: Patch 8.7 notes
Gragas "W damage reduction duration decreased". From what to what please? XD
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EyasHawk (EUW)
: @Riot: Why can't we zoom out more?
This is a game design choice to make optimal play and enjoyable play closer. They pick the range at which they think the game is enjoyable, and prevent players from using a less-enjoyable range just to achieve a tactical advantage. It's the type of feature that you might think could give you an advantage, but would ultimately just make everyone better (you don't get any advantage relatively) while everyone has less fun. Just because there are work-arounds doesn't mean they should make it an option, and if someone tells you to modify your game files that's potentially a way to get banned.
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Porocles (NA)
: Thanks for the feedback here! It's insight we've received previously and looking into updating the article already. Just for some reassurance, though, it does look like you need to be at least level 2 to create a club, but level 1 to join. Account's age should not matter. Hope that helps clears things up!
https://i.imgur.com/xtW6EXC.png?1 from the client when trying to invite
: Anivia VU idea
probably would fit more as a skin, spirit animal anivia or something
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: Patch 6.23 notes
No syndra nerfs? I'm guessing all the smart rioters are on vacation LUL
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
Make it so solo/duos can que in both flex and solo/duo if they are eligible for both. This could reduce que times if the tech can handle it.
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
If Flex Queue doesn’t attract enough Solo/Duo players through the weeks, we will test other incentives, like higher-weighted position preference for solos. Looks like i'm boycotting flex queue to help get this added :D
: Patch 6.22 notes
Where are junglers supposed to start with gromp/krugs spawning 15 seconds later, probably either raptors if their+mid aoe is decent or wolves. I see this as being helpful to reducing the impact of side assignment (red v. blue side) on early laning top and bot. But this also makes mid tier junglers that want a good leash less viable, hurting jungle diversity. Also superior midlaners shouldn't have to walk all 1500 units from wolves to lane just to help junglers that don't gank :thinking: Lastly the Courage of Collosus is hard to analyze without a range given, if the range is too high it can become meta on divers like kennen/diana and become a pain. Kennen dives in gets a 42% hp shield for 4 seconds and has zhonyas up.
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
Several {{champion:34}} players including me interested in the chart for her. hoping you see this {{item:3187}} hehe
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
need ways to kill friendly minions for cs practice (don't want unrealistic always push into tower)
: Patch 6.17 notes
draven patchnote's ult cooldown is typo'd, in the notes its a nerf (increase) to his cooldown until level 16
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
how come we don't have division markers on reward borders it was promised? we won't stomach more lies like this will even load correctly if people go to ur page T.T
: >GOLD PLUNDERED ~~4/5/7/6/8 gold~~ β‡’ 2/3/4/5/6 gold What kind of scaling was that? 5/7/6
probably just a typo patch-notes are often full of errors.
: Patch 6.3 notes
can you cleanse **Nightfall**
: New champion select roundtable
2 issues; unfortunately there need to be tools for the community to fight against toxic behavior in champion select. This means reports in champ select because there are toxic behaviors (for example to force team to dodge) that cannot be reported. Secondly distributing bans in ranked cannot work either because the salty last pick will ban yasuo if an earlier pick gets into the lobby and says "yasuo mid only". If two players are mad at each other from a previous game they **will** ban each others picks. The counterargument is that if you put in toxic tilted players the system doesn't really matter the result will be the same (an unfun lobby). However because the suggested changes make everyone more reliant on each other the result will be worse; players need the tools to protect their lobbies.
: > [{quoted}](name=chide da jungler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AtdUNLAN,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-08-31T21:00:08.353+0000) > > They is this something you need to test on a server? I feel like I could make the spreadsheet to for you in like 2 minutes. > > There is no downside to newer players in ranked. They will simply get sorted in to bronze and be matched with equally skilled players. A lot of this we do have on a spreadsheet! What we're looking to test here is the actual player experience. Our feedback on the path to 30 right now tells us that it feels too much like a grind, which when you look at the amount of games required to hit 30 is probably correct. Hopefully the players who come through this experience will feel differently, which will give us a lot of information to inform our future choices about levels. And yeah, the ranked ecosystem is theoretically supposed to self-adjust :)
Instead of just doubling the exp gains also make the exp/lvl ramp more gradual. Like any mmo the last few levels take as much exp as all the levels prior combined. However this can make it easy to overlook that early leveling 1-10 doesn't need 2x leveling speed and might even result in too many levels all at once for new players.
