: Elementalist Lux on sale
Well this is bullshit... granted i haven't bought her yet solely because i thought it was fucked up the lack of discount at release but i find it mighty pathetic of riot to cave in This is the ONLY legendary skin that has ever gone on sale after launch. It never went on sale to begin with..for the first time in all their legendary skins and I bet it's because they knew fan boys would buy it regardless of a lack of discount. You're fucked up riot and fuck you for doing that. NOW.. many months later you put up the sale to reap the final bit of players who never got it. You guys are class A pieces of sht
: why not replace 3v3 with URF?
They downvote you but yet don't understand we really don't like to play the game after having played urf
FooDang (NA)
: I'm still trying to figure out why people think URF is fun...
Because it is? Because it's fast paced? dont need to worry about CS or Mana, can spam abilities and some comps work in the oddest ways Then there's the games where you get shredded in 10 mins but that happens on the other end, you do the same, you move on and maybe you'll get a great game It's fast paced, ends in 15-20mins.
Shadòw (EUW)
: cause it's only exciting when it's only there for a weekend or 2. making it permanent would make it boring
No...its what i play 24/7 when we had it for a month... it's not boring, it's fast paced, yes some champs are broken but we've all been on both sides, you get over it and enjoy the rest
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: "hurr wind" Great joke. Its so basic I don't even consider it a joke, hence the answer. Would have been a better on the Warwick update.
: @Red Many people are sharing their opinions on whats going on in the jungle, when are you going to fix the mess you created in the jungle? Eventually it'll come to 2/1/2 if you keep the current rate of things up
Doubt you'll get 2/1/2, too much money/xp in jg
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: Why does Camille's ult stay around after she dies?
I thini the dumbest part of her ult is that I cant flash out of it??? Wtf kind of stupid Mechanic is that
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: Heroes of the Storm has changed to Solo/Duo queue
You know what else Heroes of the storm did? Players who've been reported for toxic behavior are silenced and SILENCED PLAYERS CAN"T RANKED. RIOT COME ON
: who else quit league or at least barely plays it anymore
I play hots more now, with the constant rewards, skins, mounts, new heroes, and constant work on giving us what we want. Liking it there more, for now
: You're not quitting League.
Rermo99 (NA)
: About Malzahar Rework...
Nah, i like him now
: >Installs Overwatch
Played league against bots Finally leveled up enough to play hoomans Decide to go top lane as Xerath with Teemo Get Shit on hardcore at level 3 by Riven She dominates the entire game by herself Her allies sit behind her as she dances around every one Finish Game /uninstall league Fuck that am i doing it right?
13enito (NA)
: Using a Skin for Free?
Abuse it, have fun with it, dont tell rito
: Is it better to ban Kha or Eve?
Odinakos (EUNE)
: Your example is not right. If the enemy of the siege comp gets water dragon they are harder to poke down so strengthening their game against them. Similar case for the earth dragon as now the splitpusher will be a major threat to get objectives while the siege is going. Similar for air and rotating teams. They get it, they rotate better, while if the enemy gets it, they respond better. New dragons do indeed affect different matchups on different scales but not just the one team comp. It just gives more strategic importance on certain dragons and that is great. Eg if one team is siege then water dragon becomes a major objective that will be fought over as it benefits both teams while air a minor as rotation is not that important on that matchup. Moreso for water both teams may send duo bot so they can contest better while there might be a swap in case of an air dragon.
The problem with your example as well as OP's is that he's only putting in the situation where a team is successfully defending themselves. As we've seen in certain games, especially as MSI, when a strong team like SKT, manages to get the first dragon because of their comp picks around being able to contest dragons on top of their skill level...each dragon that they get, it's only going to maintain their lead. On top of that, if a team gets the first fire dragon, they're going to be stronger for the next team fight, having better chances of getting whatever subsequent dragon is next.
: lf dynamic teamates
no one cares{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Im not even going to pretend I give a fuck what you have to say. I have CLAWED my way out of bronze 5 on four different occasions this season, just to get a troll to pull me back.
Pros make smurf accounts every time and every time they get out of bronze, silver, gold ranks. Every time. Players in Challenger make smurf accounts as well, for when they aren't up for the challenge...and yet again they get out of it with ease. it's not the game, it's you. sorry bud
: when urf will return?
i miss it already
morris1 (EUNE)
: At rank 3 R Ryze can be permanently in his ult. Not to mention the passive is absurd since you can cast spells faster than Kog'Maw can autoattack.
whats the proper combo rotation for that? i never seem to pull it off...always getting destroyed
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: If Aurelion Sol Could instantly cast his Q, he would feel so much better to play.
