: I am really getting sick of ignite.
At this point I would really not complain if riot just removes ignite whole. Like, why the hell not. Why have unnecessary extra damage for champions with already unnecessary high damage outputs so they can "secure" kills that they could secure anyways without it but use it anyway because why the hell not have free 200 true damage every 3 minutes that can give you easy leads? Why have an unnecessary free grievous wounds against heals in the bot-lane? Why have an unnecessary cheesy summoner for top-laners to bully their way out of laning phase or otherwise lose horribly? I think I've explained my point, I mean, I kinda repeated the word "unnecessary" a little. I'm more than okay with only having utility summoners -honorable mentions to cleanse and exhaust, which are REALLY cool summoners with great UTILITY VALUE-, at least for me, summoners should provide [key word]: utility, not -again- unnecessary free damage with a heal-cut. It would be really cool to see more diversity with summs, and even if they nerf ignite more than they are planning, I don't see the reason people wouldn't prefer having free 150 true damage with grievous wounds over anything else, aside from having mandatory heal or tp for certain champions. Also, it's worth to mention that ignite is -and I'm sure I'm being pretty objective with this-, a really tilting summoner both if you're losing to someone with it and/or losing with it as it becomes useless af.
Vearar (NA)
: Judging from other threads it seems to be a bug as some people claim to have had it working in some games. No solid cause of the bug has been identified as of yet. edit: I also noticed a bit of an issue while disguised where the w doesn't stack properly either.
Yes, it's a bug, I confirmed what you said by playing Neeko Hybrid in the botlane, my W passive worked on structures, but only that game. Weird.
Varony (EUW)
: Loading screen splash arts are flipped. Literally unplayable
I'm p sure they do this to Xayah and Rakan so that they face each other in the login screen.
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Moody P (NA)
: Currently no thoughts
Yeah, I know, I tried to only nail the ones with the most issues (In my opinion, ofc), but I also think there are a lot of champions I didn't talk about that actually need talking, but again, the comment section is here and people can talk about them and stuff, I think this could lead to some nice resolutions if done correctly.
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: Darius doesn't need help. What actually needs to happen toplane is (primarily) Sion nerfs and (secondarily) GP nerfs. Tanks aren't actually a problem toplane.
gp isnt good, the rest of toplaners are just garbage (plus klepto is a stupid ass keystone and needs to be removed)
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Chermorg (NA)
: >I got reported and punished for negative attitude and verbal abuse even though I was silent all game. But you later say >I only asked the enemy team to help me report lee sin So, we've already established you weren't silent all game. I'd request you post screenshots of the *entire* reform card you're given in client and then I can help you identify where you went wrong. Alternatively, you can post on the [Player Behavior boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation) as other players like you frequent there and will comment from a player perspective what you did wrong.
Please keep these kind of comments to yourself, advisor. There is a thing called hyperbole, I really doubt you think all your friends don't ever exaggerate. (Although my exaggeration is MINIMAL, I only said 3 or 4 lines in all chat in a span of 30 minutes or so). All those lines being, for example: "I am not trolling, I just had a bad game/I am not too good at this champ." "Please report Lee Sin for negative attitude and flaming since Champ Select." To which my Azir replied "Yes, indeed he started flaming since Champ Select." I don't remember the others. Meanwhile, my Lee Sin flamed me since Champ Select for prejudices and my whole team because the enemy toplane/jungler won my lane devastatingly. [I edited out this part because it is unnecessary and I don't want to be an asshole] PD: I didn't receive any reform card with the specifications of why I got the punishment.
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: Gangplank: A burning problem in league
Personally, I don't think the issue is Gangplank being too strong. Instead, the issue is other fighters being too weak. He's always had the ability to remove squishies with bad positioning or bad performance (gameplay speaking) and that hasn't been a problem. He's also always had the ability to farm faster than others and that hasn't been a problem either (Except from current Klepto, which I also think should get a nerf or change, although I don't use it, I prefer Grasp on him). He's also had a global presence and that's also never been a problem. His heal/cleanse has always been there and it also ISN'T the problem. The only problem I can spot is Kleptomancy IMO. All Kleptomancy users are powerful and not because of what champion they are or their kit but because >Klepto< (Sorry for the redundancy). Just my opinion though, as a {{champion:41}} main.
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Thank you! I was struggling with that <3
: total dmg doesnt mean anything tbh, individual instances like this are just cases of someone dealing a lot of damage due to being fed
It's not an individual instance though, I just happened to take a picture of one of the games, we all know Shyv, Udyr and Eve (Thankfully the last one is getting a nerf) are overtuned. The thing is, I don't see anybody talking about Shyv even though she clearly IS overtuned. I hope I get illuminated by Shyvanna players or people with more knowledge about the champ, although I still think the champion is too strong atm.
: stop letting her get drags they buff her more than any other champ in the game.
1-I know that, not all shyvannas are able to do that and they still reach those numbers. 2-There's not much to do from a toplaner's perspective, sadly.
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