: uLoL Campus Series Finals at PAX East
Lets go UT show them what happens when you mess with the Bull {{champion:12}}
: Oh look, more overloaded dota2esque garbage. Bravo Riot, each new champion is inherently worse than the one before it simply due to your inability to not combine 3 things into one spell. It's a good thing AP itemization is in such a _healthy place_ as well, right? At least the character itself looks gorgeous, I guess props on that. Meh to the rest.
You can't have an opinion on league unless it strokes the flaccid cocks of riot employees. If you dare make an opinion the league community shall smite you down for they don't want a better game. THEY WANT SKINS!
: Patch 5.13 notes
Well I am not playing Kalista this patch. Thanks Rito. {{item:3070}}
: LCS Summer Finals heading to NYC and Stockholm in August
Madison Square Garden WE DID IT BOIS the Golden age is here. {{item:3090}} {{item:3157}}
Jabin (NA)
: My attempted Yorick :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIpC1AsREDM
Gotta respect the Yorick though.
Arie (NA)
: Show us your best champion impressions!
http://youtu.be/QRc84yPDWxo For all of my Twisted Fate/Azir Fans. Also stab me with pitchforks if it's bad I didn't really try my best on this one.....
: Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players
The amount of disrespectful parents I have seen comment on this is dumb. You are the adult in this situation you yourself should know your opinion on the matter isn't going to effect anything if it only shows negativity and no reasoning. Of course many of you think life is more important then video games and yes that may be the truth but pointing out the obvious and cursing at the poster and other commenters doesn't make you look like a parent. It makes you look like a child who should be parented. It may be harsh but to be honest it had to be pointed out before someone tries to post another negative comment with no reasoning. - {{champion:29}}
: Hi I'm a parent and I play league. Guess what? If my kid didn't plan far enough in advance to have time to finish his game its his fault. Real life is more important. Deal with it. *insert the great Satan Teemo with sunglasses here* I don't micro manage my kids time just like I don't micro manage my people that work for me at my job. ... but if its something minor like bed time 5 minutes late then that doesn't matter to me.
You parenting is Bronze Rager Level. Ok look at it this way your team just lost a 4v5 fight your nid was top lane but you engaged as support. Then you rage at nid for not being to mid lane (the fight) on time. When really its your fault for engaging and not waiting for your nid to roam back mid for the fight.
: All my kids have their own laptops and cell phones. So nope: don't kick them off to check my email. >Maybe you should teach your child "Time management." And "Common courtesy" Instead of raising them to be little pricks. Then nobody would talk down about you're Kids ruining games. Go ahead and remember this comment then come back in oh .. say ... 10 years or so when you have kids, and realise how ridiculous it is.
Normally a parent burn is fucked up but dude. You got Rekt. BUUUURRRRRN!!
Dr Easter (EUW)
: This is kinda bullshit. It's a game. Yes it's annoying to have people leaving the match for these reasons but these kinds KNOW how long it can go when they are starting a match. It's THEIR fault. Asking a parent to wait to check a email because of a game? Really... only teens are upvoting this (and it's written by one I guess). These kids either learn to organize their time early or they'll have serious problems in the future. One of the reasons that made me stop playing SR was the too random match times. If it wasn't for Dominion I'd have left already. I know exactly how much time a match can take in that mode. Much better to organize your time. If you want to play SR do not start a match if you don't have at least 1 hour to play. This is something you should learn after a very few matches.
: Skins still in vault hours before being stolen
Sounds like a mystery suitable for Scooby and the Gang! To the Mystery Machine!!!
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
My PC has 8gb of RAM so I just need to wait :D

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