: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
A vast majority of Yasuo players (and myself) feel that he is in a very balanced state right now - perhaps the most balanced since the first half of season 6. Any idea whether he will receive compensation for these nerfs? (as they are targetted at ADCs but due to his similar itemization he feels the pain too).
: Tank yasuo definitely needs a nerf, hence the changes on the PBE that state >Last Breath (R) - secondary effect of increased bonus armor pen now only applies to Yasuo's critical strikes rather than all attacks.
That's fine I think, as it shouldnt matter too much once triforce and frozen mallet are brought into line. However, there is also a nerf to his overall attack speed - It's a lot lower at every level except one. There's just no reason to hit it once triforce and mallet are brought into line. He hasn't been changed in a long time, and yet he's suddenly meta. Why? Because of the synergy between Triforce, Mallet and Fervour.
: I don't actually believe Yasuo is broken but I ban him every game. I ban him because I don't trust any of the players on my team to know how to counter him. I don't trust any of the players on my team to know who to target with damage, or with cc, or who and how to peel. I ban him because I don't want a bad one on my team. I just can't find any reason not to ban Yasuo. I even ban him when I plan on picking a champ that counters him. He is too easy to snowball off of bad feeding players and take over a whole game. Low risk, high reward defined in one word. Yasuo.
I wouldnt quite call Yasuo low risk. If you look through my match history, and yes this could be because i'm bad, but the games I lose, I lose HARD. I'm talking 0/8 hard. If you get behind, it's pretty difficult to climb back.
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: As a diamond player, you are expected to balance out the gold players. That's how Riot's MMR system works. It's an awful system, but it's how Riot expects it to work.
Except the way Riot has been setting it up is so that one player has less of an impact on the game then they used to have. In addition, it's not even like I was playing a role I'm familiar with. I'd count my adc as low plat high gold level at best as well. Not to mention their whole system of restriction premades at diamond is useless if they just put players lower than diamond in the game.
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: @Riot - We should have 0 tolerance against players encouring others to commit suicide
{{champion:75}} The cycle of toxicity continues. They will flame, and we will report.
ßoy (NA)
: What is Everyones favorite thing about their Main?
People may call it cancerous, but I enjoy being able to 1 v 5 and get a pentakill if I manage to get fed :D {{champion:157}} Plus just everything about his kit looks flashy xD I love flashy champs
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: How did playing your main affect your play style and attitude?
Its funny when he screams about cowards while ulting to run away
: **Ezreal : The Prodigal Explorer** Quest: "Noxians...I Hate Those Guys." Lately, {{champion:55}} and {{champion:122}} have been attacking Demacian soldiers near the forest. I want to go assist them but I'm afraid that just me by myself wont be enough, would you please assist me? Objective: Escort Ezreal to the forest and K.O. or KILL {{champion:122}} &{{champion:55}} Rewards: 500 Demacian Reputation + Lvl 80 {{item:3153}} Blade Of The Ruined King (Bruiser/ Certain ADCs exclusive) +25 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed +10% Lifesteal ~~Accept [/] Decline [ ]~~ **YOU MUST BE 80+ TO ACCEPT THIS STORY QUEST** [LVL 79]{{champion:150}} "Shuuba" [LVL 90]{{champion:42}} "Go grind on Raptors, its a great way to level" (If I could control the type of game, it would be an open world with mixes of WoW, Skyrim, FF, and Tera. You would be able to control your own attacking skills (AHGHAHGAH MANUAL CLICKING) along with skill trees, equips, and stats. It would also have offline/online co-op campaign mode and the campaign missions/story would change heavily on your own options, there would be plenty of random occurences, lore jokes/throwbacks, and the ability to befriend every champion depending on your stats/repuation/level/allegiance (But I'd also want a system that does champion checks to ensure some teams cant be real like: {{champion:55}} & {{champion:86}} unless certain steps have been taken like: The Quest: **MY OTP** must be completed before these two can be in your team together and to make team mates even better you could max out at 6 team mates and then at any time you can tell them to return to their original places so you could make {{champion:23}} return to Frejilord then replace him with {{champion:22}} and return if you ever felt like wanting him back. But to make a difficulty system with all the different champion mixes I would want a realistic system that gave the champion followers life.) (Ex: Noxian VS Demacian war starts through a quest line and you side: Neutral (Now depending on your choices you could even get one of your former followers to become an enemy and by lucky circumstance you could be able to refriend them after the war is over but whose to say they'll forgive you if they see you murdering their people?) {{champion:86}} HAS LEFT THE TEAM TO DEFEND DEMACIA) "Noxian scum!" *You Sided With Garen* +Reputation Points for Demacia + Garen -Reputation Points for