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: So Teemo gets 3-5 seconds camouflage, SLOWED and a bit of attack speed afterwards, while Twitch gets 10-14 seconds camouflage, GAINS movement speed and gets a little less attack speed? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Replying to attempt to fix the general populations stupidity. I've gotten masters on NA, and more importantly, I fucking hate teemo lanes so I know why and how he works. (I'm also friends with Manc0 a master-grandmaster-challenger depending on meta and idk time of day?) TWITCH IS A HYPER CARRY WITH NO SURVIVABILITY EXCEPT HIS INVISIBILITY. Teemo is a TOPLANE champion, focused around being RANGED vs MELEE to get easily ahead and to cripple the enemy laner. Teemo gets one of the most insanely powerful abilities in the game on his Q with only nerfs to it's damage in exchange for a better kit overall (by a lot.) [The Important Lesson] VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV In no way does saying "X CHAMP DOES THIS BUT Y CHAMP DOES THAT BUT WORSE." mean ANYTHING at ALL. SOMETIMES it might, like when talking about champions in the same archetype like the old Graves vs Lucian debate, but in no way does an insanely weak early champion like Twitch compare to the annoying powerhouse that is earlygame Teemo vs melees in toplane.
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: Friday Night Friends =3
sounds like fun, send me a friend request whenever, this is plat3, zagRS is my smurf at silver 5
Mini XoX (NA)
: LF a good gold-plat or smurfing support to duo bot, im a d3 adc smurfing in g1
main is this acc, ZagRS currently silver 5, can play any of the 5 roles at mid plat level
: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
You may have the memes but I at least got myself out of bronze 5! :D Beat that Laughing Fish!
: That Moment You Change the Graphics Setting from Medium
Am i the only one that never goes above the lowest possible, like ever?
: YOU don't know which players are good and bad
My favorite is when i get hard countered, camped, get dove by both mid and jg constantly, and its a champion that's extremely weak early and i get the salty af midlaner that doesn't realise a big chunk of my feeding was impossible to avoid.
: I'm not really the right guy to talk about the vision system at the moment, sorry. It's just not my area of expertise.
The community really needs some insight into the problem that is vision at the moment though, It'd be a great help if you guided some more reds with knowledge about the system to this thread.
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: To offer a bit more context there are a few particular situations I can think of where we don't revert changes completely. In particularly complex cases, multiple of those cases may apply too. **There are long term problems that weren't caused by the changes in question** Sometimes we'll buff or nerf a champion, only to have them later end up too weak or too strong. We'll then often change something else to bring them in line, rather than reverting the recent change. That's an approach we'll take when there are other considerations besides power (so most of the time). If a champion's too strong, and we've got the choice between adding better counterplay to an ability without enough, or reverting a recent damage buff to an ability that's reasonable to play against, we'll go for the counterplay for example. **We've heard negative feedback from some players about the changes, but after considering it still believe it's the right approach** Sometimes that's the result of changes that, while unpopular, are still things we feel need to be done (e.g. removing the ability to stack multiple GP10 items a couple of years back). At other times that's reflective of changes that some players do like, while others don't. That tends to be a particularly common issue when looking at changes where opinion varies widely between regions, or where a relatively small, but vocal, part of the community has views that aren't representative of the playerbase as a whole. **We've heard negative feedback from some players about the changes, but after considering it still believe it's the right approach (and we're wrong) ** Sometimes we'll mess up and sometimes we won't be quick to realize that. There are also some cases where we do go with a reversion, whether to a change that's gone to PBE or something that's been live for a while. Things like the changes to Draven Axe drop positions, that were reverted after a couple of patches, the Braum Q mana change that was reverted last year, the re-addition of crit scaling to Garen's E while the juggernaut patch was on the PBE etc.
: Wasn't that a knee-jerk reaction made on the day it was announced? Who knows, maybe a patch of tuning and players learning around Riven not having as much power hidden behind her animation cancels may have done well.
Wasn't the entire change reverted within like 2-3 days though? Also, Riven nerfs/buffs have one major thing that they need to follow. Do not remove animation cancels without making something equally as hard to pull off supplement the DPS loss besides pure buffs. If that Isn't followed then Riven's skillfloor falls incredibly hard past its already rock bottom level.
: Oh yeah even further back, they made it so he could not safe guard to wards anymore. THAT got reverted due to community backlash as well.
IMO he should never lose his mobility completely, just nerf everything around the mobility so the Lee Sin has to use it to its fullest potential so hes still viable.
: Ehh. It was small, but that Edge rework would've been pretty significant towards un-polarizing the stark differences between skilled Rivens and not so skills Rivens if I remember seeing it right.
Flosd was pretty against it as all he saw it doing was make her much more powerful and more anti-fun without making it more enjoyable for the Riven.
: Well there was the Riven one as well.
As my other reply, again that was a small mini-rework only changing a small part of her ult and then changing her passive.
