: Not a fan of the new Gentleman Cho'Gath splash art...
i would like the new splash art if they just changed the colors back to the original and fixed the background
Igotlazy (NA)
: Honor should be used in the Hextech Crafting System (Ideas Below...)
is there a 1920x1080 verssion of that picture, i want to use it as my background
Sharooz (NA)
: 1 more coming soon,I think its bobble head.
its called draven draven which is what the {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} means
: Daily Reminder that Garen is greater than every other champ combined
that depends, if by "greatest" you mean "most broken" then yes
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Skin Suggestion: Virus Azir
at first i thought this was going to be like a 17th century plaque doctor skin based on the title
WinBoat (NA)
: Anyone else let down by the Aurelion Sol reveal?
i was hoping his ult was going to create a star like a super synra q with extra range and extra damage that explodes after a certaiin amount of time
Kotex (NA)
: Reported for playing Amumu support
i play bard jungle a lot and one time my team started yeliing at me even though i was 40/8, pushed at least half of theit towers, stolen 3 drags, and saved like every lane at least once
: Yeeeees!! I would love to qeue "fill except ADC" <3
The only role i can't play is adc, and it seems that whenever i go fill i get adc, but whenever i don't adc is the first thing called. I'd honestly much rather support than adc.
: I still don't understand the point of your post, how does it relate to the post you commented on?
after re-reading your post i realized what i said was irrelevant, but i thought when you said >If mastery points can be gained according to Champion and Role then so can the Champions be ordered by their Role on a score board. you meant it would base the champion's role as its lane and I was trying to prove that that type of system wouldn't be the most accurate
: You're talking about Mastery Titles, I don't see what that has to do with anything. EDIT: Titles are awarded according to a Champion's Class and Mastery Tier. Bard is a support class champion and tier 5 for the support class is called Guardian so its working as intended.
i was joking but still, if people play a champion outside their meta role it wont know where to put some people or just put it wrong
: If mastery points can be gained according to Champion and Role then so can the Champions be ordered by their Role on a score board. The only question is, can they be ordered from the outset of the game or does it require more time before the system knows what role you play?
I only play bard chaingun jungle and it still calls me "Guardian" so it might not be the most accurate
: Aurelion Sol just smashed the sun in his hands.
I don't understand why they would name him "the golden sun" if he destroys golden suns
: Aurelion Sol Is Bard's Rival
I dont get why he's called golden sun if he destroys golden suns
Pikmints (NA)
: It'd be hilarious if they were both supports though. Just marginally more tension than a full tank slap fight.
Ao Shin was supposed to be a support/mid laner
Zenfro (NA)
: FREE SKINS! (contest)
Upvote me and if I win I'll cosplay poolparty Urgot
Hairzo (EUW)
: Lore - The lore is.. er. weird XD. I like the creation of Shurima, but it doesn't really make any sense. Bard only comes after Relics and weapons, not portals to the void. Also, when did this turning of Shurima happen, nasus created the Ascension, and he has been alive for like, forever. Although I haven't heard this is a while, it isn't paced very well. There is a great lack of description, and all we learn is that Krint doesn't like the void because it is bad. That's a very linear and flat personality that needs to be deepened. Passive - Both passives seem pretty solid. The vital passive is balanced, and can set up some fun gameplay. The ward one is also balanced, it only lasting 30 seconds makes sense also thematically. The rest of the kit works well with the agility passive, but the aggressive passive, (why aggressive when you place wards behind you?) doesn't have as much fun mechanics, as it doesn't wind into the kit, and is just an add on. It also seems like it will be a little clunky to use. Q - It is a ice ability that works well with the agility passive. It might be a bit annoying having the clone attacking you from behind, but i need to know its range and whether it is stationary, or if it follows the enemy, or if it can be controlled. W - This seems like a really powerful ability in both versions, becoming immune is always really powerful in general. Not much else needs to be a said, a sort of simple dash. E - You have so much easy power with this ability. You gust W and then E them into your team, and you become safe because you can just teleport back to them, so you aren't in a big risk. R - For the agile version, it seems really powerful, getting a infinite invisibility by just staying near them. You can't be targeted by towers either, and im guessin that means fountain to. It is way too powerful with almost no counterplay. If you try to run away, you also have a 5 second invisibility. This really needs to be nurfed. I am a fan of the other version, having a slowing field that slows everything is cool, but why has he got it? he was something from the void that turned nice, why does he have an aggressive version if he is just nice. It also seems kinda boring though. It just completely slows down gameplay, literally. Overall, a fun champ with some unique spells. It definitely needs some changes to numbers and lore. - Hair
For his Q, that's just worded wierdly. Him forming behind them is supposed to be like a teleport. His W only gives .25 seconds of invincibility in Agile, the point is to be essentially a parry that doesnt damage, and the cdr upon going through projectiles is so you can keep dodging if timed right Good points on his E I'll fix his R
: Champion Idea: Samson ~ The Chained
I love the idea, but his W is a bit op and the E is just like Sej's. I also dont really like the name, I get that he's based off the biblical character(or the character from the Binding of Isaac because of his passive), but none of the other character's names are actual names. And his epithet is a bit bland and doesnt have a ring to it.