: Proof that the Giant Slayer passive is "too good"
Yes this item is probably in every adc build (other than new corki) but it isn't broken. We have to remember that ADC's still won't do any damage to armor stackers like malphite (600 armor reduced to 400) and that the item is not particularly good in its best case (squishy targets who take the full 15% bonus) when compared with other AD items (think youmous or essence reaver)
Jbels (NA)
: Imho, tankbusting isn't something that should be happening until the way late game anyway, when an ADC is fullbuild/close to fullbuild. If tanks are supposed to be about getting to their late game purchases and being way too tanky to just focus down, why are ADCs being given options to deal with them before they even get to their 3rd item?
the soul of this thread is that the item is too good against midlaners who go ROA.
: It now costs exactly 800 gold to completely shut down an entire class of champions.
they removed executioner's calling because it was so bad nobody ever built it (not because it was so good it had no counterplay)
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
All these issues just make it so that you need to put in more games to climb, but particularly on supporty champions. Climbing with high damage picks (assuming you are smurfing) is pretty easy.
: The Climb: Cast Abilities Faster | Bodytags
anivia flash e r ignite auto is almost impossible to pull off without buffering.
: Hmm.. people need to ward more, so lets remove ward buys. I hope that {{item:3361}} comes with more charges, and its lesser incarnation comes with a few as well. Removing Mana pots? Does that mean you'll be giving substantial MP5 to poke champs, especially supports? Or are ya just gonna hope they can cope and deal? Seriously, most of these look half baked and pretty damn stupid.
if you read the post they actually want people to sweep/pink more. Which is absolutely dumb because they are removing the use of sweep/pinks by removing the wards.
: They said stealth wards in the shop. I believe Yellow Trink and Sightstone still exist and are able to put down stealth wards. They are making warding more of a team effort vs being able to buy a majority of the wards yourself to give your team vision because everyone else was under the impression: "Well this guy is buying wards so why do I have to?" Now everyone will have to use their Trinks more sparingly. Although with upgraded trinks free. It almost makes me feel like they are phasing out the need to buy wards due to it becoming less of a strategy as much as a sub game. It also means red trinketing an area and removing a ward is a lot more effective with the lack of wards being made. While blue trinks are given more value due to their nature in general.
you can't afford to use red trinket if you want to maintain your own wards on the map.
Kritty (NA)
: So essentially an early-game one-man Baron buff-esque thing? Seems cool. The other changes are interesting - I'm not one who buys Stealth Wards (Sightstone/Upgraded Trinket ftw), but I'm sure there are going to be plenty of people unhappy with that change. The new starting items seem intriguing, too. Probably the most interesting part, though, is the Mastery part. I can't wait to hear more about that. :o
I'm least intrigued by the mastery change i have and use 8 different mastery pages for anivia and im pretty sure no matter how cool the nodes are there will be a singular best set for anivia in every game because there can only be 1 or 2 non-obvious impactful mastery selections..
: Removing green wards? Are you guys run by monkeys? I know I may be just raging about this but let me point something out. If we were to have green wards removed what would we be left with? I'm probably going to get downvoted to oblivion for this but I need to lay out the numerous issues with removing green wards. Oh and removing mana pots will be equally foolish. A 60 second ward that has a 180 cool down and the 100 gold pink word that can be seen by everyone. If you're pushed to your turret and are losing lane the enemy will then be free to totally dominate vision control as you wouldn#t be able to fight them to keep that pink ward alive. And then we get onto the issue with trinket wards. Early game trinket ward's cooldown is too high and their duration too short for them to provide sufficient vision. Let's say you're Renekton, a champion known for being an early game bully, and you've been pushed to the enemy turret all laning phase. But because you only have pink wards and your trinket ward you're not able to provide sufficient vision to watch your own back and get ganked repeatedly. I think the choice to remove green wards from the game is incredibly idiotic not unless they buff trinket wards or give us a replacement to fill the gap left behind. And yes I get that a possible solution would be to buy a sightstone which might finally get people in lower elos to ward but I highly doubt that'll actually happen.
Pretty sure a random intern wrote these notes, they say they want to make vision denial more central by removing vision tools. If they removed regen/healing from the game how central would regen/healing denial be?
Kritty (NA)
: By removing stealth wards, they're wanting players to focus on True Sight - Pink Wards. Both of those champions are countered by Pink Wards.
