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: How does LP work in season 9?
IKR, I've been winning for a week straight (around 70% winrate this week) and my mmr did not improve at all, still getting 17 to 19 per win and losing the same amount.
: That isn't "fine".
> [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hYQtk0ls,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-03-10T20:52:24.832+0000) > > > That isn't "fine". why does that page say aatrox counters gangplank, right now gangplank totally owns him in lane, lol
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: This is a Reddit post from a D3 player that doesn't mind if u use his ideas. Would u please consider reading it? ----------------- So, Zyra, one of my favourite champions in tje game, has some balance problems in SoloQ. And she also has the problem for not being a good midlaner. Many of Zyra players want to play her in mid, like myself, while many other want her to remain a good support. I have some suggestions to help her out in both without making her oppressive. So what are Zyra's balance problems to start with: - Planets zoning control and poke damage even if Zyra misses abilities. - On the other sides planets late game die to anything and hence he damage falls off so hard. - Strong early and mid game duo to good base damages and low cooldown on her Q. - On the other side her late game has another problem in her low AP scaling. Her 2 damaging abilities have 50% and 60% AP scaling. So after a lot of effort, I tried to come up with some changes to help her and make her a better champion that rewards more skilled players (Note: u don't all there r not meant to be applied together. If Riot considers this, they may take as many points as they wish) 1st Path-> Reducing planets damage significantly from (20-100)+ 15% AP to (15-75)+ 12% AP and adding a new passive. Hitting an enemy with an ability marks them for 2 seconds. Marked enemies take 50 bonus damage from planets. This will get rid of the problem she does so much damage even when missing and reward players who hit skill shot with little more damage. 2nd Path-> Giving her ult a new passive. Newly respawned planets r untargetable for 0.5/1.25/2 seconds. This will solve the problem of planets evaporating late game duo to any form if damage while untouching her levels 1-5 (level 6-10 half a second won't be problematic as well). Consider that Zyra late game is so bad because she has no form of peeling/protecting and without damage she is nothing. 3rd Path-> Making her scale like a reasonable mage. Reducing her base damages on Q and E to end at 160 and 180 base damage at max ability level. Increasing the AP scaling from 60% and 50% to 70% each. That will hit hard when behind with little gold and AP while rewarding players who got lead into the mid/late game. 4th Path-> Increasing base health from 504-1847 based on level to 520-2050. Reducing base armor to 23. This is a huge early nerf that will make her much more vulnerable to ADCs autos, AD midlaners damage and menions aggro. One the other side she will finally have the regular base HP of a squishy champion into the late game (most squishy ADCs and Mages have 2000-2120 base HP at level 18). I really wish some one at Riot actually considers these. I feel like applying some of these changes can solve most of her problems while making her more rewarding for hitting your skillshots. ------------------------- I really wish u accept some of the community suggestions if they actually make sense.
> [{quoted}](name=Cavalier707,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=qzzu5y4t,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-02-06T18:11:07.424+0000) > - Planets SMH Stop calling them planets AAAA
iiGazeii (NA)
: Is Unsealed Spellbook even picked anymore? I haven't seen anyone take it since they removed the flat summoner CDR.
> [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=AEALNtE9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-01T05:36:43.005+0000) > > Is Unsealed Spellbook even picked anymore? I haven't seen anyone take it since they removed the flat summoner CDR. Whats the point of this comment, though. Yes it is.
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: > [{quoted}](name=k4nklew33d,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6LaOzeLM,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-31T21:42:45.250+0000) > > You sound like someone driving a personal point instead of looking at the issue. > > I'm not crying because I screwed up. I didn't..... I'm complaining because my time was wasted by a troll. > > I don't care if I lose if I got to play the game. This isn't even playing though! People following you around? > > Yes, it IS a game. I get that Mr. Condescension..... it's the idea that I invest my free time after work and don't really get to play. > > Me saying something back out of frustration of wasted time because I cannot leave the match, I cannot play another for the day because realistically theres limited hours of a day, and this happens repeatedly when the system focuses on numbers instead of the issue. > > You're COMPLETELY missing the point of my argument..... in a typical fashion too. > > Maybe go back and look at the actual argument being made? There is no argument here. You knew what the rules were and you broke them. You were punished for exhibiting toxic behavior. Case closed
> [{quoted}](name=COLDSNOWKILLER,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6LaOzeLM,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-31T22:25:24.736+0000) > > There is no argument here. You knew what the rules were and you broke them. You were punished for exhibiting toxic behavior. Case closed Rules, yeah, he broke the rules, apparently sending several msgs is against the rules.
: You only have yourself to blame for the way you talked in chat. You got what was coming to you.
> You only have yourself to blame for the way you talked in chat. Yeah, but, there's nothing wrong with the way he used it, that's the issue.
