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: Problem with connection. How i can fix it ?
In the same boat as well; I also have a PBE account and that client is connecting with no issues for the record. Same across all wi-fi frequencies, no other games are having internet connectivity issues
: Draven is going to be the main supporting character in Swain's story, judging by the VO.
> [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qXGxcXl6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-29T00:28:59.204+0000) > > Draven is going to be the main supporting character in Swain's story, judging by the VO. I'm feeling it's still Darius (he's Swain's not-red right hand man, after all), but both brothers were likely instrumental in his rise to the top. But, given Draven's... well, being Draven, his sweetheart position as the Noxian Executioner is likely a position where, while fun for him, he has little actual responsibilities or things to screw up. TL;DR, Darius is the man he trusts with coordinating his armies, Draven's the man he trusts to throw axes at prisoners.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ifneth,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vPGH9Hhy,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-01-24T03:55:24.994+0000) > > Valuing strength above all, knowing that you are doing wrong but being ruthless enough to do it, and using whatever means necessary to gain power _is_ evil. > > Just ask my main, Taliyah. She was there when Noxus invaded Ionia. The general who had brought her there on a promise of innocent adventure ordered her to bury sleeping villagers in their homes. Only believe a fellow Noxian? Riven was there, too, on a different battlefield. She watched as Singed’s chemical weapons choked a defending army to death. > > No country that has done such deeds cares for anything but its own might. Not for the right, not for its people, not for the world. I pity the fool who believes the _demon lord_ leading it to have foreseen the end of the world and be working heroically to stop it, if only he be given what he wants. Swain lies! While I fundamentally disagree with you, I would like to point at out that we don’t know if Swain was in charge of the invasion of Ionia or not. Certainly he was there, but there’s no indication that he was in charge yet.
Almost positive he wasn't in control, nor did he approve of Singed's chemical warfare. His unique interaction with Singed is "Why is HE alive? Another one of Darkwill's loose ends." It sounds like Singed was Darkwill's man, and thus part of the old Noxian regime Swain overthrew.
: I'm honestly surprised he's so friendly with draven.
I'm assuming that both Draven and Darius were some of his earliest supporters in his bid for power, and both of them as a result are pretty high up in Swain's Noxus. It's been a long and fruitful relationship, especially since Swain was the one to make sure Urgot had an... accident, to open up the Executioner position. Not saying that Swain and Draven are besties by any means, but a good way to keep a person like Draven on your side is to give them goodies to reward their allegiance.
: That’s a bit hard to do when you’re entirely content with a champion only to wake up one day and find out they’re changing most of what you like about it. I mean not everyone can be Malicious Metal for their champions. To give my own example, if I would post about how much I loves Spartans and how awesome Pantheon’s theme is and how great it is he isn’t some lame space parasite before the lore rework happened. I’d be looked at as a crazy person.
I absolutely get the feeling here (hell, I was even devastated when they got rid of old Sion's VA without so much as a Classic skin), but even as a long-time Varus player the new lore kept the same core story beats I loved most about Varus's backstory anyways, like Blaiz said above, even keeping the Noxian invasion as the catalyst for his fall to darkness. But, to be honest, Varus's story at that point was pretty much a closed book; the beginning, middle, and end had already happened for him. Well. save for the ultimate skin I assume we were all hoping for of full-corruption Varus, at any rate. With the rework, Varus, as one of the five Darkin, is tied directly into a lot of the bigger lore plotlines that are on the horizon. My biggest criticism of the whole move though is honestly, with a rewrite of this scale, he flat-out needs a new VO, and probably even a VGU to overhaul his corrupted bits to look more like Darkin scales (plates? chitlin?). TL;DR: Changes like this, when done well (as I believe it was), are necessary to give some characters narrative room for their stories to continue.