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: The reason is because they removed not just because it was strong, but because it was unhealthy. Example: Warwick W, the reason they nerfed it was because they thought it was unhealthy for his W to already be up again by the time the effect wore off, so even after nerfs were issued to devourer, they still didn't revert the nerf because they still felt it was unhealthy whether he was op or not.
While wards may have been making the game unhealthy, I still think that just relying on chance more than ever is worse than something being prone to snowballing. This was one of the reasons they made crit so commonplace as not everyone having 100% crit made chance played too big a role in fights. A great example is that caitlyn 'outplay' by meteos where IIRC he got a lucky crit with shiv and only lived because of said crit.
: Actually there where multiple cases where riot reverted changes completely due to community backlash. Off the top of my head I can remember the Lee Sin mini rework that Riot reverted completely due to community backlash. Ofc afterwards the boards continued to fill with "QQ LEE OP"
There are two things that I want to point out about your reply. 1. Lee sin's wasn't a full rework, and IIRC there wasn't new animations. 2. Lee sin's rework was only canceled before it went onto the live servers (IIRC), which is more of what I'm asking about. Probably should've specified that in my post.
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: Not Repertoir (or a red at all obviously) but I do have some (highly amateur) experience with champion design. The main reason they don't normally revert changed completely (SEE: Mordekaiser's Rework) is that by the time they get go live, they have a massive amount of time and effort invested into them. Complete reversion means that all that time and energy was straight up wasted. To give you an idea of what needs to happen for Champion Updates: * Gather ideas as a team and individually, then strike the crappy or thematically unfitting ones. * Get the condensed kits to art, try to accurately describe how the ability should look. * Get rough sketches back, approve the ones you want done * Models and animations * Code the suckers (dunno if champ designers do this or if it's a separate job, though I'd imagine they would need at least basic code skills) * Internally test and tweak. * Ship to PBE. Make final changes and ship. Not necessarily in that order, and I'm sure there are other steps, but as a whole, that entire process could take anywhere from a few weeks (If it's really important and a lot of people are working on it) to 6+ months if it's not priority I'd imagine. It's easier when you have an established champion in a way, but you still need to preserve the things that people like about the champion. Reverting all that work would be a massive productivity loss, so it's very likely an absolute last resort, if it's even an option. --- There have been some massive backlashes in the past that have gone ignored, and for good reason in my opinion. Nobody knows the game better than the designers, so someones "brilliant idea" that's going to "fix" a champion's "problem" could end up throwing 3 other things out of wack in the process. The job of the design and balance teams is to carefully consider how their changes will affect the whole of the champion, as well as item interactions and interactions with other champions abilities, before changing something. Many players (especially the ones that are extremely vocal about their opinions, who appear to be the majority but really aren't) simply have no concept of all the things that need to be considered in the game's balance, and react out of feeling (which isn't a bad thing, that's valuable input). Honestly, the fact that the balance team has done as well as they have so far is impressive (downvotes inc!) considering everything they have to do to make meaningful changes. I hope this has answered your question, I tried to explain it the best I could.
When i say "completely reverse" I don't mean the new art, the new art could've been kept and it would've just been a visual update instead. All I meant was that they would reverse the new mechanics. In Mordekaiser's case his Q's 3rd hit animation could've been salvaged along with all of his W and E animations being kept. Excluding the animation for getting the health back. His new ult's identifier could've been kept and just get rid of the stuff with dragon, effectively saving a lot of the more taxing parts of the process while still keeping him in the healthiest state they can.
: Hmmm Will Malzahar's {{champion:90}} Passive be revamped to be more interactive...? And will his Abililites actually be able to sync up easier for once, like look his E range Q range and W range all are somewhat different then his R only cc he has is a silence so its not like (exclude his ult) he can snare,slow, root or has a sticky effect on any of his abilities to sync up his combo to Q W E R and be the "assasin' He's label'd with. Felt off ever since I realized my E range W and Q compared to my R are off, I accidently did Q W R and tried to E and stopped it, was a mistake ofcourse but... still... Other then this, His W been nerfed recently idc but why exacly and will there be anything added to it anytime soon? Like a voidling walking out of the W at the start/End of its cast, Unless someone is E'd then it is drawn in and spawns out Sooner. About his passive why not make it actually possible to be able to have an X amount of Voidlings out? with a cap ofcourse like just 3-5 really, like it is 3 now, but comparing the time it takes for them to grow and be usefull AND the 7+ CD on his Abilities makes it hard for him to be the Void Necromancer he should and you can use your Q W E and lose half your Mana easily early game... and if you're E isn't strong enough to kill, and since your W doesn't do much and Q not reliable, and E is main dmg AND Waveclear/CS tool its hard and annoying, or can be when it fails to excute a minion(or kills it but gave no gold, Tbh idc about that part lol, voidlings cs better then some ppl anyway), Anything going to be done with his