: Imagine wanting to encourage minorities in male dominated areas being a bad thing.. Holy fuck this was so embarrassing to read. Do you know how many women get shit c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y for just playing the game. My main account is plat 3 as a mid lane main and I still get shit like "You got boosted bc you are girl" Like Sexism is *heavy* in gaming communities and god forbid riot does something to try and make up for it? Holy Christ.
Sexism is heavy in video games? The only reason people flame you for being a girl is because that's the only notable thing about you they flame for. I play with a indian friend with a indian name and he gets all sorts of flak and gets called a "mud monkey" every time he does even REMOTELY bad in lane. You're not being insulted for your gender, it's just something they have on you to talk shit about. If you weren't a female it'd be something else, your username, how you're playing, etc. Let's not even talk about all the foul shit that people say to each other as "men".
: Runes Corner: Summoner Specialist and Hextech Freezeray
: Champion and skin sale: 01.13 - 01.16
okay im salty now I just got the high noon yas skin last week :(
: You know what's toxic? Not being able to connect to the fucking game because "firewall"
You know, Riot does recommend you check if you can play BEFORE YOU START games (Maybe play a custom game? I did that and I found out the firewall was fucking me up so I turned it off and it worked?) But no you have to rush your ass into a ranked game and find out oh no! Firewall and you waste everyone else's time with your haste
SladeXD (NA)
: People are the same way in all queues.
Free champs aren't available for pick in ranked/draft... thats why he should play either one
: I don't want to play this week anymore
How about you don't play blind picks? (ranked? normals draft?)
: Never played her before, but I'll be picking her up for this skin. Any pointers?
Play her top and mid (Never play her jungle horrible clear times) Build AD if you want more sustain in the fights AP if you want to be the TWO HIT Ko monster and target adcs and get away with it ULT support or weak champs on their team for escapes or to tank. Build HP mostly in her tank build


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