: Do you have that one Skin you want most but you can't get because it's unavailable?
https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/twitch-whistler-village.jpg Whistler Village Twitch. I don't play Twitch really (Support main) but he's my favorite ADC and Whistler is my favorite place in the world. Been there 4~ish times, wish I could just stay there. I also want Hextech Poppy but it's not technically "unavailable" it's just hard to obtain.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll see how they're doing with alternate build paths and preseason changes then figure out whether to do anything. When we've buffed champs in the past because we've removed an item they use it's often lead to overbuffing as other build paths proved to be nearly as strong (e.g. Deathfire Grasp removal and preemptive Ahri buffs).
Hey sorry to get off-topic like this but. You don't happen to know if that Neeko disable is going to be lifted any time soon do you? Her ability to remove her disguise was disabled due to a bug but I can't find any posts on it, or any confirmation from riot(ers) on when this could be fixed. Next patch? Next week? 2 minutes?
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Rαy (EUW)
: Agreed. Runes Reforged pretty much started killing this game and it won't ever reach its prime again if we don't get these resistances back. Removing them was horrendously game-breaking - it killed champion identities and removed strategy and skill expression completely, sucking out most of the fun League had.
> [{quoted}](name=Rαy,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n691E7oY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-05T16:57:26.271+0000) > > Agreed. Runes Reforged pretty much started killing this game and it won't ever reach its prime again if we don't get these resistances back. > > Removing them was horrendously game-breaking - it killed champion identities and removed strategy and skill expression completely, sucking out most of the fun League had. Removing the old system in general was a downhill slide for this game. They ripped away all customization we ever had with the old runes+masteries then used the excuse: "Oh but the rune system was confusing to new players!" No it wasn't, you morons. The PAYMENT system was confusing to new players. You know how many hundreds and hundreds of games it took before I could afford a single full rune page? THAT is what was overwhelming me as a new player not the way the runes worked but how much they fucking cost. if runes were just made free the old masteries+runes system would have been perfect.
Ætheist (NA)
: How come you talk about champions having cool aesthetics/VOs and then two paragraphs later complain that champions now suck due to gameplay reasons? Art quality/music/SFX/VOs are all just as good as they've ever been, maybe even moreso. Riot's teams that aren't related to gameplay (champ design or balance) tend to do their jobs well, all things considered.
> [{quoted}](name=Ætheist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5kBklePE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-10-03T21:47:58.292+0000) > Art quality/music/SFX/VOs are all just as good as they've ever been, maybe even moreso. Riot's teams that aren't related to gameplay (champ design or balance) tend to do their jobs well, all things considered. Except you know the absolutely horrible coordination between splash art and skins these days... Have you even SEEN what cosmic lulu looks like IN GAME? It looks AWFUL in game but AMAZING in the splash art. Low tone greys and blues with silver in there too in the splash art to... gold?... Bright fucking gold? In game? Why?
: Accessibility is about more than making things free, I mean it helps, but they simplified it, while still leaving room to expand, you can get just as much, if not more, spot cdr, and hp by just building your pages smartly, mixing things that are a little off, I will say some of the keystones feel mandatory, which I do not like, but other than that, i think the new system has a lot of potential for expansion, without doubling, tripling your grind
I am 100% sure that I cannot get the same, let alone MORE cdr than I could with actual custom rune pages. And to clarify, the only reason the old rune system was confusing was because the color sorting and images were confusing at first (similar in many ways with tiny differences that made rune pages hard to read for new players) and they were also stupid expensive so even if players knew what they wnated it took years to get those things. They made runes much easier when they swapped to 1ip for T2 runes they shoulda done the same for T3 and removed T2
: I both agree and disagree, on the one hand, I liked having 16 rune pages with whatever I felt like tiny little tweaks here and there to shore up vulnerabilities, or enhance my strengths, HOWEVER, runes reforged, has added a layer of accessibility to league, for new players. Which I think is fairly important for the longevity of the game, I would like to see another dozen keystones in the next year or so however, so people can start trying some really weird stuff
> added a layer of accessibility to league, for new players Dude just make runes free... that's 100% accessibility. Also add recommended rune pages off what is most popular. They do that for item sets, why not do that for runes? if they made it free new players would fully understand everything and how to do it. **THE WORST PART THO IS HOW THEY REMOVED MASTERIES** If they had kept at least SOME of the masteries, we could have had the same builds as before. that 5% CDR boost from masteries is what finalized my build on Sona, Xerath, Nami, ect.
