: > [{quoted}](name=Crimson Typhoon7,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8qsgVacx,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-21T06:01:52.547+0000) > > Conqueror was a rune that for 2 years made blind picking tanks trolling Dissagree. Klepto made first picking tanks trolling. Mages made first picking tanks trolling. Champs like Vayne and Fiora made first picking tanks trolling. Stop beliving that 8 % true damage made tanks troll picks.
Oh yeah absolutely Kletpo was the worse offender for abusing tanks, but Conqs true damage plus the fact that the healing was pre-mitigation definitely was an issue. As for blind picking tanks, any decent Morde or Fiora player with their consistent damage plus Conq made it impossible to deal with them at any point as a tank.
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: Yorick Maiden Inhibitor Bug
I definitely agree that Yorick has very few matchups where he wins lane. My issue though is how the 8.17 nerfs got rid of enough damage that I can no longer punish people for making mistakes. Yorick's maiden is designed to shred tanks, but Yorick has a hard time beating them at any point of the game. I'm not for Yorick punishing everyone, but if I have all 4 ghouls and myself attacking someone and they are still outdamaging me building full tank, then I have a problem.
: Uhh that W nerf looks seriously useless. His W will be 2 hits at both Rank 1 & 2, and is the last ability to max. Removing the slow on his E will just make him a lot more kitable to range opponents, making him a lot worse & will just force people to not bother playing him when champions like Riven exists.
Thinking back, I definitely agree that my W change is bad because as you said you max it last. I was just spit balling a few ideas.
: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
I was playing Yorick in prize fight and when my turn was over, my maiden stayed in the arena and helped my allies.
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: July champion and skin sales
Jayce and Renekton aren't on the list which means they will be on sale by the end of June. Finally.

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