Darius & Noxus {{champion:122}} HAS LEFT THE TEAM TO DEFEND NOXUS) "Whatever." +Darius has become your CLOSEST ALLY +You've gained enough reputation points to get discounts at Noxian stores! -Garen no longer considers you a loyal friend. (Garen has temporarily left the team) -Quinn has seen you kill innocent Demacians, You've made an enemy! (Quinn is now permanently unable to join your team and if she spots you anywhere then she will attack!) (A disguise system / changing your appearance drastically should allow you another shot at befriending her and stopping becoming an enemy of DEMACIA through reputation points with Noxus, think of it as a limited amount of times you can have a fresh restart if you screw up) {{champion:150}} *puts on a hat* {{champion:68}} "Nice hat gnar." {{champion:150}} *puts on Ao Shin mask* {{champion:18}} "Who are you? Are you lost little guy?" I'd want a game that feels fresh everytime you play it with new things happening every time, but I wouldnt want champions to be immune through the whole "Lol main character" bullshit they should be able to die and change the story as they please(MHM LYDIA) like maybe: you side neutral and DEMACIA is destroyed or you side on Noxus but you fail too many quests and NOXUS HAS LOST KATARINA, there now you've made a playthrough in which all of Katarina's quests have now been destroyed and this could either encourage NOXUS to fight back even stronger or might just make Noxus lose precious advantages. And player choice should heavily influence what happens (also the player must pick one of the champions as their protagonist but they'll have freedom to their own choices like leaving Demacia as Garen (which should be explained through the NPC making a realization ((Ahg. I'd fight for katarina!)) but the ability to have certain champions on one team would have to be through extensive steps if it were a Rivalry team: You must find a bonding experience for Garen & Darius so they can become closer or one might turn in the middle of a fight! *WILL YOU HELP BANDLE CITY OR DESTROY IT? (A story quest event causes a war)* *Help!* +Bandle City Was Saved! +Max Bandle City Rep +You've befriended all possible Yordle champions! *Destroy It* -Bandle City Has Been Destroyed. -You've lost all reputation with Bandle City -Some Yordle Champions have survived and now seek REVENGE on you. (Random Numbers decide) *Neutral* -+ Random numbers decide the outcome/survivors/revenge (for not helping if spotted) Honestly, now I cant stop thinking about ideas for this, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME
Reminds me of good ol Runescape. RIP RUNESCAPE {{item:3070}}
Sarutobi (NA)
: People have their reasons for leaving the game. Whether its a short break, or longer. It be a shame to all of a sudden come back and having to think up another name to use. I personally think its fine the way it is, If you have to wait on the name to free up by all means wait or think up an original name!
Its fine for you, you've got a good name... Rip {{item:3070}}
: Scumbag Nasus. http://i.imgur.com/yOnu8YG.gif?Noredirect
Raw (NA)
: No, but Riot should change 1 level = 1 month. I'm tired to see a bunch of good names sitting on a level 1 account for months without even playing. http://www.auplod.com/u/uopadl6d63e.png
And one of the variations is on a level 1 account that has been inactive for 8 months
: Many who play league of legends might serve in the military, or have had a huge life event happen to prevent them form playing for an extended period of time. Could you imagine serving two years to come back home and log into league just to find that your username "Puzzzys1ayer12" from when you were 18, got changed to 19293847367??? XD Btw there is always variations of a name you can create. Aka Illaoi and |llaoi (In league client | looks like an I)
Thats true, but the name I want has absolutely no variations I can think of that haven't been taken, and theyre all sitting on accounts with inactivity 8 months plus
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: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
: Yasuo ADC is best yasuo. Seriously though, his kit is kind of built around building like an ADC and dealing with ranged opponents.
I play him adc quite a few times and I usually win but people rage in champ select... While I understand the need for range they don't seem to understand he is basically a melee adc with more utitlity
Gentzer (EUW)
: It matters not what you play, It's how you play it.
I truly love{{champion:157}} But people keep giving me shit for it :(
: yasuo needs an early game nerf
Okay, Yasuo main incoming.... I'm here now! On a serious note, Yasuo's 1-3 is really strong and has always been. It also feels a lot stronger because he is usually up against mages that are incredibly weak. After that, yasuos mid game is comparatively weaker until he starts to scale. Just my two cents. Essentially Above average early - Weak mid - God like late (If not stomped during early-mid)
Xissimo (NA)
: I assume yes since it's available in a bundle and that for Harrowing we had also the choice to buy the skin and not the whole bundle ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Xissimo,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=pPlME2tm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-30T22:11:36.242+0000) > > I assume yes since it's available in a bundle and that for Harrowing we had also the choice to buy the skin and not the whole bundle ;) Thats amazing, thanks!
