: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
Isn't his new R just Diplomatic Immunity 2.0? Wasn't it removed from Poppy for being an unfun ability or something?
LankPants (OCE)
: I have a feeling the ult's going to be a bit useless. I need to see numbers on the slow% and a few other things, but it kind of feels like it's just going to be too easy to disengage. Maybe the slow field should also ground or something so that large Sej ults can actually matter, because ultimately a large slow field just doesn't in the current state of League, there's just too many Ezreals, Lee Sins and Lucians. I also don't like the idea of forcing Sej to be paired with melees. What does that actually add to her? It just makes her unreasonably tied to champion select. If you're going to play Sejuani you'd better have a melee top and at least one of a melee support or an assassin mid. This 'melee only' restriction is something I hope dies in a fire before her release.
Absolutely. I can't just go, huh, I feel like a Sej game, especially if I can't see pick intent, because my team isn't going to base their pick around me, why do I have to base my pick around them? And it's not just a full optimal thing, she goes from being a decent pick to complete garbage if you don't have anyone who can proc it. Also agreed on the ult. How are you supposed to reliably engage with a slow zone that then requires melees to go in and trigger your passive. Especially coming off of her old ult, this is going to feel absolutely terrible. I knew they were toning it down, but I honestly don't see the power that it held in the rest of the kit. I don't even know how to feel about her W and I worry for her in the jungle, to say the least.
TEKadeo (NA)
: I want to be positive about this preview, but honestly I don't like what I see: Thanks for the Braum passive that is going to be super difficult to stack, I guess? Oh and Braum's stun is automatic, and can be stacked by anyone... And I HATE stacking passives. Very much lacking in creativity, BAD. New W could be okay, altho it looks like another skill shot(s)...which is fine because I always hit every single skill shot. I know you do too, bro, awesome bro. Range looks nice, but tbh the video is too close to really see the whole effect. Ult is the most underwhelming part, although the area of effect is great. Does nobody realize that Sona's ult is basically the same as Sejuani's current one? And she doesn't seem to have to pay this ridiculously made-up "penalty" for it to be so good? She is incredible at nearly every aspect of the game. Be for real. I really need this to hit the PBE before I lose my shit.
This is pretty close to how I feel. Even thought they said they were focusing on the barbarian leader and the cavalry aspects of her, I don't really feel much of this coming through, honestly. I guess barbarians aren't allowed to use ranged weapons? A stacking passive is the last thing I wanted to see on Sej. I didn't think they could really make her feel bad, but just going off of gut instinct I'm not at all excited for this. Nothing is going to feel satisfying about her. Her ult looks so bad. She's supposed to engage and the only reliable engage she gets is an aoe slow? They said they wanted to back off on the reliable damage of tanks and replace it with more CC and they essentially give her less CC. And she's supposed to excel at 2v2s and 3v3s? Where's the team fight capabilities that a frontline tank is supposed to have? She just seems like a support who they limited who can proc her passive because it'd be broken in a duo lane with a marksman.
: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
I'm pretty iffy on the stat rebalance since I enjoy %hp scaling champions, specifically Sej who is coming up in the recent update. There seems to be a bit of a downward trend in the regards of health and it's just as important of a defensive stat as armor and mr, specifically against the threat of true damage. There's a mention of a lowering of the cost of Warmog's passive activation, but if you're lowering health amounts on defensive items, isn't this going to just end up about the same? So this seems like less of a buff and more just keeping it in line with the rebalance so it doesn't become even more of an outclassed pick. As usual, I hold final opinion until we can see the full numbers for everything, but it's a bit concerning. On the discussion of tank items in general though, any consideration into making an armor AND health item that gives CDR? Would very much like to see something in that vein.
Statikk (NA)
: The changes to damage are more important for us to reduce later in the game rather than early on. Early in the game, most champions need base damages to interact with minions, monsters, and other champions especially during the laning phase of the game where there is much more reliance on 1v1 champion interactions and team dynamics haven't kicked in just yet. Will definitely monitor to make sure Tanks just don't get bullied out of the jungle by more aggressive counter-junglers, they should be able to hold their own when played well. Thanks for the in-depth write-up. Will keep in mind these concerns - but we probably won't make her manaless please don't be mad. >.>
Good to know you're looking out for the little guys, or in this case the large, intimidating board riding barbarians (and other vanguards). I suppose I won't be too mad so long as she's still fun to play. I'm eager to see the changes in store for her. Keep up the good work. :)
: @Riot, Can we get more Support champs in 2017?
I'd really like to see a darker style support. A lot of what we get, especially the shielding/healing ones like Meddler mentioned, are all nice and sparkly and good. Though that's ignoring the current meta of Malz/Zyra support and such since they weren't really specifically designed for it. But I'd like something that goes against the usual grain. Tahm was decent, but not really to my play style.