Sõna (EUW)
: I still remember the time when I first bought my favorite champion, and next was to decide what specific rune to use for my champion. I looked into guides in MobaFire, every guide has different runes setup, it's about the rune. I still remember the time when I tried to make some special rune page with some off-meta stats or utility. I felt excited. The moment of excitement when I first completed a full rune page for the champion, I felt blissfully satisfied. Playing more, getting more IP, and buy the rune that the champion needed. It's like equipping your champion with your own customization. But..now I have lost my precious interest of the game even if I tried hard to get back the feeling. Lack of customization room for new rune reforge system can hardly encourage me to play the game, except for the daily first win reward or missions. Old rune system was some achievements that I could feel satisfied in the game. Now I miss the old rune system. {{champion:37}}
THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE FOR A SECOND THERE. I'm also a Sona main {{champion:37}} My run page (combined with masteries) was around 18.7% CDR or something like that. It had Mana Regen and 1% Crit chance. It was perfect for my build. Slightly off meta, but I did my job well. Now here I am completely unable to use my old play style because they ripped away my customization. Fuck riot I miss my real Sona not this cookie cutter crap they forced me into now.
Audhulma (NA)
: IIRC they are cool with balance employees being any rating, so there's a very real possibility that we've got bronzies making decisions with far reaching effects.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=RgbPKkLE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-22T21:43:43.418+0000) > > IIRC they are cool with balance employees being any rating, so there's a very real possibility that we've got bronzies making decisions with far reaching effects. Yeah and that would explain why they think it's a good change. Cause a bronze support has about as much knowledge of the role as someone who's never played it.
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: The current support meta: {{champion:63}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} And none of them build support other than maybe raka/sona. The rest just build full AP or damage (even leo builds damage now).
You can't be serious? Xerath is a meta support right now? No fucking way hold up. I just checked ChampionGG and he has a 47% winrate on support what are you on about lol???? Either way, yeah that's pretty much how I'd expect the meta to be except fro the last 3. MF doesn't even surprise me she's just ultra good everywhere.
: When you're playing a real support and the enemy picks a "Support"
So many disclaimers are gonna have to go up at the end of this comment to avoid the downvotes. I promise you that I, **as a support player with literally thousands and thousands and thousands of hours doing nothing but playing support.** could run you over with any off meta support I want. {{champion:101}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:32}} The actual positioning and matchup knowledge matters so much more than the champion you pick. {{champion:12}} is considered one of the perfect counters to Leona. Jesus christ, does he fuck Leona up. When I first started playing her I would rather sit in fountain the entire game than fight a fucking alistar. BUT after like, 50 games of playing against Alistars, I was able to start beating them. Now, if I see an alistar locked in on the enemy team after my Leona I just think of it as another lane cause he really doesn't have an advantage over me anymore, cause I just know both these champions and this lane so well. So I promise you, anyone you're facing right now playing those off-meta supports, they're not support mains. So they're not going to be an actual challenge... That's why you laugh at their picks cause they're not there as support, they're playing that role cause they have to. (at least most of the time) or because they think it might be fun. I promise you step into a game with an actual support main who's put actual time and effort into an off meta pick and they will destroy you - especially because it's not something you're used to as a player. I'm not trying to personally insult you here, sure you're bronze but that doesn't mean you're god awful at this game. Just means you placed in bronze, idk how good you are in normals (apparently pretty decent based on win/loss in