: What people complaining about Lee Sin really want
I think the main issue with lee sin is that he is; 1) viable at all levels of the game 2) can be built as dps, tank, bruiser, etc. and still be a problem (he's extremely versatile) and 3) Lee Sin doesn't only have strong ganking, but camp clear, and counter jngle I assume most people complain about him because he stands out as a universal jungle that can fit any role depending on the situation, and he doesn't fall off meaning he has a great early mid and late game, compared to other junglers who may have a weaker early game or start to fall off later on. And on a side note, I'm tired of player pleading for nerfs on champs that stand out as the best, even though they aren't really broken by any means. Riot could fix the issue of champs like lee sin by buffing other champs in the same role.
: I am constantly salty about ekko
Hard CC and/or high burst damage is the best way to deal with him. Also playing lane bullies like orianna or syndra make the match tough, I know from experience on both sides. Lastly early MR obviously would make any ap assassin struggle, even if you don't build it into anything early on just grab a negatron cloak.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Rate my Yorick build?
it seems odd to go for both triforce and iceborn, considering you don't get all the moneys worth out of them together. I personally like getting a black cleaver first item, especially against tanks, because the autos your ghouls do applies the armor shred. You may want to look into swapping out the triforce for this, because you still get the sheen autos from IBG but not you get a cheaper item that gives the phage passive and now the armor shred for more trade damage.
: I've thought about this too. Back when he built shiv because it was pretty much the only/best option for him and long before his relatively recent nerfs he sat just under 50% winrate and flew under most people's radar, ~~nobody~~ considerably less people were complaining about him then. Now that PD is as good for him as it is and Mallet is cheaper Yasuo can be tankier than he's ever been without losing too much DPS.
Exactly my point, I think his kit is, for the most part, in a good place. If anything would need change I think his E could use some tweaks. That said though its the items that are the problem, I dont think PD needs the damage reduction, it ends up feeling like Urgot's passive, out of place and not feeling very healthy. Truthfully if they change some of the items he uses Yasuo will end up feeling more balanced.
: Yasuo has all these """free""" stats because he's one of if not THE squishiest melee champ (long)
I think the biggest issue with yasuo relates more to his builds nowadays. Like yes I understand what you're saying and I think most of his kit is understandable for his role, but when he gets away with building things like Phantom dancer or frozen mallet, etc. it turns him into a tankier fighter completely negating his once weaknesses. That's where the issue lies.
Elohaven (NA)
: Without a doubt Xayah is getting nerfed
I mean most champs get nerfs upon release, but to be fair Uberdanger is like mid to high diamond playing on the pbe where mmr is really skewed, so the people he's facing may be losing the player not the champion. Plus due to the video, uber makes it more like a highlight video, this could have been one of the few games he played really well in, or not. I'm not saying Xayah is 100% balanced because personally I don't know but there other factors in this video. It could be correlation not causation.
: Fizz...
Fizz's E trades damage for mobility, meaning fizz can either go in fully or do some damage and dip out. Also its easily counterable if you just move out of the small radius of it, because once you do that he has lost most of his strength. Its kinda like the idea of having one ability that is the bread and butter of a kit means that once the ability has been used the champ has the majority of their power removed. In this case for fizz, although his E can be annoying at times it's still fair.
: Is it just me, or does Xayah and Rakan's synergy feel "forced"?
The minute buffs are more of a push to make them played together. Realistically, based on what I've seen, I feel like their kits also synergize well. Xayah needs time to set up feathers to get out the best of her damage, and granted Rakan is the only one, like thresh or leona, but his kit holds the opponents down pretty well, with the charm/knock up, and adding in her own snare as well. On the flip side Rakan needs to be able jump around after getting in by moving to other champs and Xayah, similar to caitlyn or jinx, stays far enough away for him to benefit off of this. So its not like they're the definitive duo for bot lane, but they do seem to fit the group of champs that benefit of each other, I guess labels like engage supports and spacious adcs would fit them
: The only thing I personally find op about her is that she gets shunpo resets from grabbing a dagger giving her ridiculous mobility. Shunpo resets should only come from kills / assists.
I would agree with you if she could still ward hop or place the Daggers where she wants them, W puts it where she's located and the Q is kinda random depending on the minions hits. And technically its not a reset, though Ideally neither is her normal passive, if I can remember correctly its like 75-95% on the CD of shunpo depending on level.
