Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
It might make more sense to tie his innate tankiness, be it a shield or a heal, to procing Brittle. Then it's less relevant in lane, but if he hits a lot of champions with a good ult or W, then he gets a lot tankier for that fight.
: I'm amazed there was no description written on the nerfs to the 47% winrate {{champion:223}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
in some ways it's still a buff. Devour is cheaper, so if you use it on minions to spit at people it's an efficient way to poke whereas before it would run you oom pretty fast. Shorter lash cooldown means more dps.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
What do you think about Wukong? Despite being a diver, he's built and played a lot more like an assassin. It seems to me that Decoy is to blame for that. With those builds Decoy is often used when out of sight (Duskblade allowing you to know when you're seen) to enter stealth without the decoy visible to spook anyone, and burst the victim. That seems like the least fun way to use Decoy (it might as well just be a spell that makes you go invisible) and I think Decoy and maybe his passive need to be changed to encourage the more interesting use cases. For example, I was thinking that if his passive were changed to healing when knocking an enemy champion airborne, and a small knockback were attached to Decoy, then tankier builds built around decoying in the middle of fights might show up. (and pure damage assassin builds would lose the free resists that encourage their playstyle)
: Help us make 3 minigames in 48 hours! (Team Jam Packed - Thunderdome XI)
beach volleyball for the pool party theme. implement boob physics. league of dead or alive. pls
Riot Jag (NA)
: Changed it so additional ones are classified as DoTs. Still has good synergy with Gunblade but I don't think it's broken. If it becomes too strong I can nerf it but I'm not too concerned.
Does this only affect champions, or are hits beyond the first on minions classified as DoTs as well?
: You need 100% attack speed. Nashor's is 50%, Guinsoo's is 25-73% (but I'm not sure if top value of Guinsoo's works for the upgrade since it says permanent bonus). Also it's not like Guinsoo's is a regular AP item, giving only 50 AP without stacks (which is when you'd be poking with W probably). I just think that for a champion who is supposed to work with multiple playstyles, it seems odd to have 2 of the ability upgrades come from ad itemization and only 1 from magic.
AS from levels counts towards it as well, so you only actually need 70% AS to get her E upgrade at level 18. Nashors + Rageblade gets you there at level 16. You only need more if you don't want to wait until then. Berzerker's Greaves can be just as important on an AP build as any other for this reason. You might regret not getting magic penetration, but the extra AS certainly doesn't go to waste. Stacks from Rageblade don't count. It's only permanent item stats.
Riot Jag (NA)
: What Do I Build On Kai’Sa?
Duskblade is a bit of a hard sell, since her E invisibility isn't actually long enough to reactivate it. She still gets value out of it, but not necessarily more than any other adc. I'd rather build Cleaver, not too much less ad, more cdr, more armor pen if you open up with a full q, and some health for a little safety. Crit isn't bad, but it seems like it gets outperformed in single target by full ap builds, and outperformed in runaans aoe by hybrid. Speaking of Runaans, It's kinda weird not to mention it when it means you can potentially refund your E three times as fast.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 14
I'd honestly love for TP not to be the standard choice for toplaners. I think the most important change to accomplish that would be to make it start the game on cooldown. It feels pointless to take something like Ignite to win fights when you'll end up having to back, and your opponent will just teleport back to lane and get an xp advantage over you. (often invalidating the gold advantage you got from the kill) If TP starts the game on cd, then there's time to meaningfully interact with/punish your opponent in the earlygame. You could also give TP a longer cd, but make it refund some cd with unique takedowns (unique takedown cd refund per cast, so you can't just bully your lane opponent endlessly and convert it into map pressure). That'd make it less of a comeback spell and more of a way to snowball your map presence.
Meddler (NA)
: More likely just replacing it. It does offer meaningful power, but that power's not satisfying or particularly engaging. Possible there's some solution that improves it enough to be worth augmenting instead, but I'd be a little surprised.