your past 32 games) but I could run you over on any of the supports listed above - and again. refer to the disclaimers, that's not an insult. Here is some disclaimers: * I am not saying you're garbage * I'm not saying I'm a botlane god * My qualifications for saying all of the above come from 4000+ hours of bot lane play. It's my role, and has almost always been my role. * I am NOT a high ranked player, I've never put serious time into ranked. But if it counts for anything, I think I've only ever lost like... 5 games? in all my time in bronze? Not including promo games. If this is incorrect and anyone can prove it please tell me. Cause that's how I remember it. and finally * I am no longer playing this game. I have not had it installed in like, 9 months. I don't know what the meta is like anymore, and I probably can't do anywhere near as well as I used to with ANY of my supports let alone my off metas. But if we're talking about when I was actively playing, I am 100% confident I could beat you (and most people) with my off metas. That's not me being cocky, that's just statistics. I wish I had more concrete numbers to display for my casual games - since I very rarely used my off-metas in ranked games (xerath has a 100% winrate on one season over a couple games if i remember correctly) but I know that I won more than 54% for all of those champions because otherwise I would not have spent so much time on them (which is why Poppy, though I attempted her. Is not on this list cause I lost more than I won despite practice) **The main point of this long ass unnecessary post is to say 2 things. First, please don't underestimate off meta supports... They will fuck your ADC up and your ADC will hate you for it. Treat every laner as a massive threat, even if it's a mumu with 6 tears who only levels up E.** And second, you should probably pick up a few. They're very fun, and they're very hard for most people to fight against if you know what you're doing cause like you, they have no idea how far their lane can be pushed by the newcomer. If you're a hardcore support main, the off metas will teach you more about your role than the on meta ones cause you'll start to realize what parts of your job you really have to focus on in order to keep your ADC happy and healthy. P.S try {{champion:45}} {{champion:9}} botlane. That shit is hilarious and combined with my one friend we have like a 98% winrate over like 40 games including some in ranked. I'll try to dig up those games later I need to sleep for now I'm exhausted.
: Thing is, what you just described is also provided in the new runes, but in more interesting ways than just flat stats. Manaflow Band or Ultimate Hat? Comet or Aery? Press the Aattack or Fleeting Footwork? Kleptomancy or.........anything else? Is it perfectly balanced? Hell no. But you also have to remember that not only are flat stats easier to balance than unique effects, but also the old rune system was around for 7 years. If this new rune system lasts just as long, you'll probably look back at the old system, and ask "Damn......why did we ever prefer that?"
Except it's not. (sorry for late reply btw, stuff to do) There's no enough CDR for my builds, mana regen I've heard is really good now but I haven't played so I'm unsure about that. There's also no 1% crit chance (RIP) the main point is that if I want: 5% CDR (to finish off the last 5% required to reach 45% including the CDR in my build) then way more mana regen, followed by a ton of magic pen and some crit chance runes. I can't do that anymore. Better example. Say you run {{champion:432}} Now this is gonna sound stupid. But back when I played him, the thing that had the most impact early game was attack speed. I'm serious. his auto attacks hurt so much in the first few levels so I would have some attack speed involved. So imagine this as runes: Bard doesn't need a ton of CDR, he doesn't need a ton of AP, he needs utility and some basic CD so runes would be something along the lines of: 5% CDR - 1% crit chance - 10% attack speed - scaling AP - scaling health. This ^ is no longer possible. it was a great build that I used and had a ton of fun on, but it's no longer possible thanks to the extreme limitations of new runes. But you could always say "that's ONE example what about the other 50040450454 champions" {{champion:101}} he needs to use auto attacks to regen his mana so he would be good with: 1% crit chance - scaling AP - 15% CDR - mana regen - Again, not possible with new runes. A little easier to recreate sure but