A week ago I got a chat restriction after my adc got killed in lane and accused me of trolling, to what i tried to explain why he was killed, with no actual negative behavior, to what he proceeded to flame and aggressively keep insulting me. I decided to mute him and called him a Tyler1 wannabe and that i was going to roam and help the rest carry him. Apparently calling someone a Tyler1 is a grave insult and roaming is negative behavior. Meanwhile Draven was running it down botlane several times while probably flamming while I had him in mute. Did he get a punishment? Not one. And just for the record, this is what my chat history looked like: Pre Game Lobby: LeSocair: make an agreement LeSocair: the 3 LeSocair: aaaa LeSocair: we can't all three play the same champ? LeSocair: this game is so boring LeSocair: :o In Game: LeSocair: that draven skin LeSocair: reminds me of a mad max character LeSocair: wop LeSocair: wepe LeSocair: what the hell LeSocair: she didnt use heal? LeSocair: don't kid with me LeSocair: you wasted E for no reason, that's why she used W LeSocair: friend LeSocair: no bro LeSocair: it's simple LeSocair: she saw you using E LeSocair: and then jumped into you LeSocair: cause your E is your only way to stop her LeSocair: me nothing LeSocair: i missed 4 Q's LeSocair: did they engage? LeSocair: no LeSocair: because that wasn't the reason LeSocair: bro LeSocair: understand please LeSocair: they saw you wasting your cooldowns and they engaged into you LeSocair: that's why LeSocair: only because of that LeSocair: wow, typical tyler1 wannabe draven player LeSocair: grow up LeSocair: and the E? [All]LeSocair: please at the end [All]LeSocair: no matter the result [All]LeSocair: please verbal abuse report draven [All]LeSocair: ty [All]LeSocair: /all [All]LeSocair: /all [All]LeSocair: /all (these three were missclicks) [All]LeSocair: asdkas LeSocair: it's clear you only play draven asdjdasj LeSocair: flamming me because a pyke wants the kill LeSocair: adsjasdj LeSocair: bro do you even know my champion? LeSocair: asjdasjdas i said it because you spammed ping on my item LeSocair: like if it was the wrong one LeSocair: jasdasdj LeSocair: i dont wanna play with this tyler1 wannabe LeSocair: ill roam and help the rest carry u LeSocair: ty LeSocair: LMAO BUT I STUNNED HIM LeSocair: i cant [All]LeSocair: O_O LeSocair: URGOT [All]LeSocair: like i said [All]LeSocair: draven [All]LeSocair: int feed and verbal abuse [All]LeSocair: ty I'm not really sure why i got the reports, but i got them (Also, just for the record, again, im diamond s8, rn having fun in plat).
Please up this post, you're not alone, I got Chat Restricted after a game in which all of my team, including me, decided to stay in base waiting for FF, while this was happening, me and my team chatted about various common stuff, apparently, the enemy reported us all and probably we all got a sanction. Report system sucks ass and needs to be changed. What bothers me the most, is that I sent a ticket to Riot Support, and they told me that they "Only check my chat history, and they will NOT REVISE THE ENEMY OR THE OTHER ALLIES'S CHAT BECAUSE OF PRIVACY", I call 100% bullshit, how is that "Privacy Invasion"? You are checking my chat after all, that means you're invading my privacy, thus I could literally just sue you? But no, that's not how it works, if you can see mine, you can see anyone's chat and that is NOT PRIVACY INVASION, it's not like you're spying on a personal chat, it's an in-game's chat. This said, they could "not check anybody else's chat" because of that, but if they can't then they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO rights to judge the situation, because they're only checking ONE SINGLE chat history, that means they will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be out of context. I've had friends who got banned (Magical Doremi is the banned acc), because he flamed someone who was int feeding. I've had a Chat Restriction after asking in all chat for reports against a int feeder, to what the enemy laughed and agreed to report ME INSTEAD. I've seen cases in which people get sanctions after 5man premade games in which they report each other for fun. Stop it riot, your report system sucks.
Woocas (NA)
: Remake not working
Did you check if the ally that was AFK, started with Minion Dematerializer? It happened twice to me and coincidentally, that was the case. I'd like to know if it's just a coincidence or if it's really related to the bug.
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: I am really getting sick of ignite.
At this point I would really not complain if riot just removes ignite whole. Like, why the hell not. Why have unnecessary extra damage for champions with already unnecessary high damage outputs so they can "secure" kills that they could secure anyways without it but use it anyway because why the hell not have free 200 true damage every 3 minutes that can give you easy leads? Why have an unnecessary free grievous wounds against heals in the bot-lane? Why have an unnecessary cheesy summoner for top-laners to bully their way out of laning phase or otherwise lose horribly? I think I've explained my point, I mean, I kinda repeated the word "unnecessary" a little. I'm more than okay with only having utility summoners -honorable mentions to cleanse and exhaust, which are REALLY cool summoners with great UTILITY VALUE-, at least for me, summoners should provide [key word]: utility, not -again- unnecessary free damage with a heal-cut. It would be really cool to see more diversity with summs, and even if they nerf ignite more than they are planning, I don't see the reason people wouldn't prefer having free 150 true damage with grievous wounds over anything else, aside from having mandatory heal or tp for certain champions. Also, it's worth to mention that ignite is -and I'm sure I'm being pretty objective with this-, a really tilting summoner both if you're losing to someone with it and/or losing with it as it becomes useless af.
