: protan type ( the same type sneaky has ) thank you for reply.
Yeah there. I'll take a look, but we actively tried to improve grey health visibility for all players it as part of the HB update. Not sure why it's worse for you than before which was by most accounts difficult to see regardless of vision impairment.
: Huh. I seriously could have sworn that it showed on the old health bars. My bad
No worries! We run into this stuff all the time, even internally. There are always questions about who sees what and how different data gets displayed. I only knew about this one bc I worked on the feature originally and also on the latest update. Speaking of which, how are you adjusting to the update?
: New healthbars made layering CC alot harder. Can this please be fixed?
Oh hey, just saw this thread. We did not change the behavior of the feature you're describing. It always worked that way precisely so that perfectly layering CC isn't easy to pull off.
1HookBoy (EUNE)
: Can the number of a level be a little more visible, my eyes hurt when I look at it at 1-9 lvls
Yes. We're gonna bump up the size and brightness.
: Please make it an option to return to the old health bar animations. Waiting .5 seconds to see how much health someone actually has might not seem like a long time but it is seriously hard to understand. Get rid of animations and just show the health update immediately or progressively with a definite ending point like the burst damage the old way I absolutely hate this and just stopped playing hoping that next patch will fix it. I can't tell how much health anybody has anymore. That along with the new layout of the health bars entirely...did you make the little 100hp dashes less visible? My eyes are not the best and it's very difficult to see those tiny dashes when the champion is moving. It looks "cleaner" and "cooler" but its readability is severely lower than previous. I can't tell how much health anyone has unless they stop moving. Pls Riot..don't try to make the important things "pretty". The goal of the important things should be practicality and readability and this completely misses the mark for me.
I don't know what you mean, the new animations are significantly faster than the old damage animation. Do you mean the big flashy burst and shake? There's an option to turn that off.
: I have miopia and I cannot read champion levels after "improvement"
Sinneli (NA)
: Is there a way to change the new healthbar to pre-preSeason version?
No, but there's an option to turn off the damage burst colors and shake.
Zodex (NA)
: 4K Resolution Update
What I can commit to is looking into it. Converting the healthbars over into new tech allowed us to make them support 4k. Cursors and minimap icons and some other less important UI bits are still way too small as you noted. Converting those other elements is not simple and not something we would want to take on, but there might be a stopgap solution which just allows them to scale.
: New Health Bars
Damage is actually quicker than it used to be and healing is still instantaneous. LMK how you feel as you get used to the visual changes.
Krabby (EUW)
: with the new healthbar changes the color red which is used in the teamscore (and probably other places too) got changed and it made it really unclear, for me at least. and as far as I know I am not even colorblind. So this could be even worse for colorblind people. What is the reason this color got changed if i may ask (not sure if I am asking at the right person, but might aswel try)
It's such a minor shift, I'm honestly surprised anyone noticed - the reason is just crossed wires. I pulled a screen pulled from Live, is this what you're seeing?
: Are you guys going to do a post about the design choices that went into the new HP bar? I really love seeing the work and thinking that went behind the scenes
I'll post something once we launch. Anything of particular interest to you?
: I need this Live. Now! Anyway I really liked the idea about the Ammo resources for Jhin, Corki and Annie.
Thanks for the note. There's a chance we might bring back themed ammo for those folks as an option.
Corvid (NA)
: Needs a better font and more visible tick marks for 100 health
Are ticks difficult to see for you on all colors?
: Feedback: Please increase the size of champion portraits next to the health bars (kindred mark target, garen villain) or get them to look less pixelated. They look awful at the moment (on PBE)
Eh, the ones on Live are too large IMO.
: all these stuffs are not going to decrease performance on potato pc-s right? PS: also there's no way for you to add an icon so that enemies can see when Illaoi can spawn a tentacle right? pros might count the seconds (since the cd is based on lvl). Low elo (me) doesn't have time for that Also, since we're talking about lifebars. Illaoi's E is untargatable by allies. Ok, but they're not even able to see its hp, other than supposing the amount by looking at the % hp of the lifebar, and the lifebar disappears if you're pointing the mouse on it!!
No performance loss.
Luney (EUNE)
: it triggers me that enemy's level bar isn't on the right side anymore
On Live only Self is on the left. Both Allies and Enemies are on the right which is why we feel like the new standardization isn't a big deal - color pulls most of the weight here for identification.
: I still don't like the font. In my opinion it's way harder to read the level now when champions are moving.
Yeah, text needs a little work. Thanks for the feedback. Thoughts on other aspects of the update?
Rock4 (EUNE)
: Are you planning to add something similar to HotS dot damage/healing? Its super good to see - yep, dat damage of time will kill him, just wait...
Yes we are. Post launch though.
: These version 3 healthbars are lookin' sharp now. Showed 'em to my brother too and he thinks the same. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} >Option to turn off shake is coming this week. Thank the Rito gods.