: Lust would work more with lissandra, since ahri doesnt exactly want anything now. shes in the league, so she doesnt have to kill anyone to be a human anymore.
I was thinking less about the literal definition of lust and more the way most of the world sees it, a sexual sin
Kinjishi (NA)
: Lust - Ahri Gluttony - Cho'gath Greed - Tahm Kench Sloth - Gragas Wrath - Brand Envy - Thresh Pride - Azir
why is envy thresh and pride azir? I chose draven for pride because his passive is called "League of Draven" and all his quotes and Syndra for envy because she says "I can be so much more"
: Voted no, I don't think those champions would fit.{{item:3070}} But hell yes a full team of basketball champs would be baddass.
What champions don't fit?
: Wrath better fits a Champion that uses rage {{champion:58}} {{champion:23}} , don't you think?
i was thinking along the lines of the vengeance thing when i came up with varus
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: I just had a disturbing thought.
i thought vel'koz hungered for sex
Horidas (NA)
: (Legendary Skin(s) Concept) Ultimate Hunter(s) Kha'Zix & Rengar
Since Kha'Zix and Rengar are like the exact same gameplay and lore wise, they should make Headhunter and Nighthunter Kha'Zix, as well as Guardian of the Sands and Mecha Rengar. Both of them have 2 skins (except SSW Rengo which is legacy), so they need more. Plus, they would look so cool. Especially Guardian of the Sands Rengar.
Horidas (NA)
: (Legendary Skin(s) Concept) Ultimate Hunter(s) Kha'Zix & Rengar
> ( I thought about drawing something - then I remembered... I can't draw. ) sounds like me
Brascus (NA)
: What if towers went further, what if towers did more
Upgrading towers sounds cool, but it doesn't feel like league of legends. Maybe add it as a new gamemode?
: Skin Concept: Zodiac Sentinels (1 of 6)
I think it should be Aries - Kindred Taurus - Alistar Gemini - Gnar Cancer - Urgot Leo - Rengar Virgo - Fiora Libra - Soraka Scorpio - Skarner Sagittarius - Hecarim Capricorn - ~~Cassiopeia?~~ Sejuani Aquarius - Nami Pisces - Fizz
: Bard too, even when he has that aoe auto he stuggles at waveclearing.
chaingun bard takes super minion waves in less than 3 seconds
: Clearing a wave as support like
thats why i build chaingun bard
Vanic998 (NA)
: I received the same criticism from others about the passive not doing anything to mama less champions which is why I added the part where it gives a mana bar to all mana less champions. It says it at the last part of the passive. About the E, the enemy doesn't get stunned after they are unstunned. The delayed stun from the q will be skipped and the stunk duration will increase by one if the e is landed WHILE the mark is still there. Yeah about the ult, I'll make it more specific. I was thinking something like Xerath's q where he channels then the outline shows right before he shoots. I'll edit that. I don't think I should change the passive. I think 10% is sort of balanced. I've done the math. Assuming the player has 40 ap as Zolt after Dorans ring and runes and the enemy has no mr runes or masteries or items, LANDING the q will melt 6 mana, e will melt 8 mana, and the ult will melt 26 mana. Plus, Kassadin's mana steal was on his blade auto attack ability so it was guaranteed to hit. I've also done the math, kassadin's mana steal was 5% of maximum mana which is actually a little more then Zolt early game and late game.
Oh, I misread it. I thought it took 10% of their current mana. That seems to make a lot more sense and is a lot more balanced.
Vanic998 (NA)
: Zolt, The Anti Mana
My review of Zolt the **Anti-Mana** Passive: I've thought a champion that takes enemy mana or gives it to a friend would be so cool, but the problem is, 21 out of around 130 don't use mana. That's in between 1/6 and 1/7. A champion whose passive does nothing to 1/6th of the game's characters seems pointless. I think it should just do flat extra damage to people without a mana bar. Also, as I mentioned before, Kassadin's mana-stealing was removed from the game because it was too overpowered, and it stole less mana, so against the champions it works on, this would be extremely broken. Change 10% to like 5%. Q: This is actually really cool. A timed bomb that stuns secondary targets, like Zilean's but better since you dont even need to land 2 and you can still stun more people. W: Back to what I said about the passive, I think this should just do extra flat damage to non-mana enemies. To be honest though, if everyone used mana this ability would be really awesome. E: Right as they get unstunned and ready to kill you, another stun. The most trolly thing ever. I would rage so hard against that, but at least its only 1 second long. R: I like this one a lot. A huge cone that does more damage the closer the enemy is. Considering the fact that the cone is smaller the closer they are, this also makes it easier to dodge, thus harder to land if you were going for maximum damage. I do have two question though. Is it like Ekko's W where you have a target while it's channeling or do you choose the target after? Also, Can they see somewhat of an outline of the direction you fire(like Sion's Q)?
Hynnil (OCE)
: You make some interesting points. Although I agree about the passive, I figured gaining charges passively on his Q plus an active seemed a bit strong. Well the teleport doesn't have to be a traditional teleport. But A side idea could perhaps be that he summons a lightening storm in target location damaging and slowing enemies caught in the storm. what would you suggest as his ultimate that will seemingly give him more burst.
