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: Let's Chat about Honor
There's 22 pages, so I admittedly haven't read much of the thread. With that being said I apologize if I'm repeating anything, or missing any previous responses that may have covered these. I also type a lot since I like being detailed so uh...I hope you enjoy reading. :D 1) **The Honors Screen** I personally don't like the way the honors screen is kind of thrown at you after every game, though that may just be because it feels reminiscent of life before I installed AdBlock and stopped seeing popups. It just feels a little bit shoved down my throat, but again, that may just be me. One thing I did notice more objectively, though, was the button to skip the honors screen seems fairly easy to miss. I actually asked a few of my friends who are newer to the game, and some of them mentioned they didn't even realize they were able to skip the screen - they felt "forced" to honor someone until I pointed out that the skip button existed. I think giving a bit of a clearer indication that you don't _have_ to honor a teammate might be good. It'd be an improvement to the accuracy of the system, since you wouldn't have some people getting honored just because a player didn't realize they could skip ("well I guess I'll just give the subpar Ahri GG since she didn't flame me ~~like my Vayne did after tumbling into enemy tower~~"). 2) **The Categories** I'm also not a fan of the categories, mainly because 2 of them are _extremely_ specific, and the last one is extremely vague. "Stayed cool" doesn't necessary apply to every game, since there's not always tilting conditions ~~if you don't have a Yasuo on your team~~, and in my experience most of the tilt-proof players I come across are the ones who simply don't say much at all, and may not be noticed for it. "Great shotcalling" is even more specific, and perhaps this is just me but I don't come across many players who are necessarily good at shotcalling, though I do come across a lot of great team players - something that unfortunately isn't covered by this category. "GG <3" feels like it was sort of a "for everything else there's Mastercard" kind of an addition, and I don't ever feel "good" about picking it because of how generic/meaningless it feels next to the other two. I guess my overall point here is that I only really feel good about honoring teammates in the 5% of my games where one of the two specific ones actually applies, and the rest of the time it feels more like just "well I guess this person gets GG, I dunno." The old categories felt a lot better to me - they were actual categories instead of being one specific trait, and were open to applying in various situations. I could feel good about saying "hey, this jungler helped my lane a lot when I was struggling, I'll honor them for teamwork" or "this adc was really forgiving when I missed my ult from 2 inches away, I'll honor them for being friendly." Presumably you want everything to be fresh/new, so I'm guessing you don't necessarily want to the copy over the old categories, but if new ones are to be added I think you should consider categories that are a little more open (but not as vague as GG), especially something that mirrors the old teamwork (or possibly just change shotcalling to something a little more open). 3) **This Post Is Already Way Too Long** No details in this one, just going to echo previous posts that I also miss the ability to honor more than one teammate after those great games, as well as the ability to honor opponents who I enjoyed murdering. Sorry for the length. =P
: Well, the turn is just the casting animation; you pivot to do the windup.
Whoops, sorry, I meant that my character was facing down for the whole fight (up until the ult) - I was just trying to rule out the possibility of it attempting to cast in the direction I was facing.
: Here's a screencap, if you like. The mouse is on the R icon.
I thought it might have been related to that at first, too, but it doesn't seem to be the case in the second video, so I think that was just coincidental at the time. Might be relevant to point out that my character does an instant 180 turn at the time of casting as well, so it's not like it was casting in the direction I was facing either. D:
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