there's not enough CDR anymore to reach 45% on any really good xerath support build (yes I said support, I was support when I played this game and I used Xerath there with reasonable results) {{champion:37}} And this is where all my anger about this system comes from. My girl SONA - who I can't play the way I want to anymore. I used to build this: {{champion:37}} - {{item:2301}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} Not a build everyone ran in support. But it's what I ran, and I had great games with it. It had 45% CDR - a ton of AP which meant a ton of damage and a ton of healing. I had in runes: 14.97% CDR - 1.86% crit chance - 6.09 magic pen - 3.69 mana regen The masteries were just as important. The important ones were: fury (attack speed) - expose weakness (AD extra damage) - meditation (increased mana regen) - bandit (gold pls) - intelligence (45% cdr) - windspeakers (10% stronger shields and heals) This build was PERFECT for my needs. couldn't have asked for anything more. But they ripped the entire build away from me and said "here's 10% CDR - have fun losing more than 9.5% CDR because fuck you" I'VE LOST 9.5%+ CDR SINCE THE NEW RUNES. 9% that is a HUGE difference you know what 9% of 10 is? an entire second. (0.89) off her heal cooldown. With my build at the start of the game my heal came off cooldown 2 seconds faster. By the end of the game it came off around 3 seconds faster. That is a massive difference in every single fight that is no longer possible. I would have to mutilate my build in order to get that CDR back.
: But the problem is is that no one really used that customization. People are very competitive in this game, and so they want to play their champion at the best they possibly could be. That means adhering to pre-built rune pages that has been tested for *years*. If rune prices were erased, *nothing would have changed* except new players would have instant access to runes. Yes, people like you existed, where we had off-meta rune builds for certain situations. But with how nearly *everyone else* used runes, Riot simply made it easier to do what everyone else was already doing.
> But the problem is is that no one really used that customization. I don't know what you're on about cause me, and everyone I played with used that customization. Everyone prefers slightly different things. I prefer CDR on AP champions. Most of my friends prefer magic pen, some just want scaling AP. Pre-built rune pages are common yes but people usually still modify them a tiny bit adding maybe 1% crit chance runes. Swapping out CDR for mana regen if they use a different item than recommended. And it also doesn't matter if prebuilt rune pages existed because they were still CUSTOM to that play style. Runes differed on playstyles of the champion. max mana ryze for example over max cooldown ryze. Max cooldown annie over magic pen annie. AD sion over AP sion. People deserve that level of customization otherwise we're all teh same bullshit cookie cutter build and it's annoying.
: Yes we are on the same playing field - we all have access to the same things. Sure if they removed the price we would also be on the same playing field, but what they did was just change what is accessible or "rebalance". There is less customization available sure, but I don't see that as completely bad.
We were all on the same "playing field" before - we just couldn't afford it in some cases. If we assume runes never had an IP cost - everyone would have customization of play style and no one would be limited. We would be on "the same playing field" But no instead of making them free, they change them into these shitty mastery like runes that remove all customization of play force all characters into the same bullshit meta pages and tell us "enjoy" no - it's shit. And they should know that. This isn't "level playing field" this is "we removed 99% of the field so everyone has to stand in the same 4 square inches"
hoyohai (NA)
: I don't know anything. I'm a different person and am only level 20.
Yeah come back to me when you have 4000+ hours. [EDIT: I see now that you aren't even the original commenter so this comment might be irrelevant]
: You assume everyone wants that same level of customization. Before, you're at a disadvantage if you didn't take up the same level of customization as other people. Been playing for a while and I didn't care much for the giant IP sink to create my custom rune pages just to survive a certain lane. It was helpful, but now everyone's one the same playing field.