I dont understand how passively gaining charges on his Q and having an active is too strong, its a traditional stock system like Teemo Shrooms and Heimer towers. By "the name teleport doesn't fit in with the rest of his abilities and overall feel" i meant the name of the ability, not so much the actual effect. I also think the limit of 5 charges should be higher, like 10 or 7, depending on how much his abilities scale off of it. Maybe his ultimate can be the teleport but with a knock up instead of slow and a lot more range.
Candurill (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Chayon, The Shepherd of the Afterlife
Did Riot base the Shen re-work off of this?
: champion concept Gregory the stalker
I feel like his passive does too much damage, and the name doesn't really fit into the League of legends naming system.
: [Champion Concept] Reflex, The Speedster (Redux)
I love this concept. His passive is simple, but powerful, a trait rare in many fan concepts. His Q is too OP though, maybe make it be for just his next auto attack? Also, his name doesn't really fit in with the naming style for everyone else in League. Mainly because no one else in League of Legends has a real word as part for their name. Other than that, I don't have any problems with him.
Hynnil (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Segril, the trident naga
I think his passive should be a part of his Q instead of taking up the passive slot, unless the stacks give an enhancement to his auto-attacks, and the name teleport doesn't fit in with the rest of his abilities and overall feel. His ultimate doesn't make much sense because he's a sea god, not a time god, and it feels a little bland. His abilities don't really synergize very will and I'm having a hard time visualizing a combo. Apart from that I like how he uses the stocks for his Q to deal extra damage for his E.
Echoing (NA)
: Quick tip: there's a difference between cruel and constructive. You want constructive. Cruel is just pointless. Fortunately, I only deal in constructive (yet harsh) criticism. You switch forms too fast to even use the poorly-named Aggressive Form's abilities. 2 seconds is not enough time to get within a reasonable range due to your Q outranging your W and E. Leaving wards behind is incredibly overwhelming due to how many you can have out at once. Holy cow. There's a reason why everyone is capped to 3 stealth wards - previously, everyone in pro play had so many wards, the entire map was lit up. That killed the pace of gameplay since no one would fight. I can't make heads or tails on most of the balance due to the lack of numbers. Look up other champions' numbers and keep them in mind when you do yours. Don't toss out numbers randomly, that leads to useless or overpowered abilities. Your Q's ability to teleport you to the other side of a wall makes the dude nearly ungankable with godly mobility. That's about ult-level movement right now. From what I can assess, you have a simply silly amount of mobility with your W and E, and absolutely nothing you can do with it by virtue of only doing "minor" damage. Assassins are mobile, yes, but they're also able to vaporize targets on demand if they get all their stuff off. Your ult is literally unusable due to requiring you to get three kills or assists. You're not getting kills without damage, leaving you with having to rely on teammates to constantly help. Agile Mode's ult is really cool (save for hiding from allied champions - don't do that). Aggressive Mode's ult is really un-cool by virtue of doing too much AND screwing up friendlies in the area. Don't do that. Focus on one or two things to do with that ult. You're going to need some numbers, some looking at other champions, and some thinking about what, exactly, you want to do and how you want to do it. Don't just toss out something only because you thought it was cool - put some effort into it, compare to similar ideas, and see if it can stand strong in comparison to the current roster.
Thanks for the feedback, I gave him more time in each form, made the wards last less than a minute, removed the wall teleporting, and removed the part about losing stacks on death. I'm going to work on numbers soon, sometime thursday at the latest. Again, thanks for your feedback, it really helped!
Baransu (NA)
: Wasure: The Unknown Legend
I feel like his ult is a bit underwhelming considering the rest of his kit is so overpowered, defensive/kiting wise.
Candurill (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Scorn, The Infused
So far, this is one of my favorite concepts. I love the concept of overcharging mana to deal extra damage, but i feel like his W is a bit OP. His ult is also really similar to what I had in mind with my concept's Ult. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/WfywnWZG-champion-ideakrint
Vanic998 (NA)
: Zolt, The Anti Mana
I loved the idea of a champion that steals mana from opponents and/or gives it to teammates, but seeing as how rito removed kassadin's mana stealing ability, i doubt they will reimplement it.
Vorazun (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Evaire, the Rogue Mirage
I love this concept, especially with the added visuals to really feel her. I can feel how troll-y she would be to go against with all the jukes. She seems a bit overpowered though.
: [Champion Concept] Colt the Lost Gunman
He seems way to similar to Graves, with the reload and nearsighted smoke grenade. I personally don't like the reloading on Graves and Jhin, and there are also way too many adcs out there.
: Mazo, The Unwavering Faith [Champion Concept]
I love the idea and abilities, but the actual character is pretty similar to Illaoi as they both pray to pagan gods for their power.
: [CCOS] January entries here!
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/WfywnWZG-champion-ideakrint This is my first concept, please be as harsh as you need to be with your feedback
: What do you call the last shot of Jhin's passive?
In the thread where they confirmed no 3 hit passive for jhin someone jokingly said it would be a 4 hit passive they were right
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