It'd be interesting if she interacted with the river in some way. Maybe increased movement speed on the river as she freezes it, or longer cc duration on the river. Could give her some objective control.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 10
Any thoughts on Sion? I feel like his infinite health stacking gimmick got stolen by Cho'Gath, and the fix on his Q making it not have max range if snap cast removed some reliability from his laning and lategame. He can usually bully his way through laning phase, but it's very hard to do anything with that power later on I find. (It sometimes seems better to try to splitpush with his ult as an escape rather than trying to teamfight)
K1tsune (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CrazyMLC,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=24K8ORZQ,comment-id=0043,timestamp=2017-10-27T19:48:42.463+0000) > > Not being able to know what camps your opponent cleared by pressing tab ಠ_ಠ > Taking risks or actually interacting with your opponent instead of getting intel for free ಠ_ಠ > Having to use your noggin or early vision to be able to tell what path they took ಠ_ಠ > Having to try ಠ_ಠ > Videogames ಠ_ಠ Calm down janna main
aw, it's like a little puppy trying to nibble off a finger with its little toothless gums {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} it might be ignoring the point and be on the completely wrong track, but gosh darn if it isn't adorable
: Catch-Up Experience and Jungle Changes in 7.22
Not being able to know what camps your opponent cleared by pressing tab ಠ_ಠ Taking risks or actually interacting with your opponent instead of getting intel for free ಠ_ಠ Having to use your noggin or early vision to be able to tell what path they took ಠ_ಠ Having to try ಠ_ಠ Videogames ಠ_ಠ
: Hey all, As the playtester (no longer) who presided over the Skarner changes, this is **exactly** why the PBE is not a great place for balance feedback. Darius was perceived as OP and was OP. Skarner was perceived as weak as shit and was most definitely not. I think he hit 63% in Korea, because that number still haunts my dreams. The matchmaking on PBE is weak because the number of players is low, and with new content it's hard to judge power because people haven't yet learned how to play as or against it. That is not to say there is no introspection as to the root cause of something releasing with such an unhealthy pattern as current Galio and how to avoid such releases in the future, merely that PBE feedback is not a consistent solution to that problem.
Playtesting may be inconsistent, but spreadsheets never lie! I'm certain the current numbers on Galio's Q would look problematic if you compared them against similar spells from other ap bruisers, or just mages in general, at different ap values.
: So I made a spreadsheet of features in champions' kits the other day...
This spreadsheet is too binary. It doesn't account for the duration or uptime of crowd control. It also doesn't account for the distance of dashes or blinks, or the strength of healing effects. While it can give a general picture, the information you've accumulated here is too vague to make judgements on.
Meddler (NA)
: Part of the concern is that leaving Azir's range intact doesn't arguably means he still doesn't have weakness/counterplay. He'll still stab people at long ranges in lane, takes less risk if he's not sometimes going in with E and has even more reason to save other tools for self peel. Cutting his ranges down by contrast gives him a risk profile closer to those of other sustained mages and marksmen, putting more emphasis on his positioning in some respects, with E as a windowed tool to go in or out. As said though we're also still testing this approach, particularly whether it does or doesn't go far enough in improving the playing against Azir experience.
Move W's attack speed bonus to landing E on a champion and give it a slow (stacks with Q slow like hitting an additional soldier) or the knockup again, and add back the health scaling to the shield? Lower the command range for soldier autos and Q range to 300/725 respectively, but have W increase the ranges by 25 per rank or so? The Azir changes sound pretty easy on paper, to me.
Meddler (NA)
: Currently testing a version where CDR does stack with the ult Q CD reduction, given CDR's a pretty core part of many (most?) Nasus builds. Numbers in right now for the E are 15%-35%. That's also non final though.
Why not just do what was done for Illaoi's W and have his ult put his Q on a fixed 2 second cooldown? That sounds pretty reasonable to me personally, and doesn't give the absurd potential for a 1.1 second cooldown Q. It's also more useful for jungle Nasus, who usually maxes E.
Sciela (NA)
: "It's YOUR fault you lose most of your games!"
