Sirhaian (NA)
: Thresh VFX Update
I think they look fantastic overall; the only thing I'm worried about is just how _busy_ his lantern looks now. While I love an update that tells people HEY CLICK THE DAMN LANTERN, if there were a lot of spell effects going on in an area or a spell with very subtle visual queues I'm worried that the lantern may obscure other abilities being used in the area. Obviously I wouldn't know for sure until actually playing it some, just a potential concern I have. I already have clarity issues in a few other places in game and would hate to have even more obscured (I've said it before and I'll say it again, when recalling on base Mordekaiser I can't tell an enemy Pyke is stealthed nearby at all because of the recall animation Morde has now and the similar color/circular effect Pyke's stealth has).
: How long will the Rise of the Elements TFT Pass be available for? Also how many points do i need to earn all the rewards? You guys have given this info before when announcing passes, but its not there for this pass. I think this should always be included when a new pass is announced, so people can plan, if they want all the rewards. It said directly in the preview that it will be available for the entire duration of the set: > So far, our passes have been pretty strict on time limitations, which means you haven’t had very long to get to the most exciting rewards at the end of ’em. This one will stay up for the entire length of the Rise of the Elements set. We hope this gives you more time to earn the things you’re excited about. The total amount of points will probably be high considering the duration is most likely going to be a few months again, but the orb only charges every 3 days now and your missions last for a week so getting it done should be extremely easy as long as you can play a few games every 3 days or so.
Meddler (NA)
: It's certainly possible some champs who are pretty dependent on particular keystones or items getting changed might need some help post preseason patch. As above we want to see where they land first though before trying to adjust around possible impacts.
Is there a chance that we see a ranged/melee split up for Aftershock like we do for other runes or items? I feel like this might be hard to do because of some of the pseudo-ranged users like Thresh and Rakan but overall it might just be more healthy for the game overall in the long run even if it requires them to get used to new keystones and this is coming from someone with a Thresh 1 trick account; I enjoy using Aftershock on Sylas, Galio, and a couple other mage champions that are specifically melee and need the survivability once they go into a fight directly. It's just frustrating to see this keystone constantly be a problem and now be nerfed for some of its intended users like Galio who is supposed to be a tanky frontline who is rewarded for building AP because of outliers like Ryze or Lissandra abusing it heavily.
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
I'm pretty concerned with a lot of these changes as someone who primarily plays Udyr for ranked play. First off, Cloud Drake. What purpose does it have for champions like Udyr, Jayce, Elise, Nidalee, and Shyvana? Ultimate cooldown reduction does none of them any good unless it functions on their transformations or Phoenix Stance which current ultimate reductions do not. On top of that, having a Nimbus Cloak-like effect on the Dragon Soul for Cloud Drake is another wasted spot. This pushes champions who are currently viable (Jayce and Elise in particular) further down into the dirt because of lacking a traditional ultimate ability and **more importantly, 4 of the 5 champions that will lose the most from this change are freaking junglers who should be focused on and have priority on these drakes.** On top of that, we're taking away Ohmwrecker (admittedly a mostly useless item) and Zz'rot Portal which is niche but much healthier than Banner of Command ever was and then removing a very useful component item for playing from behind in Raptor Cloak which is a very important component for quite a few top lane champions. One of the stated goals was to address the disparity between ranged and melee top laners and the removal of Raptor Cloak is going to make that worse because it's an armor/health regen item to help survive in poor lanes but more importantly a way to either engage or disengage near turrets into a matchup you may not traditionally be able to catch or escape from. Instead of entirely removing the Raptor Cloak component, shift it over to replace the Chain Vest in Deadman's Plate and Righteous Glory. Glacial Shroud already builds into quite a few items so it wouldn't lose anything by being taken out of Righteous Glory and the Point Runner passive attached to a couple items that are meant for charging forward would allow for Raptor Cloak's unique and somewhat important passive to remain on other items. The changes so far just feel really bad for a player like me who is now going to have a useless drake possibly appearing, some of the items I've come to depend on when behind being removed, and jungle experience being nerfed at the same time.
Sirhaian (NA)
: VFX Updates for Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn and Jax, plus an SFX Update for Renekton.
After seeing the cleaned up Caitlyn versions on Twitter, I'm quite happy with all of these, especially having a readable range indicator on Jax's stun. One of the more frustrating things about playing or playing against Jax is the range on that stun not always being clear; use a short range dash on someone like Lucian thinking I'll dodge the stun? Nope, still in it. Jump and chase someone while playing Jax thinking I've got it for sure? Nope, I was a fourth of a Teemo away from stunning them and lose the kill. Clarity updates like that one and the better indicator for Blitz's hook hitbox are always fantastic choices. Clarity should always be a key factor in these. Any chance we'll see Nasus get an update on his ultimate similar to Renekton's to show the actual damage range of his AoE soon? It's something that should be done for clarity and I'm guessing wouldn't be too difficult since some of the work on Renekton's should carry over.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=eNgeL1Rb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-09T16:49:34.621+0000) > > **Allowing a few champs to go beyond level 18** > > Wanted to get a gut check from you folks on a concept we've kicked around occasionally internally. How does the idea of allowing a few specific champions to exceed the level cap slightly (level 19, maybe 20?) sound? If for example Zilean's passive, in addition to allowing him to give XP to allies, also allowed him to break the level cap a bit just for himself is that something that feels natural? If so, is it something that would feel out of place if a few other champions could do the same? Not something we're immediately planning to do, but could be an option for champs who could do with a bit of super late game power and a bit of extra relevance to their passives. Was curious as to whether it was something that generally sounded appealing versus boring, fair versus unfair etc to you all. This is a really fun concept that I think could work for a few champions. Zilean seems like one that it would make sense on in particular obviously due to his time magic. The only other two I could reasonably say it would be a viable option for would be Ekko (thematicallly) and Udyr (who doesn't get enough points to max all his abilities) so while it's an interesting concept I'm not sure it'd be valuable enough to explore in terms of time usage. What benefits would Zilean or Ekko gain other than per-level stats? Since the stats generally considered valuable for them (AP, CDR, penetration, move speed) aren't per-level stats it seems like it wouldn't benefit much other than the small health/mana increase and maybe a thematic boost. If you were to allow them extra points into abilities then which abilities would it be? Most players would obviously just opt into Q for both, with the second point (if it were level 20) being E for them both most likely. Udyr seems like the only champion who could really benefit from this sort of thing as he can benefit heavily from things like AD and AS from the per-level stats as well as getting a chance to put all 5 points in all 5 stances if the cap for him were level 20. If it were something a future champion were designed around I think it could make sense, but giving it to older champions just seems like a wash other than Udyr overall and even then it'd mostly be about the bonus of having higher base damage on your max rank Phoenix or Tiger that you were generally not upgrading previously.
Cosnirak (NA)
: What breaks it is the power of double-procing any of the best on-hits in League, plain and simple. The only way such mechanics are ever exciting enough to care are if it's too good when it works well. And on top of that, most of those on-hits involve very uninteractive gameplay (being auto attack based, doing true damage, and/or % max hp damage) that exists primarily on some of the most uninteractive overall champions to boot (Yi, Vayne, Kog'Maw). And now comes where you likely want to turn this into a debate about the degree of interactivity those champs and their on-hit mechanics have. Or bring out the 1-2 semi exceptions (like naming Lucian but neglecting that it's still essentially auto attack based). Have at it if you want, but the point will still remain. Those procs have limitations for good reasons. Just build attack speed and stop trying to "break" champions who aren't made any more interesting by having this mechanic.
