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Does he have a rework in development? Im fairly certain their next big rework focus is going to be on Fiddle or Volibear with noc or shyvana as runners up
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: Why again does an AFK offer NO ingame-compensations in LoL only?
It should exist to some extent though with league's current community if the compensation they recieved was literal in the form of say a BE consolation pay after the game then people could queue with friends and have them exit the game and then they get free BE- now giving be would be stupid and obviously abused so it is not a good example- but say it is an immediate ban or punishment- what if a person who goes afk isn't doing so intentionaly or maliciously. Something comes up that they have to do right away before they can get back or they have a connection problem- so thats immediate banning out of the question- so what about bots. Well bots are a nice idea, but keep in mind that until Rito figures out how to program so difficult bots that's impossible cause at best right now we as players only ever see intermediate level bots in custom game's and only for certain champions. Stat increases they could do potentially but in a game like league where champion balancing is finniky as is well..... technically speaking depending on your comp and the other teams comp as well as the skill level of each team you could theoretically win a 4v5 and have a small chance of winning a 3v5- say your enemy team all have little to no experience with the champions their playing and your remaining 4/3 players are all quite experienced- or say the champions you have are innately good matchups against the enemy champions or are just kinda broken already- giving them a stat boost might just end up over tipping the scale's and turning the game into a stomp. This is my opinion. Im sure there are way's to implement some kind of compensation but at least the points you brought up are probably unlikely to be implemented in league.
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: Who knows? Kassadin's story
His story now says that they are all relics and tech that he got by calling in favours in order to achieve his goal of destroying the void. Personally i feel if they were going with that they should be more imaginative or at least give some recognition to wtf these things are. Ex. a void blade doesn't make sense because the first instance of the void being quote um quote weaponized is when a rift was opened resulting in the fall of icathia, until kai'sa (supposedly kassadins daughter) stabbed a voidling and it's ooze became a symbiotic suit that grew with every voidborn she killed there is no record of weapons that utilize the void, only those who directly serve the void like malzahar and the voidborn. His passive is called void stone so he somehow got ahold of an object from the void that there is no record of and we have know idea how it work's and uses that to teleport and stuff- looking at his original concepts he seems like he might have more runic/crystal(hextech) focuses so he needs an update to what these things are, what they can do, and where do they come from,
: Nocturne
I believe nocturne does need a rework and he is on the list of champions because his gameplay and visuals dont deliver on his theme. So he will be in the future and i hope they switch him from fighter to assassin and focus on that aspect. Currently it looks like fiddle and voli are getting the most attention. THey deserve it to so I think all we can do is wait patiently and submit ideas to help him when he eventually changes ^_^
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: The Malzahar Paradox
I had an idea for a malz rework that i came up with a little ago and i can't plop the text document down in this so i'll list the basic's here for you to read-I don't know if you'll like them, let me know what you think. -I was listening to necrits lore video on malz and i was thinking on his theme's- Sheparding people to follow the void, punishing those who resist, former seer(gift of foresight)-With that I give this Passive-Foresight/Watchers blessing- Every x seconds malzahar can press the ability to place a dormant void eye on the map within 4,000 meters of his current location- can only have 3 up at one time- q-Malefic visions/Visions of truth- Malzahar grants the target enemy visions of the "truth" dealing dps- if they are a minion or monster it deals bonus health % damage and can spread to other enemies when they die- If a champion effected by Visions turns it's back on "the truth"(aka malzahar) they will be slowed and take bonus damage from his abilities- I like this to add to his void shepard theme- he shows people the void and if they reject that doctrine he punishes them- to fit the theme, giving enemies effected by VIsions increased movespeed if they move towards Malzahar would be interesting. w-Void-spawn-Summons a large voidling- every level added to it provides 10% "adaptation"(starting at 10% to a total 40%)- Adaptation means that when the voidling takes damage it becomes resistant to that damage type(ie ap or ad) but it only resists the first thing that hit's it- Next bit- Voidling priorotizes enemies effected by Visions,auto-attacking them(dmg effected by ap-low scaling)- if the target has turned their back from the truth the voidling will dash to them- latching on and begining to pull them toward's you e-Null grasp-Null grasp reaches out at a target linking to them and dealing dps- if the target has turned from the truth they will be suppresed for a short duration of the link r-Wasn't sure on a name- I thought of "Void's Embrace"- Malzahar enters the void for a duration gaining increased movement speed and he is completely invulnerable- When he enters he can enhance one of his abilities for it's next cast- enhanced q-visions of truth applies a null zone on the ground target location that applies visions to all enemies who touch it- if they remain in the location they will take additional dps- If multiple enemies have visions of truth applied a voidling will focus on the closest enemy enhanced w- summons 2 smaller voidlings in addition to the large one- these only autoattack enhanced e- Enemies around a nether grasp target will be feared These each have different uses- Enhanced q allows you to force a group to engage or else risk taking losses by fleeing- staying still will make the whole group take more damage so they have to pick fast enhanced w- allows enhanced pushing, dueling, and dragon/herald clear enhanced e- allows you to single out a single enemy in a group
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: Why are these not Champions yet?
Looks like a quinn rework to me. Also a drakehound tamer would be awesome. im thinking of abilities for it now and i think it would be super fun to play and see in universe.
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