: Rewards for old Honor are out
So are all of your icons supposed to arrive at once or will they be separated? I just got my 'participation' icon, as some have called it.... the one for 10 or more honors with the old system... but I've had a teamwork ribbon at one point, but did not receive that icon. Can I expect that icon to hit by the end of September or...?
z0402581 (NA)
: Just so I have this correct, Flex Queue can hold any number of people (premade 1 to 5), but Solo/Duo can only have 1 or 2? If this is the case, can you add an option for those soloers/duoers that don't care which queue they're in? Kind of like how we have primary/secondary role, but give us the option of choosing between Flex Queue, Solo/Duo Queue, and either. I think if you guys did this, queue times would drop for solo/duo queuers.
This is actually a spectacular idea, like a fill queue for solo players. People who don't care one way or another can be tossed from one queue to the next to fill holes as needed. It could help bring down queue times in both solo/duo and flex queue if done right, so long as there are solo players to jump in the fill queue. A really great idea, though I'm curious as to how that would be implemented/communicated. Probably with lots of big golden words that warn you "you can be placed in either queue with this option" or somethin, idk. One way or another, this should happen. I like this idea. This would be good.
Hamßone (NA)
: I think it would be cool if {{champion:3}} interacted with towers in some sense. Have him interact with structures, buff/debuff, rebuild, gold from tower kills, control a tower, fly to towers, temporary change to have towers heal allies, or even had an ability where the tower shoots him and empowers the laser eye beams and he has a countdown timer before if hurts him. While a rock champ is not new the main ones tend to have more elemental {{champion:163}} {{champion:54}} interaction with rocks. {{champion:3}} just feels like he should be the one guy that is a guardian and you don't want to meet him on his turf. And from his lore he is made to protect others and hes all sad that he failed so hes got great abilities and wait...does he flap his wings and make you go faster? A stone creature can make a tornado thing? Why not try towers. He is artificial life brought to stone. The towers are not so different in the lore are they? Well this was fun. Thanks for reading and I look forward to his rework.
This. Yes. Tower interactions would be amazing. He's a guardian of Demacia, a land with strong ties to justice, so perhaps something where he can command towers to attack a target, and if a tower is dead, he could call on the ghost or shadow of the turret to target his target as well? Or maybe he can fortify them, or heal them slowly, repairing the magic inside the turrets? Maybe he channels magical energy to his allies around turrets a la raptor's cloak? Or make his ulti work on turrets either by taking the aggro from them or taunting enemies to hit the turrets. He can't just revive a turret like Azir, but if he could change turret aggro or use a turret to heal allies or something instead, I could see Galio and Azi going very well together. The sole thing I probably wouldn't want is what Skarner got with individual turrets around the map.... that wouldn't be cool. Maybe Galio is the guy who gets the huge shockwave ulti that the champion team at Riot had been thinking about a while back? Some kind of wave from the nexus that would heal or fortify turrets for a time? I know that's where the Nexus Siege game mode probably came from, but it would still be cool to use that in game sometime. As a gargoyle, Galio should definitely have ties to towers, perhaps some reference to water, and something like his petrifying gaze... something about a gargoyle's gaze or vision. not like a Cassio ulti, though, but something on a smaller ability, like his q is now. And he's a protector, so buffing his team should be a must have. I've been liking how Riot has been workin on the reworks, and they've all been pretty cool so far. I'm looking forward to both WW and Galio at this point. Galio has needed some love for a long time, and I just hope they pick up some ideas like this one you mentioned. here's to hopin, eh?
: Previewing our new esports HUD
IMHO, this needs.... more detail. It's WAY too plain. The colors are flat and basic, and have no dynamics to speak of. The action is off-center, which is an issue of its own, and the icons for kills and towers are far too faint. Pentakills are not celebrated at all (that's a big deal, make it a big deal guys), and there's a lot of wasted space, especially at the bottom of the screen. I appreciate the minimalism, and the attempt to give us more gameplay in our view, but we NEED a bit more detail here. Keystones guys, get us that. Make a Player cam spot, those are always fun. Don't make the HUD appear as it needs, have it be static. Add some texture or depth to the colors of the player stats, and maybe item/trinket cooldowns. The Dragon/Baron timers are cool, but maybe make the baron one not vanish for so long of the game.... even having the box there with a 'respawning in...' number would be cool, or a greyed icon with a countdown timer from when baron drops that colors when it's live. put the game timer in the middle, perhaps below the gold, but not on the side. Symmetry is important there. Try and match the colors in the rift itself, draw style choices from like the blue buff areas, textures from the lines in the ground. It would make the HUD feel more like it belongs and not like it was smacked onto the rift. TL;DR: The direction is nice, for a start, but there's a long way to go. Symmetry is important with scoreboards, the HUD feels flat and needs dimension/depth, and for the love of god, give us damn keystones in the spectator/broadcast HUD. Edit: I just realized the contrast between alive and dead players in the player stats is too low. It's hard to see the difference in the colors. More of a lean toward greying rather than a rise in darkness would maybe help? Don't just make it more black, make it less colorful... color people should know what I mean..... I hope.
