: why is grasp/glacial augment reduced for ranged
Pretty sure it technically is reduced for ranged.
LongStar (NA)
: ADC & Support - Hate Laning With
Not so much a specific champion but people who play enchanters like turbo luggage and just sit there and have you do all the work.
Proxy345 (NA)
: A fed ADC is barely a threat anymore imho.
A fed squishy is still a fed squishy. If you can kill it in one cc rotation then it's not as bad as it seems. Now a fed bruiser, THAT'S terrifying.
Mc Raton (NA)
: Kai'Sa itemization build
That build is honestly fine. It lacks the punch of an IE when talking about burst damage but the sustained damage of your repeated abilities cannot be understated. There will be haters. I kind of jump around when it comes to kai'sa builds and just end up spamming whatever feels "right" for the current patch. That being said I am actually against the current muramana build because I do not see games where that item actually transforms. Whether winning or losing I never get to see the effect of the muramana because games just don't last long enough. She's not like ezreal where you have a low cd skillshot that you can just spam to charge while walking around the map. Why set yourself back 800 gold when games don't last that long in this meta? I'd avoid last whisper. Rageblade already gives 18% arpen so those items don't actually work together. The MOST important thing is that you leave yourself open to options or changes, which looking at your post you seem like you already have that down. For AD builds as long as you get your Q and E upgrades it's all good.
: To my jungler warwick who camped aery Jayce to the point of ragequit... hope the link doesn't break
: My ADC takes all the kills*
If your adc has all the kills and needs peel maybe they're just bad
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
I mean you're not seeing that many tanks because non-tank items are so good. Why pick a tank like ornn when you can have a bruiser build titanic/steraks/BC and just fucking delete somebody while having the hp to survive. Honestly building LW based items feel bad because so many other items have become overloaded with nice auxiliary effects. Sure the executioners effect on mortal reminder is nice but if I have a mortal reminder it's because I want a more slot efficient executioners, not because I wanted armor pen and decided I'd rather have the grievous over the 10% pen. By investing in pen you're giving up big crits, a life saving shield, cdr and mana sustain, long range attacks with faster charging kirchels shard passives, aoe waveclear with burst, aoe dps with the ability to spread your on-hit effects, lifesteal, a revive, or even the ability to cleanse cc. Why invest on being able to kill 1 or maybe 2 of the enemies when you can use that cornucopia of effects to just ignore them and kill the enemy's backline dps instead. I understand where you're coming from, it feels bad when your favorite class of champs has been pushed out for a while now. I feel the problem is stemming from a multitude of places and is much more complex than "armor items bad" As somebody who plays arams I gotta tell you, a tank who has the income of everybody else and has 2 armor items against a 2 item ad carry lasts quite a long time in combat. Nothing is more terrifying than a team that has a utility mage, a tank, a support, and an adc. Unfortunately these things don't always win lane, and winning on the rift is much more than simply being able to beat the enemy team in a straight up 5v5 teamfight.
: Caitlyn's headshots are really bullshitty.
Why would you build lethality when it literally scales off of crit chance. I know Q-R builds with lethality are funny but headshots aren't the star of those buidls. Now {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} builds give some scary headshots.
: Default runes glitch
Hasn't happened to me personally but it happened to somebody in my premade, then in the next game a random enemy had an unusual glacial+resolve setup. Saw it randomly a third time. Something is definitely up.
: Can we make next "My Shop" not be decided even before openings?
Pretty sure Judgement Kayle is Limited. It was distributed to players who played in season 1 and I don't believe it has ever been sold. Sadly I missed the boat by 3 patches. But yeah that's dumb that it can roll things you bought before you open the cards.
: Definition of how every feel when playing TFT and lose
Yeah it felt pretty bad in autochess but items feel so much more pivotal in this game and thus, not getting said items feels terrible. They should take notes from dota underlords. After each neutral round every player gets a choice of 3 items. Not clearing the round eliminates choices, forcing one of the items on you, but at the end of the day you still get an item like everybody else. RNG item drop rates just don't work as well when they matter so much.
: Why is Qiyana 3 days late to the patch Party? Isn't this unprecedented? You need Gordon Ramsey....
Unprecedented? You must be new to league. Used to be that champions would be unavailable for as much as a week before being unlocked in the patch. I'm amazed that we had so many in a row that released on patch day.
: How good is varus at the moment
His winrate isn't looking too hot and his performance in general is around average. Personally I haven't had the crit build feel that good. Even after the nerfs the Bork+Rageblade+runaans build is solid. Round out that build with maybe a wits end. Did AP recently and it felt decent but it's something I'd only build if all my teammates locked in AD champs. That build is Rageblade>Nashors into general ap. He is sort of a jack of all trades and mostly focuses whatever is closest without putting himself in danger. Ult key targets you need to take down, they're easier to hit if your allies cc the target first.