Like others are saying, your KDA is great, but your damage and kill participation aren't. Your runes, masteries, and builds could be part of what's holding you back... First of all, Attack Speed quints are about the same as 3 Attack Speed marks. This isn't true for Attack Damage marks and quints. Let's compare gold values: AS Quint: 112.5 gold 3 Marks: 127.5 gold (13% better than a Quint) AD Quint: 78.75 gold 3 Marks: 99.75 gold (26% better than a Quint) So, having 3 marks of AD is better than having 3 marks of AS. AS is better suited to Quints, since you lose less by putting them there. **That's why everyone worth their salt takes AD Marks and AS Quints.** You should do the same, unless you want to be cheesy and take a full AS rune page because it has so much more gold value. That can work, but you need to play a champion like Varus or Kog'Maw, who have onhit effects in their kit to help them last hit and trade with lane opponents. The fact that you can manage to have a good KDA with your current setup is something to be celebrated for sure. It means you don't lose lane, but that doesn't mean you can't improve. I promise you your Tristana games would go far better if you had a proper rune setup. What would also help you improve is improving your masteries. While some of your tank masteries are questionable (splitting points between Veteran's Scars and Runic Armor, and Legendary Armor and Swiftness?), your masteries for ad champions are generally okay. My recommendations would be: Try taking Dangerous Game instead of Bandit. Very few champions typically take Bandit outside of supports (Gangplank being one of them) and this is for good reason. You should, ideally, get 0 value out of the 1 bonus gold on missed cs. In an ideal scenario you should never miss a single creep, so you get minimal value out of that part of the passive. And as a ranged champion... you just don't get much gold out of hitting other champions. It would be better to have more combat effectiveness. (You seem to lose a lot of games at full build anyway... bonus gold isn't helping you win fights 40 minutes in when you'd already have all your items with or without 3 bonus gold onhit.) My other recommendation would be to take Fervor of Battle every game on Tristana, as well as most ADCs not named Jhin, as it will help you deal far more damage in the lategame than Warlord's Bloodlust. While it stacks slower on ranged champions, you can counteract that by buying Runaan's Hurricane, because Fervor of Battle stacks onhit. In fact, it baffles me that you get Mallet on Tristana, but don't also get Runaan's Hurricane. You could apply the slow to multiple targets and be far more effective in teamfights. Lastly, builds. Get Infinity Edge on ADCs. That's all. Please. And if you get Runaans on your Tristana because of my earlier advice, you may want to replace Bloodthirster in your build with a Blade of the Ruined King. You also seem to build the exact same items each game on Tristana, which makes me worry you follow the same cookie cutter build each game, rather than adapting to the current situation... which is something to work on if you want to climb. Try doing the math and figuring out the DPS of various builds in different situations, so you can get used to when different items are optimal. Use google spreadsheets. You'll thank yourself later. Good luck, and always look to improve instead of passing the blame onto others.
: I see your point, myself, I think she needs more sun-related skins, like pool party leona or the base one.
Great work, by the way. It takes a lot of effort to put something like this together.
: Riot has specifically stated that they don't want to stray from the character too much.
Could you provide a link? Because from my perspective... Justicar Aatrox, Cryocore Brand, Gentleman Cho'Gath, Gatekeeper Galio, Forsaken Jayce, Justicar Syndra, Bloodstone Taric, and Arclight Vel'koz are all examples of skins where a key aspect of a character's personality, or at least how that personality is presented, is inverted. I'm not sure why Leona couldn't receive a skin like this as well. You would never mistake her for Diana, of course, just her color scheme would make her look slightly similar, with darker colors instead of bright ones. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing either. There's a similar dynamic that Exiled Morgana has, where it makes Morgana have the same color scheme as Kayle, even though they're also rivals. Obviously a black hole is not the same thing as a terrestrial moon, so it wouldn't overlap in that way. A black hole is still a star, so it still fits... what if the sun Leona uses for her power became a black hole, and the world were encased in darkness? She wouldn't have to become evil either, perhaps she just kept following the sun and trying to use it for good even in its blackened state. It's a fun narrative if you ignore the whole freezing over and potentially being spaghetti'd by gravitational forces bit. (depends on whether the mass was increased to make it become a black hole or if it just got a lot denser)
: Meh. Leona is supposed tobe benevolent. I'd totally contradict Leona's character if she got a Dark Star skin.
That's the point tho?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: > You can't really build him as a bruiser and expect to succeed at any point in the game This just ain't true. {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3142}} {{item:1001}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3033}} Is a good build path on GP, really popular in Korea. The western regions prefer the ''carry'' potential from the Crit build, but it's still really strong.
Touché, bruiser GP can still scale. My main problem is that he's so weak early on that you can't really go toe to toe with most other toplaners. If I'm not mistaken, the reason he's been nerfed so heavily is because of his crit build. In order to justify letting him burst entire teams with barrels, they have to cripple his earlygame. In the end, this hurts all builds, not just the crit builds, which is part of why my tears are salting the ocean.