: I got spirit guard udyr, you have been one upped {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Spirit Guard Udyr x2, DJ Sona, Dark Star Thresh, Traditional Trundle, and four gemstones in the last few chests I've gotten. You just got upped, my good sir. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
Reading through the comments, I see not many are happy with the explanation of the S rank formula... I'm not either, to be honest. I'm still baffled at how I can go 16/0/10 on jungle Ekko, secure every dragon starting at minute 7, AND force a 20 min ff from the other team, complete with five towers taken (me participating in three of them) and the enemy jungler getting one single buff at the start of the game... and not get an S. You say that our scores are compared to other players, yes? At the time of that game, no one--no one--was playing Ekko... He was either banned all the time, or simply not seen (I was the first Ekko I'd seen in nearly 20 games). You mean to tell me that everyone who played Ekko jungle pulled a perfect game ending in a 20 min ff victory? Or is the reason I only got an A because I wasn't _perfectly_ following recommended? Was it because I had the wrong runes? The fact that I had a relatively low CS @10 because I was busy going 16/0??? I fully understand not revealing the exact formula in order to preserve the game and not make people fight for S ranks, but games like my Ekko one are what people are confused (and sometimes really pissed) about... I pulled a pristine game, and I didn't get the reward for it. I'm still angry about that game, and honestly haven't played Ekko much since, because I gave up on getting an S on him. Like what the fuck, guys, I carried my team, ran a perfect game, denied EVERYTHING and got an A. Because I was under 100 CS at 20? Only reason I can think of, and that's a problem. I don't honestly care if a Red replies to this, but it would be nice to get an answer, no matter how vague it may be. I'm still terribly confused about what makes other players better than me. If we could see a color version of the averages (yellow/white for average, green for high, red for low or something) with our numbers end game, or in match history, or something... nothing that would be like 'this is what made your S vanish,' but more like 'you could work on this....' I think that would help. *sigh* I'm too tilted thinking of that Ekko game to play anymore right now, so I'm going to go do... something. Idk. YouTube, here we come. TL;DR: Just saying "variables are intutive" is not a good enough explanation. Rito pls, give us a bone here.
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
Reading through a bunch of the comments, I agree with what they're saying about the loading screen banner AND the chroma option. I think there should be something special in-game--not just the loading screen--for those who have owned Championship Riven for ages. Making a gold and blue chroma option (along the lines of the Victorious skin line, maybe?) would be an option as well, to give the original owners something special that will NEVER be re-released. Just to clarify, because I know someone will say it, I don't actually own the skin. I just want the people who DO own it to get more worth out of it. A loading border is cool and all, but something in-game or in-client would be better. An icon like the ultimate icons that change the profile banner or something like that would be cool, too. I don't think anyone's mentioned that. Maybe some small aura in-game or something as well, perhaps like one of the hidden ninja buffs that used to be around (where did those go, anyway? I miss being a flipping ninja) that is like 'og champion' or something... maybe (don't know if you can tie that in via skin or anything, but it's an idea that wouldn't impact gameplay and would be visible throughout the game) Just a few ideas for ya there, a few days late, I know but...
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
The only real question here is what happens when the DC knows these rules and only afks after giving up FB and/or 3 min into the game? I've only had one game where someone was afk from the start, most 4v5s I've ran into happen when someone gets fed up enough to leave... While I understand the game of record stuff, and I get that this system will help the rare cases where there is an afk from lvl 1, can we get some support for those games where a 4v5 happens later on? (Say, post 15 min or something) Some way of greatly reducing losses, or making the afk lose MORE than a normal loss after being flagged by LeaverBuster? I've also seen times when trolls simply stand at base, and don't legitimately DC, is there a way for the four others on the team to flag someone for that? It's a loophole in the current system that's worth noting. Then there is the issue of Rage Quit vs Game Crash... I know I've been plagued by various loading screen bugs and crashes in the past, and either gotten right back into the game or been dropped out of a game for connection issues or bugsplats or some other stupid issue like that. I know I'm not the only one as well. Is there any way at all to differentiate between the two, or does the system eternally see them as the same? Perhaps losses can be less if the player shows signs of wanting to reconnect, or gets penalized more if chat logs show them raging at their team or something of the sort. I know most of this is only theoretically possible, and that I'm quite a few days late to the conversation... but I figured these were a few of the questions that are worth asking. I know you guys at Riot probably have noted a few of these issues, but I'm curious to find out if they're considered real issues or not, as well as if there is any plan to resolve them. On a side note, 4v5s happen rarely enough (in my experience) that a /remake is almost unneeded. I personally play enough that a single loss due to afks doesn't really hurt much (and those I do play are mid to late-game afks, not lvl 1 afks like /remake helps with). Note that I understand other skill levels may find 4v5s more often, but I can only speak to my experiences. I'd almost rather see /remake never happen then deal with the drama that may come out of it (due to outrage, annoyance, balancing of the feature, etc.) In any case, there's my wall of text on the topic. Have a nice day, if you read this far. I'd love to start an intelligent conversation about these issues, so feel free to leave your opinion in a reply. :D
: you forgot another detail about dragons, they aren't real... {{item:3070}} {{champion:136}} {{item:3070}}
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
I've always liked a nice {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} lane, so much poke. Oddly enough, {{champion:81}} ADC with {{champion:429}} "Supp" works really well, it's pretty damn funny to play. Not really a competitive ranked lane, but definitely worth trying if you have a friend willing to try it. (Frost queens and frozen mallet Kali is so annoying to get away from.) Another fun one is a {{champion:103}} {{champion:25}} lane... Or anything with Ahri ADC for that matter, guilty pleasure of mine right there. Hm... random ramblings of a random metabreaker are done now. Don't mind me.
Yurd (NA)
: Ahhh, a duo buddy and I used to get shit talked so much for doing that. We called it Snare Sisters, its hilarious.
My friend and I called that lane the "Bind B*tches." Better than Snare Sisters, methinks, but it's prolly not. xD Woulda been so much better if I could actually play Morg right. >>
: Who knew.... 2 champions who absolutelt despise each other, play so well together. Quick! Someone try a {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} Bot lane!
Done that. Works like a charm.
