: Post Your Favorite Music To League To
I go with generally high tempo stuff. I won't lie though, I got a couple of slow jams on my playlist. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6sx1PMwWTq93KD5zjAkHos?si=3Kgsk2P7SVqdQYU64RCnWQ idk if these links work on here.
Naffy (NA)
: The Average Game Of A Diamond Player
lmao pretty accurate. The mechanics get a little better but the players are always the same
Accenix (NA)
Find your niche and carve it out. You gotta look at what's good and what you're good at, then find the perfect middle ground champion. I got through gold in patch 4.10. Everybody was playing Bloodthirster caster based adcs but twitch and tristana had quietly been getting buffed. I predicted that they were going to be the next meta and then in the next patch they reworked bloodthirster. The entire adc meta got flipped on its head. It was all about IE into shiv carries and the champions I was practiced on fit that perfectly. 12 wins 1 loss on trist that season. Also I'm against 1 tricking. find 2 or 3 champs you're good at.
Zullar (NA)
: Riot: Send Surveys
I get surveys all the time. Just remember to check your emails. Granted I do find myself disagreeing with a lot of what the boards have to say in regards to balance. I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to dealing with constant, erratic change so maybe I'm just not on the same page as everybody else.
: Your thoughts on Senna ADC?
I can't get her to work outside of lane. She lacks the consistent damage to cut through beefy top laners. The likes of aatrox and camille will just chew through her. I just write her off as one of the champions I just don't quite understand.
Kazekiba (NA)
: 2 second cooldown v. 16 second CD.. Global instant cast heal that ignores ally targeting/stasis v. delayed projectile shield Instant point and click aoe silence v skillshot damage Raka also gets massive movespeed and amplified heals on low health allies
> [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YL6bpilf,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-01T02:22:25.805+0000) > > 2 second cooldown v. 16 second CD.. > Global instant cast heal that ignores ally targeting/stasis v. delayed projectile shield > Instant point and click aoe silence v skillshot damage > > Raka also gets massive movespeed and amplified heals on low health allies How dare you bring facts and logic into gameplay. Gameplay doesn't want facts, Gameplay wants to be angry.
: I'm kinda excited about ahpelios
I love edgy stuff and I'm fine with essay passives. I am scared of the idea of a balancing nightmare the sounds of his abilities invoke but it's too early to jump the gun(s) I still haven't even gotten a good bead on senna. Am quite excited nonetheless.
: When Being Cocky Goes Wrong
What a waste for such solid mechanics to be on a mastery spammer/ragequitter.
: What happened to /all chat and that kinda hot chick?
I actually don't remember all chat, must have been during a period where I wasn't watching riot's youtube series. I do remember Summoner Showcase though. That was the shit.
: Yuumi isn't sexy
I mean, she's just a cat tbh. This isn't even furry, this is full on bestiality. I was rather confused when people said they wanted to fuck that cat, so I decided to start saying "I wanna fuck that cat" in discord every time a Yuumi showed up in the loading screen. It was a joke to get a weird reaction out of my friends but it has devolved into everybody yelling "fuck that cat" every time her host dies and we need to kill her. It's still funny to me because the idea that somebody wants to fuck that cat is bizarre but I'm into some bizarre shit myself. Just not Yuumi. Won't shame anybody who IS into that though. It's not on my kink shame list.
Rockman (NA)
: What's your favorite Eevee?
Gotta go with my first favorite, Vaporeon. Usually had a bulbasaur starter, so I'm needed some water coverage, I'm not too fond of fish, so that knocks out a lot of contenders. Vaporeon just fills that niche and comes just a little bit before you need surf so it just worked out. Second probably goes to Espeon, I just love fast, hard hitting special attackers. Probably because I play Pokemon casually and use unga bunga "everybody is a sweeper" strats. Can't say there's any Eeveelution that I don't like though. Flareon is probably my least favorite, but I still don't dislike it. Shoutouts to my boy Nucleon.
Asphalt (NA)
: season 10 map already killing my eyes (PLZ FIX)
Which maps have it bad? I had fire, which was a little gross but not obnoxious. I've also had 2 waters, which had a nice cool blue color and some nice rain, which I liked.