Wendígo (NA)
: Bans really shouldn't be duplicated If you get a duplicate your ban is wasted and that feels bad
On the bright side, even in the worst case scenario where every single ban was a duplicate, that's still 5 bans. That's only one less than the current 6 bans. There'll be less cancer in matches on average!
: Gangplank was an early game champion when he was broken after the nerf of his old passive, nerf to his E damage he became trash in early game except at lvl 1 Gangplank isn't supposed to be an early game champion anyway, no hyper carry is supposed to
Could you be more specific, please? I don't understand what you mean. It sounds as if you're talking about post-rework Gangplank, while I'm talking about pre-rework Gangplank. As for your second point, plenty of champions that scale extremely well into lategame have a fairly strong laning phase. Fiora, Nasus, Jax, Tryndamere, even Yasuo. The reason new Gangplank is different is because he deals his damage at a long range using barrels; he's far less risky if you play him properly. Old Gangplank, before his rework, couldn't deal his massive Parrley damage at such a distance. That's why pre-rework Gangplank was allowed to have a good earlygame. Nerfing his damage on Parrrley crits should make him more reasonable. Could always directly go after his cast range on barrels, or lower his maximum stacks to 2. I think Gangplank could survive just fine without these strengths, if he were given strong base stats again. He'd be relevant for more of the game, even if his lategame were riskier and not quite as powerful.
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: [skin idea] Cosmic Dawn Leona
I'd rather a Dark Star Leona, to be honest. Where she looks corrupted, _maybe_ sort of closer to Diana.
: $15/hr minimum wage is a bad idea.
Income Inequality is rising according to all sources (top 1% had 200% higher incomes in 2010 compared to 1979, and the bottom 70% only improved by roughly 40% in that same time period) College graduation rates in America are rising, but not as quickly as other countries according to The Century Foundation. More men are living with their parents, from 13% in 2001 to 17% in 2011, and an academic journal by Business Ph.D.s Brian Kench and Robert Stinesberg cite economic pressures as the cause. A paper by Raj Chetty, an Economics Ph.D., finds a correlation between lower incomes and shorter lifespans, as much as 15 years for men and 10 years for women. These differences are increasing; the age gap having increased by 2% and 3% for men and women respectively between 2001 and 2014. This could be attributed to advances in healthcare, which the poorest Americans can't afford. Ph.D. Economics researcher Jeanette Wicks-Lim notes that the number of working-age adults in poverty went from 31% in 2000 to 38% in 2010, and shows a need to raise labor standards. She also claims that the minimum wage could be raised by as much as 70% without any significant falloff in employment. However M Schumacher, internet commentator, thinks raising the minimum wage would hurt the economy and not even help the poorest Americans. Even if it would, those lazy Americans who can't work their way to a higher paying job don't deserve to live a comfortable life. They deserve to live longer with their parents on average, go to college but potentially end up in poverty anyway because of student loans, and come out of it all dying earlier than their richer peers. They deserve it because they're unskilled. Wait, what was that thing that one philosopher named John Rawls said in his book _A Theory of Justice?_ "Social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that [...] they are to be of the greatest benefit to the least-advantaged members of society" So inequality should ideally only exist to benefit the least fortunate? Like by encouraging our most fortunate and most skilled citizens to become doctors so the less fortunate have better access to quality health care, for instance? Why, that's just barbaric. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: **Jhin** How about instead of going back and forth buffing/nerfing _Lethality_ items and stats, _you just fucking give Jhin some tiny buffs to be able to compete in the meta_. Oh, I don't know.... maybe something like one of these: 1. Reduce his crit reduction values from 25% to 20% 2. Decrease his reload time after 4th shot 3. Increase AD ratios 4. Reduce mana costs for Q 5. Revert his ult slow nerfs Something in there should stick, to help him out. Lethality doesn't need _buffs_, it needs _balancing_. **Ahri** Just get rid of her movespeed passive whenever casting a spell. That shit is broken when she can get halfway across the map so quickly with no movespeed items. **Hit her safety**. **Lethality** One of the problems with Lethality _items_ is all the passive movespeed you guys threw on there. Oh hey look, _extra mobility creep all over the place_. Nerf that shit. Then increase the Lethality numbers a bit. {{item:3142}} Make YGB slightly more expensive to build, and increase its lethality numbers back to what they were before or slightly higher. Reduce the active's movespeed duration, compensate with slightly more active movespeed. Remove the passive movespeed component. {{item:3814}} Remove the movespeed passive altogether; slightly increase shield active duration, compensate with nerf to the CD for shield. {{item:3147}} Reduce this item's overall cost; increase the 'sweeper effect' cooldown duration. Increase lethality numbers slightly, remove the movespeed component (or hard nerf movespeed on it). {{item:3252}} The fuck is this thing? Get rid of this. Not even LCS pro's use it. **Mordekaiser** I don't know much about this guy, except that OTP's and Mains of his have been crying for years for help. You broke the champion when you reworked him to be a "bot lane mage carry", then gutted him completely. Apparently he also has a buglist the size of texas. Fix that shit first, maybe then he'll be better/easier to play. **He needs some QoL fixes**.