: Well, the release of Jhin certainly proved you guys are completely capable of and willing to make exceptions using insane math equations. That alone opened up windows for options :D What if you added a condition to Vlad's passive that spellvamp on his kit instead fills a secondary resource bar, similar to Aatrox? And his spells that cost health would instead draw from this "pool" before his own health, because he's using his enemy's blood to fuel his power instead of sacrificing his own? Spellvamp suddenly becomes much less of a sustain resource on Vlad. Sure, maybe if he gets ahead, he can cut down on the health costs of his spells, but that's nothing special. A snowballing Aatrox or Mundo do the exact same thing. And if the pool itself provides no defensive value, no "second health pool" to block damage with, then spellvamp becomes _offensive_ sustain only, with no _defensive_ benefits to speak of. The value here becomes twofold: -You don't have to balance spellvamp around the one problem case that uses it (I wish you guys would make Iceborne Gauntlet melee only so you don't have to balance THAT around the problem case of Ezreal) -You can much more easily balance Vlad's sustain vs cost numbers, as you directly control precisely how much sustain he has independent of every other mage.
This is precisely what I was thinking! This would work amazingly for him, from a gameplay AND thematic standpoint... Though, when I thought of it, I figured that using his Q would add to the secondary "blood bar" rather than simply spellvamp or healing, since it takes his enemy's blood and then allows him to cast his own spells using it and whatnot. I think between you and ErotiKxKodiak down there most of what needs to be said has been. Great concept, my friend, I really hope Riot is listening, because this little gem is totally worth them noticing. :D
: "Free sustain+Damage+Point & Click is not really a good combination of things. The only counterplay to it is to not be within range." Agreed! It'll still do damage, heal, and be point and click, that's not changing. BUT! What if, for 3 seconds after Q'ing an opponent, the opponent could fight Vladimir to get the health that he stole BACK? We're not going to do that in particular, as I don't think it fits Vlad particularly well, but my point here is there are other ways to make it fair while retaining all that other stuff.
I love this idea so much, I just have to drop my ten cents in here... I personally love Vlad, he's a really fun champ, but he really does feel cheap to play, I pick him because he's a save, no nonsense wall of a top laner who just isn't gankable most of the time. I don't find his E to be particularly necessary... Now that you know my view of him, let me drop this here. What if there were to be an Aatrox-esque pool of blood that Vlad can hold (like the little ball he throws autos from! lol). A certain amount of that pool could be attached to his passive, being split into HP/AP or something... The point here being when you Q, you add blood to the pool. When Vlad uses another skill, he drains blood from the pool (since he shoots the blood from the ball to deal damage in the first place???). If you hit Vlad, you can drain a bit of his pool along with doing a bit of damage, and if Vlad dies, his pool empties out (since he can no longer control the blood he previously collected...) Something like that would keep stack management alive, keep his sustain (as Q could still heal for a bit and whatnot), add a bit of counterplay (as when he gets hit in a certain way, he'd lose a bit of his fighting power), keep his HP/AP and targeted Q stuff around, and add more blood to his kit. It may take away from his HP costs, but that's only if you remove the HP costs that he has now... It would also maybe make his passive easier to read as an opponent, depending on how you show it... I also think that particular thing fits him pretty well thematically? (since his whole deal normally is "I steal blood from you to heal myself..." "Be negative, you'll be just my type" sorta things...) I dunno if you'll read this, since stuff happened two days ago and i'm a bit late to the party, but now it's here... on the internet... maybe to be noticed. >> *slinks away*
Mech0p (NA)
: its you're not you are get it right!!! JKJK Just had to put my lame input in this conversation down votes incoming
It's also 'it's' not 'its' in this case, but ya know.... who needs grammar anyway? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Arie (NA)
: Just Support Things
Nothing can compare to these tho: "Thresh MVP" -One Yasuo player I'll never forget after I tower dove at 200 HP to get him the last kill of his first penta ever. "My work here is done" -Me after my Draven gets a solo pentakill and ends the game 26/0. Support life be the good life sometimes. ...and sometimes not. xD
: skins arent based off of personalities
A fair amount of skins could be seen as being based off personality/lore. Things like Queen Ashe, Asylum Shaco, or Surprise Party Fiddlesticks can all be considered based off personality. While there are plenty that are not based off personality/lore, skins come from what Riot is inspired to make, which could come from personality, as well as the feel of the Champion. In other words, while not all skins are based off it, personality can definitely be a factor in deciding a skin for Riot to make.
Jikker (NA)
: She's still a highly banned champion because of her mass healing and being one of the few champs that still has a silence. I've singlehandedly turned around teamfights just by silencing the enemy at a critical moment or healing my teammates massively mid fight. If played right, albeit a bit harder now with range nerfs, she can still be a pain in lane simply because she can negate all your poke/trade damage then heal up the cost with a well placed Q. Regardless, the point stands. And I even forgot Fiora who is another top ban so I can still make it 8 "must bans"....oh wait, there's also Lux technically although most people don't know about her yet....eugh
Only problem with that whole paragraph/comment... Lux has always existed, has always been strong. She's only just being widely recognized as being strong, which makes us long time Lux players a bit upset, as now our secret is out. Also, Soraka is far less a problem than the other "must bans" on the list... just focus her with poke and know to keep moving to avoid her Q (which doesn't heal her much early anyway) and you're fine. If you have an assassin or fighter who can take her out in one hit, it's even better. If she builds tank, her heals will be less effective. If she builds damage/utility, she's a relatively easy oneshot for most champs. She is good, I know this (she's my fourth most played supp, after Sona, Nami, and Thresh), but she's far easier to work around than say, Rengar or Jax or Illaoi... So really, she doesn't deserve widespread bans yet... there are higher priority bans than her. That is all. >>
: RACERS START YOUR EN-{{champion:202}}
I'll admit. I chuckled at this. Well played.
: WHAT THE FUCK RIOT? What's the point in having LEGACY SKINS if you just bring them back so everyone can get them???
To be fair, there is a difference between Legacy and Limited skins. Legacy are never meant to be locked away in the vault forever, they only come back for special occasions, deals, and events, which makes them generally harder to get. Limited skins, on the other hand, don't show back up and only come about through special (extremely special) events and deals... like the PAX skins, or King Rammus. Limited skins are the special ones, not Legacy.