The issue is that these champions are currently balanced around having that double-proc available. Removing it entirely would ruin a few champions' current balance. And again, having a cooldown on Hail of Blades would make it a much more balance-able version instead of just slapping it on an item or giving it to champions. I'd much rather have it on a keystone so you're giving up something meaningful to access it (sustain from Fleet Footwork, bonus damage from Press the Attack, etc) instead of having it on an item anyone can build during the game. It leaves it much more able to be tweaked and tuned as a keystone with a cooldown that can be increased/lowered and that only works for 3 attacks as opposed to having it on Guinsoo's as a semi-permanent buff once you get it stacked in a team fight. _But if you want a fun hot take on it: put it on a heavy cost support item instead. Make it something usable by the support similar to Zeke's Herald/Locket of the Iron Solari. Banner of Command makes a comeback as an item where it activates passive double-hit for everyone in short range for a short duration (similar to Locket range); it would be an immense item in the control of your support if they had the ability to use it well and bring back a third Aegis upgrade item for supports. At the same time, I would recommend that Locket, Zeke's, and Banner would all have the actives with linked cooldowns to prevent abuse cases or stacking them all for massive resists and have it be the more offensive option where Zeke's has higher armor and lower MR, Locket has higher MR and lower armor (current cases), and the new Banner would have balanced armor/MR and AP/MS on it from building out of an Aether Wisp and having a high combine cost._
Cosnirak (NA)
: >Have you considered something like letting it double-proc on-hit effects for a short duration or something similar? Please no! Double-proccing on-hits needs to be eradicated from the game for forever. It has never been healthy in its entire existence in League. It should've been deleted ages ago. Some people absolutely love it because honestly it's just super broken which makes it really exciting for people who play those champs.
> [{quoted}](name=Cosnirak,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=wwZodBPe,comment-id=0032000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-28T17:33:35.995+0000) > > Please no! Double-proccing on-hits needs to be eradicated from the game for forever. It has never been healthy in its entire existence in League. It should've been deleted ages ago. Some people absolutely love it because honestly it's just super broken which makes it really exciting for people who play those champs. I'd argue the opposite actually; tie the double on hit proccing into Hail of Blades with a fair cooldown and remove it from Guinsoo's Rageblade instead. Having it as a semi-permanent on while stacked is what breaks it (Kog'maw, Kaisa, Kayle, Jax, etc) while tying it to a keystone with a cooldown instead would be much more reasonable I think. This would make the keystone much more valuable on those champions giving them legitimate rune options outside of going Precision all the time and remove it from being an easily purchased option every game. Then they can take Guinsoo's Rageblade and completely rework the item if necessary since it's been a problematic item for a few seasons now and the changes being made to it constantly aren't having any real effect on it because of the double-hit passive on full stacks. [Edit] On top of that, it would establish clear counter-play as well because you'd know when Hail of Blades was active or on cooldown during trades/teamfights as opposed to "Well, Kog'maw has 2 items and an Alistar with a Lulu mid so team fights are out" at all times. The issue would be trying to find a niche for Rageblade at that point that isn't already covered by other items; perhaps having it as a stacking dual-pen item on stacks instead of just having it as a flat passive would be good instead of the double-hit being attached to it. Give it a clear niche on champions that use both magic/physical damage (Kog'maw, Kayle, Kai'sa, the current builders basically) without forcing them to choose between a Last Whisper upgrade or a Void Staff and also make it less valuable as a rush item.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Being chat restricted or directly punished drops you to honor 0 until the punishment wears off, no matter what.
To be clear, I meant it more along the lines of a honor 4/5 player wouldn't be getting reported enough to get that chat restriction in the first place in 99% of cases. A long track record of good behavior that could get broken that easily would have to be something along the lines of homophobic or racist slurs, etc, in which case that knock down to honor 0 is well deserved.
: They are not rewarded for being toxic. They get a 2nd chance to get what normal players get anyway, in a harder way. How can you call that a reward? They get nothing more than non-toxic players, and they get it later. Also, "climbing honor is a pain"? You should be "nicer for the end of season"? All that doesn't sound like the words of an honorable player either... I did nothing special this year, and I got Honor 5 a couple months ago.
Except they're not getting what normal players get in a harder way, they're getting it for doing the same thing that normal players already do every day which is just not being a generally shitty person in game. All they have to do is go into games and not be complete asses to get honors occasionally, especially if you go do it in things like ARAM where a hard carry performance can regular net you an entire team's honors for a good game. They're not being rewarded for being toxic, that's correct, but they're being given a second chance to be a decent person after already demonstrating that they couldn't manage it the first time around. Second chances are great and all, but acting like they have to work way harder than average is very misleading because all they had to do was not be insufferable in the first place like all the other normal players out there.
: I got 2 week ban because I was playing normals alone and my teammates were playing with the four of them. They flamed me really hard and I said 3 to 4 things back what was only a bit offensive from what they said to me. After the game they reported me with the 4 of them and I got banned. I was fking honor lvl 5 and because they reported me with the 4 of them im eligible for the rewards. What the f*ck is this stupid bs, I havent got any punishments before either. So how are you going to balance this shit. I grinded the whole season and got banned on the 9th of November, 3 days before end and now I dont get rewards. Nice Riot! Thanks I appreciate your support!
Let's see the chat logs then. Appeal the ban with appropriate chat logs or quit trying to get pity. You don't get a 2 week ban off of a single bad game and a handful of reports.
: A long track record of good behavior should not be rendered void by a single incident, and a generally honorable player should not fail to receive hard-earned rewards because of bad timing.
Yes but to be fair, a person with a long track record of good behavior won't be knocked all the way down to honor 0 that quickly.
: I dont know yuour plans but the current galio changes are a straight nerf to my eyes. Galios mana costs were not even the problem in soloq, the CD of his Q is. Removing that wonderful scaling from him also hurts me deep inside. Your mini rework to shift galio from brainless tank into ap bruiser was what made me love him cuz he became a hypercarry.
I think that's rather the point though; he went from being a tank into a massive hypercarry who can delete people with enough AP. The goal of the changes being tested right now is going to make tank Galio a potential option now with higher base damages and the %HP damage being added instead of the flat damage on the tornado makes it viable to take him top lane against other meatballs as a tank, but still strong in mid lane because it has solid AP scaling. It's going to open him up to tank players again while still retaining the strong AP builds he currently has, as well as giving him more build flexibility with the lower mana costs. The lower mana cost is probably to offset the flat damage loss on the tornado, because that's going to cut into his fairly obscene wave clear; there aren't many other melee champions who have the ranged wave clear he does. Get a little AP and one Q cuts down the entire caster minion line while you safely farm the melee minions up close; he needs an actual weakness for professional play, and this will be one of them most likely where he'll have an actual trade-off for the farm if he goes into a ranged opponent now. At 100 AP, you'll be doing 10% max HP damage over the course of a single Q not counting the buffed base damage and AP ratio on that as well. That's honestly pretty nuts for a fairly short cooldown ability where you can lock someone down in it, and will make him a great pick against tanky lineups. His overall damage against players will be similar while it cuts his easy wave clear down to a more reasonable level, but realistically he'll probably just scoop up Minion Dematerializer to compensate at this point. That rune in particular seems problematic on a handful of champions and then useless on most others.
