: When you collect enough meeps to upgrade Bard's passive
A "Road to El Dorado" meme? Damn right I'm gonna upvote this.
: Being close to my Promos to Diamond V made me think
: I am a simple man. I see Psych, I upvote. https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/enhanced/webdr03/2013/8/30/16/anigif_enhanced-buzz-15253-1377894949-25.gif
As am I. http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxz7pdymUG1qfnkug.gif
Gengar (NA)
*looks closely* Yep, this upvote crop is coming along nicely.
: http://www.auplod.com/u/oulpad78678.png this one was fun to make. Tried to be creative. Probably my favorite on this thread. EDIT: I truly hope your name is 'Cube'ism not 'Cub'ism
Yeah you nailed it! It is cubeism, btw
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with illustrator Suke! [COMPLETE]
First of all, you have my dream job, the exact thing I hope I can do in 3-4 years. You're awesome! Second, was there ever a concept that you wish you could have fleshed out more, but never got to? Finaly, what's your favorite part of the design process?
: Free Boards signatures for anyone who wants one :)
Wow awesome! Could I have one? :) Also, you're super cool for just taking the time to make them.
Lost R (NA)
: What is the most common name among Supports?
: Just picck another role when you feel you have played enough supp for the day.
Yeah, that's fair. Still, I think where a lot of people are coming from is that if they'd like to support, OR, go top, the role should be desireable enough to have a chance to get the other role. They shouldn't need to put down support for a couple games, then switch to two other roles in order to have a chance at playing them.
: I like how Riot has effectively killed the support role, and still hasn't even addressed the issue.
I tried to make a post about this this morning, and got downvoted to oblivion, but I'm glad somebody else has noticed. I'm still holding on as a 40% Support 15%x4 for all the other rolls, but I'm getting sick of usually getting support. I still hope Riot will fix it soon...
Rioter Comments
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: How it feels to recall just in time for a skill shot to miss you.
Rioter Comments
: Server issues 01/16/16
same. I'm in Nebraska.
: A Rioter, on MY thread?! Morgan Freeman does exist! In all seriousness, thanks so much. I hope to hear from you guys soon!
Bruce allmighty was a fantastic movie.
: ThanX! Finding the right balance is always difficult on these things. You want his themes to be easily understandable, yet diverse enough to feel like a real (psychopathic) person with some depth. Kyle's sound design and our actor's amazing performance really hit it out of the park.
Who was the Voice actor by the way? Seeing all sorts of answers. Would love to know who exactly did it.
: RiotUtora did a splend-tastic job of processing his VO. Can't wait for you guys to ULT with Jhin ;-)
Oh, Utora worked on it? I can see why it's so good!
  Rioter Comments
Kofei (NA)
: Riot should make a physical lore book
At this point it feels like it'd be more of a pamphlet.
: Stormrider's surge provides plenty of escape for Talon.
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
More, Guys, Brought
: I like to think his copter is powered by him peddling super fast.
Have you ever seen "corki: uncoptered"? :) On mobile so hard to link.
: What Do You Call Your Champions/Champions in General?
I refer to Lucian as Luke from time to time.
: Support main, reporting in. Most of us are still on strike until Kalista gets deleted.
I feel bad, but I have a rule where if it's kalista freeweek, I won't support. It's too painful.
: What Playing Team Builder Feels Like
As a support main, it's fun to know the least valued roll is the most needed. Muhahahahaha.
: My god........How did I not see this before!
Who is she? Would really like a brief discription.
: "So sad, you're not authorized"
Oh my god I haven't seen this in so long why did it have to pop up in the middle of class, trying to stay quiet.
: Taric Appreciation: The Gem Paladin, His Upcoming Rework and My Intro to League
: Love in League of Legends' Storytelling
Let's not forget Braum, Illaoi and Gangplank.
: > The Cassiopeia mains have given up and switched to other champions or other games (Stashu has even returned from his exile from the Boards), but Malicious Metal stays unrelenting. Expect those threads on the frontpage, until our most dedicated Morde fan loses faith in Riot and lays down his weapons. To be honest, the day I lay down my Mace is the day the world ends :9
You're like the Big Boss of Mordekaiser players. An inspiration to your friends, and a menacing foe to enemies. Keep fighting the good fight M.M.