: Omega/Alpha Squad Jhin- "There's nothing beautiful left here." Debonair Jhin/ Gentleman Jhin- "Your existence is rather, drab." Wild Card Jhin- "No beauty compares than the order of chaos." Frozen Jhin - "Eternal Beauty" Headhunter Jhin Cosmic Sniper (Reaver)Jhin- "My creations cannot be barred." Royal Guard Jhin - "Such filth dare exist in my presence." Jedi Jhin (Jango or a droid mask?) and last, but not least; Project Jhin- "pyoo! pyoo!..?" ^Pretty pls, Rito? x)
What about Arctic Ops Jhin instead of just Frozen Jhin? He would fit nicely alongside Varus and Kennen in that skin line, I think. Also, I really want PROJECT: Jhin to be a thing. That and Headhunter. They can't NOT give him a headhunter (or Debonair, for that matter) skin. Not with his personality.
: why do people think "should of" and "should've" are interchangeable?
This... This is one of my pet peeves. Just to clarify, I'm wondering the same thing you are. The fact that "'ve" and "of" sound the same is not a reason to not know what one is saying. =/
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:267}}:"hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah! hahaha yeah!" **Enemy Team Agreed To A Surrender** {{champion:267}}: "hahaha yeah!"
I have such a huge, dorky smile on my face right now, like you don't even know. xD
: Man I try to be positive and say "gj" no matter the situation... teammate just flashed to last hit an enemy i ignited? "gj nicely done didnt think that would kill them haha"... a jungler fails a gank "thanks for the pressure man i need to farm, next time we will get them!"... etc. and for the most part it does help but its really hard to do that when someone is 0/12 and calling everyone a %%% or worse... Shit man ive been that guy 0/12 (long story) and while i still put part of the blame on one of my teammates (again... long story) i know there was plenty i could have done differently if i wasnt on tilt and in a bad mood. I just wish someone had said "hey gj you will get them next time" or " hey come to my lane farm a bit" something to help me get out of my funk :(
This is very true. The more positive you can stay, the better. As a person who mains the role 'fill,' I try and stay as happy as possible at all times, letting people know right from champ select that I want them to play what they're comfortable on. Most of the time (not always, amazingly), I end up support... at that point, I normally grab Nami, wander to lane, out-ward the opponent but warding so deep they don't think to sweep there, and then casually spam laugh after every trade we make in lane. I swear that Nami laugh has won me more than one game. I'd like to say it's because my teammates are cheered up by it, or that the enemies get really annoyed at a fish laughing at them, but I don't know that I can. It mostly keeps me happy, even after a negative trade or when I'm stressed about a potential gank. It's got some of that insult to it (enemy misses skillshot? GG laugh), but it also keeps me happy, and that lets me keep saying 'gj' no matter how negative the game seems. Nami's laugh makes me smile. xD
: I honestly thought it was along the lines of Chaotic the show. Where they had players whom scanned these champions and legends in order for them to use these people or creatures in fights. They couldn't fight with a specific champion unless they essentially "unlocked" them by scanning them. It was a very cool concept. It's honestly what I thought League was like.
If you think about it in the right way, that makes sense in regards to buying a Champ as well... Summoners only unlock a Champion permanently after paying either in RP or IP, so that could be the equivalent of getting one of the 'scans' of that Champ, therefore "unlocking" them for future use. I can see how that idea isn't out of place in League.
Nazarith (NA)
: it also could explain why they are called CHAMPIONS. these entities (us) have chose heroes from the world of Runeterra to CHAMPION them on the summoners rift. a place that, for whatever reason, they are fighting against other entities.
This is very true. Added to the headcanon's canon headcanoness. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} (sticker too fun not to use... XD)
: Hey there! Actually, 'battle cant' is intended - not a typo. "Cant: An argot, the jargon of a particular class or subgroup." Battle cant, in this use, would refer to a kind of jargon/orders that can be used in battle that the enemy wouldn't understand. :) Cheers!
Well, you learn something new every day. Who said video games were not educational? Bet that person didn't know the meaning of "Cant."
: Yo no joke you should probably send that headcanon to riot so they can look at it in more detail. Would be an amazing way to look at the new lore, nice one :)
I spend more time thinking about League lore than I probably should, to be honest... I want to eventually be on their narrative team. I think that would be the best job in the whole world. Who knows, maybe if I actually get there, I can make this less a headcanon and more a canon canon. ;)
: No wonder All-For-One lags... too many copies.
Logged in just to upvo- Overused meme is overused.
: I have not read all the old or the new lore but a lot of this seems to fall under defining the 4th wall. The 4th wall is the invisible wall between the stage and the audience. In some stories like, say, the never ending story the boy might be the 'real world' and he breaks into a fantasy world, is that the 4th wall, or are we? the audience? then we too are asked to believe and it will affect him and that will affect the world we are to care about. I like the head cannon idea but I would not use 'clone' just as our essence is not there in physical form (digital) a sort of spiral copy of them, like a residual self image, is brought to battle. Clone sounds physical, its more like essence. Maybe none of them really die.... almost like the Greek pantheon placing champions in the arena.... the championship teams are the pantheon of Gods, the deity playing for sport. Like Chess to mortals we can just keep 'reviving' our favorite champions.
That is a very accurate way of correcting everything I may have said wrong when I was half asleep writing all of this down. Thank you. I used the term 'clone' mostly because I wasn't thinking this comment would spawn so much feedback. I've gotten so many replies, I wish I'd thought the wording through a bit more. 'Essence' works far better, so thanks for that. And yes, the Summoner lore issue is very much about the fourth wall. The old lore had every player as a Summoner at the Institute of War, where we were the most powerful mages and wizards to ever be seen. The League was a peaceful alternative to war, making large nations wage battle in 5v5 fights rather than destroying the world as they had been. (There was this whole thing where magic almost destroyed the world as everyone knew it, and so the Summoners said "Hey, let's not, k?" and then the League happened.) So in the old lore, the players were a part of the world.... a very physical part of it. Not too long ago, however, Riot declared that they were reworking the lore to cut out the League and Summoners altogether, leaving all of us lore-junkies with the question asked by the original comment here: "Where does the game come in then?" In the old lore, we were fighting political battles for the characters; there was a reason (no matter how silly) for the battles and games we played. Now that the League isn't a thing, there is no reason for the game to exist. Ah, the ever present search for meaning.
