: Bullshit. i retort all the time and have never gotten punished. I dont retortwith insults though... thats what Riot cares about. Not fucking naughty words, jesus... talk about kindergarten... you think swearing will get you banned? They dont give a shit about the fucking f word. They just dont want you insulting players.
Wow you're so cool and edgy typing all of those profane words. Here's some food for thought. Just because you haven't gotten banned for typing swears yet doesn't mean other players havent. If I typed the same things you typed here in-game, I guarantee it would be used against me in a chat log some time later. And I have been banned in situations where not a single player was insulted, but keep acting like you can read minds and were physically in my position, playing my games, getting banned for the same reasons as me. This game is a joke, and its community is a joke. Your mindset is delusional.
Kei143 (NA)
: The system punishes based on consistency x severity. Meaning you can get punished for a single game of extreme toxicity or 100 games of mild toxicity. Game2 displayed super super SUPER mild toxicity but it will still contribute towards your punishment. While the reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior, doesn't mean you were punished for those games alone. There are typically more games that were considered as part of your punishment but they aren't able to show it in your reform card.
I guess this comment makes sense. The rest of the people commenting just seem to be against me no matter what because they're used to siding with staff or blaming everyone for things we shouldn't be blamed for. Its annoying and makes it practically impossible to ever discuss anything that should be discussed. Probably why no one speaks up on this.
: Can you at least post Game 1 logs? You're already giving us suspicion on your "innocence". You claimed to have said "nothing" on both Games, but posting only the 2nd instead of both says otherwise.
I logged out after taking the screenshot then posted to imgur. My first game log is probably worse, but again, nothing bad nor worth being reported or banned over. I used game 2 as an example. They have two logs that I was reported and penalized for, and seeing this second one is a complete joke. Why not just show chat log 1, why include the 2nd that is a complete joke and should be focused on?
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: Don't know what i enjoy anymore.
Uhhh..... Aram maybe. Or try experimental meta-breaking things in queues with friends, like Ahri ADC, minus the AD part.
: psa: nobody cares if youre honor 3
Saying nobody cares indicates that you care. On that note, I'll come back to this post once I'm honor level 3 to inform you that I'm honor level 3.
: well posting it here dont help you... you need to submit a support ticket
NotSid (NA)
: My cat just did the cutest thing EVER!
.....Mine hears them, runs to the source, then ruthlessly attacks it. Then attacks me. She hates high pitched noises, and adorable kittens I guess.
: Do you teasingly insult total strangers in day-to-day life? I imagine that would turn out pretty poorly for you. You've just gotta follow standard societal rules. I say pretty much everything but insults and I've never even gotten the reported notice once, with three years and probably 20 or so games a week, if not more. And saying things without thinking about how other people might interpret them is almost the definition of insensitive.
I don't tease nor insult people. If I insult people, it's a retort to being insulted, I never start off an argument. Read the previous conversations before assuming that, I get randomly reported by kids who are angry they're doing bad and wanna report anyone in the game for any reason possible.... And most of the time, they're not even the people I've said anything to in the game.
: Again, see the summoner's code. Not how the game was designed. ^^
Does it matter if that's how it was designed? If everything was left how it was designed, then this game would be full of bugs, OP imbalanced champs, and people exploiting glitches. It's up to the community to give feedback on certain things so that it could be improved. If nobody brings it up because they're scared of people like you completely defending riot to the fullest instead of even taking 1 second to see shit from their perspective, then how do you expect it to get better?
PL55 (NA)
: What some people would do for rp
A majority of the community here would probably burn down an orphanage for 50 RP. If I actually had a job then I honestly wouldn't mind gifting random people on my Friends list for nothing in return, depending on how well I know them. Then you have the people like "T2D" who must have that typical 12 year old troll personality to do something like that, which is just a good representation of how friends will deceive you in real life. Gotta learn one way or another.
: To every thread? No. Only the ones that (usually in a ridiculous fashion) insult Riot or their policies for no reason.
> To every thread? No. Only the ones that (usually in a ridiculous fashion) insult Riot or their policies for no reason. >for no reason Yeah, because no reason is getting a chat restriction for multiple games which makes it less useful to communicate with the team in ranked, over probably saying something like "My mom's a virgin". Guess I harassed the hell out of my fellow LoL players with that line, huh.
: Or, maybe, just maybe, the community disagrees with you. Maybe you're not right. Maybe people actually prefer hard rules against cruel words and harassment.
And once again you pretty much ignore what I say. It's not harassment, and if they're against "cruel words", isn't that the point of the chat filter? You act as if I just go around calling everyone on my team every profane word in the English, Spanish, Japanese, Ancient Latin, and Mayan dictionary as soon as the game starts for no reason. Plus, the people who prefer those hard rules should be the ones playing with everyone muted, not the players who actually like being social in game. If the game was like this when I started playing it years ago, I wouldn't have played for more than a week. This is just ridiculous now.
: My point is that Riot created the rule that "joke teasing" is not okay, and that if you offend someone without intention, it is still wrong. Not only did they create that rule, they forced you to agree with it to play the game. If you don't want to follow the code, don't play anymore.
It's not even joke "teasing", let alone the people I talk to aren't even the ones reporting me... Nor is it harassing at all. The people reporting are usually the morons who roam around 1/7/0 (Who I completely ignore I should add) that repeatedly say things like "wow noob jungle useless" when they charge into a 1v5. And to top that off, I don't even argue with people, I just have casual/funny conversations while playing. Stop backing up riot for their BS cases, most of the chat restrictions people get shouldn't even be received. And I like how I got a lot of down votes on my post, guess anything that's against how riot handle things should be counted as a pointless complaint and people just move on instead of admitting when someone's right.
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