SIayton (NA)
: It depends on what supports you play but try to pick your support for the matchup. IE if they have caitlyn don't pick a melee support unless you want to all in her with someone like Leona or you're going to have a bad time laning. Try to have a presence in bot lane and auto attack anyone out of position. Time your harass with the enemy farm. When a minion gets low, auto attack the ADC or drop your spells on them. If the support steps too far forward, do the same to them, unless its thresh or blitzcrank and you don't have minions in front of you, in which case you kind of have to respect their zone. If you do harass thresh / blitz, make sure to IMMEDIATELY step back behind a minion otherwise you're open to getting pulled. If its an AP support, skip sightstone for the first few backs and get a chalice. It'll let you harass and play more of a carry role and as long as you use your trinket to ward river, you're generally pretty safe. At 9 you can upgrade your yellow trinket and use that to fill in the gap for sightstone while you build more carry items. If its a poke support like Velkoz or Zyra, rushing Ludens if you're ahead can secure botlane very easily. They can only handle so much harass from Ludens before they have to fall back and that gives you and your ADC free reign of the lane if you zone them out. Hmm also the support roam gank mid when your ADC back almost always works at this elo, you can get some cheese kills pretty easy doing that. Also this is probably super unconventional but I usually just run armor and mana regen runes on tank supports. You'll have infinite mana and heavy armor makes their harass not hurt at all. You can skip MR runes because most AP damage is dodgeable so if you get good at evading skill shots, MR doesn't matter. Sounds weird but try it out, I definitely notice having infinite mana more than I notice a little MR.
Wow thanks! Thanks for getting back to me as well.
Lyte (NA)
: Upgrading the Intentional Feeder Detection System
Lyte you're friggin awesome, as well as the rest of your team! Question though, what about the people who don't say anything? Without giving away too much, do you have any patterns/data that lets you catch them as well?
: His weakness is supposed to be that he is not the best at any one aspect, but average at all of them. However, he ends up being "good enough" in all those regards that he doesn't need to be overloaded with tools for 1 specific job, like Leona having an overload of engage and Janna having an overload of peel. Instead of the weakness being tied to a specific item, they need to balance him elsewhere so that he can be acceptable in terms of getting every job done, but there would have been a better pick for whichever job your team needed to be filled the most.
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
Besides the splitpush tip, do you have any other suggestions? Any specificly for a support main? Or am I literaly just shooting myself in the foot trying to main support down here.
: So I Heard Season 6 is the Rise of Marksman
He isn't the hero we needed, but he is the hero we deserve.
: Eat Mangos. Be K.
She wants the vitamin C and the vitamin D ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=SpecterVonBaren,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kyEq7nYq,comment-id=000600000000000200000000,timestamp=2015-10-27T22:02:23.205+0000) > > http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/ca/Bilgewater_Serpent.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150829165026 > > Found it!~ Thank you. It looks like the love child of the Lochness Monster, Baron Nashor and a Octopus. I also see why they would call it The BEARDED Lady. It also looks like an aquatic version of Ao Shin. So the stone sphere being a symbol for an egg OR a literal egg is a lot stronger of an assumption I had. > [{quoted}](name=PhantasmalKing,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kyEq7nYq,comment-id=00050006,timestamp=2015-10-27T22:07:05.972+0000) > > well i can only deduce that she is either going to be a voice over for some new game mode or an actual champion.now i know you cant say any thing but is she really an item with gp..........? To quote a part of Shadow and Fortune: >“No. She knows me,” said Miss Fortune. “I heard that her and Gangplank used to...you know?” > >“Really?” > >“So the scuttlebutt goes.”
I have the strangest feeling... her stone might be the stone from the Bard video. Another thing? A Rioter called it an "egg" in one of their Ask fm. a while ago, which unfortunately I have no link for :(
: So maybe a giant snake that takes the form of a breaded lady?
Or maybe medusa, but with snakes for a beard?
: Which champs would their new skins be? We can obviously rule out Jax, Zyra, Zed, Vayne, and Lee Sin.
Riot confirmed if a team wins worlds twice, they would not recieve new skins
Sukishoo (NA)
: Hmm yeah I don't see Vi having the next Challenger skin.
Rioter Comments
: Let's take a moment to recognize the true MVPs of League
Where's Badmin's song when we need it?
: He wears a red ribbon... Ironic considering most Lee Sin players, along with Lee Sin himself are toxic. Hardly an honorable opponent.
Zwill (NA)
: Tell Thor I said Hi!
: It's nice to FINALLY see riot make a positive action based off Community feedback.
Rioter Comments
Brackhar (NA)
: Oh, I didn't work on Soraka. The champion I worked on directly were Anivia, Janna, Taric, Nidalle, and Cassiopeia.
You worked on taric? Wow, he's one of my favorites! Thank you so much for making such a truely outrageous champion :)
Totalis (NA)
: Devourer on ranged champions should be every three hits
Oh yes it's three, it's the magic number.
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