: Um wut? Are you nuts dude? The forgotten realms books contain Elminster and Drizz't, two of the biggest mary sues in high fantasy. Some were written ok but others were MISERABLE. Also, the low-powered ones were best. Much as I hate him, Drizz't at least had the sense to be a mortal man with limits to what he could do most of the time. I'd rather read about his bromance with Artimus Entreri for the sixteenth time than about Elminster having another high powered romp through the universe dealing with crap that the gods worry about. And Elminster is a grumpy old man! He's STILL easier to relate to than the star dragon... he's just got a god holding his hand half the time. A-Sol took the game further away from the high fantasy stuff that I like... and I know that's a personal preference. I just don't like what his lore means for the lore of the rest of the world. Barring the void, which they bothered to include in his story (only to have him casually dispatch with one spell in addition to "accidentally" killing a divine warrior being) what else matters now? A-Sol can crush the world between two hands if he feels like it. He can crush anything that threatens it too. So that means that from hear on out there are only a few choices for the writing team. 1: A-Sol solves every major problem that arises. Void incursion? He's got it, go sit down Kassadin. Shadow Isles? Sure. Noxus fighting Demacia? Pfft... noxus almost all died to something they didn't even know about and got saved by a single ninja... they don't matter. Etc. 2: A-Sol is the CAUSE of a major problem. This one bears the most merit as a story idea, since all the silly little peons on runeterra could band together to stop him. At least then they'd MATTER. 3: A-Sol does jack squat. This is the route I think the writers will take. A-Sol is above your petty issues. After the Targon event he'll never be mentioned again and won't affect anything anymore. Because it's hard to write high stakes with a omnipotent cosmic dragon around. 4: There ARE no major problems anymore... only personal ones. This one also makes sense. Why would A-Sol care about Garen's love life or two feuding nations. If every problem from now on is small in scale, he has no REASON to get involved. This is almost the same as 3, since he won't affect the stories anymore, and the fact that he's still there kinda diminishes the importance of all these silly little plots anyway... but it's something. 5: *Writer's Shrug*. Why didn't Cap ask Iron Man and Thor to help him in Winter Soldier? Why didn't Thor get help stopping an elf from deleting the planet? Why do they only work together in Avengers movies? The writer doesn't know and neither will you. So when the void appears and Kassadin is fighting Malzahar for the fate of the world, someone will ask "hey, couldn't the space dragon fix this?" and the writers will just kinda shrug and say "Um, yeah... he's.... busy." or some other such handwave to keep him out of the story.
Aurelion Sol doesn't give any particular damn about Runeterra. He's only here right now to breathe unholy starfire on the remnants of Targon, break off his damnable crown, and go back to stopping the terrible creep of entropy that's been burning out the universe in the absence of his care. He doesn't deal with Runeterra's problems because he has other, cosmic scale problems to worry about.
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: lol you responded to the wrong guy... I think.
Nah, I was just agreeing with you and showing support as an older player! The new stuff is good, regardless of whether or not you're new or a veteran.
Splision (NA)
: I actually do thoroughly enjoy the new lore and I do feel connected to the game even with all of the updates. Granted I am a new player (I started roughly a year ago) I still remember reading the old lores involving the Institute, the summoners, and the League.
Yeah, speaking as a veteran player (I still weep that I can't build Force of Nature Singed anymore): I actually am really fond of every scrap of new lore we've gotten. Problem being of course that there's still a lot of blank spots from the retcon, but even those are getting filled back in. Jhin gave us a lot more insight into Ionia post-invasion, cementing the Noxus-Ionia war in the new lore as well as finally showing us the aftermath- something that I really have been waiting for since the old lore days! Ekko gave us more insight into Zaunite life for average folks, and humanized Zaun as well as a more nuanced Piltover, when until then all we really had was Piltover=Good Science and Zaun=Bad Science, Viktor before his Glorious Evolution nonwithstanding. Basically, the release of a new champ gives the lore team a chance to really flesh out the cultures of Runeterra. How much more did we learn about Demacia than we ever had before Fiora came out? How much more did we learn about Bilgewater last year than we had ever known before? I'm sorry the lore isn't to your tastes, but we haven't been getting poor quality stuff and we haven't been getting it infrequently. I'm a lore junkie so I'll always want more, but until Riot starts releasing books or lore uncoupled with gameplay updates, I'll be content to wait.
: I just realized how much they distanced Sion from Taric with that rework. -Tanky -Point and click stuns -AOE Ults -Heals allies
Oh man, now you're making me miss the days where me and a friend ran a Sion-Taric duo bot lane. It was the most dangerous cheese of all time.
: Yes, I have. A good Sion player (I'm not even that good and I can pull this off) can effectively use his Q to zone Shen away from engaging or farming. Then again, Sion's shield is utter crap, so it takes a lot more effort to pull off.
Can't Shen just shadow dash you to stop your Q cast?
: WHAT DO YOU MEAN UNPLAYABLE was beautiful :C AP: I could turn on my shield and the enemy {{champion:4}} would walk back to his turret out of fear Crit/AS : I got triple ganked and got a triple, which included me chasing down the {{champion:254}} afterwards Don't you dare call my baby unplayable *pouts* -he was gross AF but I loved it-
So much this. You don't know the kind of terror the enemy team experiences trying to fight a champ with a 2 second stun and well over 100 percent lifesteal.
: Maybe it's just me, but Jhin kind of runs the risk of coming across as a relatively generic instance of the "I'm being controlled by my magically mystically malicious artifact" trope (in this case, the mask). Not that there's anything wrong with that, but combined with the equally tired "psycho artist" theme, I personally find him not particularly interesting. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.
He's not being controlled by the mask; he created it himself according to the Riot Q&A. He's actually a talented artificer, and enchanted both his mask and his bullets personally. Just another aspect of the performance he's compelled to tune to perfection.