> Before, you're at a disadvantage if you didn't take up the same level of customization as other people. Yeah that's kinda my point though... If you made runes free (no IP cost) the system would be close to perfect. But instead they ripped the entire system out. It's like removing all the gears from your car and adding one large gear. Sure technically it works but it's not nearly as effective. And the lack of gear ratios means people are going to have a hard time getting around easily. Remove the IP cost and runes woulda been just fine. IP cost was the ONLY thing stopping runes from being near perfect. And to be clear > now everyone's one the same playing field. No, they're just NOT. I can only really speak for supports but my Sona build (The build I personally made and used to keep her relevant in my mind) was heavily dependent on CDR from runes. I literally cannot play that build anymore all my hundreds of games on sona are completely WASTED because I no longer have access to the build I was using. Not to mention even if I made a new build I no longer have the mana regen I need to keep her going either because they removed that too. Fuck riot for this change. They ruined my lane.
hoyohai (NA)
: So basically, everyone who disagrees with you is delusional? Well guess we're all gonna fail school now
Well naturally. But my comment was moreso about your logic. Your logic that ripping away core mechanics that have been in the game for years and offered variety and customization of gameplay is somehow a good thing. It's a downgrade, that's the very definition of a downgrade - removing services, lessening them, or providing lower quality services than before. That is a downgrade. And pulling away the customization we had over our own gameplay is a downgrade. So I'm just going to assume you're delusional otherwise how could you possibly think this is a good thing?
: I personally love the new pre-season with all the new runes and changes they've made. Yes riot has made some bad decisions in the past but overall I love this game and unless they completely kill it I'll continue to love the game
> all the new runes and changes they've made. You must be delusional then cause they killed all customization of play style you could ever have by adding these shitty new runes and removing masteries in the process. If they wanted to simplify runes they coulda made all runes free. Instant solution. But noooo they had to tear away a critical game piece that has been here since the start. I retired from this game 9 months ago - I was thinking about coming back but fuck this I can't even play my supports properly at this point and now they're about to rip away my support items too? Fuck riot.
: I enjoy the sentiment, but you'd have to test that build in thousands of games with thousands of players to verify it as a legitimate, good, strategy. The old system could be used like that, but when you went off-meta strategies they didn't work for the majority of players.
> [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AFm43tgl,comment-id=000400010000,timestamp=2018-01-11T00:40:55.066+0000) > > I enjoy the sentiment, but you'd have to test that build in thousands of games with thousands of players to verify it as a legitimate, good, strategy. It was a legitimate good strategy for me that I had used in hundreds and hundreds of games. It allowed for non stop heals and very high damage output. And it doesn't matter if it works for anyone else it matters if it works for me. And it did, it worked very well for me. The main point is that I can't even do it anymore. Doesn't matter if it was even good for anyone else - I can't actually physically play that style anymore cause they took all the custom play styles away with new runes. If they wanted to "simplify" runes, they should just made them ALL free. New players would easily be able to figure out and manage runes instantly.
: How are runes reforged anymore restrictive than the old runes and masteries? You took the same runes and masteries almost every single game and only changed your seals based on what damage type you were fighting. Only one or _maybe_ two keystones were viable on each champion and that was the only "choice" you made. The options in the trees weren't valuable enough to matter and you went the same ones **every single game**
> [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AFm43tgl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-10T22:57:35.575+0000) > > How are runes reforged anymore restrictive than the old runes and masteries? You took the same runes and masteries almost every single game and only changed your seals based on what damage type you were fighting. Only one or _maybe_ two keystones were viable on each champion and that was the only "choice" you made. The options in the trees weren't valuable enough to matter and you went the same ones **every single game** Hi there - I've been 'retired' from league for months now (9 months I think) and when I played - I played support Sona {{champion:37}} I had a "unique" build with tons of AP and 45% CDR. It included items like {{item:3504}} {{item:3285}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3003}} that sorta thing. And let's be clear it WORKED. I did tons of damage, I had non stop heals and I played her a LOT. Some people disagree with the way I built her but they can suck my positive winrate. Either way, I was considering (bad idea) returning to league lately and when I saw the new runes I immediately stopped the download and uninstalled it again. My runs used to include lots of mana regen, and CDR. A little magic pen. 1% crit chance and just a ton of cooldown. Masteries were much the same focused on cooldown reduction, healing strength and damage. Now here I am with the new runes unable to do any of that. I no longer have the amount of mana regen necessary to make that build happen. I no longer have the CDR necessary to make that build happen. It tore away my entire build style for multiple characters: {{champion:37}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:267}} I can't even remember my builds for non-support characters but pretty sure it ruined them too. If rito reverses the rune/mastery changes I'd consider coming back but right now I'm not about to crawl my way through a shitty system like this that ruined all my custom builds.