: Are you talking about the 10-20 damage nerfs on their base abilities? and kaisas 1.25% health dmg reduced on her passive? are you even serious right now. 10 base damage on Leblancs distortion means nothing. akalis ult base damage is not why shes broken, its her ability to stay invisible in shroud and sustain while dealing tons of damage, she can kill most squishes without her ult. 10 damage off viktors Q isn't the reason hes broken, its his ability to sustain through his mana scaling shield on his Q while retaining that same damage in a low cooldown with slow + speed boost. These champions have been in the spotlight for the sole reason of LCS to please the crowd and force this play-style on the player base. It doesn't matter if they're gonna change runes in the preseason, the damage has already been done. These changes should've occurred months ago, but yet im out here arguing the game with brain-dead silver and gold players who have no idea what an actual nerf is but rather are satisfied with 10 base damage nerfs that can be replaced with runes like scorch. urgot, irelia, camile only use resolve as secondary runes, changes to those runes are irrelevant to these champions. 60 bonus health from a fucking rune isn't why sion or irelia are broken buddy. One stacks hp from minions and the other has 50% damage reduction built into her kit. Like do you lack common sense? The runes arent why these champions are overpowered, they simply compliment an already unhealthy playstyle. "spend time looking into future changes", all the champions i mentioned have been the kings of their lanes for months.
> [{quoted}](name=Two Beginnings,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=VgE3AkqI,comment-id=0008000600000000,timestamp=2018-11-07T11:43:28.814+0000) > > Are you talking about the 10-20 damage nerfs on their base abilities? and kaisas 1.25% health dmg reduced on her passive? are you even serious right now. 10 base damage on Leblancs distortion means nothing. akalis ult base damage is not why shes broken, its her ability to stay invisible in shroud and sustain while dealing tons of damage, she can kill most squishes without her ult. 10 damage off viktors Q isn't the reason hes broken, its his ability to sustain through his mana scaling shield on his Q while retaining that same damage in a low cooldown with slow + speed boost. Damage off Leblanc's primary wave clear ability is pretty significant actually. This means more time having to shove the wave and less time to roam, which is where a large portion of her power is. Akali just got a nerf to her shroud in the very patch that came out last night, so complaining about that when they increased the cooldown heavily at low ranks literally one day ago is pretty dumb. Base damage off Viktor's Q is also significant as well, he has great sustain with his shield and move speed on his Q upgrade but the heavy nerf to Time Warped Tonic this patch is going to be a huge nerf to him as well when he loses the longer duration passive move speed buff. Viktor also lost base damage on his ultimate (which was very oppressive against slow moving meatball top laners) so he's been nerfed twice this patch plus rune nerfs. > These champions have been in the spotlight for the sole reason of LCS to please the crowd and force this play-style on the player base. It doesn't matter if they're gonna change runes in the preseason, the damage has already been done. These changes should've occurred months ago, but yet im out here arguing the game with brain-dead silver and gold players who have no idea what an actual nerf is but rather are satisfied with 10 base damage nerfs that can be replaced with runes like scorch. Viktor didn't appear in professional play top lane until halfway through the Worlds tournament; saying he was in the spotlight for the LCS is just dumb. And yes, changing runes in pre-season is very significant. It's too late to save your Season 8 rank perhaps, but it'll help in Season 9 significantly. Being able to take early game MR against Leblanc is going to tone her lane dominance down massively, early game free armor is going to help against Irelia and Urgot if you're playing squishy champions, etc. Losing Chrysallis is absolutely a nerf, even if you think it's the 60 HP that was the issue. The problem with that rune was that they got early lane survival to make it to their power spikes; a squishier Akali or Irelia who doesn't survive that last tick of Ignite or that doesn't get that free AD/AP after a few assists from jungle ganks or a roam bot lane is much weaker than one who survives a gank and gets free offensive stats for going into a defensive rune tree. Bone Plating being removed does the same thing; both are commonly taken on Akali to survive the early laning phase against ranged enemies who may otherwise push her out of lane, and both are being removed leaving Akali much more vulnerable in the early game to long range champions or lane bullies who can overpower her early. > urgot, irelia, camile only use resolve as secondary runes, changes to those runes are irrelevant to these champions. 60 bonus health from a fucking rune isn't why sion or irelia are broken buddy. One stacks hp from minions and the other has 50% damage reduction built into her kit. Like do you lack common sense? The runes arent why these champions are overpowered, they simply compliment an already unhealthy playstyle. "spend time looking into future changes", all the champions i mentioned have been the kings of their lanes for months. And all of them are bannable last I checked. There's always going to be a top pick. As long as I've played this game, I've seen it rotate constantly. Kassadin was perma-banned for like 3 years straight until his small rework, Leblanc was probably 85% ban rate when she had a silence in her kit, Zed and Yasuo have traditionally been banned in solo queue for years now because of their ability to take off in uncoordinated play. There's always going to be the latest "op picks" that need to be banned out until either they're nerfed or something shifts in the meta that makes them less viable. Varus was banned for a lot of this season before his changes, Tahm Kench is still seeing a lot of bans in pro play despite absolutely massive nerfs to him just because of the way his kit works, Kaisa and Xayah/Rakan are still receiving plenty of bans as well. There's always going to be a champion in a state that needs to be banned, because there's no way to perfectly balance every champion in the game; if there were, we wouldn't need bans in the first place. Also, the lack of the permanent HP stacking rune Overgrowth is actually a significant nerf to Sion; it'll be an early game buff but a late game slap to the face because of how much HP he gets from his W. Irelia's built in damage reduction is very powerful, yes, but it also leaves her completely immobile during the duration of it. It's an ability that has a clear weakness for its strength; the only thing I think needs to be done with it is give it a flat cooldown instead of one that scales down to slightly reduce her late game power. She scales incredibly well into the late game with items and already gets significant CDR from the Trinity Force that is always built, so having that cooldown scale down in addition seems like a bit much. It's a simple change that wouldn't remove a lot of damage for her but reward her for choosing her usage better and reward opponents a bit more for burning it early. _One last thing; if you want to call people out and say they don't know what they're talking about because of rank, at least try to have a positive win rate on all these champions you're complaining about. You've gone massively negative with the supposedly OP Akali and have a losing win rate with Irelia and Camille as well, but will come and cry about them on the forums? Give me a break. Don't make it personal if you don't want people doing it back._
: Yes lets totally worry about a bug with EMOTES in goddamn ARAM over champion balancing! The fact that this is the top comment on this thread in the last 15 hours instead of bringing attention to champions like aatrox, urgot, khaxiz, camille, irelia, kaisa, sion, tank viktor, leblanc, zoe, and countless others who are dominating the meta, creating a very unhealthy play-style and because of it they are permabanned in ranked, lets worry about the inability to show an emote in ARAM, which is not even the standard map for play. Another patch, another disappointment. This goes to show how dumb this community is and the balance team also. Worried about emotes and skins over fixing the game, then wonder why its dying and high elo players are always complaining about it.
Maybe you missed the part where Viktor is being nerfed in the patch notes right above you, as well as Leblanc? Kai'sa was nerfed strongly in her passive last patch as well. Aatrox is up for nerfs next patch and it was only pulled from this one because they didn't have time to work on the sound first so it would have caused bad interactions if your ult ended but you still had the music playing, causing people to go "WHY I NO REVIVE RITO SMALL INDIE COMPANY LOL" instead of realizing it was nerfed. Keep in mind that a lot of Resolve runes are being changed in pre-season which will affect champions like Urgot, Camille, Sion, and potentially Irelia as well, especially with Chrysallis going away which was a good early game rune for most of these picks and gave them damage for a defensive tree, on top of being able to select flat armor or scaling MR in pre-season as well which will lower their effectiveness. If you spent half as much time looking at future changes instead of complaining that nobody in charge knows what they're doing you'd realize most of this will be a non-issue in just a couple weeks with pre-season starting.