: "But My Build Doesn't Include QSS"
Honestly people don't realize how amazing this item is in general. Every time I see somebody on my team complaining about something as ADC, I realize their problems can easily be solved with qss. That 10% extra lifesteal from BT doesn't mean shit if you get cc'd and die anyway.
: If you are frustrated with your role, what did you do that made it better?
Pretty much the same thing actually. When I duo queue I can get away with playing my utility adcs like Jhin and Varus. These champs allow me to play off of my support who does all the engaging because he's better at that. When I play solo I just can't get away with that. People pick things like Janna or soraka and now I gotta actually do something. So I switch over to flashier champs that I can play aggro with like kai'sa.
: Pyke Lane Nerfs (Coming to 9.13)
Tahm Kench was NOT designed to be a support. Neither were blitz or leona for that matter. These things just kind of happen. They're gutting Pyke's AoE so he can't solo lane, he is doing very well as a roaming mid laner in high elo. This is the best way to weaken his solo lane with minimal impact to his supporting. As for the regen, I'm not seeing that one on the pbe. Was it pulled out?
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Do YOU support non-meta strategies?
In ranked as long as ALL 5 players are in agreement I think it's fine. I've won with some pretty dumb shit in my day but those were normals.
Gubaguy (NA)
: Glad to see kruphix findging work these days
Never really got into PoE but man that sword is cool
: Yasuo does not feel like a "Battle Boss" character.
If I learned anything from Dark souls it's to not underestimate a normal looking dude with a sword.
: Idk what do u mean by deleted... u mean deleted deleted? or deleted by nerf to the ground?
> [{quoted}](name=Ðu Šhiedah ,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Fk5LaAQK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-13T09:47:15.319+0000) > > Idk what do u mean by deleted... > u mean deleted deleted? > or deleted by nerf to the ground? There used to be an adc named Graves. He got replaced by a ranged melee tanky dps mage tank support jungler named Graves. Don't get me wrong the new graves is cool, and he does still kinda exist, but I can no longer consistently play my old favorite champion bot lane. Even if I do feel spicy in a blind pick game it's just not the same.
: last buff for talon was at 8.9
My main got deleted in patch 5.22. Deal with it
: How long do you think it'll be before this auto chess mode is cancelled
Spotty (NA)
: why would you preorder cyberpunk 2077
I don't feel like that's a good reason to not preorder. The real reason you don't preorder is because you don't have a general idea how good it actually is until the masses actually play it. CD Projekt Red is very dedicated to the craft and their fans have a lot of faith. I'm personally still skeptical because everybody said Witcher 3 was good but I can't make it past 20 hours in that game. Great story, cool world, and amazing characters can't save a game from mediocre gameplay forever.
: Teamfight Tactics is good game IN the wrong game!
I'd much rather play something non-commital like an auto fighter than dive into an MMO and I know a lot of casual gamers feel the same. It's a much smarter move.
: Scarra on autochess
oh cool thanks. I'm not subbed to him but I like is explanations and opinions. I'm very interested in this new mode since i love autochess and league.
: Hey remember nexus blitz
As somebody who loved Nexus Blitz and was very disappointed by it's cancellation I had some time to think. I realized that if they cancelled full time development on it, that means that the resources are being used elsewhere. After playing a lot of Autochess with my friends I joked about Riot copying it. I just wanted more autochess. Looks like Riot does as well. Yes it sucks to lose out on a potential gamemode but look at the bright side: something new. Autochess got me to reinstall dota 2 after over a year of not playing it. Perhaps riot thinks this will do the same for their game. Granted I haven't played a normal game nor spent a penny of dota since the reinstall, so I can't say much about the players that it may or may not bring.
YaraUwU (NA)
: Just a quick thought for anyone that thinks Qiyana is the dullest champion to date. Kai'sa exists.
I mean, she may be boring as a character but she is way fun to play.
Seannà (NA)
: Pride and Playing Easy Champions
When it comes to this discussion I always look at Trick2g. Here's a player that when not doing something incredibly dumb, can actually be pretty good. He plays almost entirely mechanically simple champions. The main way he wins games is by playing the map rather than just winning teamfights. The way I see it, you can focus 70% of your brainpower on playing this complex champion like Aurelion Sol and the other 30% on the map and other basics of league, OR you can do it the other way around. Having a lot of brainpower dedicated to the very basics of league like footwork, positioning, map pressure, or even minion patterns can be very beneficial to your play. Yeah dodging skillshots with Zed's mobility is cool and all but I can't count the number of times people have made me look like a fool on Ezreal by just stepping in intelligent directions and playing mind games. It hurts me just as much to see somebody focus entirely on the mechanics of their champion and die to an obvious gank as much as it hurts you to see somebody resign themselves to a simple champion. Just 2 different ways to play I suppose.