: You need to eat more carrots 🥕🥕🥕
I already have glasses tho :( (Fun fact btw carrots don't actually improve eyesight it was propaganda spread by the British to try and disguise their use of radar technology during wartime) at least that's what I heard.
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: Support is a demanding role that requires skill
Christ you are ignorant. No wonder you're bronze.
: Champs You Never Feel Outplayed by When you Die to Them?
{{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} If it involves her ult, I just kinda stare at the grey screen with disappointment. If it doesn't include her ult then it's a lot better. I wish they would give her an ult that better works with her more skill oriented kit.
: 100% serious over their pick rates... there are 134 other champs , try them
Everyone is picking those champions because they're brand new. People are trying to learn them and play them. That's not surprising at all.
: Why would you ban Ekko, Kassadin, Ryze, or Malz? Malz is Deid Mann. Ekko isn't even worth the ban when other cancer exists. Ryze is also Deid Mann. Kassadin? This isn't season 3/4.
{{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:43}} Those are all just personal preference though. Mixed with 2 everyone else bans I hate gangplank with a passion his barrels are just beyond bullshit. Tahm Kench makes me want to vomit with how broken he is (I know he's not actually broken. But I absolutely despise fighting that bastard in bot lane) Karma is a bitch (Ha...) No but seriously I think she does wayyyyy too much damage. Nasus is there because he has the potential to solo win a game if your top laner is ass. Graves+Lee are the two I added cause everyone else complains about them and lastly Yasuo, who I don't mind too much but he gets out of hand sometimes. Oh and missfortune who I wish would strut her ass right off a cliff with her bullshit ult and W. (W is the double up thing right?)
piX BluX (EUNE)
: Meanwhile, my friend had 24/1/7 and got A-
Dude this post is a year old.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: It's not the same. It just sounds similiar.
Then nothing will come of it. Never heard nunu's laugh so don't know myself.
: I actually think that majority of players just spam mastery icon for some form of self irony after they make a mistake
This. Basically the only times I ever use my 170,000 mastery point Sona icon is either if I totally destroy a teamfight, or if I die like a punk. I also use it when I 1v1 someone cause then it's funny that they got beaten by a support.
: "What's been happening with League recently? I haven't played in a while." "Riot just sued a toilet company. You know, the usual."
Yea it does sound silly. But stealing sound effects, graphics, or video effects and using them to make money isn't legal. At least, I don't think so.
: My proposed small buff for jungle Garen
I hate garen with a passion so your idea can go rot in a hole. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Draven
What's that? A fed champion does lots of damage? By god Rito what have you done it's release Darius all over again!
: This Kohler commercial used Nunu laugh for one of its effects
99% sure Rito is about to take some legal action if this is true.
: All hooks are like this for some reason. Naut hook is probably the worst of them all.
Nauts hitbox is hilarious. I love that thing cause if you get it at max possible range (Far beyond its shown range on the casting thing) it actually stops for almost a whole second before suddenly ripping you backward. It's hilarious to do because the person always thinks they've escaped and that causes a super panic mode when they get yanked in for a death.
Vizulix (NA)
: P.S.A to all players stuck in Low Bronze.
