s R Every ability on Fiddlesticks when he’s played as a Support All opinions, of course
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I think staying afk in base while not disconnected should be punished harder
My experience has been the opposite- people wasting everyone’s time in ranked by refusing to surrender and dragging out losses
JnFnRu (EUW)
: Mundo and LCS
It’s definitely a sign when you see LCS teams having to dedicate inordinate amounts of resources early to keep mundo down, only to have him be fine later anyways. You hear the commentators: “Mundo is a good pick here because he can just sit back and farm with cleavers” Say that and similar things constantly
Nhifu (NA)
: Doran Blade and Ring is getting beat by Corrupting pot and Doran Shield
I feel this. Nothing feels worse than (and this is specific to AP) the realistic combo of: Doran’s shield OR corrupting pot + Second Wind + Bone Plating + Spectres cowl As a top lane main I am all for mechanics to make ranged mess oppressive in lane, but this affects most champs and makes extended bouts of passive play viable. Kind of takes the wind out of early gamers.
: morello is the true genius though. I remember reading his posts on healers and why dedicated healers are a trash fucking concept and it was all just fucking BRILLIANT, and it withstands the test of time even to this day. Honestly, you can swap out healer with shielder and its even more prophetic.
The only morello I know is nomicon. I started playing in late ‘15 and I think it’s just been meddler and ghostcrawler.
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DakPaw (EUNE)
Just took phase rush dark seal ignite morde into her Played like a bitch early to prevent her snowball then went in for the kill Got a lead over her and killed her and everyone over and over 17/4/8 I think I went Hueheueheueheueheuueh
Geneseid (NA)
: There's practically no item in this game you can build against Yi
The only two options for counter play AFTER you’ve been caught by him is 1. Burst him down 2. CC him Outside of building damage to burst him, there is no building against a yi that’s ahead or at full build. Just don’t get into that position
: Vlad is joining the azir/ryze/kalista trio
I think making his pool have a weakness outside of its cool down would be a good way to give windows to punish him. He can be really frustrating to play against. I mean as it stands I think the best way to deal with him in lane is to insta-clear waves and walk away since his waveclear is meh early. Even then, he won’t run out of resources and he’s a slippery gank target. Riot tries to avoid uninteractive stuff like this- look at the nerf to Doran’s ring stacking to prevent top lane from just being tanks waveclearing and walking away. Mid lane recently lost out on early mana sustain to avoid this gameplay too. Not say vlad is busted, but he can be really uninteractive. Kudos to riot adding his meter and minion block on his waveclear in 2016- good moves in the right direction imo.
: Assassins are building Titanic Hydra.
Based off what I see in games, I think it would be worth riot looking at data: - How many assassins are taking Titanic? - Is it required for a positive win rate? - Does it help them win more games than normal (vs without building it)? - Who else buys titanic with success? - Does it fill its intended niche based off all that? Because I’ve seen it on Nocturne and Shaco pretty regularly and it is a little frustrating. While shaco might feel more frustrating, I think he’s fair because after blowing his load, his follow up DPS is poor. Nocturne, however, can follow up his burst with DPS while being thicc. Just anecdotal, but I’d like to see if the data backs that up.
Meep Man (NA)
: If You are Losing And Aren’t a Carry Champion, Build a Zz’Rot Portal
100% agree. It’s a great option as a tank if you have to lane against Illaoi or Darius
: just played a game where i'm jung without smite and get flamed by everybody even enemies
I don’t think it’s dying but it’s not in vogue right now and gathering new players is hard when: Games take awhile (relative to other popular online multiplayer games) The learning curve is INSANE. It takes years to get “good”- though I think the depth and variety is a good thing It’s not exciting to look at (relative to other games) - though I think it’s good that it’s tame onscreen And what OP said: the toxicity and skill disparity with veteran players on smurf accounts is rampant
: A few question for mordekaiser mains
1 - I don’t think so. The goal in taking hail of blades would be to get a full 3 Q’s off, but you can do that already with the sticking power of the newly buffed Phase Rush. Phase Rush is even better because in bad matchups or when behind, you can proc it and run away. 2 - Probably. There were already some mains taking him bot, and with shielding supports being nerfed along with crit adcs being weaker early, I can really see it being picked more. Imo Lucian, Tahm Kanch, ezreal, and alistar will be tough matchups is all.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Is there a way to escape silver unless you're near Diamond level?
Once you’re out, it’s easy to stay out. But DAMN unless you employ some high level hard carry tactics, yes, it is so hard to leave because there’s such a huge variance in skill in Silver imo. Be it because you have low skilled team mates or high skill opponents.
Cebelon (EUNE)
: sion E damage nerf
I don’t like that they’re artificially trying to force people to max Q. But I see why this happened. E max gives him a lot of wave clear, poke, and general control over a lane. While being safe. And having team utility. FYI if you miss the damage, they did buff the AP ratio
Onotori (NA)
: He's an entirely targeted statcheck -- what is there to learn? You CC lock him until he dies, or you automatically lose. There are lots of Yi one tricks who are challenger, so it's not just low ELO.
It is just lower elo though. Idk where all these challengers Yis are. One thing I’ll grant you is that he’s actually the pentakill king for every elo, I believe. There are champions that lean into being a stat check in this game. But it doesn’t make them unbalanced. You also have to think about Yis balance (or other stat checks) in terms of their available win conditions. Sure, yi 1v1s everyone late outside of fiora and Jax. But how does yi close a game? 1) catches people out to get a numbers advantage (your fault) 2) split pushes without having his teams 4v5 punished (you have agency here) 3) Cleans up in the team fight. Focus him, CC him, or keep your adc safe while they spray him with runaans. Look, it FEELS unfair when a yi gets fed or it’s late game and he runs around popping people and dpsing tanks. But it’s not.
Onotori (NA)
: You know, if Yi fucking solo carries every game where you don't stack CC...
His “counterplay” isn’t necessarily something you do when you’re facing him staring down the barrel of a 4-6 item Yi Here are strats: Early punish- he dies to Thiccer™ Junglers early. Volibear, trundle, graves, kha, Warwick, Jax, xin. These can put him behind early. Build to blow him up- Your tankiness means nothing to him so if you’re hung up over deciding between, say, sorcerers boots and tabbi, take the sorcerers shoes. Yi won’t give a shit about the tabbi after a few items. When I’m in a situation to choose tank or damage, I build to end the fight in like 1 second. CC him- I hate this because everyone says it and it’s like obviously every champions weakness. But some champions are extra vulnerable to being immobilized. Anyone squishy that has to chain kills or keep life stealing to stay alive is vulnerable to CC, burst, or both. Invade him- as a top laner, I frequently shove my lane and go invade the enemy jungler with my jungler like Bonny and Clyde. This is mostly only if you have lane priority, but it takes his gold, gets tilts the enemy. Hope this helps
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: It's cause most tanks do magical damage with AP ratios. Most bruisers are AD champions with AD ratios. The exception being Diana and Sion.
This pretty much explains it. There are very few champions that are AP fighters that want this. Because there are so few, those champs should be balanced around not counting on having an item like this spear.
: Why talon kills Olaf 1 Shot?
It was because he got very far ahead. He had a lot of AD and armor pen from items, stats from higher level etc
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: Why the hell do we have to lock in to avoid queue dodging
Just lock it in you lazy pos It’s a good feature that prevents bad games from starting where someone walks away and: - Takes wrong runes - Doesn’t take smite - Is late to the game
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