1 and 3, but especially 1, would completely break Jhin. I love playing him and I don't want him to be forgotten by the meta but man, don't even joke about increasing his damage even more. He can already almost oneshot squishies. If you're gonna buff Jhin, the only thing you can give him without him becoming completely busted is utility or indirect damage buffs, sort of like the lower reload time you mentioned or the lower mana cost.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 16
The problem with Flamespitter is it's non-interactive with most toplaners. They don't have a way to answer it aside from let Rumble push in the wave and try to get some last hits in when they're pushed to tower. Rylais is also terrible for his health because of how strong it is with his Flamespitter, and I think Rumbles need to be steered away from building it. The way I'd suggest solving both of these problems is to make Flamespitter dependent on Rumble's harpoons, which are way more interactive. This might be too much, but for example you might nerf the damage on Flamespitter to 2/3 of what it is now (50/90/130/170/210+65%), but make targets recently hit by a harpoon take 50% bonus damage. (bonus minion/monster damage might be necessary) Steer Rumbles away from building Rylais by making his Flamespitter refresh the slow duration of his harpoons. (probably maybe make the refreshed slow weaker than the actual harpoon slow.) Giving Rumble a built in long duration slow for his all-in on one, maybe two targets will discourage building Rylais for most players. They'll have built in slows for all the scenarios they should have slows for, but they won't have slows for just chasing down people with Flamespitter without their harpoons, which I think is a good thing. They have to earn the slow. (Assuming they don't just build Rylais anyway despite having fewer scenarios where it actually helps them, which would be a bummer, but at least it's technically not as good on him with these changes) I guess the whole amp on hitting an ability thing is overused but I feel like it might make sense? Like his laning would be more fair if he had to land a skillshot on you before he could really hurt you with his massive AoE. Whatever plan you have to make his overheated autos stronger with whatever compensation is required for that sounds pretty cool too. You could also add in some minion execution damage on his Flamespitter, kind of like Aurelion Sol's passive, if you wanted to make him easier to play for weaker players. Raise the skill floor and all that.
Maddmazz (NA)
: Stoneborn Pact Worth it?
Yo I'm late to the party here, but lemme just say that the best thing about Stoneborn is that it applies Ardent Censer's buff and Athene's blood charges, turning any champion in the game into a tanky support if they have those two items along with a Mallet/Rylais if they need it to apply Stoneborn consistently. It might not necessarily be great on Leona, but it's an option on basically every champion in the game and will make your adc super strong. You're welcome.
: Can we buff Cinderhulk back to 25 percent bonus health?