"If you're stuck in bronze it will probably take a few seasons to climb out" I've been in bronze 3 times and only lost 3 games that entire time. First time: B4 1 total loss from B4 to S5 Second time: B~ 0 losses to S5 (Don't remember where I started pretty sure it was bronze) Third time (This season) B2 to S5 2 losses Bronze is the easiest shit in the world. I did this as a SUPPORT. If you're there you deserve to be there. Yes bad games can happen but it's like 1 out of every 10 games for me no matter what rank I'm at and even then I still win most of them. I had a 4v5 once and we still won it you just have to rally your team and keep them level-headed.
: What is the BEST possible team comp for Vayne?
{{champion:57}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:201}}
: the real question is why are you using the new client if you keep crashing ? lol I always use legacy and it never freezes.
Good luck with that on the 25th when they make new client MANDATORY FOR EVERY USER.
: Actually i posted this because i just got an automatic loss on my series because of it. Also, if it crashes 2 times a day, thats 21 minutes in waiting for another queue, and about 16 LP lost.
Believe me I feel you. I lost my promos to S5 and my series to S3 because of this. I'm 100% sure I'll have this problem again soon as well. How hard can it be for them to code in an exception when bugsplat is involved? It's not like you can fake a bugsplat you can't intentionally crash the game the same way a bug would.
: And no, in this situation, you don't really learn anything outside of stuff you just learn on your own that you can learn in any match. You can only learn how to play vs good player if its consistent. If you're facing average players 1 game, and then high elo the next, you're not gonna learn shit. That's why people don't really improve from playing normal games.
> [{quoted}](name=Come Get Yo Love,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XJqG98yy,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-04-15T19:41:10.614+0000) > > And no, in this situation, you don't really learn anything outside of stuff you just learn on your own that you can learn in any match. I would rather have 1 out of every 10 games pit me against top 10 challenger players and get my ass absolutely destroyed than spend all 10 of those games going against silver 2/3's (The elo I'm at right now) You don't learn anything from winning (Slightly exaggerating) However you DO learn from losing. But since you don't understand that it's really not worth my time to explain it to you any further. What you're basically saying is (paraphrasing) "Why would I use pro builds, if I'm new to the game and no one else will be using them?" as in "Why would I try to use what these higher level players teach me, when no one at my rank will be"
: Support as a role itself isn't even that hard, just don't get caught out and peel for people (Is it really that hard to look around in a fight and see who needs to be peeled?) I mean, a lot of people have a severe allergy to warding to maybe that's it?
> [{quoted}](name=Chroma Spell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mar1b5Nk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-15T18:12:17.747+0000) > > Support as a role itself isn't even that hard You have to protect 4 other people all at the same time using 3/4 the gold they have maybe less depending on the game and your character. It's not an "easy" role by any means. Not extremely hard to learn no, but if you're up in challenger or diamond or something you're going to get absolutely destroyed by the REAL support main you're fighting instead of you who's "learned" support over 20 games and thought you had nothing to worry about. On my most recent support ranked game (Sona going 0/5/21) I had less gold than the entire enemy team the whole game. I had 4,000+ less gold at the end of the game when we WON than their highest gold member. If you're not used to the role and you're used to mid, or top, or support or jungle. You're going to be working off far less items than usual, with far less power than usual, and far more jobs to do. (Except maybe Jungle he might be more busy than you) I'm not sure where this opinion is coming from that support "as a role itself isn't even that hard" since you appear to be a midlaner based on your literal entire ranked history ever. But the role is difficult enough that any new person just taking the advice of "Don't get caught out and peel for people" is still going to get curb stomped by an actual support main. Also the main problem with new support players and warding is they just forget. Unless you've got a hell of a lot of support games you're probably just not going to remember to use your sightstone cause it's just not something you normally do in any other role.
: Does this look balanced to you?
Well firstly you're in a normals game. So it doesn't matter (Below level 30 people) You should be HAPPY you get to face higher level people you learn far more from them.