: How is it pronounced?
I say Rai-lai / Rye-Lie This is the part where I would bring up a sound clip of Crystal Maiden from dota 2 saying her name because the item is based on her but for some reason the wiki doesn't let you open up links to the sound clips anymore. As for Liandries I actually jump back and forth between Lee-on-drees and Lee-ann-drees
: List of Incredibly Frustrating Shaco Bugs
Bug 1: E X S I S T I N G Thanks for your time guys In all seriousness pet targeting on structures seriously needs to be looked at
: Why is Riot moving Tahm fron Bot, where everyone loves him, to Top, where no one likes him ?
"Where everyone loves him" Are we playing the same game here? Hope you don't like playing aggro lanes because the second that tahm is locked in get ready for a snoozefest. You either played an aggro lane and felt worthless when either he ate up the adc you engaged on or felt worthless when you engage on him, he tanks it, then eats your support and murders it. There's, of course, the alternative where you picked an enchanter and zone him to kingdom come and he feels worthless. Granted moving him top isn't much better, he seems to do the same thing to top laners that he did to melee supports, and loses to poke tops as much as enchanters zoned him. I don't have a solution to the problem, but don't act like things were all happy before, and certainly don't act like balancing around the highest level play is a bad thing.
CLG ear (NA)
: A hula hoop doesn't seem like that effective of a weapon
Yeah sometimes companies sacrifice what would be a functional weapon in favor of something that looks cool. I can't imagine the sharp hula hoop being useful but I know there's a Soul Caliber character who has one. I hear the Thanoscopter blade from Avengers: Endgame isn't actually a good weapon but damn does it look cool. I was pretty excited to get a similar weapon in Dead Cells ~~a couple of months ago~~ a year ago
Tumex (EUW)
: What makes ADC skins more expensive then the rest?
There's a tier list that determines pricing. Things on the next tier usually carry all the things of the tiers below 520rp - Just a recolor 750rp- A new model 975rp- Better models and maybe some particles. This tier is getting used less and less 1350rp- All new particles and maybe a voice filter. SFX changes common here. 1820rp- New voiceover 3k+rp- Ultimate tier, skin has the ability to change in-game. There are some exceptions, older skins might not meet up to current standards. Sometimes riot adjust the prices accordingly, I know lion dance kog'maw got changed from 1820 to 1350 because it's just fancy particles. Primetime Draven and Surprise party fiddlesticks are cheaper than they should be since riot CAN do cool things for the community, rare as that seems to be. Animations get thrown in at random. Sometimes they're better, sometimes they're worse. Muay Thai Lee Sin is a 975rp skin that is known for having "clean" animations that players say makes the champion feel better to play. Project Yasuo is notorious for having "clunky" animations that make playing the champion feel slow or not right. These could be placebos or they could be truth. I actually don't know.
: POLL: Should QSS remove ultimates like Mordekaiser?
As much as I liked using QSS on Zed ult, Darius bleed stacks, old Morde ult, or even the hilarious vayne silver bolts stacks, I think it's kinda unfun for the enemy and shouldn't work. If QSS still didn't build into anything like the old days I'd say sure, let it cancel those abilities but with mercurial being decently slot efficient it shouldn't remove anything that isn't a cc.
: Reminder that you should always take a break form LoL every few months for a month.
Me taking a break from lol is going from like 6-8 arams to 1-3. Actually does wonders though.
: Stop "balancing" ARAM
On one hand it feels nice when the enemy ziggs/vel doesn't just control the entire game, but on the other hand it feels bad to play the nerfed champions. I honestly didn't like ziggs that much before because I found him boring but now I just insta-reroll him. I also don't agree with slapping both damage and tankiness on some champions. I'm having a hard time when the assassins burst even harder but are also a bit tanky. The normal solution to glass cannon assassins is to outplay or cc them. Now that it takes longer to kill them I'm having more situations where akali or talon just run my entire team over. Give them damage OR tankiness, not both. Not to mention Ryze is the most terrifying thing on the murder bridge. Also to those who are wondering about the kai'sa and nid buffs, these were put in place to offset the 15% damage reduction on attacks over 900 range but once it was pushed back to 1000 range these champions were hitting for full damage a lot more often. I guess riot just hasn't seen how much of a difference that 100 range made. They definitely need to be pulled back.