The same reasoning can be applied to % health runes. They were bad to begin with, but now that there's less health in the game overall they're trash since they have to directly compete with per level health runes. They used to be stronger early and late, but weaker midgame, and now they're just worse the entire time past level 2. Percentage health runes only have potential on Cho'Gath now. 20% would be good for Cinderhulk.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 12
Meddler, If you want to nerf Redemption, remove the damage component from the active. The healing on the item is strong, but it isn't the problem. See, the item is basically saying "I think my team is going to be here in 2.5 seconds, and they're gonna get healed. What're you gonna do about it?" At best right now you can cut your losses and run, or try and kill them before the 2.5 seconds are up. You don't have a lot of options for denial, which is why the heal feels too strong. But, the item could be so much more interactive if you weren't punished by calling their bluff on where their team will be. You should be able to pressure them out of the area with damage threats, or force them out with displacements. You can do that now, but the real problem is that you're heavily discouraged from doing so, especially if you're the front line. (which will be doing most of the forcing) If you do manage to drive the enemy team out of the heal area, you'll probably be in the circle guarding it, keeping the enemy team out. So, you'll end up taking the 10% max health true damage. (which does waaaay more effective damage on the front line than the back) Do you realize what that means? You just outplayed the enemy team and denied the heal, and you got punished for it. _That's bullshit,_ at the most fundamental level. Redemption dealing damage never made sense in the first place. You'd never actually use it just for the damage; the area of effect is too easy to escape and the damage isn't quite that high. It's completely tacked on to the heal for no reason and it ruins the item's counterplay without making it any more compelling to use. It's trash design. So, keep the heal strong, but make it something both teams can play more around. Let it have weaknesses. It's just like the whole idea of sharpening something that's too general that was applied to the tank update.
CrazyMLC (NA)
: Buff the Q damage to just 5 per rank and it'll seem a bit more reasonable, and make turrets placed not start with beam charge. (Since other spells can charge it now, increasing his need to land spells properly.) A nice change for him would be to give his turrets execute damage on minions, sort of like Aurelion's stars. I imagine turrets screwing up last hitting being very common when they have practically 0 base damage. Might be too strong but it would relieve a lot of frustration.
After playing some games on PBE, his lategame turret damage is completely nuts. Doubling his scaling is way too strong.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
Buff the Q damage to just 5 per rank and it'll seem a bit more reasonable, and make turrets placed not start with beam charge. (Since other spells can charge it now, increasing his need to land spells properly.) A nice change for him would be to give his turrets execute damage on minions, sort of like Aurelion's stars. I imagine turrets screwing up last hitting being very common when they have practically 0 base damage. Might be too strong but it would relieve a lot of frustration.
Meddler (NA)
: Ok, slows are included, but counted at half the value of other CC so they don't overwhelm other contributions.
How does it interact with stacking CC? As in, does it reward properly staggering your CC for the maximum duration? Or does it do something simpler like sort of just tally up how many targets you hit throughout the game with your CC abilities and multiply that by the duration of the CC?
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
What about the random champion button? You know, the little question mark you could click in champ select. I don't see that anywhere on the new client.
Meddler (NA)
: We're looking at crit and % pen for mid-season. Nothing concrete enough yet to talk about beyond that though, don't want to set any expectations there until we've got changes more tested.
Having an item like The Lightbringer on the rift might make it easier for crit adcs to get an earlier power spike, being an ad/crit item that wouldn't be a terrible rush for laning phase. Or, give Botrk some kind of crit interaction with crit? Like letting the onhit crit so that it's a good rush that scales into lategame better, gives it even greater synergy with Runaans. Maybe just make crit itemization a little cheaper. Like make zeal 100 cheaper. (undo the change from V5.24) Maybe a little gold off of the cost of IE and Reaver.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=KETw2nEF,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2017-03-02T21:28:41.236+0000) > > I believe we'll be looking at him in 7.6, not sure what yet though. The main thing I would like to see on Cho would be a health scaling to his E outside of a total gameplay update. It feels really good to actually be a tank and not totally useless as Cho, but often times I find myself just sitting around until until I can get someone with my ult. He doesn't offer enough between cooldowns.
This is what Titanic Hydra is for.
Meddler (NA)
: I believe we'll be looking at him in 7.6, not sure what yet though.
The best thing you could do for Cho'Gath is make him more reliable. This is the direction you went with the ultimate, but the problem goes deeper down into his main combo. What he really wants/needs is what you did for Lucian's Q, kind of like what Magewick suggested. Have the cast time for Rupture scale down slightly with level, even if you have to reduce the damage or add an increase in mana cost per rank or something. (or if you wanted to be quirky and fun you could have the AoE size scale ever so slightly with stacks, similar to his e? sounds hard to tune correctly though.) Trying to lead and hit a Rupture lategame when all the important targets have zeals/ludens is murder. You can't actually cast it on them if you want it to hit, you have to do it completely off of them in the direction they're moving if you want a chance of hitting. It's basically more of a zoning tool, and I think that contributes to a lot of the challenge in playing him. I get that Rupture is a powerful ability, so it has to be difficult to land. It's just that, well, he doesn't really have a fallback pattern besides keep running at them, and hope you get in range to scream at them. There just isn't much he can do if he doesn't hit someone with his Rupture, and at the same time if he does hit it they're probably already dead. It's too binary, and I think it's holding him back for a lot of players.
