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: Nah, some change was necessary. The red side jungle was too stacked, compared to the blue side jungle. Of course, that was riots fault in the first place, for being shitty at distributing exp. EXP is better distributed now, but low overall, so not sure if I want to go back to how things were before.
It didn't matter which side of the jungle you hit level 3 first. No one really full clears the jungles anymore because its too time consuming. The xp scaling is less than bot side. I dont understand how riot expects junglers to be relevant if they can't gank their solo lane that is 0-2 without giving the enemy a free double kill. Teams are better off running a duo top with someone on the team taking smite.
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: Why am I still lvl 0 honor
Update: I'm finally level 1 honor but i haven't reached a checkpoint yet and its been well over 50 games since my honor level was increased. In the previous games i have earned most honorable 3-5 times and get a solid 1-2 honor every other game. Some games I'll go 25-3 as kha'zix and get no honor. I feel like I am being treated unfairly in this road to honorable process.
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