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: Snowdown is coming!
Wait I really want winter wonderland{{champion:61}} Does this mean I cannot buy her?
: Here is something that I didn't get quite right. The heal from the Warlord mastery and life steal don't they both apply? Or does one overwrite the other?
Yes they both apply, but my point is when you get a bloodthirster, instead of lifestealing 20% you'll be lifestealing on average per second about 25% so late game its not too much of a deal
: I do agree that he's not overpowered, and he will still be countered by the champions he was weak against before. However, I disagree when you say that he now falls off late game because (at least in the way I am building) I still do a TON of damage late game.
He still does a bunch of damage late game, just not as much as he used to. About 3 of his core items have had around 15 ad shaved off each, which leads to 45 AD reduction which, with crit of 2.25x the damage means he misses out on a little over 100 attk damage per hit late game, which is fairly significant.
: You don't think that reaching 100% crit with just shiv and cloak is bonkers? Yeah he was reaching it before, but at two and a half (I think?) items he probably had to build his boots and perform outside of laning phase to get his "hypercarry" state, now he gets it at like 10 minutes or less and his opponent has to deal with a 100% crit resourceless monster with strong sustain from the mastery on top of his flow shield and windwall damage mitigation till laning ends. I don't think he falls off hard enough to justify that much power, he still has strength that stays top tier even in lategame scenarios. Windwall is still really good, he still ignores almost half of bonus armor on anyone he hits with his ult, his ult still has a super low CD and works with any displacement, etc. Beyond that I'm not sure that conceptually a "early game hyper carry" could be balanced at all, rationale for why a hyper carry's level of strength is balanced is that they have to perform well while being intentionally weaker during the early phases, having that strength early with no rough period is super likely to just mean the hyper carry is just ALWAYS far enough ahead that it's not that perceivable that it starts to fall off, and they would be beating people who by all means are ahead of them simply because they got frontloaded to a ridiculous degree, which is how Yasuo is right now.
Sorry for the late reply, catching up on schoolwork I feel like a lot of people are hung up on his 100% crit but you need to remember that when he achieves it in two items, he still doesn't do very much damage (as opposed to say an adc like caitlyn) because his crit damage is lower then normal and he wouldnt have any ad items (or minimal) at that point. Once he starts building the ad items, he would be at around mid game and thats when he feels comparitively weaker. Previously, he hit 100% crit at mid game ALONG with ad items, which gave him a huge power spike but now it just feels like his spikes have been separated into two smallers (maybe slightly larger then before) spikes. Definitely not broken thought, he still has the same counterplays as before. Gank early, cc. Hes all feast or famine, and the feast needs to begin early.
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: Get ride of yas double crit
As a yasuo main, I feel like he isn't THAT much stronger because yes, 100% crit but you need to take into account that his damage should roughly equal out as a lot of his core items lost AD. Honestly, his overall power is the same, its just he hits it at different points then before which is, after all, the point of changing things around.
: > [{quoted}](name=IndeciciveManic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H4zlHO0V,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2015-11-08T21:34:13.256+0000) > > Master Yi can get a pentakill way easier then Kat. Untrue. Kat has the highest average pentas per game.
Actually, statistically Katarina has the second highest pentakill chance. The highest is Vayne with almost double the chance Katarina has.
: I don't pick Yasuo to climb mate. He's just my favorite and go to champion. When I want to climb, I play {{champion:161}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:86}}. Especially Vel'koz. He's my freelo champion when I really need to win games. Yasuo's honestly not even that great, but hell, he sure is fun to play.
As another Yasuo main that recently hopped onto the boards, let me say until I saw all the hate on the forums, I was hoping for a slight QOL buff to yasuo. I've played him on the PBE and the mastery heals once every 2 seconds, making it strong but not broken. Honestly, I agree with Jack in that he feels much the same as he is now, just with power in different places EDIT : Incoming downvotes with no reason
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: What's your favorite "Out of Meta" pick?
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Fritterz (NA)
: When you think you have time to use the restroom during the loading screen...
: Project yasuo does activate the themed minions... You just need another project skin with it since you need 10 project points. One skin is 5 points. Which only gives u the spawn animation alone
Damn I didn't know that... That makes sense, thank you! But still where is the illuminati?????
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: I feel the same way. I got Project Yasuo (and Yasuo) when his project skin came out because it looked so cool at the time. And now... with the other project skins out... I feel like they are just so much better done than project yasuo. In like... every way. Better splash art, cool border... better quality with smoother animation. It really bums me out and I wish Riot would give project yasuo something to make him on par.
I just noticed other project skins their lane minions became project themed as well, but nothing for Yasuo...
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