Jynx (NA)
: Playtime with Gnar
How about one with Graves. Graves cant find his cigar in his pocket but he looks left to see gnar throw it in the trash and saying "No!" Or a speech buble saying no smoking and graves would have those shocked eyes like in the anime with his eyes as white circles looool XDDDDD {{champion:104}}
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
I should probably think twice about stepping on plants when I'm back on the rift ._. {{champion:143}} "Your gonna step on what?" Me: NOTHING NOTHING HEH heh... I'm dead
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
You can give graves his cigar, you can rework the runes, you can add missions for all summoners, you can rework Ryze 3 times, but you wont give me my damn Star Guardian Skin? {{champion:6}}
cluvie (NA)
: Definitely not...hope I didn't catch this one too late! Please show your friend this post and make sure they scan their computer/update their League password as soon as possible!
I know im late but yup i stopped him
: Patch 7.8 notes
{{champion:266}} Riot Finally Remembered me after all these years!
cluvie (NA)
: PSA: Scams making the rounds again!
Are you guys doing a free Rp Easter giveaway? My friend said he's currently doing it. If not I should probably stop him...
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Well... The only reason why I didn't use the New client is because I lagged a lot on the new one. The new client looks cool in my opinion. The legacy client lets me remember the good times but I guess we have to let go of the past and open our doors to the future. Just like Amumu... I'm sad. {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
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