I'm confused why people truly think she's broken, I mean yes she has a powerful mid game and a decent early game now. Her Late she is strong but can be shut down by literally anything that is hard cc. This relates to her win rates on op.gg she may have the highest win rate pre-25 minutes but it drastically falls over the next 10-15 minutes, and before someone says something about her being number pre-25 just think that some champ has to be number 1, its a list that's how it works. Realistically this means theres a great way to deal with her, control her early game, either by an anti assassin mid laner like Lissandra, vladimir, malzahar, etc. and/or have a jungler camp her so she cant roam easily. Shut down her early game and she won't be able to come back, and if she does happen to get out of hand she'll fall off as long as the enemy team has good peel and tanks. Lastly what's up with people thinking mana is her problem? she's gonna be able to do damage with or without a mana bar, and her shtick is a very reset heavy playstyle so adding mana could even ruin her initial design, which to someone who wants her to be unplayable I guess is the right idea but from a fair design point that's too harsh, it would be like removing Jigglypuffs jumps in melee because everyone else only gets 1 extra jump, unless there is more compensation then just adding a crutch to her its just not right. Kat doesn't need mana to be balanced, IMO she's pretty balanced as is, because she works around her cooldowns instead of mana. She has to get a kill/assist to get resets so if she just jumps in a blows her load but no one dies, now she's screwed thats how her kit was designed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cujix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1zmAN0mq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-04-04T19:38:17.365+0000) > > if they're anything like rogue and unity, one will be one of the better characters in the game (rogue) and the other will suck (unity) > Rogue was a like 8hr game. I could finish it in a day after classes. More money was put into Unity and it was shit. Both are negatives. The new champs just look like they're gonna have retarded numbers on their basic kits.
Well just because a game is short doesn't mean it was a bad story, portal is a good example off the top of my head and yeah I agree unity wasn't good. And I mean champs don't necessarily look like they will have op numbers, I mean looking at kits you could assume that in anyone, but assumptions don't make a character worse or OP, because assumptions aren't 100% true. Wait until they're full stuff is shown, before complaining about them being op.
WrÆth (NA)
: Why are we making champions...
So to clarify, the champs don't gain extreme buff when played together. Xayah W applies to Rakan and Rakan gains a bigger dash range when jumper to Xayah. The only other change is the grouped recall. They simply synergize well together, like braum and lucian for example. They don't require the other to be at their strongest, when together they practically get a minute buff, its not like they'll have to be together
: Just stop releasing new champs... Please... For a very long time....
if they're anything like rogue and unity, one will be one of the better characters in the game (rogue) and the other will suck (unity) That said I think both characters are unique, though I can see your complaints about them being bland, I love the design of Xayah but most of her kit does seem to be quite similar to other champs, to an extent. She has an ammo system, kinda a talon Q build into two abilities, a basic linear skill shots, somewhat similar to Taliyah. To clarify I see where you're coming from, but I think her kit is very cool and seems like a lot of fun, IMO of course. While Rakan seems to have more differences in his abilities but I see his kit as some what simple, I guess is the best way to word it, like basic idea of a shield when moving to a targeted ally, an aoe heal, dash + knock up, its simple stuff. His ult does seem very different and cool, considering ahri was the only one with a charm prior. Lastly I think Riot should focus more on game health and balance but that shouldn't be thrown on the character design teams, as with companies they tend to have multiple groups working on different portions of the game.
: So you probably have to buy them seperate, and my friends said I was stupid for stockpiling more than three shards and not dusting them, I have about 10 right now
Yeah I'm assuming they'll be purchased separately, its a good thing you saved up if thats the case
: Xayah and Rakan gameplay
this is pretty easy to explain, they're two different champs. its the same as picking taric and ezreal. The only difference is they get small changes when together, based off what I've seen its essentially one buff, the recall together. They are basically two champs built with very good synergy but they can work well with other champs as well. hopes this helps answer your questions.
