: Support Silver II Looking For Duo Partners To Climb to Gold And Beyond
Partied with this guy, and he is a fine player, but he goes afk many times in game. Almost cost us the win. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2150444472/227510954?tab=overview - proof.
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: What? You do know he was perma banned right? And SHIT TONS of people who have spent money have been banned.
They reversed his ban. You should read more.
: ~February~ Ban wave Riot should win a noble for this
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/y5XtpzpL-so-riot-have-taken-my-money-and-dumped-me Riot does unban accounts. Timers are not allowed.... everyone knows this. You cheated and admitted it...
: "Banned due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs or modifications"
Riot does unban accounts, see link http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/y5XtpzpL-so-riot-have-taken-my-money-and-dumped-me
jcd12 (NA)
: Perm Ban, Questions regarding
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/y5XtpzpL-so-riot-have-taken-my-money-and-dumped-me Riot does unban accounts, see link.
: Banned for exploits and 3rd party software use??
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/y5XtpzpL-so-riot-have-taken-my-money-and-dumped-me Dont let them tell you differently, They will undo account bans. They can't make you comply with Terms of Service if they do not enforce the TOS on themselves. Basically they can not have it both ways. Also, you can charge-back the money you spent, since they are not providing the service they agreed to provide when you paid them. They banned a 5 year account of mine for using Curse Voice. Something they also say is ok to use.
Jus2Gud (OCE)
: To all the people saying, "you are responsible for everything that happens on the account, even when hacked." How is that a good business policy? I am a big customer for Riot that was going to continue being one, then I get hacked and get all my stuff taken away? I am not going to go make another account and rebuy all the stuff I lost. I am out for good if my account stays banned. I didn't do anything wrong, and not going to enable someone that assumes I was on a whim. These hackers aren't going to support Riot. They lose money on this.
Its standard legal jumbo. And rito has to adhere to their own policy. This single case can get everyone's account unbanned. They can not pick and choose how to apply their own standards. I suggest we submit this to videogameattorney and watch rito change their tune.
: U didn't play for 3+ years and very rarely bought skins yet still managed to spend 2k dollars on skins? I'm calling shenanigans.
Money talks, Rito is a business. They know honepots like this guy will spend 2k more so the bend the rules and let him cheat all he wants. Thats how life works. Everybody knows this. Free to play systems are designed around this guy and will bend over and take it before losing him and the people he talks to. It sucks, but the only way to change this is to spend 2k yourself. Then you will be one of their golden boys.
: Heya Jus2Gud, Digging into your claim, it actually looks like the scripting occurred in two games during a period of established compromise. Your case was definitely mishandled, and I'm gonna work to make sure it doesn't happen again. You've been unbanned, and we'll be reaching out in your ticket with further information. For those seeking some of that hot context, I've made this decision due to the low frequency of abuse and the fact that you were quite clearly hacked (as opposed to voluntarily sharing your account). Thanks for getting this to our attention, we can use your experience to better compensate for cases like this in the future.
No fucking way. It is in your terms of service that you will not unban an account for any reason. I'm going to screenshot this as you can not have it both ways. The whole point in a terms of service is that both parties are held liable to the same things. You banned my account for using Curse voice, and this guy gets off with telling you a bullshit story.
: Extremely Nice 25 yr old Blk Guy looking for companions
: ELO Hell does not exist, to put it simply. Your math is based on a lot of assumptions, and your skill does not determine your MMR most of the time, your rank alone typically does. So the scenario you offered will almost never actually happen, if you are better then your teammates you will be a 100 and the rest of them will still be 50s, just as the enemy team will be 50s. So if you truly are a 100 in an ELO of all 50s then you WILL climb cause you can beat the enemy team more often then not in more ways then just winning lane. If you're still losing most your games, then sorry to say you're actually just another 50 as well.
I never made any claimed to be anything. 100vs50 is a very large difference use to made the point easier to understand and for the most part riot does not allow this and simply keeps searching for a better team. The problem occurs when you are a 60 playing playing in a 50. You cant effectively get any better or win games in a match-made game. IMO, the only way to get better is to play against people who are better than you. You will always be put against teams that are worse than you, and your team will always be worse than your enemies. I find that in a pre-made team the matchmaking games works very well. I really feel like I have both a chance at losing and winning. In a solo game my contribution to the team doesn't change the outcome to the game. You either have the feeder on your team or the enemies team. In a 100 25 25 example, you will end up with two feeders on your team most of the time. In a 60 45 45, you still have the higher chance of a feeder. I personally have climbed from bronze5 to gold1. Beyond that I have no idea what ranked games are like. In this lower elo, the team that doesn't have the feeder(s) wins. Elo Hell doesn't mean you cant ever escape. It just feels like you have to try a disproportionate amount than the other solo queue players.
: Yes, that's why high elo players have really long queue times: there's a very small window of rating that the algorithm allows you to be matched with. The only way you're going to wind up with that kind of rating disparity is if you intentionally queue with someone who's above/below your rank. I swear you can do exactly what you're saying and actually make someone's climb harder if you try to duo with them and they're worse because everyone besides you on your team is playing into stiffer opposition than usual. The thing is, I've done some math simulations of an elo system in a 5 man team setup, and I think everyone's mmr varies in a pretty broad range around their intended rating. So although Riot does a good enough job at making sure you get paired with people of your same skill level, they can't actually get a good enough handle on what your skill level is to do it well enough. At that point, it becomes really hard to climb even if you're better, if you aren't better *enough*. That's why challenjour guys can do an unranked to master in 24 hours stream.
Except, your matchmaking average is affected by time in queue. So if you are in queue 10mins, you are way more likely to lose that game. I imagine it works in cycles. If you queue instantly, then it should be a very even game. After the programmed time has passed, it allows greatly disparity in the skill numbers. This repeats and repeats until a match is found. Edit: Better enough is exactly the issue. I make no claims to be amazing. I just tend to have more failed teammates because I am at least slightly higher in skill lvl. This creates a system were the better player does not have a 50/50 chance of winning. This issue goes away if I am a 150 playing 50's. I made a log of the afks/feeders on my team vs the other team. 75% of the time the afk 0/10 is on my team. The math I have presented is my only theory on why this is possible. Perhaps it works like this. 1-3mins are good average skilled teams, 4-10mins are where the unbalance is out of your favor. After 10mins you will be facing a team far below you and you will carry 1vs5.
: It does :P
I was attempting to use math and explain why it does exist. Even a slight skill advantage by yourself lowers the average skill of the other members you are placed with. Lets use the number 60 instead of 100 #1 50 50 50 50 50 #2 60 45 45 50 50 It is actually worse if the numbers are spread across your team. #1 50 50 50 50 50 #2 70 45 45 45 45 In this case, all match-up except yours are likely to lose.
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