: season 10.. worst season gimic yet
Do you remember the shitfest that was preseason 6? ADC in 3 or 4 roles. They deleted Graves off the face of the earth because they made a champion after him that was mildly similar. I don't know who this cigar puffing joker thinks he is but THIS is Graves https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/41/Graves_OriginalSkin_old.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151109221355 Also I don't know if it's fair to say that this preseason has the worst gimmick when it has barely even launched. If, by the end of this preseason, you still think that, it's fair. But it's a little too early to judge.
: Do people actually activate their skin shards for 7 day rentals?
I've been keeping up with hextech crafting since its release. I have opened up every single box available to my account, not missing any at the end of the season, not having 4 available for too long. I forgot this was a thing.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Boycott pokemon please
Riot already decided that Graves as a standard adc didn't need to exist so there's that. Also I've been playing this pokemon and it has been pretty good so far. When playing a new game I tend to try and avoid getting too many legacy pokemon. Kind of a shame that we won't be seeing some pokemon but there's still a lot.
pwc2016 (NA)
: Why Akali is ACTUALLY broken
Yeah I can agree with this. I don't think the problem is her damage (high though it may be) but rather her ability to deal damage. You can have all the sheet dps in the world but it doesn't matter if you can't get it off. There's a reason nobody played Cassiopeia until they slapped 1800 QoL buffs on her. Having her stop after every E cast made kiting a nightmare. She has all the control, she decides when and where the fights are. I can handle strong engage tools like Malph R. It's when a champ like Akali goes in, then plays mind games with her shroud, waiting and repositioning while in stealth to get the perfect Q for a slow to hit her next skill. It's exactly what people hate about fighting yasuo, Kai'sa, and Vayne. You feel like you're up against this wall and it's up to the player behind the champ to make the mistake that will get them killed. It hardly feels like you outplay them.
Murr Wurr (OCE)
: Is it really too much to ask for, for Graves to be returned to the bot lane?
I've been barking up this tree for years but I have basically given up. Some champions just get deleted and replaced with a new champion with the same name. Happened to sion, happened to Karma, happened to Graves, happened to Taric, happened to Galio. I could go on but you get the point. It takes so much for Riot to admit they made a balancing error. I'm amazed they revered LB and Kog'Maw.
: Dark Star Cho Availability
He was released as a 1350RP promotion for a charity, they announced that once that promotion was over he would be brought back only as a mythic 10 gemstone skin. You can still get it as a random drop from a box but other than that you need the 10 stones.
FacYou0 (EUNE)
: URF ? URF ?? URF ???
I went back to the patch it was released and they said it would go until November 8th, yet it was up until about half way through november 9th. Of course, the people who OBSESS over the mode probably aren't the type who like reading anyway.
: How many of you actually are burned out because of urf and don't like the regular game cause of urf?
Honestly I'm kind of burned out of urf at this point. Only played 25 games, which while is a decent number of games comes nowhere close to the number of nexus blitz games I played in those last 2 rotations. I just want to know why there wasn't a random button. I understand why they made it all pick instead of ARURF, and I understand why there normally isn't a random button anymore, but I think for urf it should be there for players like me who don't really care what champ they're on.
: I'm Trying to Be a Darkin Main...
Yeah climbing with him can be a bit awkward since you need teammates to play around. I do enjoy that he has like 4 viable builds though. Nothing like seeing your mid lock an AD champ then locking in AP Varus. Did 1600 damage in one tick to an enemy sej. I'd definitely call him the B student of adc but he CAN hard carry.
: Why is Yasuo allowed to be played at 3 different roles?
I don't agree nor disagree with you, you just said "go ahead and downvote me" so I did.
: When I play Soraka Attack Speed AP On-hit Mid against a Diana and get an S+
Hey I'll have you know I have an aram pentakill on adc soraka back in the days of the proving grouinds. Nobody expects the banana
: > [{quoted}](name=Cronofuge,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pbMWlgxp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-06T17:10:52.219+0000) > > There has been like, one good victorious skin and that's morgana. All the others are average at best. Nothing new here. Elise and Janna you blind bat.