: >I've always assumed the Black Rose built up Noxus to be their tool to gain power and influence, and thus they always had a vested influence in it because the nation's ideology and culture was partially created by them. They want Noxus to win because that's their weapon for gaining control and influence, and so they would be totally fine allowing Noxus to try and conquer other nations as it would allow the Black Rose to swoop in and take advantage of anything and everything that country would be able to give them. You assume the Black Rose has 100% power over Noxus. As you have stated Boram and the Noxian royalty do not care for the Black Rose, the Black Rose is either spreading its influence or Ionia offers something it wants. I couldnt tell what that pic was or what it is refrencing but sure Ionia got shaken pretty hard from the war but still though, releasing a homocidal maniac in your own country is the work of madmen or some one who doesnt care for Ionias well being. Thats akin to the United States under war declaring "We will release every prisioner in every jail to fight this foe!". Doesnt add up to me :/
But, the Black Rose does have 100% power over Noxus currently: Swain, known member of the Black Rose (and on-again-off-again fling with LeBlanc), is the Grand General of Noxus. Also, Jhin's not just wreaking havoc indiscriminately; he's killing precisely (largely; I imagine Jhin's a fan of collateral damage) who his shadowy employers tell him to, which is likely Noxians. Ionia wants him to be a tool of terror; they want whoever finds the site of his performance to be utterly repulsed, to wonder *God, who or what is capable of such a thing.* The answer, Jhin's employers want to be known, is Ionia. The message is that Ionia is not to be trifled with, because they can do *this*.
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: There needs to be special "upon dying" dialogue for future Champions and VO updates
{{champion:202}} **dies to**{{champion:36}} "Such a... hack job." {{champion:202}} **dies to **{{champion:119}} "Enjoy the spotlight, Noxian... while it lasts..." "Upstaged by an upstart...?!" {{champion:202}} **dies to**{{champion:238}} "I knew you had it in you..." ------------------------------ {{champion:202}} **Kills** {{champion:41}} "Rose from the grave, only to return to it. What delightful symmetry." "The rolling sea... pistols at dawn... how picturesque." "If only we had met earlier- regicide makes for such drama." {{champion:202}}**Kills**{{champion:98}} "You couldn't stop my work- your interruption was merely an intermission." "And the curtain falls on the Kinkou Order..." "Like father, like son." {{champion:202}} **Kills**{{champion:30}} "You're right: death *is* beauty." "You simply deny the audience its finale." "He's going to start singing now, isn't he..." {{champion:202}} **Kills**{{champion:6}} "It was... hard, making anything about you beautiful."
: Why Vi?!?!?!
I think a Rioter said on the forums that the teaser didn't represent actual targets, but how he'd conceptualize each of their deaths, should he ever make them the focus of his productions. (Basically Riot picked champions that would look cool, but there's not really a lore connection between any of them.)
: Trolls in Champ Select
This happens in every game I've had today. No matter who gets Jhin, someone announces then and there that they're trolling and proceeds to do just that. Is there a way to punish that behavior? And would you get leavebustered for dodging a lobby with someone trolling that way?
: Good question. To be honest, I already like most of them. I think {{champion:134}} The Dark Sovereign is pretty good. {{champion:43}} The Enlightened One is one I like especially, kind of makes Karma feel like Ionia's wisest leader. {{champion:4}} The Card Master is perhaps a bit on the nose. I think there could be something more creative there. I feel like TF himself would come up with something more creative. Though, I admit, I can't think of one on the spot. {{champion:7}} The Deceiver is pretty good. I would also accept The Bamboozler. {{champion:10}} The Judicator is fucking rad, would not change. {{champion:61}} Lady of Clockwork could be better. I don't think Lady is a very good catch for her. Then again, Orianna could just use some lore updates because her story is mostly about the original Orianna. All we know about this version is that she's spooky and... maybe the Ball has the memories of the original Orianna??????? I don't know???? Rito pls. Update her lore. {{champion:131}}, Scorn of the Moon. Love it! {{champion:110}} I kind of like the sound of The Corrupted Archer, but perhaps that makes him sound more evil than he is (currently).
How about {{champion:4}} the Card Sharp? Or maybe that's too old of slang....
: Well, the story itself's nice that's granted, but I most definitely don't like the direction it took at the end. Why do our lovable Ionians need to join the party of nations that are tearing each other up at the seams? Sure they have a few issues on the side with Syndra and Zed, but why did we need YET ANOTHER political fragmentation of people vying for power and desperate enough to potentially turn the whole country to chaos and destruction? Ionia, the Yordle lands, Piltover and Demacia, not too long ago were all pretty great places to be. Now as lore continues to be released, I'm wondering if there's going to be a power struggle between Heimerdinger and Corki in Bandle City as to who's gonna get the most of Lulu's party cake, and someone's gonna drop a big bomb which is going to turn the whole place to smithereens before Veigar takes over and turns all the Yordles into mindless slaves. It has to stop somewhere. I want a few HAPPY stories to read about, Riot. I want ONE place in the whole of Runeterra where people are not liable to go slaughtering each other up in the streets, or assassinating each other in alleys, or are not likely to fall prey to either a power-hungry ninja, a meat-hungry void monster or a chaos-hungry chick who talks to guns.