: You're definitely right there, but the fact that assuming you buy the pass, complete every single worlds mission, and do every single First Win with the pass since day one, you can achieve a maximum of 920 tokens. This is **37%** of the massive amount of **2500 tokens** required for popstar Kai'sa. This would require getting an A score AND winning in **158 games** in order to make up the difference. Surely you don't see a problem with this??? I don't have a problem with the idea of a pass, I really don't. In fact, I bought it, but after realizing what a complete and blatant rip off it is it seriously irritates me.
158 games over the course of 54 days really isn't that much though. If you can average 3 wins per day (about 2-2 1/2 hours assuming a couple losses) then you'll get plenty of value out of the pass. The pass isn't for everyone; it's intended for those players who have a lot of time to sink. In addition, farming the tokens via ARAM isn't that bad because while the rewards are slightly lower, the games are done in about a third of the time. It's not a rip-off, it just has an intended audience like most other things. I'm personally out of work for a few weeks with a broken foot, so for me I can get a large amount of value out of the pass since I have about 4-6 weeks to sit around doing a whole lot of nothing but ARAM farming or ranked grind. I'm someone in the targeted audience; so are streamers, students, etc.
ploki122 (NA)
: While we're at it, I was curious if you have any insight on why Riot seems to put so much focus on CS over actual wealth. Over the years, there have been countless changes that give more or fewer CS when they die, and hiding the actual wealth behind CS only really hinders lower elos, since the wealth can usually be very easy to extrapolate in lane since you have a point of comparison (your 5 players), and late game there are so many variations of build paths and whatnot that hiding it all behind CS doesn't really change anything. Even now, with every changes that have made it to live, casters keep having to discard or emphasize certain numbers because of how weird CS is (GP getting extra gold, partial camps being counted weirdly, melee vs caster vs cannon, plants and other minions, coin/spellthief, targon counting double CS, etc.)
> [{quoted}](name=ploki122,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=aIUyiwdc,comment-id=002c00000000,timestamp=2018-09-28T21:16:37.183+0000) > > While we're at it, I was curious if you have any insight on why Riot seems to put so much focus on CS over actual wealth. Over the years, there have been countless changes that give more or fewer CS when they die, and hiding the actual wealth behind CS only really hinders lower elos, since the wealth can usually be very easy to extrapolate in lane since you have a point of comparison (your 5 players), and late game there are so many variations of build paths and whatnot that hiding it all behind CS doesn't really change anything. > > Even now, with every changes that have made it to live, casters keep having to discard or emphasize certain numbers because of how weird CS is (GP getting extra gold, partial camps being counted weirdly, melee vs caster vs cannon, plants and other minions, coin/spellthief, targon counting double CS, etc.) The partial camp counting is actually helping with that clarity because certain monsters per camp are worth more money so it helps give you a better idea of their *actual* gold count. Same thing with Targon's counting twice, both players get that gold value so it makes sense that they both get the CS counter to help you figure out just how much gold they really have. There are a few things that don't help much like you said, but some of those things actually *help* with the clarity instead of detracting from it like you think.
InTheory (EUW)
: @Maple Nectar: Boots (long response)
I'm not entirely sure what you're really trying to accomplish: for the most part it seems like this would just be injecting extra stats into the game unnecessarily. For example, the Ninja Tabi effect being purchased on other boots; how often is that likely to happen? If you're buying something to reduce auto attack damage, it's likely you'd also want armor. Sure, I could buy the passive on a mid laner and get 25 AP. But without my magic pen, deleting the enemy carry I'm supposed to be on is much more difficult so it still looks like a more appealing option while I buy an Hourglass. I could buy some HP boots instead but in the long term the armor will generally be more effective health than 200 HP. Sure, I could get the CC reduction from current Mercs on something that isn't MR, but the vast majority of CC comes from champions dealing magic damage overall. I can't see a world where I'd say "Oh, there's a Renekton top against me, better buy the Armor/Tenacity boots even though they have a Lux and Braum" where it would be better than regular old Mercs. The same situation occurs with AP boots and buying things like Fury. It's not a situation that is going to occur outside of very tiny niche cases (Kayle, for example) and 99% of the time it'll just be purchased with the penetration enchantment. Same with AD boots; it'll almost always be bought with the Fury enchantment, especially when you're including the Phage passive on it which will make AD champions unstoppable/unkiteable. Adding that kind of sticking power to a boot enchantment is honestly going to be a balance nightmare. ADCs are now able to get bonus movement speed very early in the game for sticking power and repositioning? Junglers just got their go-to enchantment as well for free sticking power without ever having to build a Phage or Cleaver. Imagine Graves in the jungle with these. You'd never escape; it's a grievous mistake to ever allow something like that to exist. I think some of the issue is that you're trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist. You also have to consider your adaptive boots. Look at unique examples like Corki; he needs magic penetration but often only builds a Void Staff for AP. His boots would be adaptive to Lethality even though he does mostly magic damage, so he's no longer got the penetration he desires and is now forced into something like CDR or your Fury enchantment, especially if it didn't have the massively broken Rage passive on it. I like the idea of looking at a system that hasn't been changed much over the years other than minor stat changes, but this is probably just because they've been a stable part of the game for a long time that hasn't needed any balance work in comparison to other items.
Stexe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=9MYjAcmO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-03-29T20:03:26.543+0000) > > So you mean you believe them when they said the skin would be 5000 RP anytime else it showed up - a skin, which was released as part of APRIL FOOL'S DAY - and now you're a little disappointed that it was indeed a joke of a price point? Yes, because it wasn't only on sale on April Fool's Day. I expect companies to actually honor what they say instead of committing "false advertising."
Yeah, and Championship Riven was supposed to be locked away forever too. Companies can change policies and pricing as they please, that's kinda how it works.
: That's certainly a suggestion, though can I try to get you to think beyond the unstoppable mechanic? I think a case could be made to put it on his E, but I'd be curious if there's something else you'd be excited about rather than just putting that particular mechanic somewhere else.
> [{quoted}](name=Maple Nectar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Nrb6qpge,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2018-03-15T21:15:45.194+0000) > > That's certainly a suggestion, though can I try to get you to think beyond the unstoppable mechanic? I think a case could be made to put it on his E, but I'd be curious if there's something else you'd be excited about rather than just putting that particular mechanic somewhere else. Instead of a true unstoppable, make it something similar to Malphite's ultimate or other abilities like Jarvan's E/Q combo where the ability completes its movement but the CC is still applied at the end of the movement. This would reward players for timing it well by avoiding the CC entirely with the dash, reward a partially well-timed play by giving you the movement even if hit mid-dash but still leaving you CC'd, and punish bad play by being locked out of the spell when already CC'd.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 9
> **Next week: Surveys** > > Got a good question earlier in the week asking about why we don't survey more, with some suggestions as to things that might be valuable. Was planning to talk about our survey approach today as a result, give you folks a bunch of context on what we currently do and what our thinking there is. Turned out to be a bigger topic than expected, so moving it to the first post of next week. Let me know if there's anything survey related you're particularly interested in hearing about and I'll try and include something about that. In regards to the surveys going out, is there any chance of seeing surveys about champions in particular go out upon achieving certain mastery levels, especially when considering champions potentially up for reworks or balance changes? While mastery isn't necessarily a super great indicator of skill since it's based on your play level, I think it might still be useful information when sending them out to find out why players play certain champions so much or what feels good/bad about the specific champions so the balance and champ update teams have a better feel for what players like or dislike about certain champions when it comes to bringing them into line or up to date as well as the **perceived** strength of champions at different levels of play. For example, the champions that had partial reverts on their reworks such as Kog'maw or soon to be LeBlanc or champions like Swain and Mordekaiser who lost a lot of their identity during their updates could have potentially been avoided if the more experienced players had gotten to have a little more feedback on the champions to insure that their identity remained what players expected of them. When I play Swain now, he feels nothing like the previous champion in any way outside of his ultimate. His identity as a DoT mage is gone and now he feels like a generic top lane bully ala Jayce where he wins a lot of melee matchups and it's a little frustrating because I enjoyed the zoning mage that he was after the small update he received previously. He went from purely DoT mage to a DoT mage with zoning ability which felt good and thematic to me as the tactician should generally have control of a battlefield, but his newest update just doesn't feel good even when he's strong to me. This type of dramatic shift in the overall feel of a champion might have been a better change for his balance but I can't imagine that frequent Swain players were comfortable with this sudden shift. The same thing happened with Skarner; he went from a fun to play permaslow machine to someone who is balanced around these stupid crystal spires and his new passive which is still strong but not as fun to play. While I understand that the permaslow mechanic was not good for balance, I can't help but feel that this spire mechanic could have been avoided or perhaps used on a new champion with a proper kit built around it. Surveying players as they hit mastery 5/6/7 with champions to get solid feedback on why players are playing them, what they like about them, and the players' perceived strength of them seems like it could be very beneficial moving forward with reworks like Irelia and Aatrox coming up in the near future.