: I miss moments of weakness in LoL
But wait boards says this is the damage meta and you blow people up in .25 seconds so you do honestly even need to worry about their cds? (post is satirical)
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
I don't know what kind of weaksauce tanks you're playing against but I change my pick as adc if I see an AD midlaner. I pick somebody like Kai'sa who has some good non-physical shred in their kit. Last whisper really cuts into core itemization on damage dealers. Back in the day when every item was just a stat stick, building last whisper for raw damage potential as a third item was good. Now if you buy it third you're missing out on useful effects like phantom dancer, deaths dance, or essence reaver. Sure defenses aren't AS strong as they once were but have you tried bringing down a 3 armor item tank with tabis as an AD champion? Even with the right items it takes a lot of time and that tank's backline should be accomplishing something in that time. Unless you're just running in 1v5 hoping that suiciding accomplishes something you should last more than long enough to feel like your defensive purchases are validated. Just because you have armor doesn't mean you can turn off your brain. Intelligent spacing and target selection add a lot of time to your life. Enemy team all have last whispers and black cleavers? Congratulations. You just prevented them from buying something like that QSS that can save them from the Lux combo. The enemy zed and Darius attacking you with their black cleavers and shredding your armor so the ad carry can deal more damage? Congratulations. Their abilities are now on cooldown and your Kog'maw can approach the fight safely and you just secured victory in that teamfight. Anybody who says resists are useless has either never taken the rune aftershock or is refusing to acknowledge any counterpoints. Now if your complaint is that at 5-6 items your defensive armor build doesn't feel as good then you are completely validated. That is sadly the nature of the diminishing returns of armor and the multiplicative nature of ad builds. Tanks are extremely strong in the early and mid game while AD champs (especially those who build crit) are extremely strong in the later parts of the game.
UwM8 (NA)
: Why is Targons standard on Pyke
So that you actually have a way to push the wave. Also the sustain never hurts. Sure it's a little risky but if you're just mindlessly running up to slap a minion as a melee support maybe you deserve to be punished.
: [POLL] Do you want Graves to be reverted?
More than anything in this game tbh. The problem is that new graves is cool too. We need both.
: Welcome to the end of your ranked climb
I have had zero motivation to hit diamond this season. P1 in solo and P2 in flex but I just haven't wanted to play ranked. I've literally been playing arams and rotating modes since april. Congrats nonetheless.
: Chief Called, he told me ADCs top aren't it...
I mean I hate seeing it on my team as well but denying that it could work is just foolish. Top level players like Voyboy have been picking specific counterpicks and unique builds to make champs like Vayne, Quinn, and even Varus work top lane. Yeah I'd rather have something else on my team but good players CAN make it work.
: What is the name of the song in this hash stream?
Bonetrousle from undertale. I had to look it up because I can't spell that.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Any "No meta" thing is troll until a pro plays it, and it's annoying
I still think AD TF is trash. AS somebody who has tried multiple builds his base stats just don't support it. If you can get ahead building AD TF then you deserve the win.
: What is one skin you always forget exists?
I would tell you but I probably don't remember it exists right now.
: Metal Recommendations - In Honor of the Morde Reveal
Sure why not
: So is climbing based on skill or is based on whom you get as team mates?
It's both. Always has been. 5 of the enemies and 4 of your teammates are a coinflip. You just gotta make sure that you're always playing well. Unfortunately you can just get very unlucky for an extended period of time. Almost every one of my seasons starts out super unlucky with sometimes around 30% winrates. But as I play a larger amount of games it usually balances out to around 55%. Sure it's not enough to push me into the upper echelons of ranked but it's enough to make me happy. Saying that luck isn't a factor is just wrong. Saying that you have no control would be just as wrong though.
: Add a Pull Counter?
But then they could troll you by hitting 100% hooks by only throwing them at the tank.
: Am I supposed to be able to get this through rerolling 3 skin shards?
Yes, prestige edition and hextech crafting exclusives are mythic tier, which while rare, do exist in the pool of hextech crafting.
: Kai sa ARAM
She had a bad winrate because everybody played her adc or on-hit but that wasn't easy to pull off. Turns out the right call was to build straight AP and you could actually solo poke the enemy team out if they didn't have a warmogs tank. Right around the time people were figuring out to build straight ap on her in aram, the nerf to long range spells came through. This made AP feel terrible to play. So bad that they hotfixed her to have +15% damage to offset the 900+ range damage nerf. This not only made adc/on-hit kai'sa extremely good due to poke champions getting nerfed, but made the melee champs she counters pop up more often due to overall aram changes. This turned out to be a bit much so the peeled back 3% to end up at 12% but with the range damage reduction being buffed to 1000+ range from 900 range, AP kai'sa feels mostly unchanged from her extremely strong original state. ADC/on-hit kai'sa are strictly better than before, and any AP kai'sa W's within 1000 range are also strictly better than before, even though she could single handedly win games pre-aram changes. She probably needs looking at.
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