: One crucial piece of evidence that you are missing is that in Ezreal's lore, the only reason he is present in Summoner's Rift is that he is unable to control his magic and that he randomly teleports there. It is still stated in Kayle's lore that she offered to serve in the league for 1,000 years for power and the same for Morgana. There are several other examples of champions joining the League which makes it improbable that they are "clones" whether it states why a certain champion decided to join the League Of Legends or not.
Ezreal's in-client lore has actually changed... but, even if we go off of old/original lore for him, the amulet he found may cause him to be in one of the fights (as you said) randomly. This means that any given Summoner-spirit could be using the ACTUAL Ezreal completely on accident. The fact that he found and began using the amulet is what made him a Champion... imagine him showing up one day without warning in Champion Select... and his continued use of it is what keeps him a Champion that Summoners can use. No issue that I see here. As for Kayle and Morgana, who says they're even says they're from Runeterra? It says in Kayle's in-client lore "In a world far away..." This says to me that she's not from Valoran or Runeterra at all. Moragana and Kayle are clearly not human. Morgana's lore states the same type of thing. This other race of theirs' could be a race that can communicate with the Summoner-spirits directly. We can say this is true because Morgana cut a deal with the League--which, in our case, is the overarching term for all Summoner-spirits at once--for power. Kayle and Morg are serving as Champions, allowing themselves to be used in these Summoners' games in return for POWER. The Summoner-spirits are giving them POWER. The reason they haven't returned to their fighting (as of yet) is because they're still receiving their power, still mastering it, from the Summoners who are giving it to them. As for the other Champions who specifically joined the League (I can think of a few off the top of my head... Jax, Xin, and a few others), the first thing to remember is that the Champion lores haven't been updated completely yet. Riot has only done a few, Miss Fortune, Gangplank, and a few of the Shadow Isles Champions at this point. The only REAL lore update we've gotten is the fact that Summoners don't technically exist in a physical form like we assume they had previously. Proving/disproving ANYTHING based on Champion lore right now is not logically possible, as not all of them are up-to-date and relevant at this time, sadly. To address the issue, however (I find it rude not to reply to something as important as this), I mentioned that the League, Rift, and Summoners could be some kind of religion in Valoran. The Rift (Riot has said they wanted to have the feel of a mountain-top battleground) could be exactly that: an ancient mountain-top battleground the Summoners project their battles onto. However, no normal mortal could SEE these battles, and the mountain itself would likely be seen as a religious place. People who are powerful may choose to go on a pilgrimage to dedicate themselves to these Summoners and ancient battles waged by other-worldly spirits. These Champions who joined the League by choice may have done exactly that: traveled to the mountain that holds the Rift and asked the Summoners to take them as a Champion. At this point, the Summoners may choose to accept the Champion, using their fighting essence in their battles, or they may turn them down entirely. Who knows, there may be people on Runeterra who have tried becoming Champions but didn't make it for one reason or another. Again, though, not all of the Champion lores are updated at all, so we really can't go judging the Summoners' place in all of this based on Champ lore. Only a few have been updated since the lore change, and I expect the rest are soon to follow. Until all of it is updated, however, there are ways to explain what we have right now. Is that a suitable counter-example for your worries?
Raikemen (NA)
: Personally, I think that the true versions of the champions in Valoran are never used in the League. There's only programmed ghosts or clones of the champions we think we're using. That's the only reason I can think of for why, when I play Ryze, who has a huge spellbook and spells literally tattooed on his body, I only have 4 abilities I can use, one of which doesn't even do damage, and the other 3 of which all pretty much do the same thing - do damage. You expect me to believe that Cecil B. Heimerdinger, the great inventor, only actually has 4 inventions that can be used for battle? Or that Xerath, Azir's personal magus assistant, Ascended to almost limitless power, only knows how to conjure magic in 4 different forms? nonononononononono. It also makes sense in terms of character balance. In the lore, Syndra is clearly more powerful than someone like Katarina, yet when we play them, they are about the same strength. On the other hand, when a champion kills another champion, well, we saw the effects of that sort of thing a few months ago. Even though he didn't actually turn out to be dead, when MF "killed" Gangplank, Rito disabled him.
My original post on this thread here works kinda the same way. The actual Champions can't possibly be what we're fighting with, there's no reason to limit them like that, and it isn't logical to have all of us using them in different situations like we are. From a storytelling point of view, again, it doesn't make sense to keep the League as a physical thing that they have to exist in. As for the killing thing, again, Gangplank wasn't actually dead. While he was missing, he was unavailable, but he never actually died. What if he was? What if Gangplank was legitimately DEAD as a character? There would be no way to fight with him on the battlefield anymore unless we're using pre-programmed ghosts... but if that was the case, why disable him while he was missing during the Bilgewater event? The fact that he was disabled, though loosely, ties the fact that we can USE the Champions in-game to their continued existence in Valoran. If a Champion were to die off completely, and there really is a connection between the Champion being alive and being playable, they would be removed from the game altogether because we wouldn't be able to use them... they're dead. See what I mean? >>
: I played a game on blue side as the adc and on my first back I bought a bf sword and a pink ward. When I got back to lane I shoved the wave and walked into the enemy team's blue buff area and put said ward in the bush. I had a support main and they cried from happiness.
You, friend... You are a true Legend of the League. A real hero.