Well, Ionia is definitely not that place. The Noxian invasion of Ionia is one of the oldest lore features (which I'm glad crossed over into the new lore!), and it's interesting to finally explore what the political climate of Ionia is in the wake such a devastating conflict. That being said, I'm sure Demacia and Bandle City are nice places to live!
: Khada Jhin, The Virtuoso Lore
{{champion:202}} _"The essence of a thing is only found in its absence."_
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: reading his lore actually gives me 2nd hand embarrassment because of how edgy fake deep it is. "he is the demonic manifestation of humanity's dark urges and therefore cannot be reasoned with" like wat
Who also decided to become a clown for... some reason....
333lom (EUNE)
: In his lore, Zed is said to slay all those who cling to ignorance. He also killed every student from his former clan. That doesn't seem like an action a person who was disgusted with murder would do. Previously, before Jhin's lore, it was said that Zed had turned to the dark side because he didn't receive praise from the master as much as he wanted. Now, however, in Jhin's lore, it is said that Zed was horrified by how the master decided to spare Jhin and put him to prison, because Zed was _horrified by the murders_ Jhin had committed. Again, if Zed felt aversion to murder, it doesn't make much sense that he later decided to commit murders, and not just kill the master, but the entire clan. That's no small thing. Before, it made much more sense. I could even believe this new story, if it turns out eventually that Zed really isn't himself and that he committed those crimes because he's the puppet of the Shadows.
It's not necessarily that Zed was horrified by the murders in general, but by Jhin's mutilations. Like Stars Shaper said, they were probably not bodies with neat holes in them, to say the least. The fact that Master Kusho granted him clemency, even after all that, sat wrong in Zed's mind. Is this what the Kinkou order advocated? His master put him through the misery of witnessing brutal atrocity after brutal atrocity, and at the end of the day he spared Jhin's life. Yes, the trauma from the trip hurt his studies, and he fell behind. Zed very much resents his master, for putting him through what he did. He probably also resents Shen even more, who was just as young as he was and went through the same trauma, but followed his master's distasteful decision and became the Kinkou order's new star pupil as a result: by granting this mass murderer mercy. It's a lot to plant the seeds of resentment in Zed's heart against the entire Order, and push him to the decisions he made.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Yc3smR7k,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-30T00:45:04.616+0000) I wanted to reply to these since you put a lot of time and effort into writing this post, so... > * **Comparison with other lore pieces** My comparisons with other lore pieces were based on the aspects of what we have from Jhin so far. So, just looking at the biographical parts of champion bios, I found Jhin's to be lacking and disconnected. At this point, almost every other character with a solid set of lore had more emphasis on them as individuals, and more connections with the world around them. Even without the "story" part of the biography, we get very little of who Jhin is, how and where he fits into the world as an individual, and more about his victims and murders and their effects than the person behind them. We're missing key parts of his story and development that are present in almost all the other aspects of champion bios in the new style so far. That's what I meant. It feels flat and lacking, comparatively speaking, in my opinion. > * **The ninjas in the story** The ninjas are a nice detail, certainly, but they take up a good portion of the biography, along with the effects the murders had on them and their lives. But, why are we reading more about Shen, Zed, and Kusho in Jhin's bio than we are about Jhin? Almost half of the entire biography details what happened to them, and not Jhin. And what little we do get about him only suggests at his personality. Then, we hear about where he was imprisoned, where he got his weapons, how he got let out, and very little else. This should be Jhin's story, not the ninjas'. The extra information is fine, but it doesn't belong there. It isn't Jhin's story. > * **The Wuju masters** I agree with this point. I wasn't trying to complain that they didn't give more, but rather that, if this is somehow an important detail, why was it not referenced more? Or, if it's not important, then why is it here at all? This information, again, would be better placed in Master Yi's lore update, or some other such thing, instead of being placed in Jhin's story where it feels tacked on for no other reason than to fill space or inject tiny tidbits of information unrelated to Jhin himself. > * **Why not demacian?