: I am new to this game, level 27 atm, I knew ALL the shards were getting devalued, there was a blue exclamation mark on the launcher telling you to disenchant everything you did not wanted. You have no excuse.
This was specifically listed for champion shards, not for skin shards. These are two very different things.
: NO. RIOT HAS KILLED TOO MANY MEMES. YOU GAVE BACK GRAVES CIGAR, YOU GAVE CASS AND VIKTOR SKINS IN THE SAME YEAR. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY {{item:3075}} {{champion:22}} FROM ME. but for real, the tutorial does need an update
Don't forget that Yorick finally got his first new skin as well...
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: Since Katarina can have 2 Halloween skins, I'm starting to worry...
While I understand the concern here, look at the concepts linked: * Syndra just got the SKT Syndra skin, and that concept is more of a Day of the Dead concept than Halloween/Harrowing. * The Sona one is just in poor taste. Poor girl can't even say "trick or treat". Also recently-ish received a holiday skin (Sweetheart). Would be hard to do proper spell effects for someone who just works in auras and would probably be better suited towards one of the April Fool's/URF costume skins instead. * Graves is about to receive the new Victorious skin. Barring the new precedent set by the Blitzcrank skins coming out, champions generally don't get a lot of skins right next to each other. * Miss Fortune just received a new Star Guardian skin, same as Syndra/Graves in that they've all gotten or will be getting new skins soon. * Leona: That shit is a smokin hot Leona skin, so why don't we have it? My guess would be trying to come up with decent animations for it that would also make the champion still read as Leona for spectators. This is something that they've said many times that gameplay clarity as well as clarity for spectators to identify a champion even if they haven't played the game is important. Dark spell effects that would match that skin would be very hard to read on screen for some players and difficult to see from a spectator standpoint in the middle of a teamfight. We'd end up with Steel Legion Lux all over again where the spell effects gave a tactical advantage to your gameplay by them being difficult to see. (Same reason that Ravenborn LeBlanc and Underworld Twisted Fate had spell effects changed.) Don't get me wrong, there are definitely other options, but the ones linked aren't great ones either. Most of them have received skins pretty recently or already have holiday themed skins to begin with.
riok89 (NA)
: Brand is a support now?
He's been played as a support in solo queue for a long time now, and was also played at Worlds 2016 as a support champion by Albus Nox Luna's (now M19) support Likkrit as his pocket pick which was banned in almost every single game against him because of its strength and the inability of other teams to find a counter to it at the time. With the update he received a while back making his passive stack and do an explosion for a large percentage of max HP, he saw a rise in popularity as a support pick as well as the fact that one spell landing guarantees your entire 3 stacks of procs from Spellthief's line is used immediately.
MysterQ (NA)
: Right, you will eventually get a level.... but a level is just a champion shard(s). And disenchanting one of those WILL NOT give you 6000+BE. So unti I try it out, I don't see how this can be equal speed to current where I am guaranteed a new champ if I play every day.
I suppose it also depends on the quality of shards and whether they factor in champions owned or not as well. It also depends on how much a new shard or champion costs with the upcoming changes, so it's really hard to judge right now. Overall though they've said it should be the same or even slightly faster than it was previously, but this is probably given the average player doing a few games a day. I'm sure there will be outlying cases that will need to be looked at.
MysterQ (NA)
: 25 is long, especially for a guy who may only play 1 a day. Granted even now it may take like a month to get a champ.... but now it will take a month (ok half a month) to get a champ shard.... that AT MOST will be 1260be..... yea that is not going to be buying any champs any time soon. Again, we will have to play it to see. But now I have to level up AND disenchant to buy champs. And if I don't level I never get anything.
It was 15-25 depending on first win of the day bonuses as well. If you only get to play one a day and win 50% of your games, you'll be closer to the 20 range. I'd assume the 25 is low end and the "lost every game" area while 15 is the "I log on once a day and win an ARAM" type end of the spectrum. That being said, even if you won every single game when you played once a day that's only 3750 IP in 15 days of one single win a day in your FWotD bonus, plus we'll say ~80 IP per game, for just under 5k IP. That's still short of a new 6300 champion by a bit, so let's try 20 days. At once game per day assuming you win them all, it would net you about ~6600 IP, or just enough for a new champion after the first week has passed, which is right around the average for leveling up that will be in the new system. In other words, they've struck just the right balance to make sure that your average experience is actually going to be slightly _better_ than before because even if you lose every game you'll earn levels faster than you'd get champs getting ~70 IP per loss which would take you almost 100 games of losing before you could earn a champion. [Edit] In the overall scheme of things at least, as you get close to the milestone levels it may be slower I guess but the first few levels after each milestone are supposedly faster so you'll earn quicker after those to make up the difference.
Meddler (NA)
: Urgot - Buffs helped a moderate amount, we'll likely do a little bit more on him sometime in the next few patches though. That's an estimate not a guarantee however. Nocturne - I think Noc shows his age pretty hard, in particular his dependence at this point on going in and bursting someone down as only real path to success. Power wise I think he's ok, and his ult's still I'd argue one of the coolest skills in the game. Would love to see a mini update on him at some point, lot of folks we should do first though (Azir, LB for sure, likely others like Garen, Karma, Ez etc). Kindred - We think the bigger issue with Kindred is satisfaction, rather than power. If the definition of viable being used is 'not pro viable' then yeah, they're not viable, though there's a general issue with carry style junglers in pro there. Imagine we'll put some work into them again at some point, would be surprised if it was until solidly after pre-season at the earliest however, barring new developments.
I really feel like giving Nocturne a bit of range on his ultimate would make a world of difference. Make it a baseline range in the way of Pantheon or Twisted Fate where every rank is the same range; this would feel better for the player and match more closely to the ranges people are used to playing against already instead of having to guess at the range/lvl that it currently has on it. Shave some damage off the dive itself if that's too much; if he had the 4000 unit range on his ultimate at all ranks he'd go from basically unused to a solid pick, especially in matchups against other mobile gank junglers that we're seeing now like Jarvan, Kayn, and Lee Sin. While I understand this would probably be more of a preseason change, it's something I think could be seriously considered for him. It would make a world of difference for him and also make him a more static opponent for counterplay as well since you would know his ult range at all ranks and be able to ward appropriately.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 23
Any chance we can see the circle that Nautilus, Udyr, and Yasuo have on targets they've recently used their passive, Bear Stance, or Sweeping Blade on added to Jarvan for his passive? Nothing seriously important, but a nice little QoL change. Instead of having to click on my target to see the debuff, he seems like a perfect candidate for this type of interaction. It would help with his laning and target selection quite a bit knowing which targets he can get the most damage out on at a time.