> [{quoted}](name=BigfootNamedYeti,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pbMWlgxp,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-07T14:31:08.290+0000) > > Elise and Janna you blind bat. Once again. Average skins. The skins are alright, I'll give you that they have nice splashes but the skins aren't that special, it's the accomplishment of getting to gold that makes the skins "good"
: Forgotten Champions: Which champions have you not seen in months?
I play a lot of aram so honestly there aren't champions I don't see. My friends and I have all the champions so sometimes we just roll that weird shit like udyr.
Scolorin (EUNE)
: Ok Riot you can keep the victorious skin
There has been like, one good victorious skin and that's morgana. All the others are average at best. Nothing new here.
: When is the update coming...
Update is live on NA. Not sure about EUNE sadly
: The Most Kills you ever got in a game!
Honestly probably not a lot. I'd say upper 20s or lower 30s. I am usually a follow up type of player so if my teammates aren't doing so hot I struggle. If both my teammates and myself are doing well then the enemy just surrenders. I do have a good meme of a screenshot when it comes to CS in a non-bot game though. http://i.imgur.com/NUa8prg.jpg?1
: Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?
I mean. You can outplay it. You can flash, you can zhonyas, and even with it's speed and radius, I have backstepped to dodge a malph ult. I guess that just doesn't line up your complaints as easily. Once an ap malph misses an ult, he's basically dead, even with zhonyas he's deep in enemy territory and needs to be bailed out, not to mention he's not nearly as useful if he does live. You could've complained about adc crits, you could've complained about rengar, but you had to pick something that's actually outplayable to try and make your point. I'm not gonna deny that the point does exist, damage is crazy high, and it pushes a completely different playstyle. It still takes skill, just a different kind of skill than a slower meta.
: How many champion shards are you hoarding?
I disenchant them immediately unless I play them on the rift. Then I save them for mastery 6-7. Only have about a row and a half right now.
BurnedFire2 (EUNE)
: One for All
Yeah the matryoshka doll shenanigans of tahm kench and Yuumi sound hilarious. Let's just be glad that you can actually end games now so you don't end up with this. http://i.imgur.com/NUa8prg.jpg?1
: Is Thresh A Tank?
I suppose that by definition he isn't a tank because he isn't that tanky inherently but the best way to build him is tanky. Honestly a very good question
: Who Do You Ban Most In URF And Why?
Usually Jax but if he's already banned I go for Jhin. It's amazing how polarizing Jhin's early and late game are. It used to be that getting through early game is impossible so they balanced him around that and now he just 2 shots everybody once he gets 2 items.
: Which of the 2 champions who need to be in the VGU list the "most" after Fiddlesticks and Volibear?
Graves. I have a great idea for a rework. Move his E true grit to his passive, make it scale at levels 7 and 13. Have it scale off of time in combat rather than dashes. Make his autos normal but put it at 525 since he has a shotgun. Move the shotgun attack to his Q but make it pierce so he has waveclear. I can take or leave the W. Keep the dash, the auto reset, and the refund on autos on his E but have it give attack speed to compete with adcs. Take the backwards dash off his R since it's clunky. Sounds like a decent kit imo.
: current meta is garbage.
Still better than season 5 25% bonus hp tank meta.
iSennª (NA)
: Can't wait for Spear of Sojin removal.
The triforce titanic build was still incredible without shojin and it'll still be incredible. Sure it's no infinite mobility+dodge but that hp pool + his ult will make him beefy af
: qiyana new skin angry rant
This feels weird to type but... do you not live somewhere where there are latinas? Their skin can get quite dark. And the whole bright colors clashing with dark skin thing comes down to taste. I personally dislike it as well, but I'm sure there's a lot of people who love it.
: About players on urf
Because, believe it or not, some people have fun by actually trying. Yah I'll do dumb shit like "the fast" every now and then but playing high mechanic champions and just mashing my face on the keyboard hoping for an outplay is real fun to me.
: What do you guys miss most from league?
ADC Graves and Mafia Graves' smooth attack animation.
probably not until about 10 hours from now. Riot doesn't usually launch things at midnight (their time) and usually does them around 9-12AM PST.