Vearar (NA)
: Judging from other threads it seems to be a bug as some people claim to have had it working in some games. No solid cause of the bug has been identified as of yet. edit: I also noticed a bit of an issue while disguised where the w doesn't stack properly either.
Yes, it's a bug, I confirmed what you said by playing Neeko Hybrid in the botlane, my W passive worked on structures, but only that game. Weird.
: Loading screen splash arts are flipped. Literally unplayable
I'm p sure they do this to Xayah and Rakan so that they face each other in the login screen.
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Moody P (NA)
: Currently no thoughts
Yeah, I know, I tried to only nail the ones with the most issues (In my opinion, ofc), but I also think there are a lot of champions I didn't talk about that actually need talking, but again, the comment section is here and people can talk about them and stuff, I think this could lead to some nice resolutions if done correctly.
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: Darius doesn't need help. What actually needs to happen toplane is (primarily) Sion nerfs and (secondarily) GP nerfs. Tanks aren't actually a problem toplane.
gp isnt good, the rest of toplaners are just garbage (plus klepto is a stupid ass keystone and needs to be removed)
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Chermorg (NA)
: >I got reported and punished for negative attitude and verbal abuse even though I was silent all game. But you later say >I only asked the enemy team to help me report lee sin So, we've already established you weren't silent all game. I'd request you post screenshots of the *entire* reform card you're given in client and then I can help you identify where you went wrong. Alternatively, you can post on the [Player Behavior boards]( as other players like you frequent there and will comment from a player perspective what you did wrong.
Please keep these kind of comments to yourself, advisor. There is a thing called hyperbole, I really doubt you think all your friends don't ever exaggerate. (Although my exaggeration is MINIMAL, I only said 3 or 4 lines in all chat in a span of 30 minutes or so). All those lines being, for example: "I am not trolling, I just had a bad game/I am not too good at this champ." "Please report Lee Sin for negative attitude and flaming since Champ Select." To which my Azir replied "Yes, indeed he started flaming since Champ Select." I don't remember the others. Meanwhile, my Lee Sin flamed me since Champ Select for prejudices and my whole team because the enemy toplane/jungler won my lane devastatingly. [I edited out this part because it is unnecessary and I don't want to be an asshole] PD: I didn't receive any reform card with the specifications of why I got the punishment.
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: Gangplank: A burning problem in league
Personally, I don't think the issue is Gangplank being too strong. Instead, the issue is other fighters being too weak. He's always had the ability to remove squishies with bad positioning or bad performance (gameplay speaking) and that hasn't been a problem. He's also always had the ability to farm faster than others and that hasn't been a problem either (Except from current Klepto, which I also think should get a nerf or change, although I don't use it, I prefer Grasp on him). He's also had a global presence and that's also never been a problem. His heal/cleanse has always been there and it also ISN'T the problem. The only problem I can spot is Kleptomancy IMO. All Kleptomancy users are powerful and not because of what champion they are or their kit but because >Klepto< (Sorry for the redundancy). Just my opinion though, as a {{champion:41}} main.
: Hey, I took the liberty of fixing your picture so it embeds properly on the boards (hopefully that's what you were trying to do). If you want to embed a picture onto your post, you can post the link of the picture, and follow it with "[/img]" (no quotes or spaces between the two) to make it embed properly. [Here is a formatting guide]( if you need any help with anything else. If you have any questions or concerns about this moderator action, please visit us in the [Moderation Discord Server]( If you'd like to leave us feedback regarding our moderation or the boards in general, please make a thread in the ["Discuss The Boards"]( sub-board.
Thank you! I was struggling with that <3
: total dmg doesnt mean anything tbh, individual instances like this are just cases of someone dealing a lot of damage due to being fed
It's not an individual instance though, I just happened to take a picture of one of the games, we all know Shyv, Udyr and Eve (Thankfully the last one is getting a nerf) are overtuned. The thing is, I don't see anybody talking about Shyv even though she clearly IS overtuned. I hope I get illuminated by Shyvanna players or people with more knowledge about the champ, although I still think the champion is too strong atm.
: stop letting her get drags they buff her more than any other champ in the game.
1-I know that, not all shyvannas are able to do that and they still reach those numbers. 2-There's not much to do from a toplaner's perspective, sadly.
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