: As a support main as well, That's the first thing I check at score screens. Click advanced and look at wards placed. 99% of the time I place more than the other support, ~40%ish of the time I'll outward their whole team -_-
As a person who mains the role "Fill," and so typically ends up on Support, I normally end up warding more than both the enemy team AND my own team... combined. >> Even when I'm not on Support, I ward more than most people at my tier. It's a strange feeling when you're on Jungle and the first thing you back for is the jg item upgrade, three green wards, a pink, and a few HP pots...
Vitan (NA)
: It's also a shame. A cinematic where summoners appeared to each of the champions (Interrupting an assassination attempt of Talon's on J4), just to have them show up on the rift and fight side by side, only to be returned at the end. Talk about a real dynamic world. Explore how it would change things for Noxus and Demacia to face allies as enemies. Imagine Lux and Garen relaxing and suddenly fighting each other. Coming to fear your own sibling! Lux finds herself on the same team as Swain, and you've got the whole "My enemy saved me!" moment. I can't help but think Riot dropped the ball removing summoners. It's so silly. It's like someone came along and said, "This doesn't fit a typical setting-story for a game! Let's correct this for the deviation and remove all these unique ideas that might not be "NYT Bestseller storytelling, but could easily have accomplished creating a "dynamic" or whatever kind of world Riot wants so badly. A serious case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I'll never get to see the cinematic where Zed and Shen are squaring off to have the final fight and they get "kidnapped" by summoners to fight; Shen saves Zed's life in the game and they discover they work wonderfully together. They're returned to the barren plains where they were about to duke it to the death and they stare at each other and Zed grunts, "Next time." And shadow-clones away. Don't need a "Shen forgives Zed!" story, just the hint that maybe all the violence in the rift has a real impact on the world. Bam rito. Come at me.
Fanfics where the Institute really changed the Champions were always my favorite to read. Riot really had a great setup for a world, but you have to admit, it was a tricky one. Speaking on the old lore, every player is a Summoner in the League, they are a living character in Valoran. But that comes with a major issue... how do several million Summoners all play the same Champion at the same time if there's only one of those Champions in Valoran? The way I'd explained it to myself is that only the professional players (the "Master Summoners") would play with the REAL Champions, and all other Summoners were only using shadow-like clones, pre-programmed ghosts of the Champions... but what role does the League really have in that case? And what Pro games influence the Champions? How would they change, and who got to choose what games really had an effect on any Champ? Then comes the setting... Do the Champions join the League and then stay at the Institute or do they go on with their lives and have them constantly interrupted by the Summoner's every call? (In Ezreal's case, it makes sense... the stone in his gauntlet tying him to Summoners and all... but for everyone else...) I mean, what happens if J4 is pulled out of an important meeting with someone, or if a Champion is Summoned in the middle of a high speed chase (Cait) or a bath or something? I understand we see a locker room-type area in the Dominion cinematic, but still... what happens wherever the Champion was? Does the meeting just get put on spontaneous hold? The criminal just stay put until the Sheriff comes back? Being a Champion would completely RUIN the Champion's life... there wouldn't BE a story for them to have outside of the League, and eventually that would come down to "Oh, so-and-so is on my team again, blah blah blah." It would get dull. And what happens when a Champion **_kills_ ** another Champion? What happens if Thresh sets his sights on Lucian, or Lucian finally gets his revenge? What happens if Talon suceeds in assassinating Jarvan BEFORE the Summoners can interrupt? What do we do then? They'd no longer exist to fight in the League, they'd no longer be at the Institute, or be available for summon at all. They'd not exist in the game. This is a real issue, because there are a few champions (Talon, Elise, Thresh, ext.) who make their living off killing things. There's no way that a Champ wouldn't die at some point. In short, yes, the Summoners were a very interesting plot device, and the League games could have had HUGE influences on Champions... but the League and the Institute as a whole comes with a whole slew of storytelling problems that would be far too difficult to work around. As someone who loves story crafting, I've tried finding out how any of this would function for ages... but I just can't put the pieces all together. As mad as I was that the lore changed, it was a needed change... There was very little storytelling ability within the old lore, as fun as it might have been. It would have been too complicated, too focused on the Institute and the players, and not focused on the world Riot wanted to expand... so they refocused, changed the lore, and now we are where we are. And as upset that I am about my Summoner not technically existing anymore, I can see why they changed it.
: By voidling I think you mean Voidborn
Thank you for correcting me. I couldn't think of the right term when I first wrote it up. >>
: This. Actually. Makes. Sense. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!{{champion:74}}
I do try to be a logical person... most of the time. {{champion:74}}
: I really like this, this gives us perfect excuse to bring the LCS and competitive teams into the lore. If we use your head canon that cinematic like the Championship teasers that we are powerful entities that fight using these champions for power, prestige, treasure, and glory. tying us back into the game with our own community accepted canon.
I didn't even think of the LCS when I was thinking of this whole thing, but yeah... I can see how they could be worked in... Each team could be like a different faction of the Summoner-spirit things, and if you're a fan of a certain team, you would be a part of the faction. Each region is a different alignment or type of spirit, and each group of spirits are trying to achieve the top spot (Worlds). I think that would make for a really cool lore. Now accepted as canon in my headcanon. Kappa
: The Problem being is they retconned the Summoners. In the original Lore, the Summoners of the Institute of War were a collective to end the possible second coming of the Rune Wars. This was during the time Demacia and Noxus were at each others throats and Noxus decimated Ionia. From what I remember the Institute was meant to gather warriors from Runeterra and beyond in order to create another means of settling disputes that would not end in full scale war. Its how they ended the Noxus' control over Ionia ( {{item:3158}} ). When they got rid of the Summoners and the Institute, they pretty much got rid of these champions reason for fighting in these battles in Summoners Rift. Which creates plot holes the size of manhole covers as to why Lucian would ever dare work side by side with Thresh (or any undead for that matter). With the Summoners they had the plot device that Summoners would have some manner of control of them during combat, as was shown in the first cinematic. So it pretty much boils down to why? Why are allies working with bitter enemies one match, and allies fighting each other to the bitter end in another. Why would eldritch creatures like Kindred or Bard concern themselves with Summoners Rift or mortals at all? Without the Summoners or any replacement that would explain why they are fighting over the same land countless times, it just leaves one big massive plothole.