Asango (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesla Effect,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=5RBYrHMh,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-04-04T01:02:59.934+0000) > > Hoboy, nearly naked Evelynn is most likey true then. > > http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/8/8d/LoL_Facebook_Icon_36.png/revision/latest?cb=20161029214312 Well she has clothes made of darkness, so much for the night being her veil {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
So will she be like Bayonetta but like darkness covering her, not hair? hmm sounds dope if its true
: Sion: How to Update a Champion Properly
I think what you wrote really hit the nail on the head. Sion's new design was quite on-point and held onto what makes Sion, Sion, while adding a more fleshed out character. I agree that riot missed the mark with Galio, and being one of the first champs I played a lot of really disappointed me. He truly felt like the epitome of "make a new champ and slap an old name on him". Personally I think new Galio is missing his main attributes in being an AP bruiser, more than just a juggernaut, as well as his key features that I appreciated like his old passive, his old ult and, of course, the bulwark. I also feel like his taunt is is now clunkier and too similar to Warwick's fear, as they essentially work the same way. The other thing that annoys me with Galio is that he was somewhat a balanced champ, I mean statistically, he had en average win rate, though a low play rate, making him seem like a complete rework was overdoing it. Whenever I played him I felt like the main things that need change was his E and passive, in the sense that his old passive would be somewhere else in his kit and a new passive was made. his W and Ult worked well, and his Q could use some tweaking but the main idea could stay. But the full rework was unnecessary, in my opinion. As for his personality and new design, I'm personally not a fan, I feel like they did a very similar issue that "sonic boom" did with knuckles. Riot turned a wise and like you said "melancholic" guardian into a somewhat dimwitted/naive brute in a sense. it was kind of a shame, and the actually model design is what really got me. I felt like they kinda removed the "gargoyle" from him in replacement for a general superhero look. I like the design of gatekeeper and enchanted Galio, because they stayed more on the path of what Galio was prior. All the champs kept their initial look to an extent: Taric- a fabulous man, Poppy- an armored yordle, and Sion- like you said still an undead warrior, but Galio he just didn't look or feel the same, and that, to me, was a let down. Lastly I want to go back to what I said relating to his unnecessary full change, IMO. champs like Urgot or even Evelynn, who are on the list obviously, I think were more deserving of a rework because they don't really have a home on the rift, though Galio was very low on the amount of play he still had a good place, he survived well against DoT mages and had a strong teamfight/engage for teams.
: can we have an option to chooes more roles in any order?
I think it could work in a system similar to how evolve does it. where you label in a line from most preferred to least. That way they can see if you are more or less willing to be thrown a role that isn't in your top two.
: What's the best role to main to carry?
Hmmm well I was gonna say adc or mid, but if your aren't having luck in adc it could relate to the champs. Adc I recommend, lucian, vayne, jhin or caitlyn probably have the best strengths for carrying. As for mid it depends on what you want to play, assassin, burst mage, dps mage, etc. My recommendations for these different roles would be; Katarina or maybe fizz for assassins, syndra, anivia or viegar are good for burst mages, and dps I like cassiopeia, though she isn't as strong right now. I recommend champs that you're comfortable with, and the most important part of trying to carry is spacing. If they can't reach you they cant kill you can a lot of these champs require good positioning to be able to not only survive teamfights but to kill most of the opponents.
: Sivir's spellshield blocking multiple abilities.
Sivir has a the power to block more than one spell with her spell shield if they land at roughly the same time. So that was extremely lucky I suppose
: I play a lot of Maokai (PnC snare) and Kayle (PnC slow), and played a lot of WW when he had PnC suppression and even so I don't really agree with them being in the game. At the same time, I play a lot of Yasuo and Yi, so I guess you could argue that's why I want PnC gone.
I understand, I truthfully don't really play a lot of PnC hard CC characters, I can't really think of any off the top of my head (I did use to play lissandra but not since like early season 6). But I do play a lot of mobile champs (ekko, fiora, katarina, etc.) and although I get frustrated with ryzes or malzahars stopping my fun, I understand that players choose those champs to counter high mobility.
: Do we really like Point-and-Click hard CC?
I feel like PnC CC abilities have a place in the game. I don't necessarily like them but its suppose to be a way to counter high mobility champions. champs like zed, fizz, katarina, fiora, camille, ekko, yasuo, and many other champs could be even more of a threat if there wasn't a consistent type of character to counter those champions. I mainly play champs with high mobility and would love no PnC hard CC abilities but thats because I don't want to get shut down and I just want to run rampant. That said, I guess if you dislike that kinda stuff maybe you'll want to get QSS more often since its mainly the counter build to deal with those types of abilities.