Meddler (NA)
: We'd been kicking around 25-30%, so that's a pretty good match with other feedback we've got too. E CC duration's one we're going to wait and see a bit on. It's certainly a noticeable power hit, at the same time though we need to ensure the E doesn't give a guaranteed R cast.
I could see this as being more reasonable on the previous iterations of Zac's E where the only landing indicator was a shadow on the ground that was poorly telegraphed, but you guys have added a big red circle for enemies to see where Zac is flying in with his Slingshot now so E itself is no longer as reliable as it used to be. A guaranteed R cast for landing a spot on Slingshot seems perfectly reasonable, similar to how Lux is rewarded with a guaranteed R cast for landing a Binding, or Morgana is guaranteed her R stun if she lands a Binding, Leona is guaranteed her R stun on a target if she lands her E/Q abilities, etc. It's very inconsistent with other champions, and the others also include AoE CC or massive amounts of damage as well.
Meddler (NA)
: We're cautiously optimistic on the Shen changes, but I'd imagine we'll need to do some more work at some point soonish still. One of our main goals was to shift his power around somewhat so the discrepancy between organized play and matchmade play wasn't so extreme (he's often been pick/ban worthy in organized play and at best somewhat weak in matchmade). I'm hopeful we've closed that gap somewhat, we haven't seen any significant organized play on the changes yet though. It's also possible that, even if we have closed that gap somewhat, it might still be large enough to be problematic. Not sure about the duelist build, will need to check in with the Live Gameplay team and pick their brains on whether that's a concern to them. Provided he's still got clear strengths/weaknesses and at least ok counterplay doesn't bother me conceptually certainly.
For a Fervor/dueling build, this seems almost appropriate. If you play him with a more defensive oriented build (Colossus or Grasp for example) and team fight orient that's appropriate, or if you want to play him with a more offensive mastery and still remain a split push threat then you lose some of your tankiness for it. It seems like something that would be considered almost perfect; offensive oriented builds are squishier but better at dueling while defensive builds are tankier but less powerful split pushers. That sounds like a position that you'd want to get every champion into where their mastery customization allows personal preference and expression of a different way to play a champion.
: Well yeah, I already knew that. The thing is Traditional Sejuani didn't have a lore explanation before today , so I assume they are going to attach at least a new theme/idea behind Traditional Lee sin sometime in the future.
I'd assume that it would come at any time after he gets a rework, and probably not at random. But to be fair, he's just wearing shorts and a different hairstyle; there's not really a whole lot to explain I'd think.
: Now I wonder how you guys are going to explain Traditional Lee Sin and how he looks like he could fit in real life with no problems.
This was explained a long time ago. Lee Sin was originally conceptualized very early in League of Legends' development and that was his original look at the time. They decided to release that look for him as one of his release skins because of that. It's just a remnant of a much, much older time just like the clothing on champions like Annie or Ezreal who look like (barring some minor adjustments) they could fit into everyday life here rather than on Runeterra.
Reav3 (NA)
: Yes, it is meant to be young Sejuani
While we're at it, this would be an opportune time to put the horn on the correct side of her helmet in her base splash art... Still drives me nuts that the horn is on the same side as her flail, which makes absolutely zero sense and was originally placed on the opposite side as her flail as a detail that made perfect sense considering how she would use her weapon. [Edit] Especially since similar care has been taken on all of her updated splash arts as well to make sure the horn is on the left rather than the right side where her dominant arm for flail usage is. Having that horn on the right would get her weapon tangled on the horn and probably end up with her helmet yanked off or her own neck broken.
Meddler (NA)
: We're quite confident Shyvana's too strong at this point. We've got a while till 7.1 goes out, so that could potentially change. At present though we need to be figuring out appropriate nerfs however, the 6.23 changes added substantial power to her. Early clear power's still intended to be a strength of hers however, we're looking to reduce that not remove it.
I think the trade-off that she makes for that early clear power (poor ganking ability without setup CC) is probably pretty fair right now though. If you're looking at a way to tone Shyvana down in the overall game, hitting her ability to generate so much Fury in dragon form might be one way to do it. If she can land a Twin Bite on multiple targets, it massively extends the duration of her ultimate form to the point of it possibly being excessive, especially if fighting inside a minion wave. Capping the fury generation of her Dragon form Twin Bite seems like a place you could look if you're not sure the change to Burnout is the way to go. You could also look at a potential nerf or reversion of the increased maximum health when using her ultimate, as it seems like something that might be a bit over the top even if it works thematically for the character.
Meddler (NA)
: We have indeed been talking over the last few days about whether we should change the name of Twitch's ult back to 'Spray and Pray' as part of the Pre-Season changes to Twitch. For that discussion we've wanted to gather as much context as we could about how people feel about the two names. Surveying Twitch players after they've finished a game is part of that, as are other things like looking at forum sentiment (both when the change was made and now), talking to some Twitch mains direct etc. As well as looking at how the change has been perceived we also wanted to consider why the name was changed in the first place. Talking with the team who worked on Twitch a couple of years back they had a few goals they were looking to accomplish. Those involved concerns about 'Spray and Pray' having some misleading gameplay implications, some thematic connotations (Twitch used to have a somewhat more militaristic vibe that the update moved away from) and a few other smaller points. In terms of the survey results they're been closer to neutral than some of us had predicted going in. From what we've seen overall however players who care a lot about the ult's name tend to prefer 'Spray and Pray' noticeably more often though. 'Spray and Pray' is also still really frequently used as a name, sometimes even by players who never played old Twitch. Thematically, while it does have a bit of oddness as a name (wild machine gun firing isn't a perfect fit for how the skill functions) it does still evoke the whole 'rapidly shooting many targets all at once' of Twitch ult pretty well. Our overall conclusion is that we should change Twitch's ult back to the name 'Spray and Pray'. We do feel there are some valid concerns about it, but overall think it's a better fit with what people want and expect from Twitch than Rat-ta-ta-tat. Apologies to those who prefer the current name, can definitely understand why even if we don't feel that overall it's the right choice. One thing we are looking into (no promises of success yet, but we're trying) is whether or not we can keep the name 'Rat-ta-tat-tat' purely for Gangster Twitch, given the connection with the Tommy Gun Twitch uses on that skin. That's not something we'd normally want to do, since there's a clarity hit to different ability names on different skins. Given the details of this particular case though we figure it's potentially a good place to make an exception though, try and meet the desires of both groups to at least some degree.
So with this....can I have my Finales Funkeln back now? I understand if not because of languages and such, but that still leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well as Twitch's ultimate being changed...
Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
So most of my concerns are actually not with the plants, but with other things that are going to affect junglers. First off, the lack of Smite buffs can be quite detrimental to people who did use them effectively. As someone who enjoyed trying to maximize their use, it bothers me quite a bit that the buffs are getting axed entirely instead of either toned down or just left alone as a bonus for players who can optimize. For example, I enjoy split pushing on jungle champions; I play Trundle, Udyr, and a few others that are decent at it and one thing I do quite frequently (whenever possible honestly) while split pushing is to go top when I'm on blue side or bot when I'm on red side so I can smite the Krug camp for the tower damage proc on Heavy Hands. This is a _huge_ chunk of damage to towers that sometimes made the difference between not killing a tower or killing it and making it out before the enemy collapse killed me. Similarly, using Raptor buff to check spots that are frequently warded (top river, behind red/blue buffs, around dragon/Baron) is something done frequently, and losing this is probably the most painful. Wolf camp smite was quite useful after your mid and top/bottom (depending on side) towers went down to spot out enemies coming to invade or get behind your laners who are likely already behind; even without a ward I was able to contribute to the vision control they need to farm safely. It was also beneficial to smite the wolf camp from the other team's jungle as well, and this is also removed. Gromp is the only one I won't miss strongly, and even his buff is great. While it may not happen very often, the occasional kill because someone at low HP attacked you was quite funny, and it was a strong dissuasion tactic to prevent enemies that are low from focusing you to finish you off. That, and it's hilarious on Rammus with Thornmail and Cinderhulk too. You're a rolling ball of fire and damage reflection. The second concern I have is vision control! Without the raptor/wolf camp buffs, this is going to mean less knowledge when you're behind (no wolf to smite after you lose towers) and also make ganking more difficult to pull off because you won't know when you've crossed a ward or that you're standing literally on top of one. I fear this is just going to reinforce the current meta junglers because of mobility or unusual gank paths, making the currently strong champions even more powerful compared to their weaker counterparts. Champions with great mobility or a way to get on target (Lee Sin, Elise) will still be super strong and champions with the ability to gank from odd places (Rek'sai ulting behind or tunneling, Zac with his engage range) will stay powerful as well. Meanwhile, there is a gigantic list of jungle champions that people would love to see more success with that aren't those four, and this change only further crowds out their potential. Sejuani was a strong pick for a very short period of time and was nerfed to uselessness compared to these champions, and these changes will just be another nail in her coffin. The loss of vision clearing from the raptor camp also means that the slower junglers (beating a dead horse, but Sejuani especially) will have more issues being counterjungled and harassed in the jungle because the enemy team will be able to keep more consistent vision of them and they'll be none the wiser. Someone like Rammus relies on his strong ganks and while this is still possible because of his speed, his clear time is quite slow and the vision changes allow for enemies to track him and keep tabs on him much more effectively now. It really just boils down to this: the changes being looked at are favorable toward the current "in" champions, and negatively impact a lot of the current champions who are close but not quite where they need to be to become competitive picks (both in DQ and in professional play).I'm concerned that I can't go to bot lane when I'm red side looking for a gank from behind any more, because I have to assume tri-bush is warded at all times and without carrying a sweeper or a pink at all times (long cooldown or a gold sink after you buy so many) it will be difficult to gank successfully outside of a few exclusive champs. Outside of the jungle concerns, it also seems odd to get rid of a vision removal tool in general. The goal with limiting the amount of wards that could be placed and making pink wards visible to be easily killed seemed to be that we wanted there to be slightly less vision on the map, instead of having the Janna with a Sightstone and 5 extra green wards lighting up the map like a Christmas tree. This counteracts previous intentions and seems a bit odd overall; it will probably also have an effect on the upcoming assassin update, since generally assassins like to get onto their prey when they're unsuspecting and vulnerable and not announce that they're coming by strolling over 3 wards on the way to bot lane for that juicy double kill. When I see an assassin roaming as a jungler, I generally follow them to make sure their gank is successful but also to help clear vision and make sure they aren't spotted on the way. Especially early in the game (level 5-6ish) this is done with the raptor smite and not with a sweeper, because I'm still using a warding totem to try and establish/continue the vision control the team needs to succeed.
: I'm reading this board and marveling that no one is commenting on how much Riot has made. {{summoner:30}}
Pretty solid. Even with 25% going to the prize pool for Worlds, Riot has made 6.045 million on just a single skin and ward skin. Think about that people. ONE skin and ONE ward skin, and even with them sinking a chunk into Worlds prize money, they have still made over SIX MILLION from these skins.
: Riot WTF is this rule system. Best of 1 game? This is in effect when we know that a "best of one" isn't actually a true determination of two teams skills. No tie breaker with an equal win loss rate? Please. Who the hell comes up with these rules. I'm honestly done with worlds now. This is a joke.
Except it was two best of one games, or in other words a total of 2 games...which constitutes a win in the best of 3 format. Essentially, RNG has already beaten TSM in a Bo3 matchup without dropping a game. I hope to see NA teams succeed as well, but there's no reason to make RNG who already beat TSM twice have to play a third game against the same team when they've already proven not once but twice that they're the better team.
: Didn't realize 22 out of 168 games over the course of a month, or 5 out of 60 games (1 out of 12) was a bad thing. That seems like that would be goal setting for some players that I've played with in Ranked.
If you add all that up, it's 27 out of 228 games, or being reported in roughly 1 out of every 8/9 games. That's more than 10% of his total games that he was being negative to the point of being reported and listed as an offensive game by Riot's double checking. If I went into games and was reported every 8th game, I'd be sitting on a fat chat restriction or 2 week ban, and considering how many games these players go through in short periods of time that's a lot of players affected negatively by him in a very short period of time. I think the punishment was justified entirely; this player is supposed to be the shining example of sportsmanship and positive play, but instead chose to be the opposite despite being on contracts saying they wouldn't do such a thing. What I don't agree with is how the punishment is being carried out due to the fact that one team during the group stages has the chance to benefit from this massively while the other two get no "assistance" from Riot because of this ruling like Flash Wolves will. It's another case of "good idea, poor execution" which Riot is guilty of quite often; I don't think they're being malicious with their rulings, but their transparency with them is poor and the results aren't always what they should be in the long run so they get props for trying but end up affecting group stages in ways that shouldn't be happening and the repercussions of this ban have the potential to be a game changer for the group stage and in fact all of the World Championship.
Meddler (NA)
: Exact changes are still under discussion. General problem statement is that it's too universal. Having all your abilities slow is something that should be a deliberate choice you opt into, and make trade offs for, not just a default item on so many AP champs. That issue's magnified by the HP given by Rylai's, given health's the most universal stat we've got (everyone can always use it, and more's always useful, even if it's not the ideal stat for a specific champ). One of the directions we're considering is a pretty dramatic change that strips the health off entirely, replacing it with mana or something like mana+CDR. That's got some substantial cost to it, given it effectively removes Rylai's as an option for a lot of champs who have traditionally bought it. Possible it's the healthiest approach however. It might also mean we'd want to make other slowing items (Dead Man's Plate, Randuin's Omen or GLP) better options for champs no longer able to use Rylai's well. Another possible direction's to strip AP, and possibly slow strength, off Rylai's instead. Big advantage there is that that would preserve more of its historic niche. Risk is that it remains too universal given the health, or that we have to hit it so hard in terms of AP/passive strength that it's just mediocre for everyone. More thoughts to follow, likely around the time 6.22 (tentative Pre-Season patch) hits the PBE. Very much an ongoing discussion for us at the moment, with people arguing for a range of different approaches here.