By removing stealth wards from the shop they are making vision control more centered on your positioning than your planning. For example its much easier to clear vision at baron because the enemy will only have pink or blue wards on it which you can see. In high level play this won't exist because every jungler will go sightstone.
: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
Do pink wards from trinkets still exist? i can't stand using sweeper and always use pink ward trinket when v. a vayne/rengar/etc
: PBE signups
i just want a mystery skin for being positive >:^)
: Perhaps not an exciting answer, but these are really case-by-case. For instance 'no hard-cc on an assassin' is thrown out the window by Ekko, but we specifically designed all of his damage output and abilities around that fact. I'd say it's generally less that there are 'hard rules' and more that there are some mechanics or abilities that are handled with extreme care. For instance, sustain and hard CC tend to be some of the ones that make people the most nervous - having the highest 'potential' to get out of control if not handled carefully.
not to mention that when balancing an assassin you can't just hurt their numbers as people won't be glad you left in their cc if in return they have to lose their champion defining kill pressure.
: Totally bro, gotta climb that ladder. Kidding aside, I stay far away from pushing for buffs for any champions I'm playing to avoid conflicts of interest. Additionally, I've never pushed for any buffs on any champions I've designed for similar reasons. The champions I'm currently playing are, - Bard - Tahm Kench - Udyr - Heimerdinger - Miss Fortune - Cassio (just starting to pick her up) I generally steer away from Mid Lane, but I find Veigar's Q double-tap farming pattern really fun. I'm more of a Support/Jungler. As for do members of the balance team use their secret insider knowledge of the state of the game? Generally no, but it depends on the person. I play Bard and Udyr as my two main guys in Ranked. Neither is exactly topping the win rate charts, but I enjoy playing them and can carry a game with either. It doesn't give you much of an edge anyways, most of the data we have available is essentially public knowledge. It's not really a secret for example that Wukong is reeeeeeeeaaaallllly strong, just not seen professionally. The best advice in League generally is play the champions you know, and you'll do better then just grabbing the "OPs"
{{item:3070}} designed fizz {{item:3070}}
: I did that but still have no icon. {{champion:32}}
thats cause your picks didn't get enough points. I got 44 pts in groups and was kind of sad that the icon is so easy for people to get if they do groups + knockouts
hands0m (NA)
: No Reds posting on the Help & Support Boards....Riot plz D: 1. Please address the mysterious "attempting to reconnect"/500 ping laging in game while every other internet based application/software is working fine issue. There is several threads about this. People have tried all of the "problem solving" tools you have listed above with zero success. Pleaserino Kappachino Helperino Ritogods! Sincerely, Handsomz (NA)
experiencing this can't play unless at home because Frontier is consistently DC from servers.
Batchisu (NA)
: "attempting to reconnect" a few times each game for 10-15 seconds, internet is fine though so it's just the client/game. No firewall blocking it, no other possible issues, uninstalled and reinstalled and gone through each and every online solution for connection issues with league. much sad. :(
same here, only happens on one of the ISP I use (Frontier)
: Cannot connect to any games, starting today.
relogging is the typical stopgap measure. Other than that you should repair your download.
: Does riot even care anymore?
Same issue but only when I'm playing from school's internet which uses ISP: Frontier Communications of America, Inc. The connection from there to literally any service is perfect but to league it can't stay connected for more than 5 minutes without either going to attempting to reconnect and nothing moves or attempting to reconnect and I can type/see people moving but not move myself. Stable 60 ping but disconnecting for 30 seconds every 5 minutes.
: I havent seen any Galio in a while. I Player him a bunch lately and i think he should get some mana cost reduction on his spell to be effective in lane since he is out of mana after using 5-6 spells.
They shouldn't buff strong champions.
: We need to stop asking for an "unattractive" female champion and this is why
ultimately the whole concept of champions being exceptionally strong individuals forces riot to only portray superhuman physiques because lets face it there isn't going to be an average woman on the same level as current champions and there are no average males either. If you want realistic body image whatever go to a more realistic game. All the walking down lane alone would keep champions underweight and im relatively sure that the angry people don't want a fat lady riding a scooter thing as a champion.
