: I am going to stop playing top lane and you should too.
Naon (NA)
: Couldn't be more accurate. I miss the assassin meta tbh. ADCs actually had to worry about dying. Now they just instantly blow the assassin up so he/she can't even do their 1 job that they had to begin with. Atleast once an assassin went in and did their rotation, they were done and most likely going to die after. ADCs don't even have to worry about this. They point and auto attack things to death like they are a walking turret.
Which assassin are you talking about? I've been maining assassin mid lane role since season 3, and I'v gotten to Plat or higher on my accounts every season. It been fun, I've had no trouble. I've built according to situation every time and things work out. Adc's are easy to solo out. Honestly the only bump was the relic adc thing, that was hard af to deal with.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: "They have memed me for too long"
Salson (EUNE)
: Are you salty because more people care about an imaginary character's birthday than yours?
Oh. My. God. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Rockman (NA)
: so close
Now that's just tragic.
Salron (NA)
: Well that's it.
Its... terrifying.
: Zoe is a champion that rewards bad gameplay.
I totally agree with how forgiving a champion Zoe is, (I also hate the low cool downs) but at the same time, there are so many more "overpowered" champions in League already. As I see some comments already saying, there are quite a few champions that counter Zoe pretty hard. Not to mention, (as goes for any champion reliant on positioning) warding helps out with playing against her a lot. Just like Fizz, and trying to dodge his ultimate. Just gotta be ready to dodge the sleep.
: "your snowdown shop opens december 12th"
: "You're only level 37, what do you know?"
Well anyone who uses level as a rating of skill is obviously not very bright. This parallels to mastery. Just because you have level 5 mastery on a champion doesn't mean you're skilled with the champion, it simply displays that you play them a lot. Just because you're level 200 doesn't mean you're good at the game, (Your RANK displays your skill level) it simply means you play _alot._
: Rengar vs Xayah and Rakan
: Hey all, This is actually my first red name post, but this is some work that touches on a lot of aspects that are near and dear to me :) Being the art lead on the client and returning to working on the client again soon (I moved over to work on the leveling system and the health bar design with some awesome folks), I have quite a bit on context around the client's design and visual language. First and foremost, I love the work you've done here. You've taken a lot of the visual language of Hextech and created a beautiful rendition of a personalized player space. There's a lot of things that actually replicate some personal exploratory directions myself and others have made too, which is awesome. If you'd ever like to explore the option of working here, I'd be more than willing to review your portfolio and talk to you offline about opportunities we have available. We have quite a few openings in LA and other regions worth exploring here: https://www.riotgames.com/work-with-us/disciplines/art (look under visual design). Add me in NA under SpicyMemeDreamz and under your posting name here and we can talk more. Secondly, it makes me sad that so many people here have said "too bad Rito will never do this" but I understand where the frustration comes from. Ultimately, things like this can fall into a balancing act of prioritizing delivering new features vs. innovating already established ones. It's a pain point that myself and others are very aware of and constantly trying to improve, but progress takes time. I WISH it was as easy as taking a new design and copy pasta'ing it into the client to make changes like this, but there's an intricate web of data being fed into each part of the client that takes a lot of problem solving and up-front work to do correctly. Just know that this particular problem space is something we are aware of and working daily to improve on. Thank you all for not only highlighting the need for improvement in this area, but congratulating OP on the level of quality in these design directions.
I agree! Such amazing work and concept art for these wonderful changes. So creative and fun! So glad to see this is getting taken into serious consideration to be implemented.
: +20 Q damage +200 range ulti +buffed MR
He's been nerfed the hell out of with everything pre-pre-season... I'd say this is a fair thing to test out and to get right before the new season starts. (Seriously... keep in mind its PRE-SEASON... perfect time to test things.)
: So lemme get this straight...again...
I'd say before complaining like this, play it out. Go play a good five to ten games on the changes before questioning wether they're okay or not. If you have, awesome, valid concerned opinion. If not, try it out! Their job is to balance an ever progressing game, so keep in mind they're not trying to ruin your champion. It's a tough job, an if they screwed up, I'm sure gameplay from thousands of players will help prove that thoroughly.
: "Gods dwell around us, in the sky, in between clumps of soil and behind the veil of stars."
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Wuks (NA)
: Varus: As We Fall | League of Legends Music Video
Incredible! I hope to see more lore stories come to life with animation like this! Gave me chills.
Aseph (NA)
: A completely serious, totally legit question for Riot.
I remember commenting on this years ago, I'm so glad its still here. WE'RE STILL WAITINGGGG {{item:2420}}
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Rauhdin (NA)
: Did Riot say they was releasing it on another patch?
I just saw a few hours ago that it is in this patch, its just not released. So yes, it will be released during this patch, probably in a few weeks or so.
Rauhdin (NA)
: Championship Zed release?
As a Zed main, this is pure torture. I thought it was going to come out during 6.18. I HAVE TO WAIT FOR YET ANOTHER PATCH TO PLAY AS THE NINJA KING'S MOST EPIC FORM. Oh well. Pink Zed will satisfy me for now.
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Is it just me or does she look like Emma Stone? {{champion:78}}
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
What makes this champion so different? What special ability defines her character?
: Kalista Q&A coming 11/11
I want to know what defines this character? What really makes her different from all other champions? What ability is special and unique to HER?


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