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: they should make his soldiers scale off some ad so ad azir can be a thing imagine if his W could hit turrets :)
Haha sounds interesting! Would be worrying how far he would be able to poke towers down though xD. I also was thinking what if his soldiers had a much slower auto attack but packed a way bigger punch. I think that would level out the lategame where the sheer number of soldiers and their attack speed allows you to get tons of aoe attacks off effectively creating a huge zone of death. But if people could play around his solders charging up their autoattack could allow for some great counterplay.
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Meddler (NA)
: Elemental Dragons: What we're doing and why
@Meddler, What would your opinion if the randomized order of dragons was revealed during champion select? This would allow teams to adapt in champ select and need to have numerous different strategies at hand. Would also eliminate the complaints saying pure RNG dictated an entire game.


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