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: And the first game is an interesting one, too. Aside from RNG, C9T are the best team in the NA CS atm
Yusui isnt playing for the first week of games (vs renegades) so its probably gonna be easier
: Updated Summoner's Rift Q&A (11/7)
Whats your favorite part of the map?
: There are plenty of ways to play an assassin against exhaust the idea that it completely takes them out of the game is absurd.
Well if you talk about zed he isn't very good against competent opponents that know to build: qss, mikaels, zhonyas and take exhaust on their mid and support
: Ya if only the support would have warded everything! I hate it when the support doesn't have the entire map warded! Especially when they have a sightstone and only has three wards down... Edit: There needs to be a sarcasm font...
Hes not talking about only the support. He never mentioned anything about supports not warding enough.
: The {{champion:39}} s and the mid {{champion:43}} s are coming, Thanks LCS!
: {{champion:238}} Plays Will Be Made {{champion:238}}


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