: Did I deserve a 25 game chat ban?
I think it's more you kept the chat-line open for way too long.
: This is exactly what i'm talkin' about. If Rito has left even a little piece of brain, the position of the players you do not see are not sent to you at all. So even if you capture and decode the packets it does not contain the information of the players you do not see. In shooters it's usually solved in a different way, that's why it's possible there. I think this has performance reasons, but i'm not totally sure.... Just imagine it, in shooters, you can see the shadows of people you do not see exactly, the server would have to calculate if you are supposed to see the shadow or not, it would be quiet a big effort. While in LoL, the XY coordinate of the player is simply checked and decided, it could run even on a not very old washing machine. So I still say, maphacks are not possible in LoL (at least I think).
: > Not the constantly offensive usernames, smurfs, and obvious radar maphack modders. What? O.o Maphack should not be possible in LoL by design. Am i missing something? O.o
It wouldn't be through the game, something would be detecting the connection of the game and decoding the location of players on the map through a map. Google PUBG Radar Maphack or something like that, and you'll see how even though PUBG wasn't itself hacked, it is still inadvertently data-mined to be "hacked." People were literally jsut using a smartphone app to have a radar of EVERYONE in a 100 player game!
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Dodgers- get longer wait times and lose lp Quitters- get an afk queue if doing it too often 20 minutes waiting time and manual bans uppon reoffending. Feeders- aren't punished unless it is found to be intentional -> the system that does that isn't perfect though. Tribunal - a punishment system that was removed because the backlog was 6 friggin months long and growing at the time of removal. Draft pick - normal games, meant for practice. People pick new champs here.
The Tribunal System obviously didn't have enough automation. Going 0/12 is clearly feeding and could be automated. And over 50% of those brought to Tribunal never re-offended. (Source; https://www.lol-smurfs.com/blog/lol-tribunal/)
: Dodging is part of the game. People dodge to not play with toxic teammates etc or not to face a specific champion. Practicing a champ is supposed to be in normal games not bots, whats point of playing new champion if you are going to play with bots? You wont learn anything. I'm pretty sure riot bans feeders or at least try to, if not then you can send screenshot to lol support and they might do something about it.
**_You're living breathing evidence of what needs to be done._**
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Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
This is false. Players are obstinate BEFORE getting flamed. There are always hotheads, that never changes, but that doesn't create trolls.
: Not banning people for leaving Queues and Feeding soon enough...
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