In game the shake is honestly not disruptive - you'll see when watching streams. Still, it made sense to add an option considering the feedback.
: What does it look like in colorblind mode?
: So something I'd specifically like to see regarding health bars is status changing color effects directly affecting a champions ability to be damaged. Damage reductions, damage amplifiers, invincibility, resurrection, Stasis. Tryn and Kayle are probably the biggest culprits of this especially in a team fight. Having their health bar turn gold lined in red might be a way to clarify the invincibility. But the ~problem goes deeper. There are champions who when activating an ability gain massive damage reduction, such as Galio and Alister. So the questions I come to is: -Should this be telegraphed -if telegraphed, will this hurt the ability of those champions -should a champions ability to be viable be conditional on if damage reduction is telegraphed or not? Just some food for thought.
Yes, those defensive states are displayed in the updated healthbars. Check out the video to see Ali in ult with the DR icon and various champs shredded. If the counterplay hurts those champs substantially, I'm sure the Live balance team will step in.
Krabby (EUW)
: wait, i see there is a icon every 100 health... it seems quite busy right now (is that different live? as I don't know for sure)
Now it's the same as live - a tick every 100hp.
: Have you considered having a different color (purple?) for healthbars of neutral monsters, to distinguish them from things that are enemy-team aligned? It's particularly strange in spectator view that all the neutral monsters look like they're aligned with red team.
Hadn't really considered it, but you're right that there's a host of issues related to one team being red on spectator.
Xyltin (EUW)
: Still no Dragon patience bar? Nooooooo Everything else looks better now. Really start to like it already. And an option to disable stuff like the shacking (maybe options to change all the colors if you want to?) makes it also way better.
If we do dragon patience it would be a next year thing - lotta work though most folks dig the idea. Option to turn off shake is coming this week. LMK if you've got more feedback as you try these out or watch them on stream.
: But why? {{sticker:sg-janna}} I was looking forward to see these, it's a nice touch to add to the flair of a champion. Too much negative feedback?
Yes, but they might come back as an option if enough folks want them.
: What exactly is meant with ammo system having the same treatment as live? Did the flavoured ammo icons get scrapped?
iahim98 (EUNE)
: Would it be possible to add an effect on the health bar for when lifeline passives are available or is it already to much clutter? The reason is similar for anivia and zac passives, you can't be sure weather they have it up, so you can fight them or focus them in a fight.
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Rayven,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=mkJ0zE5m,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-06T22:46:01.979+0000) > > We thought about Zombie timers and it's something we could revisit later. It's really only Karthus and Kog that would benefit as Sion already has a timer of sorts with his health constantly depleting. Kog for sure could use it. Since in Kog's case specifically it might lead to him being easier to counterplay, thoughts on putting a Nautilus passive ring around them and visible to their team, perhaps? Not sure that information needs to go on a health bar specifically, but it's useful information to be sure. Maybe even extend that same timer to Zyra.
Was thinking about limiting who sees it as well. In the Kog case, it's probably most useful for spectating and tracking yourself. Less concerned about the timer TBH.
: Looks like teemo could use a little help there, time to buff him!
Good call, lemme just tweak a few numbers here.
: Can you guys please the current ammo system? The new one proposed looks like a downgrade to be completely honest, and its just kinda hanging around. On the current ammo system it feels really nice to finally reach that final big red bullet that clearly shows its gonna do some damage, whilst the new one just feels bland and out of place.
What should we do with graves, xayah, and ryze then? We've got 2 systems currently.
: ***
Maybe. Less need now that they are basically the same size as what's on live.
Adelvina (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rayven,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=mkJ0zE5m,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-06T22:31:25.594+0000) > > TBH in testing, no one noticed the difference - the bright red sufficiently differentiates enemy from others. From a benefit side, it's way easier to develop in and maintain a single border shape especially when you start adding animations. Please give us more Colorblind options for the health bar, the current one doesn't suit everyone. Example: Tritanopia should have a [light pink]( health bar and Deuteranopia should have a [magenta]( kind of tone. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Give me actual examples, please. We've tested colors with multiple CB types. Edit: I see your examples now. What I'd like to know is if the current colors are hard to for those folks to see rather than what we think they should be.
: Mana bar too small, level numbers too small! What is this, a bar ants?
The mana bar is taller than live. You can see it in the gifs above. Mentioned below that we're gonna be improving the level number in the near future as well.
: I disagree, these Health bars look much more polished than the current ones, and a Solid Color is uglier to look at plus it blends in with the Red HP the Enemies have.
Yeah I don't see how red on red is clearer or more satisfying.
: I assume we're going to be getting a few more screenshots here? Specifically interested in the new Defense/Shred icons, as well as the Extra Life/Unkillable icons, since those were my biggest pain points with the first iteration that we saw. :) New burst is gorgeous though, and I think the adjusted healthbar design is fantastic.