** Piltover isn't a terrible place to put him either, admittedly. He would make an absolutely amazing rival for Caitlyn in-particular for that matter. However, since Demacia and Piltover are allies to some degree in established canon, and his aesthetics more closely match Demacian aesthetic choices in color, it very solidly places him in a position of possibility. We already know Demacia enjoys their plays, thanks to "A Good Death", so having him as an actor in Demacia or even Piltover would be a spectacular link to existing world events. In addition to that, a noble in Demacia, linked to a family of high regard, would have a great deal of access to art, theater, opera, and creativity of all kinds. There's also the added benefit of showing that Demacia, as an entity, is not squeaky clean and lacking of any crimes internally. So far, the only crimes to actually be committed in Demacia are, to my memory, Sivir's drunken rampage, which may not even be canon anymore, and an assassination attempt on the king, which is probably tied to Noxus, and not an internal Demacia faction. That, and the only "crimes" we know of are Fiora's breach of honor and protocol in her new lore, which may not actually be criminal in the traditional sense. Even still, if there was ever a need for someone or something to stir up the uptight nation of Demacia, a serial killer like Jhin, exactly the opposite of what they seem to believe evil is, would be perfect for them. It would add so much to the world in just one character in far more meaningful ways than he currently does for Ionia, and doesn't stretch established norms to the breaking point in the process. Again, my opinion. > * **Why Jhin is an Ionian and how it fits into the worldbuilding** The difference is that all of those mentioned champions still follow an Ionian aesthetic. Zed is a ninja, and one of shadow. Varus is an archer, and corrupted by his desire for vengeance. Syndra uses magic and her will to fight, and was molded by Ionian practices of meditation before she broke free. All of those tie in to the Ionian setting. All of them share classically Ionian aspects. Martial mastery (bows/ninjas), and mental mastery (meditation and control over one's natural abilities), are tied to eastern culture in very big ways. Jhin doesn't fit into any established Ionian precedents, except perhaps "smithing" which is so arbitrarily tossed in to his biography it might as well be a meaningless footnote. He has no mental mastery, his mind is unstable. He has no martial mastery, he does not fight with his body or use a martial weapon. And any concept of balance, equilibrium, or even ideals of power or strength (in the case of Zed or Syndra), are lost on him, as all he cares about is his art, which is murder and killing. That is his one driving goal. From his mask, which follows no Ionian aesthetics, to his arm and gun, which follow no Ionian aesthetics or established technology, to his clothing, which looks more Demacian than anything, he has nothing linking him to Ionia. He is the single most un-Ionian Ionian to exist, and more disconnected from any locale of origin than anyone else in lore to the best of my memory at the moment. That says something. Again, in my opinion, there is no reason for him to be Ionian, and he just does not feel "right" there. > * **The guns and technology** I can agree, somewhat, to this point. However, if that is true, then that connection and development should have been played up more in his biography, to better explain how and why he has very advanced firearms in a nation that should not technically have them at the moment based on their established cultural norms. However, in a world where Noxus, Demacia, Freljord, and Shurima, some of the most powerful entities in the world can get by on swords, axes, magic, and plate armor, then Hextech and firearms, which are very recent and rare technology for the most part, would be very rare and not widespread. Piltover, Zaun, Bandle City, and Bilgewater have some access to these weapons, some more than others, but truly, all of those entities are single places. Bandle City is small, Piltover and Zaun are single cities as far as we know, and Bilgewater is mostly relegated to a small island chain. So, the largest, most powerful, and most dominating states on Valoran and Runeterra have no need for guns to maintain their supremacy, and with power like Shyvana, Lux, Garen, Poppy, Morgana, Sion, Swain, Azir, Nasus, Xerath, Lissandra, Anivia, and Olaf, to name a few, it's easy to see why hextech and guns aren't very popular or widespread. Runeterra is a world where magic is stronger and more prevalent than technology in most cases, especially advanced technology. Shadow and Fortune showed how useless all those guns were against the Harrowing... Jhin's rifle means nothing to Syndra, who can lift entire mountains and temples into the air, or Azir, who can raise entire forgotten cities and empires, or even Karma, or Udyr, or Master Yi. They may still be mortal, but in a world where such powers exist, bullets and guns are not where the major advancements lie. They may give men like Jhin an advantage against peasants and untrained warriors, but there is a reason those political powers are what they are. Magic trumps almost anything, and hextech is mostly rare. So, Ionia suddenly advancing into advanced arms on par with the most experimental technologies of the world in just a handful of years? I find that world-breaking for the culture and setting. Even if Japan advanced quickly, let's not forget their stubborn traditionalism as well, and that trait extends far beyond Japan itself and into a number of eastern cultures. If Japan had magic like Syndra, or swordplay like Master Yi, I doubt they'd have cared much if the rest of the world started showing them guns. Again, the above is my opinion, and I can understand if people don't agree, but I think my points, for the most part, have merit.