: > Abuse however is something that is overtly powerful, things like "rageblade devourer"; as a combination they were extremely strong and could be used on a surprisingly large pool of champs (from Vayne to Nautilus could be seen effective with this build). Yes but it still fits in with the definition of innovation so I don't see where you're going with it. > I guess I see your statement though I'm not really sure the whole lucian armor pen is "abuse" but it could relate to a bigger picture that armor pen might be abused. I mean I don't know for certain, but its potentially on the table considering many champs from adc to bruisers are able to use it effectively. Just brought him out since he's the most known. It's still being innovative.
I suppose yes its technically innovative, based on the definition, but I guess that it lies with the question of: "is it healthy?" My example from before "rageblade devourer" I would say that it wasn't a healthy innovation, it put most on hit champs in a position where post-20mins they could carry their team. While relating to healthy innovations (things like MF support in response to Zyra or Ziggs in an adc role) they never stand out as a definitive pick, as in the best or not necessarily the highest of tiers. That in mind, I suppose they way people use the term "abuse" it relates to an extreme variant of innovation. Yes, some crazy full AD Ahri build might be innovative but if it stands at the S tier of marksmen or whatever role I don't think its very healthy, and can be seen as abusing her kit in a sense. Writing that down makes me think of Tank Ekko, for a time he was objectively one of the best tanks and jungle/top laners, did people complain about how strong he was? I think thats a decent way to explain why some innovations are "abuse" and other aren't.
: Could Wards ping when they spot enemies?
I feel like it may add to much noise clutter, if it simply added a visual ping maybe I'd be okay with it. Though in my opinion I dont think its really necessary to put something like that into the game.
Rewt (NA)
: We do need to make sure that we understand that armor pen isnt the issue, but lethality is. (There is an important distinction here) Armor Pen Lucian would actually be kind of a shit build. But the reason that people call Lethality Lucian Abuse is because of the incredible power that lethality has against squishies and off tanks. Now we do need to understand that the reason its often called abusive is due to the fact that lethality is not a tradeoff to purchase. In many cases items with lethality are statted enough to be a real issue. TLDR: Lethality and armor pen are 2 different things and the reason people call it abuse is because riot gave items that have lethality good stats for ADs on top of that making them some of the most efficient items in the game as long as you arent going for a crit build.
You know, you are correct, thats my fault. I'm kinda in a boat where I see armor pen and lethality being the same thing to an extent, because I'm so used to calling it one thing even though I mean the other (like calling raptors "wraiths" for example). I also agree with your statement that its not as much the actually stat of lethality as it is the items with lethality: I guess the best comparison is dragon types from pokemon (the type itself wasn't op but most of them had very high stats to back them up). Though that doesn't mean lower the power of lethality is a bad option if they wanted to tweak something with those builds.
: What's the difference between Abuse and Innovation?
I guess Innovation applies to more of counterplay, for example it was innovative when they started to play MF support into Zyra. It was an obvious counterpick, or in a sense it was used to stop something that was notably strong. Abuse however is something that is overtly powerful, things like "rageblade devourer"; as a combination they were extremely strong and could be used on a surprisingly large pool of champs (from Vayne to Nautilus could be seen effective with this build). I guess I see your statement though I'm not really sure the whole lucian armor pen is "abuse" but it could relate to a bigger picture that armor pen might be abused. I mean I don't know for certain, but its potentially on the table considering many champs from adc to bruisers are able to use it effectively. EDIT: Rewt pointed this out, simply change the "armor pen" in my statements to "lehtality"
: How does somebody even PLAY rek'sai?
I guess a few things I can think of are: Building tank is great; cinderhulk tiamat is a good start to a game Remember that fury isn't just to increase her E damage, but also to heal while burrowed AA resets are the best way to deal damage on her, the ideal combo later in the game would be to: tunnel/flash---> unborrow--->AA---> Q---> Titanic---> and then either finish the Q autos and E or just E if they're low enough Lastly I like CotC on her because the flash or tunnel into knock up makes her kinda menacing in teamfights and a good engage for your team, but be sure to have the follow up before just throwing yourself in there.