: Thought Orianna would be fun in URF
Orianna is favorite and is beyond broken in terms of dmg..can go toe to toe with just about anyone ...zed and fizz biggest issues
: I actually like most of them, and even though I find the new kennen splash art weird, you don't see me making a post about it.
remember that when you ban certain champs...the next tier because just as OP {{champion:12}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:81}} Surprised you didn't mention {{champion:245}} There will always be the next set of OP champs...we should get more bans at least...so we can at least vary it up
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: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nePB63eA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-12T19:26:12.009+0000) > > I feel like swain's facial features miss their mark. > He should look a bit older, especially his hair and nose were better in the teased version imo. Absolutely agreed! His nose is way too wide and his eyebrows and hair too dense. He looks like some russian soldier (I know Noxus might be a parallel to Russia, but I personally don't like Russia and also am a fan of Noxus, so I don't like to compare it). Please, I would sell the world for the teased version, back then when I saw it, I had a not-so-small nerdgasm (HUGE Swain fan in lore), on the other hand this like REALLY dissapointed me, please, reconsider getting close to this version again. :) https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/2672/448/original.jpg
Add some grey hair and this version would be so much better
Sharjo (EUW)
: New Splash Art for Darius, Swain, Galactic Renekton and Viscero Xin Zhao
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JMoormann (EUW)
: Giving every single mage access to mobility seems a really dangerous idea...
This should be marked down as when this belt is released....we can all come back to this thread, realize riot probably read it but ignored all warnings and then we can scream at them endlessly. Why the fuck..didn't you listen? Honestly I'm getting to the point of making it Hero Specific Items. Balance once and for all..
: Not a fan of the new Gentleman Cho'Gath splash art...
Lighting is just better all-round, more realistically, cozier, warmer This new one is just shinier, polished, brighter and lacks immersion
: Step #1: Buff all ADC items. Step #2: Make towers completely worthless. Step #3: Make minions stronger the farther ahead your team is. Step #4: Make death timers exceedingly long. Congrats, you now have a game that almost never lasts longer than 25 minutes. Riot seems to have a thing for really short games.............it's almost as if they WANT to pander to the lowest common denominator.
: it's like riot is deliberately trying to make sure season 6 is horrifically bad
Here's your simple explanation. HoTS sells short game times...Riot is trying to do the same. The difference? League had standard 40min games...some people are used to that some aren't. Also, we still spend 5-10 mins in laning phase which HoTS does not have. By the time you play 10-12mins in, you feel you're now ready to start playing 'the game' as opposed to hots, by 12 mins in, they're already level 11, mid, starting to enter late game and certain decisions have been made that can already cost you the game. You have to deal with 10 mins of farm here followed by 10 min game play and then it's over by a fight. Just like hots. League isn't ready for that
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: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
wait so..how frequent will the rotation be? Would one mode stay for a whole week, followed by another mode the following week and so on? There's not that many game modes, i couldn't see why urf and other game modes wouldn't appear more than twice a year. (I know i know you said "at least 2 times) Even with 7 different modes, if it rotates per week, we'd see each mode at least 6-7x a year unless it's not lasting a whole week? and just one week for a month? Detaaaaills pleease
: i love how we cant have more than 3 bans (per team) because ''it would shit on whole champions pools'' but smite does it with way less champions and its fine..... you stole heroes of the storm champ select, chroma skins and mastery lvl but you cant steal that ? which is actually needed ?
curious but...how or what did they steal about champ select? ooo..nvm the new and improved one...with the champs in the center..o lol
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Not when the champion in question portrais a mantis, which is an insect. ;)
looks like a mantis..is not a mantis... Riot classified it as a bug it is a bug. belongs in bug section.
: What happens when you teach Lissandra Martial arts
: What is this call of duty? I doubt the majority of the community plays it for five minutes on their cell phones, and I'd bet most of them don't want to either.
It is what it is. People don't want to invest 30-45mins into a game.
: Is 10 bans really too much to ask for with 130 champions.
Brascus (NA)
: What if towers went further, what if towers did more
It will make games longer Riot is competing with HoTS and wants to reduce the length of games, as that is Hots strongest attribute along with no items etc.
: The Future of New Champ Select
Can you please give us the option to see the list of champions during pick and ban phase as well as during champ selection while your other teammates or enemies are making their selection? Many times I want to adapt champions but I don't remember all 130 champs, so i get pressured with time and usually make a pick I don' ideally want.
: no you cant ... you need to wait something around 2 seconds before you can get out that's is enough for him
you can aim which direction u want to get out
: i'm confused. i'm saying I rarely get to support when i put that as my primary.
: i have support as my primary and i rarely get it. explain that.
I would sit here, ask for proof and not sure how you would be able to support that multiple times in a row given that screen shots don't help a case.
: Give incentives for playing roles people don't want or the least played role
Not sure why people would downvote this unless it's already been mentioned before which then i'd ask for a link so i can go support that thread. By adding an incentive, anyone who has support as a secondary role won't ALWAYS be getting support as a default selection just because there aren't enough players who want to play support. As of now, anyone who selection support as a secondary option is nearly guaranteed a support role 90% of the time. I think it becomes mundane and boring getting the same role 5-6-7 times in a row.
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