Nikö (EUNE)
: Agree with everything except 3
Yeah, it's definitely the most debatable of the list. I could be 100% completely wrong, but I still would like to know how this would change the tempo of the game. Currently, you get gold at the same rate as DotA Autochess, however the games are about 10-15 minutes shorter than D AC. With this in mind, unit-cost + experience cost of late game creates an overall issue in late game. As far as I've experienced. Like I said, I could be completely wrong. But it would be interesting to see what the statistics have to say.
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Audhulma (NA)
: They don't do BF sales, IIRC they never have. Probably won't even be doing CM deals either, so don't get your hopes up.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uXMzqF7k,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-23T18:14:16.237+0000) > > They don't do BF sales, IIRC they never have. Probably won't even be doing CM deals either, so don't get your hopes up. Wtf are you talking about, they have done Black Friday deals multiple times. The specifically do it on RP only. Idk it's not here this year, can't remember if it was around last year either. However, it was a reoccurring thing in the past.
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Myrmiron (EUW)
: Heca main here, I never encountered that bug, are you sure that you aren't just missclicking because Heca's E has a surprisingly large range which makes him sometimes dash to unexpected targets when chasing your target through a minion wave for example and then accidentally missclicking on a minion that seems to be quite a bit away.
I haven't encountered the bug until just today. I reviewed the 2 games where I had encountered it and my clicks were exactly on the intended target. In the first case, I was rushing the ADC and clicked on the ADC, Hecarim then turns around and rushes the minion behind him. On the second case, an ADC (5 levels below me) was under tower on the furthest edge away from it (rewatched to make sure I didn't misclick tower and I didn't) and my A click was directly on her, highlighted, and Hecarim pulls a 100 degree turn to the tower instead of the target.
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iiGazeii (NA)
: Inspiration Keystone Concept: Visionary
I like the idea, just some tweaking and experimenting on it. By what I'm reading now, my concern in it is that the keystone would be a requirement for almost every support. Which will affect the supports we pick. Meaning supports that would be reliant on another keystone to maximize their potential would fall out of focus due to the heavy reliance on this keystone and the vision utility it would provide for your team. The overall concept is good, however tweaking it, maybe grabbing one thing out of it or two and making it a minor rune may be a better go (Not certain on that part, so don't take it for face value).
: It was announced at the begining that the prestige edition cost would be 2500 tokens
> [{quoted}](name=DaenrysTargaryen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wdbcGBbp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-03T10:53:59.487+0000) > > It was announced at the begining that the prestige edition cost would be 2500 tokens For sure, my bad for not seeing it sooner, but regardless, god damn. 2.5k tokens. Das a lot.
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Kazekiba (NA)
: I'm sure they do have more data but that doesn't mean they didnt just throw darts at a rectangle. Iron should be above bronze, and a rank between Plat and Diamond added. OCE doesn't even have 200 Master tier players so you go from D1->Challenger. If high and low diamond are too different in skill how does putting a tier above Master affect Diamond AT ALL?
1.) "I'm sure they do have more data but that doesn't mean they didn't just throw darts at a rectangle." Absolutely not true by the slightest bit. 2.) "Iron should be above bronze, and a rank between Plat and Diamond added." That makes no sense either since the skill gap between Plat-1-D5-D4 are very close with one another As with Bronze and Silver. Putting Iron last and Grandmaster After Master will effect nearly all ranks. Iron: Bronze - Gold 5//4 and Grandmaster: Challenger - D5//Plat 1 3.) OCE is not comparable to any other solo queue. That is an invalid argument. Their game modes go down by default after hours due to lack of players in general. 4.)"If high and low diamond are too different in skill how does putting a tier above Master affect Diamond AT ALL?" The same way it effected diamond when they added Master...this time, Master players go up, Diamond players go up, Plat 1/2 players go up. This will put Diamond at more of a skill level closer to the majority in the rank. This isn't a new means of doing this at all. It is quite common due to the fact that it has shown success in the past. I appreciate your attempt at an argument, however you clearly don't have a lot of understanding of the game, nor game development (reasoning to that: A. You're literally Bronze 5. B. You wrote a horrible argument that was just shooting a shot in the dark in attempt to say riot was shooting a shot in the dark).
: Today I learned: "Diamond 4 is low trash ELO where no one can play and it is all noobs."