: Can we get a "Fav" Button for our champions?
a similar option to do that would be if you could sort champs by mastery when in champ select
: What if champions old visuals and pre-rework looks were skins
I think riot could atleast do more traditional skins, like sejuani or trundle. I personally would really like to see old galio design on the new model
Eggbread (NA)
: Galio- Should Grow in Size with Magic Resist
And Taric should become Shinier the more armor he has
: So does "Hellbent" mean Aatrox is Hellish/from Hell? Why not "Wings of Blood" or something?
If you google "hellbent" the definition states "determined to achieve something at all costs". This has nothing to do with the biblical Hell. Though the word does relate to Aatrox's new passive, he is willing to drop past 0% of his hp to finish the fight (achieve victory at all cost). I guess simply put using the word "hell" doesn't make it a biblical reference.
: Aatrox Rework: How is This Viable?
If they want to fix aatrox I think the best way to do this would to do three things: 1) increase the range on his Q (not just cast range but the impact range aswell) 2) allow his W to be an active and auto reset, make his healing version just be a passive on it. To add to that idea, make the W work similar to volibear's E (after x amount of attacks activate W to do a big auto). and 3) I personally think the E is alright, but I think his passive mainly needs a buff on the CD (this is only because of the recent changes). Since now it requires you to get five stacks, which can be hard if you don't have ult, it feels like 180 secs is too long to expect the player to cope without it, I think it should be in a boat with tryndamere ult where you should assume its always up. I'm simply saying something like 60 secs at the most to even out the challenge that is required to get it off in the first place. I think he's almost in a healthy position, I personally liked the changes that they made recently, but he needs more that just number changes to get him over that line.
: Name a champion you wish was deleted.
: camille is banned so often that...
So, after playing a decent amount of her I can say the issue isn't her so much as it is that people don't know how to fight her. Like you said yourself you're "baffled" at some of the things she can do. That doesn't mean she's broken or needs nerfs for that reason. Now that doesn't mean she's 100% balanced but what I'm saying is that players haven't been able to learn to fight her simply because they haven't had enough experience against her. A few things that I've learn about her, while playing as her, are these: One, fight back, Camille has an issue where players think they have to run from her, but most of the time if they challenge her within the ult they can end up over powering her (I've done this plenty of times as Fiora), basically she has a higher burst than dps. Two, with the same logic as before longer trades make her struggle, most of the time Camille will E in then both Q's and then back up with W. If you can stick to her after the W her passive is now down and she's on all cooldowns. And 3 including the logic from the last two parts, Tanks with shields can push her down in lane, and since CotC is a thing almost all tanks can have a shield. Nautilus is a great example of this, two big shields (including CotC) he can tank through her quick trade and then stick to her after she is trying to leave, this pretty much leaves her in a position to lose lane or go even, either way its better than her being fed.
Penns (EUW)
: {{champion:105}} misses max range ult and is completely useless too tho. Just that he cant chain it with a targeted dash to almost secure a hit. And it has way higher cooldown lel.
or if fizz uses hit W early he loses a lot of damage that he needs now.
: Do you ever go protobelt?
personally I think its a great Item for him, but I tend to buy it later on, Usually after the main build. I dont always get it because, honestly, I dont use it very well, but if you can use it effectively I recommend getting it because it can really add a lot of damage. I guess other ap items I buy after my main build are any of these depending on the situation: {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}}{{item:3089}}
: New to Ekko
I play a good amount of Ekko, I personally like top more, because I feel he does better in skirmishes and trades there than in mid. Now that doesnt mean I dont mid aswell. Top I usually go {{item:1082}} first item and then {{item:3027}}, {{item:3001}} or {{item:3157}}, {{item:3020}} and {{item:3100}} this is a common build I do, and finish it off with just ap items I see fit Mid I tend to go {{item:1056}} ---> {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3020}}, and similar to before I just buy AP items that I see fit
: Top laners defensive abilities VS Aatrox and his shitty oh so shitty passive @meddler
Or... why not make his abilities have bonuses that cost part of his bloodwell. For example cost 50% of bloodwell (make it work like renektons fury) Aatrox's Q when landed gets 25% back and bonus resistances for an X amount of time. Also on a side note make aatrox's W be an active with the 3rd AA heal as a passive connected to it.
: Need help with Jax vs Fiora
Low key, just play renekton against her, its alot easier. But if you do get match up against her, rush a randiuns, like first item. That alone puts her in her place, Ive been in the reverse situation (fiora against jax) and I killed him twice and then he grabbed randuins and I could no longer fight him. Fighting/trades against her, I recommend putting a few hits in and then leaping away, pretty much wait her out until you can at least get the armor for the raduins. The issue is a I play a good amount of fiora and not too much Jax, sorry, but I tried.