Thanks! We tried to address the feedback we heard last week to find a happy medium. I can get some screens in, but yes, we updated those icons.
Ak2431 (EUW)
: to be fair if level square was a circle shaped and on other side from health bar that were current experience little bar (like it was couple seasons ago) and enemy level on bar was on the right it would be 10/10 perfect health bar and every one would cheer for that human who would bring back old experience bar {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Post launch we're looking at signifying your teammate is about to level up without needing a full meter.
: Is the square under the level number is always gonna be dull after change. I think it is way more easier for me to read those number when it have a bright background. Would you guys consider make it changeable to bright color?
We're gonna make the level numbers a bright colored gradient. Should be in soon.
: Is there any reason why the lost health doesn't start depleting immediately, compared to live which starts to go down as soon as the damage is taken?
For dramatic effect. Totally tuneable though.
Gashian (NA)
: Its More arcadey and I like it. Ever think about giving the numbers that same kind of polish?
Which numbers, the level number or the floating ones which pop out?
: Any chance for some sort of thing for After-Death champs? (Sion, Karthus, Kog'maw) to show how long their After-Death Passive lasts? Just curious :P
We thought about Zombie timers and it's something we could revisit later. It's really only Karthus and Kog that would benefit as Sion already has a timer of sorts with his health constantly depleting. Kog for sure could use it.
: Tbh I don't see the issue with leaving them as they were with some slight tweaks, it looks like I'm playing Mobile Legends with the way the new health bars look, and I feel like seeing the health bar go solid red for one shots is WAY more satisfying than seeing some orange/yellow color like it is getting changed to
What's mobile-looking about this iteration?
ExHentai (NA)
: Can there be an option to put the enemy's level on the right side like it is on live?
TBH in testing, no one noticed the difference - the bright red sufficiently differentiates enemy from others. From a benefit side, it's way easier to develop in and maintain a single border shape especially when you start adding animations.
  Rioter Comments
joeafro (NA)
: So question about kled and the hp bars. Currently it shows a different color bar for skarl but in the new changes its all one color. Can this or will this be changed?
We plan on changing the color of Skarl's health before launch.
: This is kind of a 3 part question for Mr. Meddler and/or any other Rioters involved in development and balance changes, but let me preface it with the following: You guys have always been quick to fix things that are ridiculous since the OG 5x tiamat change going on through League of Cleavers, League of ADuskblade Carries, and now the Galio situation. My first question is, why do we separate balance changes and the pbe? By this I mean, it is really funny to have a beta environment when potentially massive changes as simple as a champion's scaling or w.e is going to be tested in house then shipped to live during the regular ranked season. It seems that there is and never has been any consideration of balance taken from the Beta. This includes cleaver and duskblade etc. My second question is actually in relation to the HP bars changes. When it was first announced I had asked if there was any testing done with colorblind mode, as in the past CB has been largely ignored even with it affecting many pro players. It is apparent that it was not tested in the slightest with that setting turned on throughout the entire development stage. Hopefully it won't be ignored with reports from PBE. Lastly, my third question really ties a majority of this post together. Why does it seem that PBE is just a "does it make the game stop working" environment as opposed to a place for all changes to be tested and looked at. Since the start of this cycle and every cycle I have been on previously, it seems 90% of the bugs, VFX issues, and balance issues are completely ignored, even with hundreds of posts on them, until the patch hits live and then it is "we have disable 13 champions, 24 skins, and 2 items as well as many client features due to some random unknown bugs." To me, the only issues ever addressed on PBE are "does this make the client crash" or "does this make the server/game crash." I hope this is wrong when it comes to pushing the preseason patch to live. I still see many issues that have been present since day 1 that are still not addressed and will likely be modified during preseason. I honestly hope that the CB HP bars issues are not one of those things.
We are testing the healthbar changes with CB rioters as well as widely available tools like those built into photoshop for evaluating colors through the eyes of the various CB types. We will continue to tweak based on feedback as well.
: I thought about this couple days ago. Glad you are doing something about it. Now the cursor needs an update too :)
: Make the healthbars scale properly in 4k and other resolutions. The game is unplayable at 4k since the healthbars are so tiny. It affects the minions healthbars as well. Really off-putting
4k support is part of this update.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Strike that, rather make the healthbar CONSTANTLY bounce around the screen so only veteran players can master keeping track of epic monster health. #skillcheck
Got it. Going with that old screen saver animation where it bounces off the screen edges.
Godalor (EUW)
: Hey, just one question, the old healthbars wouldn't scale with the window resolution, resulting in small healthbars when playing at 1440p and really tiny ones at 4K, making the game unplayable. I know it's not a priority to make the game playable at higher resolutions than 1080p, but can these healthbars scale up their size and resolution when the window resolution changes? Or can we get a Size-Slider for healthbars?
Yep, the new healthbars scale fine at high resolutions. The cursor is still busted though, but that's an existing issue we'll tackle in the future.
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