: Didn't they already do that when they admitted they messed up on kog and then reverted him?
They've said similar things about Skarner at the very least, though minus the revert, and possibly Morde. Personally, I think Karma is a lot of fun to play Bot OR Mid, but I never played her pre-rework, so maybe I'm biased.
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Before my thoughts on Sej, a more general question on tanks in the jungle. How are these changes to base damages and such going to affect them? I know there was comment on giving them jungle mob damage or something similar, but what about invades? Tanks already clear weakly compared to a lot of other junglers and I can it becoming meta to just invade a tank jungler over and over, especially in soloque where people aren't always paying attention/can be bothered to help out. The other slight concern as far as jungle clearing goes would be mana issues. Assuming damage is lower, it'll take more rotations of abilities to clear properly. This may be fixed by minion damage buffs, but still slightly concerning since it seems tanks are going to be very very focused on their ability usage. Anyways, I love Sejuani. I'm extremely excited to see her a big update champion. Somewhat worried, but excited. I don't often play her right now because I feel she's in a rather meh spot, but I figured I'd pitch in my thoughts and questions, if a bit late. I do feel that she is heavily barred around her ultimate usage and can't do much before six. Which is always a bad feeling when you want to impact the map but have to just farm it up to be relevant. This is in part, I feel, due to her ult carrying so much weight that it holds her back significantly pre-six. Her knock up and slow are passable for early ganks, but given she has no defenses and a slow clear early, she ends up with low HP just clearing the jungle which can make trying to gank dangerous. Despite this, playing her is extremely satisfying. Landing that five man ultimate feels so good and the sounds with it just let you know you've done your job. I'm not sure I really want to lose that. I understand it's a lot of her power budget, and with good reason, but I think it's going to be hard to compensate the loss of power in her ult while still making it feel like Sej. While I'm interested to see the changes that will come to her, especially making her fill more of that 'cavalier' role, I'm iffy on how exactly that's going to play out in a way that really would benefit her. And while she is a barbarian warlord, her mottos kind of go against the idea of buffing allies, I think. They wouldn't be with the Winter's Claw if they needed her help. I also think Sej's current item situation is a bit odd. She wants to build health and CD, but is quite limited in options with armor that way as the only CD reduction armor items she doesn't really synergize well with. She doesn't have the quick CDs to really make great use of IBG and I feel Randuin's Omen is a much better fit for her out of Warden's Mail than Frozen Heart, not to mention Deadman's Plate is still a pretty decent item as well for the engage potential, letting her get in range easier if she's foregone or sold Mobi Boots. With the nerfs to damage happening, is there thoughts to changing her health scaling and such as well? A final point of concern is the mention of synergizing with specific allies. I think this is a dangerous road to travel down. If this is going to be a focus of her new kit/play, it could really backfire and never (or rarely) be seen in use which is then just wasted power budget. The biggest thing I look forward to seeing changes is her passive. It's immensely unsatisfying and mediocre. Can't wait to see it go away. You should make Seju manaless :3
Meddler (NA)
: I read through that Reddit thread yesterday. It's got a lot of strong sentiment in it that's valuable feedback. It's pretty light on discussion from in game experience with plants though (few actual PBE testers commenting), so it’s not a complete picture. As with the other pre-season changes on the PBE plants are a work in progress. We’ve got some changes coming this week that should address a number of issues that have become apparent since the last set of changes (which occured just before PBE last week). Key details on those below. We’re also working on some backup plans for other possible issues that have been raised. For those sort of cases we want to have follow up plans ready in case they’re needed, but don’t want to make changes before things have been validated in game. Summary of those below too. The biggest concern about plants themselves we've seen expressed overall is that they're random and that randomness has no place in a competitive game. Can fully understand the concern there, given randomness can make for pretty miserable experiences in game at the expense of player skill. We don’t think randomness is automatically a bad thing in a competitive setting though. We see it as more a tool that, if used in the right way, can create good tests of skill and emergent play or, if used badly, can nullify skill and create a ‘that was bullshit’ feeling. Examples of what we feel falls into each of those two categories: . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . ** Controlled Randomness in LoL at present we think is good for the game: ** * Elemental Dragons Heavily telegraphed, rewards that support different strategies and counter them, system creates healthy game to game variety of experience. Equally available to both teams. * Kindred passive on enemy jungle camps Creates a series of risk/reward trade offs for the Kindred player that they’re free to engage with or not. Enemies can choose to try and counter or not. * Scuttle crab’s exact location You know roughly where Scuttle will be, and what the reward will be, but not the exact location it’ll be before getting there (assuming it’s up in the first place). Again, also equally available to both teams - it's a fair system, rather than one that biases in one direction or the other. * Draven axe landing location There's some randomness to where an axe could land forcing an adaptive responsive. Possible locations are from a limited pool and, when appropriate are effectively non random (e.g. when chasing) . