: PAX Twisted Fate Plz{{item:3070}}
Black Alistar as well 👍
: I have to disagree. While I like the idea behind the game mode, every game I played had either a) A troll who would give a power champ(Yi) b) A player who didn't understand that they just gave the enemy a powerful champ c) A game with 10 subpar characters. Instead, I'd like to see a game mode similar to draft pick, where at the end, the champions were randomly distributed among the 10 players. This would lead to more balanced picks, with weird team comps.
I agree some of them ended up being a bit troll. I do like your idea and you would be more careful about champs picked because you could end up with it. I like it :)
: I agree, it was super awkward. People didn't know what to do with the extra person on the team, and it was very rare that people got hexakills. I think it is much better on treeline (would be cool on howling abyss too!) because it is constant action, and hexakills are more likely to occur.
Ok lets do a SR version of hexakill and call it decakill 10v10 muhahahahahahahahahaha
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I really enjoy the rotating game mode thanks riot. If possible I would also like to see the game mode (don't remember the name) where your team chooses the champions the enemy team will be playing. That mode was fun and you never knew what you were going to have to play.
: Watch for these players in the LCS Finals and 3rd place matches
No one from H2K or TL we need to watch for I guess. Don't really care for TL but come on you have to keep an eye out for piglet. And Ryu if he brings his A game and shut down Power then he can carry to the win.
: Pros predict the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs
Come on people C9 is going to take it all. Oh wait that's right they laid a big fat ugly egg this spilt and won't be in the finals with TSM for the first time in forever. I do however think in a Bo5 that TSM will be able to adapt and take the title. They have struggled lately but that's been in Bo1 matches and... "any given Sunday" any team can beat any team but in B05 we shall see.
Sinatraz (NA)
: I don't wanna see C9 at Worlds this year.... even if they are better now they are far away from being a top team.
I agree the C9 has had their struggles but if they defeat all the other teams in the gauntlet then that means at the end of it all they are the 3rd best team in NA and do deserve to go to worlds. I think with more practice they can be a powerful team and perform well at worlds. TSM has been slumping the last half of the split while C9 has been picking it up. One could argue TSM does not deserve worlds either unless they can figure things out and start getting some convincing wins. But with all the CP they have they can come close to auto qualify for worlds if they can make it past the first round of playoffs. I am a dreamer and do hope to see C9 at worlds again. :)
: DRIVE: Sneaky
Rooting for C9 to qualify for the gauntlet and make it through to worlds. If they can manage to move past all the other teams by defeating them then it will be deserved. Also its sad to see Meteos out right now but I do love the shotcalling from Hai.


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