Xilixer (NA)
: any ability that shoots forward and isnt instant will be counted as a projectile. honestly if your playing vel'koz you shouldnt be using w against yasuo. only shoot q's to bait out the windwall. then only w if you land an e or if you are trying to poke him while also farming lane. never use w as a sole poking tool. its only for farming and comboing off of e or q.
I think you missed the part where I said "I'm going to be unreasonable about it" Also I don't need Velkoz advice, pretty sure I have champion mastery on him and if not it doesn't matter cause I'm a support main. Second to that I've never found Yasuo windwall to really be a problem. It's so easy to just walk around.
: There is no way in hell that you got perma banned, even if you WERE intentionally feeding. If you did, you probably got enough reports to warrant a low priority queue, or you you've been reported like this in the past.
Might wana check his match history....
: Permanently banned for intentionally feeding
You have been shown to have a repeating history of intentional feeding over several YEARS. There are some games where it's totally obvious, but in others you might just say "Ah well he's just not very good. But here is a list of my top 5 favorite match history records in your match history out of the last 20 games you've played. 1) 0/11/0 Kalista 2) 0/17/3 Jax 3) 2/22/3 Rammus 4) 1/21/6 Vayne 5) 0/26/3 Heimer The Kalista one is my favorite cause somehow your team won that game. Lord knows how. It's 100% obvious that you're nothing but a troll, and an intentional feeder. As anyone who was actually bad enough to die 26 fucking times in one game would never play the game again. You're just a troll, end of story. Go play with google street view or something we don't want you here. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} It's worth mentioning I'm actually kinda pissed off at Rito that they let this guy intentionally feed for an entire fucking year before banning him. That's pathetic guys come on.
Ralanr (NA)
: Because it travels from point A to point B in a given set of time. That's a projectile. That's why lasers like Vel and Lux ult go past the wall. There is no travel time for them.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it doesn't matter, it's on the floor so I'm going to be unreasonable about it. Also Braum ult does the same thing travels from one side to the other so the argument I'm raising is that if braum ult gets to go past windwall then vel'koz W needs to be able to as well.
: Which champions do you think have the best personalities and backstories
{{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} No question. I love everything about this champ hearing the two characters talk to eachother is 99% of the reason I play/played her. If she was still strong I'd actually take time out of my busy support schedule to play her in jungle.
Xipee808 (NA)
: Why is Braum ultimate considered a projectile
Better question is why is Vel'Koz W considered a projectile?
Rioter Comments
Nahui (NA)
: But you'd be typing gibberish. You don't know Korean. It's not a functionality Riot needs to implement because it would simply frustrate players that don't have Korean. Meanwhile in Korea, everyone has it both ways because of the need for English on the internet and again, it's being taught there. And exactly, you're jumping through hoops to get names. If you can't simply type out the name normally, it's not your language. And while your friends might like to have a bunch of Korean names, it's not fair to other players that have to go out of their way to find it. It just doesn't make sense to allow Korean names on an NA server. If you're in NA, you're assumed to no English. If you're in KR, you're assumed to know Korean but at the same time most likely know English.
> [{quoted}](name=Nahui,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=au21J5Jd,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-13T15:19:00.933+0000) > > But you'd be typing gibberish. You don't know Korean. I'm pretty sure I just said in the full post that I speak some of it, and I'm learning more of it. Planning to become fluent eventually. (Which isn't hard when like 1/4 your local population speaks the language as a native) You're assuming I want this as some sort of gimmick - but these are some complaints I get from people who actually come from Korean. The fact that they can't speak in their own language annoys them, when realistically if they were back in their country they could do that. There are no doubt hundreds of thousands of players in NA that speak Korean and would rather speak Korean to their friends/family while they play. But NA just doesn't allow that. Even if JUST the chat was changed to allow Korean that would be fine. I can understand the problem with Korean names. But there are plenty of people who speak other languages and english here in NA, I don't know why we have to do the apples oranges thing for Korea.
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