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . ** Randomness in LoL we think is or was bad for the game: ** * Low % crit rates (higher % crit rates are also heavily debated, though a less clear argument) Small amounts of crit (runes in particular) have a small chance to skew a lane pretty strongly without any engaging gameplay. Crit’s much less problematic once champions have a moderate amount of it (becomes consistent ish), though even then there are arguments it should be removed. Avoiding getting into details of that since that’s a different topic and this is already a long post already. Should talk more about it sometime though, especially since it’s a subject we need a better consensus on internally too. Regarding crit runes, we’ll be removing the ability to start the game with crit when we do work on runes (hopefully sometime next year) * Old Phage Chance to slow on hit (mini, unreliable Frozen Mallet for anyone that didn’t play back then). Sometimes really lethal, sometimes completely ineffective. Did have some counterplay (e.g. only flash if the slow procs), overall though too much a case of randomness deciding situations rather than creating decisions. . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . ** Next iteration base off feedback from PBE testers and internal playtesting: ** * Fewer Blast Cone locations We’ve been testing a pretty wide variety of Blast Cone locations recently, especially compared to early iterations of plants which only had a few. Conclusion there’s that some of those locations are good fits, others feel more abusive than interesting though and the large number of possible spawn points makes it hard to predict likely Blast Cone locations resulting in a more random than intended result. * Limit of 2 Blast Cones per quadrant When it happens 3 Blast Cones in a single jungle quadrant has been resulting in too much Blast Cone chaining, given the proximity between them that creates. Chained Blast Cones are much harder to respond to and the second use seems to be less deliberate by the user as well. * Seedling time to 60s (from 30s) Increasing telegraph time on upcoming plants to improve ability to plan around their presence. * Reduced overall plant spawn rates Plant frequency has been too high in the version of the system currently on PBE, resulting in more frequent interactions than intended and therefore a greater overall impact on the game than desired. We’ll be reducing frequency of plant spawn a bit as a result. * Visual Polish On the art side there’s also still some stuff yet to come (minimap icons that are clear but less dominant, icons for individual plants when clicked on, etc) . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . ** Other concerns we're tracking and preparing follow up changes if needed: ** * Ranged versus melee discrepancy We haven’t seen it demonstrated yet, but it’s definitely possible plants will be too advantageous for ranged champs over melee. Fallback if needed’s to make them operate like Thresh lantern where it’s proximity to plant the allows interaction, not basic attack. * Randomness deciding outcomes, We want randomness to create a range of situations where player decisions and execution can then decide the outcome. If randomness is instead deciding situations however we’ll then want to add additional telegraphing, both to spawn times and locations until players are able to recall possible plant locations and play around the possibility of them being up in an informed manner. * Plant interactions still too frequent Upcoming changes might still leave plants too influential to the game and place too high an interaction burdern on players, junglers especially. Response there would be to continue to adjust spawn rate, maximum number possible per quadrant. Apologies for the wall of text, lot to cover. I’ve to run off to a thing now, I’ll be back later though to post a bit more.
I feel like the plan is more to continue reducing the relevancy of the plant system until its a non-factor rather than remove it and go in some other direction if the plants turn out to be a bad idea. I can understand wanting to keep whatever you worked on to replace a system that Riot feels is flawed, but sometimes you've just gotta take the L. I'm not sure why they felt the jungle as it is was bad. If they felt there was a 'right' way to jungle then they could have just worked around the smite buffs and camps rather than tossing what works (even if not optimally in their opinion) out. If gromp wasn't worth smiting after the first clear, rework the buff. If raptors is always the right smite, change up the vision control it gives.
: Need some common sense buffs to singed and AP tanks. Tanks are way to under powered, getting burst down by assassins should not be an issue for a tank. Singed is in a real bad spot, he has to chase after champions who have escape and disabled and is usually almost dead by the time he gets to his target.
I don't expect much (if any) love for them until they get their class rework unfortunately.
: SUNBROS! ARE YOU WITH ME! TEAM LEONA!!!! {{champion:89}} . \[T]/ \{-----}/ PRAISE IT
Jynx (NA)
: Snowdown fan art roundup!
The Azir one really gets me. Azir really has the holiday spirit. The present is given! Eventually, the snow claim us all. None know the meaning of Christmas better than I. The slumbering children must awaken! What is Christmas, but the most wonderful time of year? My elves march on! And that of course makes Xerath the Grinch. And his spark grew three sizes that match.


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