The way I see it since the Summoners and Institute were taken out of the Canon world may seem a bit silly, but it might help with mentioned plothole. Keep in mind, this is just a head-canon of mine that I felt like sharing since someone was talking about the Summoners and the lore change... We, as players, are sort of like other worldly watchers (maybe the watchers from Lissandra lore? Though I think those watchers are canonically Voidlings of some sort...) and we are playing the game with copies of these legendary warriors that Riot is telling us about in the lore. The way I see it, we could be remnants of the Institute, or even god-like spirits who fight for power (or influence (points)) using clones of unsuspecting fighters that we enjoy. This allows for Summoner's Rift to remain a battlefield for us (potentially being a mountaintop religious location in Runeterra, someplace that normal mortals don't go), as well as allowing the Champions to develop as characters. This also could explain the existence of lore based characters like Kindred or Bard... The characters living in the world might not know if they truly exist, but We, as otherworldly spirits overseeing the whole world from the outside, would be able to see these creatures and use them in our battles for power, influence, amusement... whatever you want to think we're doing fighting with clones of various fighters. **TL;DR: Summoners are just spirits fighting with clones of fighters they choose from Valoran, allowing for Players (Summoners) to fight on the Rift while also having the story happen undisturbed.** I know it's kinda silly, but it's the best way I've come to terms with the lore change. (I really enjoyed the old lore with the Institute and whatnot... I was really sad when I found out it was gone...) I've been meaning to ask someone what they think of that idea for a while... sorry for kinda barging into the tiny conversation you guys were having. XD
: Why does almost every blade in league of legends go bottom left corner to top right corner? It's like the game is leaning to the right, how will you attempt to balance this? Just adding more weight to the left seems too brute force for me. :/
This is such a big issue, and I'm highly worried about the balance of these blades! Rito, please fix this problem immediately!
Crysi102 (NA)
: While I've pulled off several malph/ori or malph/lux wombos, one of the most disgusting wombos I've ever been a part of was in one of my first Ekko top games. Amumu, Ekko, LB, Jinx, and Braum... it was disgusting and we lost no health during the fight. On a smaller scale, I've pulled the Ashe/Leo bot lane wombo a couple of times, and I recently saw a Titanic Hydra Malphite and Luden's Echo Ahri obliterate an enemy back line in one move in ranked solo Q (thank god they were on my team). Malph R, Titanic proc auto, Ahri R and Q, and their back line was gone. It made me feel dirty just watching it, and I was still halfway down the mid lane from where it happened...
And then there was the time I was messing with Full AP Sej and had a Katarina on my team.... I pressed R and she pressed Q.... She got an instant Quadra and fountain dove for the penta.. XD
: The Wombo Combo Collection
While I've pulled off several malph/ori or malph/lux wombos, one of the most disgusting wombos I've ever been a part of was in one of my first Ekko top games. Amumu, Ekko, LB, Jinx, and Braum... it was disgusting and we lost no health during the fight. On a smaller scale, I've pulled the Ashe/Leo bot lane wombo a couple of times, and I recently saw a Titanic Hydra Malphite and Luden's Echo Ahri obliterate an enemy back line in one move in ranked solo Q (thank god they were on my team). Malph R, Titanic proc auto, Ahri R and Q, and their back line was gone. It made me feel dirty just watching it, and I was still halfway down the mid lane from where it happened...
: A Good Death
The narrative team is doing such incredible work. Between Bilgewater and the Lore revamps and now things like this... I'm simply in awe over all of this. Great job, Riot. Keep up the great work. :D
Jynx (NA)
: PROJECT community creations!
Project Thresh? Project Ashe?? Project Quinn??? This is why I love fan art! These things have to happen, rito pls
Jynx (NA)
: Arcade community creations!
Can I just say those cosplays are all amazing... I want to do a League Cosplay soon, but I got other things in the way.... D:
: A portal opens. Suddenly, Riot, the players, the servers, and all 10 Galio mains are thrust into a distant and uncertain future. Stormclouds surround the population in a thick black pitch. The sun is dead. The sky breaks open briefly as lightning envelops all for a brief but clarifying moment; all that remains of the world we once knew is a Colliseum, the landing point of our time-worn League travelers. A sign hangs above the entrance - "20XX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS." In this future, Worlds is not a time of year - it is a state of mind. There are no placements, no tiers, no promotion series - all compete on the World Stage, every minute of every hour, destined to a meaningless victory erased with each passing day. We have been brought by Zilean to the darkest timeline - The Dark Eternity of Esports. During the 20XX World championships, Faker, now a shadow of his former glory, presides above his 'competition' seated upon a throne of solid Challenger-tanium (a new metal made from smelted World Championship titles and the tears of his opponents). With a flick of his wrist, he orders all to be seated and the day's show begins. Holograms appear upon the floor of the stadium as the top players from every dimension gather, armored and altered to look like champions. They land upon a summoning platform as the landscape transforms to resemble The Howling Crystal Butcher's Riftline Chamber, the only 'viable' map in 20XX. As the 'champions' load in, the guests in the stadium stand up-right and begin marching as if compelled by some dark force. One by one, they walk towards one another in a strange pattern as the stage finishes completion. In this timeline, _we_ are the minions. Endlessly marching to our assured doom, just to become gold in someone's pocket. In your final moments, you think "Trusting Zilean may have been unwise..." "...but at least Skarner's not broken anymore."
This is exactly why I love you guys. Right here. This.
: log in just to down vote. I don't know why is this false idea so spread in gold/silver/bronze, but it is completely wrong that everyone have to learn 5 roles.