If you looked into the ranked changes riot are making with next season (adding 2 new ranked areas) This will push and pull players into better skilled categories for match ups. You can debate it's value based off where they decided to put the ranks (grandmaster and iron), but I'm pretty sure Riot has far more information, calculations, and statists on why they made those choices. So, we'll see how it pans out.
: he predicted FNC vs G2 in finals with FNC being the winner
Uh oh. I'm a c9 fan...we're doomed.
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: apparently PBE wouldn't have caught it
Ah for sure, thank you.
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: i think it says you need to win games not play right or did you win?
I did win. Haven't lost yet. I've unlocked the next difficulty, however it came after replaying the previous difficulty.
Kai Guy (NA)
: make shure you unlocked missions and that your using matchmaker to play it. Don't use the link that pops up and play agians.
Yeah, I'm doing everything properly. I played cadet a 2nd time and now it is unlocked. Do I need to replay a difficulty a certain number of times in order to unlock the next step?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Cool Pajamas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uTk10tYf,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-19T21:58:25.758+0000) > It has been about 2 years since they had reworked the map (removing the bot lane and upgrading the textures of the map) and brought it back. ??
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: ARAM should have a "discard pool"
I really like this idea. I think it would be great to see it implemented into the game. Sure, you can group with a squad and group reroll to see all the options, but rerolls are limited and people don't always have them or want to use them. Sounds perfectly fair and would add an interesting dynamic to the "champ select" of ARAM.
: Thats the point right there man. The people who already don't pick support will again not choose support so we end up with NO SUPPORTS. How is this going over your heads? It fixxes nothing
The point is that the same people who don't want to support are not going to go for support anyways. The people who will use this new fill option will be well over shadowed by the people who use the two pick option. It's hard to say whether it will help or hurt the number of people who go into the support role. The only way it will effect support is by changing the way the small amount of people who get autofilled into the role are put into it. Autofill will still exist for 2 picks. It should be something tested, not pushed away and told it will never be.
: Difference is (and I could be wrong) if you queue two specific roles and X amount of time goes by without a match found, the client automatically changes you to Fill status.
Yes, hopefully this option will make it so that happens less for those with two roles picked. Honestly, it is really disappointing going into a game and getting neither role you wanted. It's a sad surprise.
: Lol, ok still a trash idea. Its like if this happened: romove 30 base movement speed from all champion then add this; at anytime during the game if the player presses the # key they gain a permanent 30 movment speed for the rest of the game. You are in denial of you think support isnt the communities lease favorite role, thats why autofull exists. YOU, and especially this forum is not the majority. Pointless ideas are pointless "They already tried that on OCE, everyone just excluded Support which made queues much much longer and no one liked it in effect. It's a good idea in theory, but in reality it simply doesn't work."
It is the least favorite role among the majority of the player base. The idea is not pointless however, if it was, Riot would have never given it a test in the first place. This is a perfectly good idea to make a discussion about. Your only argument is regarding the support role which is a factor that needs to be considered. If someone wants to play 4 roles, but not support, why not let them. Support has been shown a lot more love this season in ways they make the role more entertaining and although it still remains the least desired role, the number of players in the role has definitely increased. This post isn't me saying, "WE NEED THIS!". It's saying, "We should give it a test on the NA server and see how it does with the player base." This could be a great change, it could be a flop, or it could make no difference. Regardless, it would be interesting to see how implementing it to the NA server would effect. You're level 26, so I'm sure almost NO ONE wants to support and that is something to definitely consider in this kind of change. So I can see where your mind is.
: A lot of people hate top lane, mid lane, jungle, or ADC too. Support was definitely the least favorite role before, but that's been changing.
It has, I hated supporting up until this season. Now it's my favorite role. Riot has added a lot more to the gameplay the support role and what values they can bring to the team.
: Just another way for the masses to shun support, doesn't really fix anything. Current system has auto fill in it because a majority of players pick two roles that does NOT include support thus leaving us without enough supports to go around. Include this system the masses will opt out support giving them 4 potential roles BUT again that does absolutely nothing when the masses are still, say again, opting out of the support role. There is once again not enough supports to go around with this system. Its a more complicated system that has the same outcome; no one wants to play suport.
If they don't want support they can pick two roles.... This is for those who want to fill and don't care for all but 1 role. There are plenty of people who will support. Like, plenty of people support now a days.