So maybe this one is a bit of an odd thing, but is there a way to make the slow on Rylai's itself scale off AP? Let it hit a certain breakpoint where the item scales back to the current strength at around say, 400 AP or so? Strip off a small amount of the health (say, 100 or so) and make it scale with AP to require the players to actually be building damage to scale the slow, similar to how support abilities scale. This will make it a less powerful early game rush item so it can open up build variety and also nerf it some for a few of the heavy abusers of the item (Rumble, Vlad) that like to build a little more on the tanky side instead of full AP while also hitting the junglers who that primarily abuse it (Nidalee and Elise specifically) that use Rylai's combined with their Runic Echoes to grab strong AoE slowing power but simultaneously not strip the carries that use the item well (Brand, Malzahar, maybe Annie?) of their late game power with the item. I feel this might change up the item enough to not make it the one-stop shop that it currently is for almost every carry and AP jungler while preserving the strength of the item for actual AP carries that want to build that 500-600 AP late game build and have some extra utility. I think the biggest drawback would be the nerf felt to a few AP champions played into the support role like Zyra or Brand who depend on this item to help peel and CC for their team as a support, but these players tend to build more offensive items like Banner/Liandry's so even then I don't think it would overly nerf them. [Edit] To be clear, there should definitely be a cap on the slow though, none of this 99% slow when you have a 1k AP Veigar running around nonsense that someone will undoubtedly point out later.
: /dev: New001 on competition beyond ranked
I'd love to see a tournament system set up for the average player. Grabbing friends or finding people through a Riot hosted site that helps people link up with similarly ranked players and doing a trial tournament to determine the teams that move on, then having the games played during LCS off nights on a schedule. Once teams have dropped out of the running through some sort of elimination system (or forfeit due to no-shows) and the teams have dwindled down to ~16 teams or so, start doing Best of 3 elimination matches that are cast by community members (recognizable faces aren't mandatory; use it as trial runs for potential shoutcaster applicants even!) on those off nights where there are no LCS games on the Riot Twitch pages to keep the activity and competitive play going even when it's not professional players being spotlighted.
Firestorm (EUNE)
: 2 frames are actually pretty long at 30Hz tick rate. Being locked in place for additional 33,(3) milliseconds can be the difference between dodging and not dodging a skillshot more often than most people think. Still, this is probably an OK tradeoff for way less cancelled autos. We'll see in practice. League definitely needs fresher netcode but that probably won't come until a whole ingame client overhaul... _which DoTA2 already had a despite being out for shorter..._
Which League is currently making right now.... They're literally building an entirely new client from the ground up right now.
: I'm not against the rework, I'm against the direction taken after the rework, particularly the changes she received in 5.10 and the buffs she got in 6.6. I feel as if Riot has taken a very lazy stance on Karma and it's disappointing to me. So yes, in terms of game health she was successful, but in terms of thematic cohesion and distinctiveness she's an abysmal failure. Meddler said himself that Karma wasn't particularly successful, she hasn't even got a complete set of animations.
But that's a very different thing than saying that her update was a failure. Just because she was maintained poorly doesn't mean the update wasn't a successful thing at all, and there shouldn't be any reason to revert her entire rework into the disaster of a champion she was before simply because her buffs and direction have been awkward. She's in the same boat as Lulu where they're not sure whether to balance her as a mage or a support, because she's played very effectively in both roles right now as Lulu was for quite a while early in the season. As for "thematic cohesion"... what exactly was her theme before? While I wouldn't say she's got a great theme going right now, I don't think it was particularly great before either. She definitely IS distinctly different from other champions in playstyle though; the only other champions I can think of off the top of my head who have shifting abilities like Karma (not form swapping, but abilities that actually do different things in certain circumstances like activating Mantra) are Rengar and Syndra, maybe Kha'zix if you count his evolutions. I'd say she's very different from all of those champions. She's definitely a distinct champion, but I do agree that her theme is very generic. Overall, reverting Karma's update would do far more harm to her as a champion than help. I'd rather lump her in as more of a Ryze type champion, where the original update wasn't done very well and was hard to balance properly, thus required another update instead of just reverting back to the original garbage state.
: So the only way an update will be reverted is if it's unhealthy? That's a shame, I could think of another champ who could do with having their update reverted > {{champion:43}} .
The thing here is that before her update, Karma was a nobody. She had a minutely small playerbase and most players didn't even know how she worked (she gets more damage for being low HP? Most players didn't realize this at all) so if anything, she's the posterchild for update **success**. She went from a useless champion nobody played to someone used regularly in both normal/ranked games and competitive play worldwide **in multiple lanes** because of her solid strengths and team oriented kit. She went from Urgot status to a well known and commonly played champion after her update and some small tweaks in patches, all without completely crowding out the competition. This is pretty much the definition of success for a champion update; make the champion relevant in all forms of play without being completely broken and overpowered.
Meddler (NA)
: We've been talking about that recently. Some of the issue is Ghostblade rather than Duskblade though. I suspect we'll end up making changes to one or both of them, trying to figure out whether to do so now and/or in the pre-season though (getting to the time of the year where we try to minimize change a bit more than usual).
Would really just love to see the active on Ghostblade go back to a more melee focused activation again. One of the biggest reasons to buy a Ghostblade (and Scimitar) was for the active movement speed to stick to your targets better. It made playing champions like Garen much more bearable. Now that ranged are making use of it so frequently, it's basically relegated some champions to never seeing play because of how mobile ranged champions have become with the constant move speed changing abilities (Sivir speed, Ashe kiting, Jhin passive) and dashes (Lucian, Ezreal) it would be nice to see SOME of that removed to keep them from basically being untouchable when played very well.
Statikk (NA)
: It's somewhat disturbing how often 3 is the right # for gameplay. *Sigh*
Statikk (NA)
: You're right that it's definitely the most unique part of Rek'Sai and it's super thematic as well. The biggest issue with Tremor Sense is that it lacks context and situations where it is particularly powerful. It's universally effective and has basically infinite uptime that it takes up the majority of Rek'Sai's power budget - this makes it really hard to make her a holistically satisfying gameplay experience. I think if we can just find a way to make Tremor Sense ultra powerful all the time or find ways to gate or constrain its usage a bit more - it would go a long way to making her healthier in the long run.
I think part of the issue is also tied into the fact that she gains increased movement speed and healing while burrowed. It gives her extra mobility, healing, and Tremor Sense all at once to be burrowed, while being unburrowed gives little to no benefit because Tremor Sense basically replaces sight. I think something along the lines of a temporary buff would be the way to go: "For X seconds after burrowing, using a tunnel, or casting your ultimate you gain Tremor Sense." Allow it to proc off anything that causes her to burrow, but it won't be abused because of the cooldown on using tunnels. If you use it for the Tremor Sense, you lose your mobility temporarily. Moving the movement speed bonus to something else in her kit would probably help quite a bit as well. Add 20/30/40 movement speed based on how much Fury you have (so 2/3/4 MS for every 10 Fury) to her ultimate and this would allow her to scale better into the late game without necessarily keeping the MUST ALWAYS BE BURROWED thing into effect. This will shift her toward using her burrow for healing and vision control, while allowing her to be more mobile out of the ground but requiring her to STAY out of the ground in order to keep this bonus movement speed, because burrowing would consume her fury and remove the movement speed buff over a few seconds as it consumed her Fury to heal her. This would also slow down her early ganks outside of a Flash/Unburrow combo with the loss of the movement speed while burrowed before level 6, but she still has tunnels for mobility so it wouldn't cripple her either. On top of that, I think this might actually help her out in other game modes as well; increased movement speed while unburrowed would be a nice buff to her ARAM play as well where you're basically relegated to sitting in the back spamming your burrowed Q for a while until it's time to hard initiate!
: Fiddlesticks Gameplay Bug
This was fixed in a hotfix earlier today.
: Remake stole a very likely win from me
As far as I know, if the remake vote has already been started before a kill occurs the vote can still pass. And of course it was a "likely win", it was already a 5v4 game.
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