Mana issues? He does build ROD but his CDS are high asf, in a TF you can only Kill 1 person maybe with your ult then QWE the others but then you're just there waiting for spells feels off at times. As for his Q I love its uh, Aim? the way it works, sure it's hard kinda liek Viktor's E but Yeah. About his E I just hope it has a passive, where if certain Abilities hit a E'd enemy it'll trigger an effect, like in his W it would root for 1 Sec, Q the silence briefly slows (Trundle Q like slow), R spawns 1 Voidling and makes them target the Ulted enemy. And that his Ult has a scaling passive where his the amount of Voidlings he can have out, increase, like Gp's E, If so then he starts off with max 2 Voidlings, so Max would be 5, but 5 is only possible with his Ult only, 3rd would come out of E, Idk about 4th, Maybe if Q hits an E'd target and the voidling just ports in. Just ideas from an Old Malz Player. Idc about his dmg really, He scales nicely anyway so wouldn't matter if he gets gutted, aslong as he has a even nicer Necromancer, like Have an identity , maybe the Mage Wave controller, pet spawner or split pusher since Voidlings can rek turrets and minions + E and all. Oh and In general I don't really like his Ult, Same with Warwic, It's like for both, You've disabled you foe, but you're unable to do much aswell, and feels outdated and kind of Old or stale sometimes, I like the concept and all but Yeah. Idk what would fit the void if it is changed or removed if ever, Only idea I had is that he Throws up some Gooey void juice on enemy and it makes voidlings Attack X enemy and something idk. it would maybe supress someone in a certain way, But... Not like now. Reminds me of that Episode of PPG where a guy got rekt by a bunch of cockroaches, Guess if voidlings did that / Goo it would trigger a Blind ish effect with mudges on the screen, that aren't random but something like Graves/Quinn Q/W. Tl;dr Will Malz Passive be more interactive with his other Abilities like his E? Are there any range,Mana and CD changes going to take place in an upcoming update of him and the other mages? and Would there be specific items for these kind of mages? And will his ultimate or other abilities be changed in any way to help him in anyway? And would he have a reliable source of CC without CC'ing himself or being in too much danger or just a brief small CC?
Woah there, try to make the specific questions you want answered more identifiable as it will make the conversation go more smoothly on both ends.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
This might sound a bit mean, but why is Riot always so unwilling to revert changes completely? It seems that no matter the backlash changes will almost never be completely reverted even if the situation before the update was healthier (at least in the eyes of the community). Also, what was the original objective in removing stealth wards, like the single most important goal Riot hoped that the change would achieve? Thanks for doing this thread too, I'm glad something came of HIMM Sandwich's post as I was checking it over and over waiting for some red responses.
: Not an april fools joke. Please vote up the post
Inb4 the aprils fools joke is that its $200 of rp. Nah we can't ask that of you, you're already too nice for doing this xD
: Giving away $100.00 in RP once a month. Free RP
Name : RG Clockwork Server: NA Comment : I've been trying to make a site even if its just a single page since im only 13 and attempting to learn how to code in HTML & CSS. ;~; its sooo difficult{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} Spent 5 hours a couple of days ago attempting to make something, i managed to make an ugly footer, an ugly header, then completely break the page and make it all black :( yours looks infinitely better lol Edit: Attempted to post this picture on the gallery but i kept getting an error message no matter what i tried, posting it here because i thought it was too good. [My friend Matt got pulled in a premade 5v5](
: SR Open Beta live in all queues
Hey Rito, I've been loving the new map, LOVING, my toaster can finally get double digits **I almost bought a cake to celebrate it** Anyway, i love the grey with the new map, but the "Death Recap" button isn't really needed, if you're paying attention in fights, you should know what hit you, what did the dmg, etc. I do this, and the death recap button just ruins it for me. If you would be so kind as to add a "Remove Death Recap" setting i would be insanely happy. **By the way, if its already in the game someone please point it out to me** #OLD MAN HATSUNI MIKU {{champion:26}}
: Riot can we get a big plays spotlight on champ's that are not common picks like.. I dunno big plays Urgot? {{champion:6}}
: Who are you again? Are you Viktor's sidekick? No wait that's Blitzcrank.
I don't know who he is either, we should just kill it before it breeds ._.
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: How about we fix unstable servers first
Dude, seriously, think about a huge company like Riot seriously. A large company like Riot wouldn't have everyone work on a new champion, they would send the group of people that they hired to do that exact thing, to work on that exact thing. Its the same way with the servers, the group of people that work at Riot to work on servers would be sent to work on them, and that group is doing just that.
: I'm really on the fence about this one, me being a jungle main, I'm scared this will be sort of broken. I guess I'll just have to wait and see it, but from what I've seen in the comments, or from Rito employees helping, you won't see the timer unless you were there to see the camp die.
Its supposed to work the same way as the minimap jungle camps do, except you get a timer if you see them die, and if you walk past them when their dead the timer goes to -:-- (copied that for a riot msg.)
: come on, we all know {{champion:17}} needs a skin!
Dont speak his name in public! He... will.... find.... you....
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: Wait, {{champion:72}} is still in this game?
Wait? Is {{champion:72}} a new champion or something?


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