: When did Ashe get so strong?
They buffed her main attribute, her slow. It is now much stronger in the early game, and as long as she stays away from engage tools, she can make the lives of melee supports hell. Given how popular said supports are, you can see why she is winning. Couple that with her high natural range giving her the edge in trades, she has a surprisingly strong early game. Transition that into a strong mid game, where you can set up easy kills for your team with well placed arrows, and you have yourself a strong pick. Despite what boards complains about, damage isn't EVERYTHING.
: I miss season 5
All I remember from season 5 is that riot didn't learn from their mistake with Spirit of the Ancient Golem and replaced enchantment: Juggernaut with enchantment: cinderhulk. The issue is that 25% bonus health completely warps the meta every time it's introduced. It happened with sotag and it happened with cinderhulk. It took a whole 9 patches to fix it by reducing the value to 15% Season 5 was honestly the first time I was frustrated with riot's decisions on the meta, not just because I don't like HP tank meta, but because they literally did the same thing the season before, the cause, and the effect were the same. No season is perfect, I look back and see many ups and downs. At this point I even fondly remember season 7 and the "adc in 2k17 lul" trend because for some reason when the class is at its worst, I do better.
: Thanks for the Halloween Miss Fortune skins
I'm a bit upsetti spaghetti that the prestige edition is gonna damper my efforts to get all the mf skins. I was only 2 away too. Luckily I got the standard edition out of a chest yesterday. That prestige one is going to take some insane rng to get.
: Gemstone Skins
While the skins aren't ultra amazing, their exclusivity makes them feel nice. I haven't even seen some of the skins, and I've only ever seen 1 other person who uses hextech kog'maw. While a list would be nice, since gemstones don't expire, there's no reason you can't just sit on them until something calls out.
: Well now i don’t care that I didn’t make gold this year.
Tbh the victorious skins have never been great. The only one I have that I actually like is morgana. Oh nooooo my free skin isn't that great.
: A trend that really saddens me
That's what I liked about nexus blitz. You could just have fun building the trap items. Bring back nexus blitz and add ionic spark to it :( Although I am not fond of it, I can see why riot removes items. People still build duskblade on Ez in aram because it's in his recommended. You see zeal rush sivirs, lux is pointed towards tear rather than ludens. Apparently if people are given the option to buy dumb stuff under the idea that it might be good, they just build it.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Wait...Ashe has a 55% WR???
Being able to lane from a safe range is incredible right now. She was already strong and got her slow buffed to insane levels early game. When melee supports are so common she is going to slow them to kingdom come. She has great lane priority with her W spam and increased range to harass the enemy laner out. This means that the melee supports can't "just engage" without taking serious minion damage. Kai'sa is the least of my worries with xayah and ashe running about.
: Is AP Malphite not just incredibly unhealthy by design?
It's just a reaction test to see if you can press flash or zhonyas before he hits you. If you dodge that ult he can't kill anybody. You gotta have vision, you gotta respect him, but this build has existed for a very long time without being a problem. It can be annoying to be blown up so fast but if you manage to outplay it, he kinda just dies.
: Has anyone made really good friends over League?
Met a couple of casual friends but I don't really add randos and I tend to only play with my IRL friends that I've been playing with for 8 years. I have used league as a "background" to my chats with friends though.
Vanlash (NA)
: PLEASE someone anyone from riot help me.
My account is 8 years old and was stolen, with the email changed a couple of weeks ago. I went through the live chat on the ticket and got it fixed in about 15 minutes. Granted this was after a couple of my own mistakes and perhaps an error on the website locked my ticket into this account, which I couldn't log into, and I was prompted to log off to submit a 2nd account stolen ticket (to use the live chat). My answers were far from perfect but I guess remembering what skins I have sent and received through mystery gift helps. You gotta understand that they're just people and without that information being correct, they have no basis on which to believe that you're actually the account owner. I only remember my first 2 champs and my first 2 skins, I remember all 3 refund uses and a couple of gifts received but that was enough. I would be furious and incredibly stressed in your situation, and I know what I'm saying is NOT what you want to hear but you GOTTA understand their position.
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