But one of Jhin's key character concepts is that he defies convention- the well-trodden road is the soulless one, lacking flair or panache. He always wants to be on the cutting edge, on the avant-garde. Just because he was born into Ionia doesn't mean that he can't find their traditions backwards. His weapon is unique to himself (A Death in Three Parts, quite literally), and he likely modified it to his own specifications with the resources from the Kaushuri armory. It's not too hard to believe that a shadowy cabal in the heart of the Ionian High Council would be able to afford the services of some ex-patriot Piltian techmaturgist. After their country was absolutely devastated by hextech armaments, surely members of the Ionian High Council would be incredibly interested in harnessing such weapons for their own use. Kind of like how the Soviets kicked their nuclear weapons program into high gear after witnessing the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only on a more personal basis. As to why he uses his ornate rifle when magic is technically more powerful? Well, besides the fact that even the most powerful mage can't protect themself from what they can't see, he's not hunting mages. He's hunting Noxians, who by and large (Swain and Vlad notwithstanding) use martial weapons.
: @Narrative Team - Problems with Jhin from a writer
Well, Jhin's backstory doesn't need to be terribly complex- he simply lives for the thrill of his perfect, meticulous killings. He had done so for years before the Kinkou Order's investigation, he did so for years during their investigation, and he would have done the same thing forever until Master Kusho and his apprentices finally caught him. Besides a desperate, gnawing need to create, he's perfectly content with his life. The investigation marks one of the only major shifts in his life, from freewheeling "Golden Dragon" to ex-con turned secret weapon of the Ionian state, and it makes sense for the lore to focus on the investigation rather than Jhin himself.
: Speaking of Title Changes... Sivir?
How about the Mercenary of the Sands?
Morgra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Overlord Forte,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=o6YPk9HZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-17T21:52:03.440+0000) > > One never leaves a contract with a demon better in anyway. They always bring ruin, in one form or another, with their business. > > Your example is one (if I understood correctly) of the ways he might acquire misery. It's also possible he prefers 'straight' deals with one or a few people, due to the scale of things. Emotional misery of his contractor might be the prime meat he's after, rather than secondary (someone else suffering as a consequence). This ties into your question about him starting wars - a people suffering in misery might be completely different, and the stomping grounds of a different demon (Hi Aatrox). > > I would presume, for simplicity's sake, he's a very personal and 1-to-1 kind of demon. This pretty much sums it up. Generally Tahm makes deals with someone that is willing to gamble. He's a lot like Thresh in the manner of he picks someone of interest (Thresh will hunt someone who perks his interest and slowly breaks them mentally), someone who is willing to make a deal with him. Tahm is a Crossroads demon, which will help you with something, but in turn ask for a heavy price. In the case of Tahm, he will help you with whatever you want, but the price is everything you enjoy, thus making misery for the person, what he is truly after.
Building off of that, he appears most typically when he's invoked- when someone's desperate enough to strike a bargain with him. There's no teaming up with Tahm Kench because he comes for you when you're most vulnerable. If Tahm Kench wanted someone else's misfortune, he'd strike a deal with them instead.
: Mafia Braum idea
Just advice for the future, if you're presenting an idea from an artist, please post the art you're referencing along with the name of the artist. Karamlik did work hard on making the splash art, and they deserve the credit! [Safe Breaker Braum, by Karamlik](
: Tahm Kench Chroma
But yes, Tahm Kench deserves all the love Rito can give. Also I'd be surprised if Tahm didn't get a World's skin at this point, given how central he is to the Worlds meta right now.
: {{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:69}}{{champion:29}} {{champion:6}} ,What toxic champ ru talking about
Teeeeeeechnically, Urgot doesn't have poison- he has acid. ;D
Fowus (NA)
: he made battlecast not bioforge
I'm pretty sure it was {{champion:27}} who made the Bioforge skin line, actually.
Smelp (NA)
: Champion that needs a legit skin (Karthus)
How about Bath Time Karthus? Appearance wise he's got a fluffy bathrobe, shower cap, and a loofah staff. Q- Spawns actual bubbles, complete with bubble popping noises. W- Spawns a shower curtain. E- Swirling bubble bath water surrounds him, complete with rubber ducky in the bottom right. R- A shower head appears over all enemy champions' heads, rinsing them with the hot water that only AP Karthus can.
: So... Miss Fortune doomed Bilgewater
I think that Bilgewater has more pressing matters, given the time of year. The Black Mist approaches...