: We need to stop asking for an "unattractive" female champion and this is why
i think riot has answered this well enough with sejuani visual update and quinn, they are going to release fewer (if any) ridiculously thin looking girl champs
: Wrong. Feminists want a legitimate representation of the female anatomy. Not of a damn yordle/monster from a crappy and old Universal movie. Annie counts, she is a child. But there are no grown women that look like realistic grown women. They're all a bunch of Vic Sec models. Personally I could care more, but I don't. But here we are.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: actually {{champion:69}} is all hourglass. Hourglass on a pillar instead of hourglass on stilts, but still hourglass.
well cass' "beauty" is lore impactful so thats probably still a good example.
: yea is flash really all that? i can't use flash so well so i just leave it alone :P i learn to utilize other spells like heal for quick burst of speed for getaway i suck with flash and i have no intention of using it so yea........{{summoner:7}} this is all i got
Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to improve as a player. Flash is a very strong summoner (edit: the strongest) but you are right in that you need to know how to use it. Perhaps start taking it in normal games until you are comfortable with it.
: The point is that it doesn't matter whether you are discriminating against them based on their religious beliefs or yours, it's still religious discrimination (which is illegal in our country). I will not spend another penny on RP until they fix this.
straight from the TOS: Riot Games may modify any name which, in the sole and exclusive judgment of Riot Games, violates this provision without further notification to you, and may take further disciplinary measures, including Account termination, for repeated violations; or... By agreeing to the TOS you agreed to give Riot Games "sole and exclusive judgment" therefore you have no rights to whatever name you had/want.
: Discriminatory Name Change
Should name have been changed? no. Do you understand what your rights are? no.
Emberos (NA)
: Well, at some point, wouldn't you have to change your behavior in some way to approach the opponent you and your jg are trying to collapse upon? Not saying what you're doing is bad (in fact, it's something I've tried doing myself), however, I think it's fair that your jg waits in bush: maybe he doesn't think you know he's there? Maybe he wants to wait for the wave to clear? (for whatever reason) I can see why you'd react like that though. I'm guessing what you're expecting is that while you don't change your movements / actions to keep your opponent in the dark, your jungler still moves in for the gank and then suddenly you move in as well, trying to time it so you both arrive at the same time? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just what I'm assuming.
it depends on the jungler, many strong gankers can initiate despite having to cover more distance. For example a lee wardhop q -> slow will be easier to land than anivia walking up for a wall/stun
: Why? Can you give me any good reasons why without sounding illogical? Not an insult, just don't complain to me about 'op as shit plz nerf' crap. I was also pointing out the weaknesses, not their strengths.
Darius: denies every melee pick top where ranged champions are often weak both for poor team composition and their weakness to jungle pressure. This stems from Darius' strong 2v2s and gank enabling kit which can often lead to him crushing a squishy ranged "counterpick". Good counterpicks for darius top do not stop him from destroying mid and lategame fights. Morde: Hard to kite once he gets rylais and he is optimally paired with a heavy engage support like leona. Dragon can be used to push enemy teams off turrets, not hard to kite dragon but you can't save your turrets while it is alive. His ultimate also allows teams to comeback into the game because it scales with enemy power. Fiora: is called the duelist but is really a master of everything. Yes she can destroy anyone 1v1 with no counterplay. However her skills scale insanely well into teamfights and skirmishing because: passive doesn't choose 1 nearby champion it gives a target for all nearby champions, riposte blocks all incoming cc/dmg, dash is lowered cooldown when it hits a champion, and overall she is extremely good at killing both tanks and squishies while also being an off-tank. Skarner is pretty balanced in current state. Gangplank: Ultimate is insanely strong damage and cc at all stages of the game. He doesn't need to harass the opponent with Q to win. He gets played like a midrange mage instead of a melee now so his oranges are stronger because fewer cc's hit midrange mages. He fits into every composition extremely well. He is strong before considering barrels can do massive damage when they hit. Garen: Extremely hard to kite once he gets levels in q and items like dead man's plate. Farms extremely well and can out-sustain ranged harass picks attempting at counterpick him. A full tank garen can 1shot a carry with 1q and spin. He must be kited which is hard and he becomes tanky to the point where every fight is lose/lose. In general these champions require multiple people working together to stop. When they are stopped it takes too many resources to be worth it and when they aren't stopped it costs too much to let happen.
: The Wombo Combo Collection
Anivia wall into condemns + bard stuns. Not flashy but crushingly powerful.
Fzs (NA)
: Look up SHERIFF BUFORD he has 1.14 m points
At first glance I think this guy is running a bot that plays mundo
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