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: Im gonna go out on a limb and say you lost your account. Riot gives 0 fucks about context. You offended a special snowflake that is horrible at the game and made you lose, you bad bad man.
To my surprise, riot was actually amazing with this. I contacted a human a day after the ban and he talked me through everything, just ran over some stuff a said and decided that i didn't deserve the permanent ban. He didn't even give me a two week ban, just a chat restriction for a few days and that was it. So yeah, I have my account back and everything, I'm very impressed with riots customer service. Huge thumbs up from me!
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: I agree with you. I encourage you to refer to that quote specifically - and explain that based on that ticket, you were permanently banned with no prior punishments from this log (which is inaccurate). I do encourage you to as always be polite and respectful, don't be an ass to whoever's handling your support ticket. Your account lies in their hands right now, and per the Terms of Use they can ban you for any reason, at any time - thus they're under no *legal* obligation to undo it. Technically, them undoing the permanent ban is a favor or service gesture to you - and it's more likely to happen the more polite, understanding, and patient you are with them. Best of luck to you.
Yeah you're right, I'll wait as long as it takes I just can't lose my account. Thanks for your help and Input I appreciate you
rujitra (NA)
: So, it's important to go back to your ticket about your 14 day ban and read it carefully. Removing a punishment does not necessarily mean removing *record* of it. That being said, if they truly did **pardon** you - as in remove the punishment **and** say it was in no way merited whatsoever, then they should reduce this punishment as well. If all they did was remove the punishment as a courtesy (ex: if you were hacked and they removed it but told you that it was still on your record), then you're probably out of luck. All in all, it's best if you contact support ASAP, and reference the ticket number that you discussed your prior "punishment" (or lack thereof) in.
I found the email from the support member who contacted me. This is what he said: Hey there, What the other player did definitely isn't cool, so I'll look into it and make sure the appropriate actions are taken. However, because we do want to protect player privacy I won't be able to talk about any actions made to the account. Looking into your account it looks like our system did penalize you for repeating the other player called you so I'll go ahead and lift the ban for you and any effect it had. However, we do have a very strict policy and don't want player to say these kinds of things even when repeating others. It does only take a single report for us to look into and action on an account and multiple reports doesn't effect whether or not an account is actioned on either so when players say things like this only your report is needed. As you can see, he said "I'll lift the ban for you and any effect it had", meaning it should've been erased from my record. I'm just trying to provide more information to show that a permanent ban was not warranted.
: As it were, all you can do is sit tight and wait for their response. Bumping your ticket will only send it to the back of the queue.
Okay got it. I appreciate you man thanks for the help
: I've a few concerns, and I'll get the small one out of the way first; Is this log C/P'ed straight from the Client? 'Cause I've never really seen /All chat indicators on in-Client chat logs, though I have seen them in chat logs returned from Support Tickets (although those also have timestamps). It's a very small concern, since it doesn't ultimately affect anything, but I'm curious nonetheless. The other concern, though, is prior punishment history. This chat log is definitely toxic (and it's good that you can admit as much; knowing is half the battle, so they say), but I definitely agree that this isn't a particularly egregious case. If you had your 14-day appealed, and if this is the full, unedited chat log, then I can see a case where the IFS made an error on your punishment. Keep an eye on your Support Ticket, and explain the situation as best you can to Riot if need be. False-positive punishments are rare, and it's at least likely that whoever handled your appeal may have forgotten to revert your punishment history in the IFS when lifting your suspension. Best of luck with your Ticket, and if you've any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
I appreciate it man. I know what I said was wrong but yeah since I was never given a two week warning to begin with then I think I at least deserve that. Thanks for your help, they haven't responded to my ticket with a human yet I'm still waiting on them. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process or do I just need to wait?
: Before I start, let me say that I'm not a Riot Employee, just a knowledgeable player. That said, it's not unprecedented for extreme behavior to result in a permanent ban out of the gate, but such a strict escalation in punishment is typically reserved for the worst of the worst offenses; death threats, revealing personal information about others, etc. Depending on how toxic you were, a permanent ban could have been warranted. As it stands, though, you're leaving out a lot of information on your behavior, so it's not possible to really say what level of punishment would be merited. To that end, I have to ask; what toxic behavior _were_ you punished for? If you have chat logs, those would also help.
Game 3079870521: Craydine: no sums bot [All]Craydine: lul you got caught you [All]Craydine: out* Craydine: still no sums bot [All]Craydine: be my guest [All]Craydine: fair nuff Craydine: target kennen Craydine: chill Craydine: he lagged [All]Craydine: 0/3 Craydine: 4 bot Craydine: bro Craydine: you cant feed Craydine: stay behind tower let us carry Craydine: yeah Craydine: kennes fed as fuck Craydine: cant fight him Craydine: ty auri Craydine: mid throwing this game man Craydine: play fucking safe Craydine: please Craydine: jax..... Craydine: guys Craydine: what Craydine: the Craydine: fuck Craydine: Aurel Craydine: never fucking play this game again [All]Craydine: report our fucking midlaner [All]Craydine: holy fuck [All]Craydine: hes the reason we lost Craydine: kennen Craydine: is the entire team Craydine: kill him Craydine: we win [All]Craydine: lmfao [All]Craydine: took you ten years Craydine: volli Craydine: build mr Craydine: holy shit Craydine: end Craydine: go mid Craydine: gotta be careful Craydine: off kennen ult Craydine: back Craydine: mid Craydine: sol def Craydine: defend Craydine: till inhibs up Craydine: 5 mid Craydine: care [All]Craydine: yeah [All]Craydine: report top and mid [All]Craydine: absolutely fucking useless [All]Craydine: actually voli did ok [All]Craydine: sol tho [All]Craydine: worst player ive ever seen [All]Craydine: 0/11 [All]Craydine: jfc Post Game Lobby: Craydine: 8k champ damage Craydine: thank you sol Craydine: thank you As I stated, I was very toxic and own up to that. Im fine taking a ban, but a permanent ban for just insulting my team mates? I never used anything racist or homophobic, i was just salty they purposely fed then went afk.
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