: Overlooking the part that if you die during your new ultimate charging, nothing happens and it goes on cooldown; which is deceptively easy because he makes himself a bigger target, stationary, and can't do anything during the charge. The old one lets you have maneuverability and manipulate teams more consistently.
He's immune to CC while charging the current ult though. That means if melee champions move in to AA him, he'll scoop them up as well. Plus the charge is only like one second.
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: Personally, I hate this change. The W change doesn’t really mean much to me, but I found his combining so satisfying and effective. Being able to predict where they’re gonna be with E, slap them with Q to pull back and then pull them right into your team. It was such a good combo and made Zac play feel really unique. Why couldn’t we have a press R for old ulti, hold for new? Essentially Zacs instant cast current ulti, is one “bounce” of the old one. As a pretty adamant Zac player, I really really hate this change. Do what you want with W, but his E-Q-R combo was incredibly satisfying to use and very effective. If you’re playing Zac to be a bruiser, I feel you should just play a different champion because he was 100% perfect how he is currently. Feelsbadman
: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
Why not give him access to both ults? EX: Zac squishes himself down, becoming immune to CC for the duration and slowing enemies on top of him.** If there's an enemy champion standing on him by the time he releases the button, he'll scoop them up and carry them with him wherever he bounces. (Single bounce.) If there is not an enemy champion standing on him when he releases the button, instead doing the current ulti, he'll do the old one, bouncing 4 times, doing decreasing damage, and knocking up enemies once per cast.** The problem with his current R is that people can get out of it really easily. (Dash/Flash) **If you implement this, that would mean that even if Zac fails to capture someone with his scoop-up, he can still damage them by using his old ultimate instead.** **This way, the ult won't be completely wasted if he misses it initially. Since there are people that like the old ulti, and the new ulti, this would probably satisfy both groups of people, giving them access to both.** Please consider this. I'm a Zac main and while I'm not against the revert entirely, I love Zac the way he is now. {{champion:154}}
: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
Regarding Zac's ult, perhaps they can revert it back to his old one, while still keeping some aspects of his new one? Maybe make it so that when he uses "Let's Bounce" he picks up one champion he collides with and carries them with him, causing them to take decreasing damage per bounce until the bounces are over. I really like Zac's current ultimate, as he has the ability to dive under turrets late-game and grab an enemy, then pull them into his own team. Never played the old Zac, but I'm not sure how it'll change his useability. Another thing they could POSSIBLY do, is make whatever ult he has based on his Armor/MR vs. his AP. If his Armor/Mr. is higher than AP by the time he unlocks his ult at lvl 6, it should be his current ulti. If he has higher AP by the time he gets ulti, it should be his old ultimate. (The four bounces one.) Basically, depending on your runes and items, you can decide whether or not you want the old or new ult. Something along these lines would be nice. I know it wouldn't be easy to make happen, but it would be really nice. P.S. The W change is fine, I suppose. I didn't see a problem with the current one, other than the fact that it's pretty weak.. (Takes 3 hits to kill mini-krugs.)

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