: > [{quoted}](name=Social Justice 1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t1sEJUPd,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-10-07T23:38:51.756+0000) > > Darius won... one game at worlds? two maybe? > > Like, Balls has more kills on Darius than everybody else at worlds combined yeah, because Balls was the only one actually playing Darius properly. I watched everyone else play him and they all either missed their e (and consequently got kited to death as everyone else had mobility-his e is essential in a fight), or everyone was in melee range of Darius' q and Darius missed his heal and his bleed damage. Both of these things is what makes up Darius, if you miss one or both, darius is now useless. So Balls actually positioned himself properly and got his e a couple times. He did miss a few but he hit more than he missed. Then he got the bleed damage and the heal. Heal saving him in a fight near dragon and getting him 1 or 2 extra kills I think. When someone knows how to play Darius, then he's good. Also, notice how he had an 88% ban rate (21 bans) and was the #1 pick as a top laner. Regardless of how they played, they were picked because of people (and the players themselves) believing that Darius is op. Pair that with someone who knows how to use him and you get a Balls
This- the Darius play at worlds has been incredibly sloppy. I don't know it they just wanted to cast it once per fight to say they did, but so many times I've seen Dariuses try and dunk targets without activating Bloodlust. Considering how gated its damage output is by how many stacks you have on your opponent combined with whether you have that bonus passive AD going, the spell is completely irrelevant in fights unless used properly. If you can't dunk your first target, there'll be no resets and no dunk train.
Enosetc (NA)
: Veigar shouldn't be an anti-mage
I honestly just think his stun is too big, and too long. It's essentially an entire Thresh ultimate with harder cc (Granted Thresh's ultimate does damage, but considering the now-unavoidable Veigar burst is coming its lack of upfront damage is little compensation). It makes it so hard for squishies to get into the fight at all, and that's when he's not there to burst you. I think the ultimate point is, each element on its own is okay as a point of strength, but when he's a burst/control/anti-mage mage at the same time it starts to feel a little overwhelming.
: Hiya xXPlasmidXx, This is actually working as intended. :]
Really now? That raises more questions than I feel it answers, haha. I guess Brand is a more mysterious figure than I thought.
  Rioter Comments
: A Good Death
This was incredible! One question though: In the last bit, was it the King and Queen of Demacia, or some other nation?
: Some questions about Viktor(Lore)
I believe Viktor had his work stolen by prominent Zaunite scientist Dr. Stanwick Pididly, tarnishing his name and causing him to mechanically augment himself to remove feelings of grief and shame. I honestly think, as far as Zaun goes, Viktor is an outcast, looking to take the whole city-state by force and punish the society that basically ruined his life. He's probably staying underground, working on his Batttlecast creations and biding his time until he has the numbers to make a move. Where his money comes from, I have no idea. Illicit underground activity maybe? Maybe Ekko hates him because he might be picking up Zaun street kids for test subjects.
: Does Rengar Hunt the most Dangerous Game?
Well, wasn't that initially why he was in the League- to hunt the most dangerous game in Runeterra, period?
Neamean (NA)
: People are all like Project VS Battlecast
I think people are trying to fit the Project line into the larger future-Valoran timeline that's been constructed throughout the years, and that timeline is characterized by the Full Metal/Resistance/Mecha skins and the Battlecast skins. Maybe they all exist in the same universe :o
: There is also a scientist (I can't remember his name) that stole {{champion:112}}'s research. He is definitely a possibility.
Professor Stanwick Pididly! Now that's a name I haven't heard in ages.
: Where do the Project Skins fit into the lore?
The vibe I get from the Project skins is (judging by Yi in particular since he got the most lore out of the bunch) is that they /are/ the champions, who were technologically enhanced largely against their will for some purpose. Did someone want them as their own personal bodyguards? Or were they augmented to help fight against a larger threat, perhaps {{champion:112}} and his Battlecast army? Maybe the Mecha line and the Project line were attempts to stave off a war that they were losing, and more desperate measures had to be taken. Honestly, it could have been a futuristic Zaun. They've always been "the ends justify the means" in regards to science, and maybe Viktor posed enough of a threat to Runeterra that Zaun stepped up to create their own supersoldiers, outfitted with highly advanced technology but not through the most moral of means.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: If Randuin's decreases magical "crit" then IE and Runes should increase magical crit
If you were trying to protect yourself from those nasty solo Karthus bubbles, building magic resist would help you infinitely more than a {{item:3143}} , and likewise if you wanted to deal more sweet bubble damage you would never build an {{item:3031}}- you would build AP. Likewise no magic crit champ is concerned with crit chance, because all of their crits involve them achieving specific scenarios.
: Please.
Force of Nature DDD: No singed build will ever be the same without it. Rest in peace, you were too good for this world.
: Anyone Remember This?