: Most people would use that to go against support, but I would like the feature. I can't play mid well for the life of me.
Yeah, I'm sure there will be a least desired role among the masses, but if that's the case, they already don't pick themselves into that role. With this many people will put themselves in the position of 4 roles, rather than 2. Good input though.
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: I wanna jump in here to say that I think a lot of what OP is saying here is valid and true. Runes were never a good experience for players. They were basically a barrier between you and your ability to be really competitive in ranked, and the only way to overcome that barrier was by grinding. Not really "pay-to-win" but more like "play-a-crapload-to-get-on-at-least-even-ground." Now that we're removing that barrier for all players, people who had to go through the gauntlet feel like they got a raw deal. So, for that reason, we do think it makes sense for us to give a little back to folks who went through the gauntlet to get runes. That's why we're rolling out the rune rewards, and emotes for players based on how many hours they've played. I think we're open to the idea of doing a little more for veterans, but it'll have to be something like giving you something cool that lets you show off how long you've been in the game—giving away tons more BE just isn't that feasible. I want to be really transparent about our thinking behind the rune rewards, because there's definitely a lot of confusion around that. I think we've screwed up by repeatedly using language like "investment" around runes, because they were never meant as something you literally invest in in the hopes of getting a return on. And we're for sure not going to do a full refund on runes, because we don't think that replacing a system with a better system should trigger a refund on the old thing; That's not a precedent that we're going to set. Plus (and this is real talk mode cactopus), the fact is that us giving away IP has consequences. IP/BE is worth money for Riot—giving it away cuts into future champ sales. We can pretty closely estimate how many RP-based champ sales we'll lose over any given time period after giving away IP, and I want to make it clear here that selling champs is a huge part of the way Riot makes money so we can reinvest in the game. Also, by merging the runes and masteries system into a new, free system, we're already investing in a major upgrade to the game. This costs money, but we think it's worth it for the future of League. So, the goal with the rewards we've announced is to recognize the time you’ve spent getting Runes and reward you fairly for it, without going overboard. That's why we're doing what we're doing. One more thing that I've gotta call out is this idea that you're only getting back 12% of what you spent on runes if you bought them before 2017. That's just not true—the actual number (depending on which ones you bought) is a lot likelier closer to double that. I showed how to calculate your rune rewards in this reddit comment: I hope that makes sense. I'm happy to follow up and answer any questions y'all have.
Hey Cacto! Random question that is "Sorta" related: Will us owners of "Urf the Manatee" Warwick skin have anything to differ us? Many players will get a nice delayed gratification goal to achieve this skin once the changes go through (some can buy it instantly with their blue essence rewards). Will we get anything to work for in its place? Or will be get something exclusive with our skin. (Please no crown like the riven players got) I would recommend us OG owners get a BIGGER Urf tail. I want the skin to look ever more troll. The rework on his visual made the skin less trolly. Lets bring it back baby.
BubbaV (NA)
: yep, i completely agree, i am also an urf owner and i am disappointed that riot hasnt said anything about the us with the skins already
> [{quoted}](name=BubbaV,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EwpTYwZt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:26:56.965+0000) > > yep, i completely agree, i am also an urf owner and i am disappointed that riot hasnt said anything about the us with the skins already Yeah I get you, but we're a pretty small topic in comparison to the large amount of changes they are bringing. They will get to us, I'm sure. I just want to make sure this post is seen by them so they don't brush tooooo off to the side. Hopefully we'll see some nice addition that separates the original owners and the future purchasers of the skin.
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Fleance (NA)
: I'm going to be that guy that ruins the party, but based on experience and some Googling, I don't think Riot gives out anything like 100 RP away. I'm preeeetty sure they would only give few points of RP. But who knows, regulations may have changed an they may have become more lenient when giving away RP. Regardless, very nice drawing compared to the ones I've seen asking for RP :P best wishes and I hope you get that RP
I GOT IT! And I got the Icon. I guess I'm a special snowflake :DDD Thank you for your compliment on my picture.
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Glîtchy (NA)
: Galio before rework: Brightly colored Disney take on gargoyles Galio after rework: Galio and Optumus Prime's love child.
Yea lol, they pimped his ass out.
Varkish (NA)
: I disagree, those gauntlets were pretty cheesy and didn't match his designs
They matched his design very well. It was just a choice whether to have them or not with his design change. His overall original look was cheesy in general.
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