Avios1 (NA)
: Why are knockbacks also considered knockups?
I think its mainly because they both classify as displacement, since one moves you up and the other moves you in a direction. Whereas a snare or stun leaves a person in the place they started. So its not that a knock back is a knock up its that both a knock back or up count as displacement cc.
Ooray (EUW)
: How to beat Jayce as Riven
Max E first, thats a good start. Dodge or tank his projectile and then fight him. Early armor may help, I'd recommend either ninja tabi or wardens mail second item (so tiamat into this). Starting cloth armor can also be effective in this match up.
Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HongChongDong,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KI1wTm6x,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-06T15:22:31.210+0000) > > Every single fighter consistently can out perform an assassin at this point in the meta with dive potential, mobility, burst damage, and something assassins don't have: durability. No matter what anyone says I still think that the AD itemization is horribly unbalanced in suiting those fighter champions. {{champion:107}}
Too be fair, rengar is more effective when built as a fighter instead of full AD
Cloud273 (NA)
: Veigar's cage is basically Camille ult on a shorter cooldown
Instead of using Camilles ults, its much more similar to thresh's ult, only viegar has a cast range for it, it stuns instead of slows, and the rest of his abilities can do 500-1000 damage each.
: 3 things, you cant use in ranked, and you can only rent once (reworks reset this), and you cant earn key frags/chests
I agree, maybe not key fragments but yes to the other things
: No, and that's fair. But it counters ranged largely who aren't i a position (often) to walk through before Yas escapes. I think if I were to really dumb it down: Casting Windwall is a low cost, low risk move with massive payoff. And it's blocking things with high risk, and inherent negatives. How many times do you see Jinx or Lux totally whiff their ults. They can't haphazardly cast them. WW on the other hand. Completely neutralized.
I think it does have a cost to it though, obviously not in mana but in time, max level its an 18 sec CD and yasuo isnt one to get 40% CD, normally anyway, because his Q cd scales with AS. This means usually he gets one windwall in a fight. If anything is low risk high reward on yasuo its his shield passive, I mean no damage for walking? I mean I'm simply saying Yasuo's wall sucks to deal with in situations but it is counterable, there are ways to work with it. I has a similar function to Fiora's riposte, saves the players life if used responsively. So I'd say it does have a moderate or high cost/risk to it because you only get one and if you waste it early you get bodied later in the fight.
: Ok, well let me phrase it this was, a regular ability with some pretty decent uptime can single handedly block incredible amounts of damage and eliminate ults for its' full duration. I mean Braum at least takes damage and gets CC'd by the effects of what hits him. Yasuo has no downside.
I admit lowering the time it is up would not be a bad Idea, but the difference between braum and yasuo is that braum can move with his and even gains movement spend making it harder to get around it while you can simply walk around yasuo's windwall, or even more conveniently walk straight through it.
: Windwall: Can we adjust it
I mean the way it works is it last for an X amount of time, the counter play is not aiming at it, you can simply position around it. Also its like a long CD early on.
: Let's talk Galio (rework hope discussion)
The things I want to change: New Passive, not really sure what I just remembered galio is a champ Q needs buffs, either bigger radius, more damage, or stronger slow Old Passive and W put together New E preferably something that either deals actual damage or is a gap closer, maybe like a dash that leaves a speed buff behind for his team like it already does R needs changes, The idea of the group taunt and then explodes is unique and really good, I want the ult to still do this, but adding the dash to the E would help this alot, but also have a small window of not able to be crowd control, Not the whole duration but maybe the first half, too many times have I ulted right when someone like blitzcrank uses his E and get immediately stopped.
: Does fizz's ult jump to nearby enemies??
yeah that was added, the whole thing was that the farther he throws it the bigger that hit box gets, not just the size of the shark but the throwing hit box as well.
Yuvn Ti (NA)
: Here's an Idea for new low level players!
I think that would be beneficial for everyone, I also think riot should add in a feature where players can rent a champ for x amount of IP (not a lot im think of like 10% of the actual price) for maybe 3-5 games just to allow players to get a feel before they purchase an in-particular champion
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