: It would be ok if ARURF had bans. That probably won't make sense until you realize that a ton of people are using their ARAM accounts to play this gamemode.
That and/or unlock every champion so using your "aram account" doesn't matter.
Numb3rs (NA)
: Why don't you just give us fucking bans in urf?
A lot of people just dodge if they don't get a strong champ. Letting people just ban powerful picks might even improve queue health since the people who demand a super strong champ will never get their wish, and will be forced to compromise or stop playing. Tired of seeing Zed, Xin, and Jax, personally.
: Edge of Night isn't Doing What Riot Promised
Reduce the shield duration to 6 seconds, maybe make the shield only block cc (the spell damage still applies), and maybe lower the ad to 50 and the mr to 30, and if so make it a little cheaper. Balanced item. {{item:3142}} 's 10% cdr and an ms active can't compete with 35 mr and a spell shield. Totally out of line.
: Time to Nerf Malphazar and the other "Fake" Mages.
Yeah, fake mages are stupid. I bet Malphazar doesn't even know magic missile.
Reav3 (NA)
: Warwick Skin Feedback
I'll be honest here and say I don't really like the new Hyena laugh. It's the only skin I have for him on live and I quite enjoy it, but I don't think it'll be the same after the update. It's not as silly anymore and sounds kind of forced.
: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
I don't mean to be rude but, like, isn't it obvious that wifi provides a worse connection than wired? I like the post and it's neat to collect statistics on just how much, but I'm more surprised by the idea that people would need to be told that using a cable improves your connection. Isn't that just common sense? Feels like testing if driving is faster than walking.
: did not receive a response from the server, retrying
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/Ujs6pM0F-servers-down Seems like the servers are getting attacked by someone right now.
: Death's dance does a similar function. Anti-burst, but still take the damage eventually.
Yeah, it's similar, works on smaller amounts of damage too. The passive as I described it would only really give you time to react if you were 100 to 0'd, which is good and bad.
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
This might sound weird, but have you ever considered a new health mechanic for champions where you can only take a certain amount of damage per second? [I'm thinking Earthbound here](http://earthbound.wikia.com/wiki/Rolling_Meter), where if you take fatal damage you can still act while your health counter is ticking down. That could be a pretty healthy change to make sure there's some _always_ time for a response to immediate burst. It'd be like 1k health a second, or a % of max health, or a mixture of both, or something. (damage ticks down at 500+50% max health per second?)
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: We'll probably do some significant work on Keystone masteries in the pre-season. No plans for major changes before then though. The Grasp changes are targeted at the overall amount of sustain masteries offer that's too high overall and therefore distorting early game in particular. Jayce and Varus both seem to be performing reasonable as artillery champs, with reasonable distinctiveness from each other and other artillery. Would be nice to help out duo lane Varus a bit at some point, he seems to be struggling a bit comparatively, not looking to force him to be a primary duo laner though or looking to buff solo Varus. We saw both Kindred and Nidalee take noticeable performance hits in 6.11. Unsure if that was enough though, with Kindred especially still looking strong, suspect it's likely we'll chip a bit more power off them at some point moderately soon (that's very much a guess though). We'll continue to push Ekko towards AP builds over tank ones. Tank Ekko removes a lot of the needed trade offs and risks from Ekko's kit. Gnar I believe is currently in a fairly stable spot we're happy with, in part because he acts as a safety valve that keeps some other champs top lane from going too nuts.
What if you made the heal scaling on his ult flat instead of % taken, or even remove the % of damage taken entirely? It's already detached from actually having the same health you had 4 seconds ago. If you made the stun duration on his W scale with AP it would lower the reward for going tank as well. (tankiness lets you use his W after you start fighting rather than before, making it much more reliable such that you don't have to catch people off guard, which should make it less powerful offensively)
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