I miss its long range ward. {{item:3070}} _{{item:3070}}
: This is great! i agree with a lot of what you said and wish i had your input earlier in the project when i posted the lore of each champion on reddit lol. I feel like i needed Vi to create the boots because she was in such a poor state in her life on the streets. stealing tech doesn't necessarily give you the knowledge of how to use it let alone take it apart. And yea {{champion:254}} basically learned from stripping hextech hardware and learning how they worked which is something i didn't want to replicate in another champion. I do agree however with the hextech battery, i would almost put viktor as another nemesis for trying to steal the boots from Rae. The way i put it in the lore was maybe a destroyed facility that was forgotten and it ended up surviving whatever happened there. maybe its a place viktor himself destroyed but never found what he was looking for. The silhouette was difficult because i wanted to boots to be tight on her but i was aware that scale really needed to come into play for the silhouette. If i had more time during the end of the project i probably would have girthed up the armor and increase the armor around the foot. I was hoping the glowing streams of light as she glides through the rift would be enough much like ekko. Her sleek outfit was to mirror a master theif. cushioning for her elbows, shoulders, knees, and wrists and i had to create a system that took power created from the belt to the boot so it was a lot to think about. My color choices were mainly from Vi's color pallet however i wanted to do multiple color pallets to experiment what looked better. i originally had a White/black/orange look that looked wayyyyy too much like something from Mass Effect. i would really just have to go back and tweek the belt and boots to get the feel of a piltover character. I hope to keep working on this if Riot takes a look. i might be starting a new champion too so we will see.
A cool idea could be having her learn the tech from maintaining the machines in the factory? In 19th century factories, small children were often employed to get into small nooks and crannies in machinery that adults couldn't reach- maybe it could be something like that? A lot of learning tech from work in the day, and stealing by night! Also as far as the boots go: What if they were more like these prosthetic legs? Not saying they have to look the same, but to get that kind of springiness that might be really helpful as a thief. They wouldn't look too bulky, and the springiness could give her walk cycles and ability animations a lot of flair, and go a long way towards creating that unique silhouette.
: League of Legends Champion Concept - Rae
A lot of people have weighed in on her kit, but I'm going to chime in about her lore and art design. Why have Vi involved so closely in her lore at all? It kinda back-fills another champ's lore, and also I think having her build her own boots is a much stronger thematic choice. She's the one taking the pretensions of Piltover into her own hands, and it strengthens her identity as both a master mechanic and a thief. (Also if I recall correctly, I'm pretty sure Vi just retrofitted pre-existing industrial gauntlets to suit her own needs- I'm not sure how advanced of an engineer she actually is.) Also I'd hesitate to make her Hextech battery a "battery like no other," considering that {{champion:112}} is actively hunting rare power sources for his own purposes. It could be an advanced prototype (maybe Jayce Labs R&D to try and recreate the destroyed power core?), but making the battery a more realistic object grounded in the world of Piltover serves to not only flesh out Rae's lore, but also Piltover in general. Other than that, I like the idea of her stealing an advanced power source to fuel her own tech. Design wise, she might not have a unique-enough silhouette. We'll be seeing her from the top down, and champs need to be able to be identified at a glance in teamfights, and still readable as the same champ through different skins. Push those boots! Don't make them monster stompers, but do make them visible from the isometric perspective. Also, her tech looks kind of more Project-esque than Piltover-esque. League (at this point) has style guides for a lot of different tech styles, from Battlecast (Harsh gunmetals, diesel fuel) to Project (Cyberpunk, lots of square angles) to Piltover (lots of clockwork, lots of polish- unless it was created by street toughs like {{champion:254}} , but that design choice further strengthens the character design.). I'd say get inspired by other Piltover champ's design, and while not copying them, adjust Rae's tech to seem like it would be at home in that world, while maintaining her own stylistic flair. All in all a solid effort! This is just my advice for pushing it the next step.
: Why is Demacia so Boring?
To me, what's so compelling about Demacia isn't that they're JUSTICE, THE LIGHT OF RUNETERRA. It's that they identify themselves as JUSTICE, THE LIGHT OF RUNTERRA, which isn't the same thing. They have an incredible self-righteous streak, and anyone who doesn't march in lock-step with the "Demacian ideal" is basically a traitor and enemy of the state. They're probably just as expansionist as Noxus, due to their belief that their ideology is the righteous one, and that the other countries of Runeterra should fall behind their banner as a result. Pair that with a regent (J4) whose personal suffering at the hands of Noxus leads to a deep and brutal enmity that could easily translate into all-out war, especially since the League of Legends is no longer canon, and nothing's stopping Noxus and Demacia from going to war. tl;dr for all their claimed moral superiority, they're extreme ideologues at best, near fascists at worst.
salvaro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Razur,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ElRl7dOM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-04T06:21:00.496+0000) > > [Blood Cabalist Syndra by TheClintHennesy on Deviant Art.]( Nice, good job stating what's already there.**theclinthennesy**-d846qfr.jpg Any more on-the-nose observations?
They're just making sure proper credit is given- just linking something (and then renaming it) doesn't count as proper attribution.
salvaro (NA)
: Order of the Kobra Zed, Guardian of the Sands Zac, Risen Brand
But what if... Risen Singed? A terrible mummy chasing you, with a cloud of sand and scarabs trailing behind him. Can't draw, but. Imagine it in your head
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