Everyone should have at lest two (less picked) backup Champions that they can play reliably. Being able to play your main in all the roles (like Annie Bot) is spectacular, but you run the risk of your main being banned. Most of the time, you can dodge if that happens, but sometimes that's not an option (it automatically ends your promo series if you dodge). Therefore, you should always have at least two backup champs, or one backup for each role. If your main is rarely picked/banned, then you're cool, but if it IS banned or picked by the other team, then you're up a creek without a paddle, and you NEED those backup picks that you're at least comfortable/competent on. Most of the time, that means one for each role (equaling five), so with your main, that makes seven Champions you should know/understand-how-to-play-well-enough-to-play-in-ranked. Is that fair logic?
: I think she's fine as she is. With the rise of more mobile and long range mages, she's suffering.
People simply forgot that Annie mid exists, after all the Annie support that has been happening. Annie mid actually really hurts mobile mages, with her cc shutting down their ability to be mobile, and she fares pretty well against assassins for the same reason. Long range mages are a slight issue for Annie (honestly which is why I played Orianna when Annie was picked in the first place), but when you can sit back and never lose mana, Annie can just flash/Tibbers and ruin the longer range mages anyway, or farm under tower, never lose her mana, and call for a gank when the enemy long range mage is oom. Since most of those ranged mages are ridiculously squishy or immobile (Orianna, Lux, Xerath all come to mind), Annie's assassination potential really shines in those matchups. When you play RoA Annie, you can survive through those poke/zone based ranged mages easily. Annie mid shines against more mobile champions that she can lock down, and assassins who can't survive her burst... Going against long range poke or zoning champs should be her weak point (like I mentioned in one of my other replies that I made), but it really isn't a weakness at this point. Yes, she has a tiny bit of trouble laning against someone who's range is longer than hers, but that's basically a pool of 3 or 4 relatively immobile champs that she has no problem killing in one shot. I think some of that poke that she struggles against should be harder for her to survive through... In my experience, Annies have simply sat and farmed, waited until mentioned long range mage is oom, or gets the tiniest bit too close, and then oneshots them post six. Also, Annie's range isn't that bad to begin with, so she doesn't really struggle THAT much against the longer range mages... I know she's not ridiculously overpowered or anything, but I really do believe that her laning phase specifically needs a bit of nerfing. Right now she's not great, but she's not bad. And she's not bad in any way. She's a safe, bursty, cc heavy, can-be-tanky-if-done-right, control mage that can either be mid or support, excels at controlling/engaging/disengaging teamfights, has high single-target and aoe burst, and has a mana refund that gives her a free way to farm in that solo lane. Out of all of that, her only downside is that she doesn't have as much range as a Lux or Xerath... and MAYBE that her burst falls off a bit later in the game, but she still maintains all of her cc and utility, so that's a fair trade off. It's more about bringing out her weaknesses and roles to me... If she's meant to be an aoe, cc, control mage, then make her one, and remove some of her laning dominance. If you want her to be a heavy laner, great 1v1 duelist, or a general out-sustainer in a lane, then keep her refunds, but do something to keep her teamfights in line. As Annie fits better into an engage/teamfighter role, I suggest the first option. Wow, so sorry about that being so long... It was not this long in my head, I swear... >>
Ionian (EUW)
: Fun > champion identity. I don't care how iconic an ability is to a certain champion (e.g.: Shadow dance, Undying rage, Summon tibbers, Diplomatic immunity, Feral scream), if it's not a fun mechanic that allows for plays AND counterplays, then it's detrimental to the game's health and must be changed. The fact that Annie's strengths completely rely on a flawed, no counterplay combo only shows how poorly designed the champion is. As Riot will never remove a champion from the game, the closest thing to that they could do would be reworking her passive entirely or just adding a delay to R. You would still have W for instant aoe stuns.
If she would still have W for the aoe stuns, then what is the point of putting a delay on Tibbers? She could just flash/W/Tibbers instead of flash/Tibbers. Without adding the delay, you can counterplay Annie in several ways, one of which is spreading out and not allowing her multiple targets to stun. That works now, it's just that not many people think about it. Another way to counterplay Annie as a champion would be to add in her laning weaknesses. If she doesn't have the mana to summon Tibbers in the first place, you don't have to worry about counterplaying it. That's my big point here. Other options to counterplay her passive include QSS and cleanse. (Though there really should be an AP QSS item, in my opinion, but that's a different conversation.) Flash/Tibbers is not a counterless move either. Yes, it's very fast, quite instantaneous, and exceptionally difficult to avoid, BUT if one is fast enough, they can use their own flash/gap closer to dash away, respond with their own cc, or (as mentioned earlier) not allow Annie multiple targets. The truth of the matter is that Flash has a HUGE cooldown, which means for most of the game, Annie can't use that combo... and when she does, it has to be thought out, or it would be a waste of her only escape move. While it's on cooldown, Annie is vulnerable to more mobile burst mages or carries like Ahri, Lucian, or Veigar for that matter (don't take the examples too seriously, they're just examples). Point is, there's ways to counterplay the Tibbers, but there's absolutely nothing you can do about Annie's Q refunds. That's why I suggested the fix I put above... There would be far more chances for Annie to be caught in a weakened state if Q didn't refund mana like it does now. Annie players would have to be smarter, and those playing against her would have more openings, all without disrupting her major playmaking style with the flash/stun. Now, don't take this the wrong way. I'm not saying putting a delay on Tibbers is a terrible or bad idea, and it definitely WOULD increase conterplay, but it doesn't fix the issue at hand: Annie's all around power. If anything, delaying her R would make her have to initiate with W and then cast Tibbs, and that doesn't actually fix her oppressive laning phase at all. Putting a delay on Tibbs would simply nerf her strengths instead of forming visible weaknesses, something that isn't necessarily required as Annie isn't exceptionally overpowered in this meta (as of right now). So delaying her R does nothing about the major issue here, but it might be worth thinking about.
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