: What exactly is Jax's weakness?
Imagine if he had a real weapon.
: I was bored, what do you think of my creation?
Lapis (OCE)
: What's more fun to you? Playing lots of champs, or just one?
I have a handful of champs i enjoy in every role except maybe Jungle. Nothing makes Jungle fun. Nothing. Fuck that role.
Glîtchy (NA)
: [Poll] which would you want to see more? Reworks or new champs?
Id'e like them to fix what WE HAVE CURRENTLY, then focus on REWORKS. New champs shouldn't even be on their to do list at this point. The game is a mess, and it needs to be fixed before adding anything new.
: Does this happen to anyone else
Literally every day man. Used to play the game for hours every single day, now i can barely get 1-3 in, i sit there on the menu screen watching YT for hours now lol. At work - Can't wait to get home and play some games! At home - Oh wait, every team fight lasts 0.45 seconds now and outplays consist of one shotting someone before they one shot you... preferably with lock on dashes.... Eh, don't want to play anymore, R6 Siege it is!
Kat XD (NA)
: 1 Tip to play against Katarina for every champion, from a long time Kat main. Part 1: A, B, and C
Fishyvaj (NA)
Id'e play me the fuck out of some League of Legends "Classic". Just like WoW. Haven't logged into retail since classic came out, and i will not till next xpac lol. I miss when outplays consisted of more than one shotting someone faster than they can one shot you...
: So is it fun fighting a champ that can just not die for 5s while getting 100% crit from 1.5 items? Is it fun fighting a champ that pushes R and locks you down point and click? I'm trying to figure out what champs you think are actually fun and 'balanced' because I'd rather play against Zoe than a lot of other champs.
> [{quoted}](name=Failmageddon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cLst2Fhd,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2019-09-24T02:08:20.659+0000) > > So is it fun fighting a champ that can just not die for 5s while getting 100% crit from 1.5 items? Is it fun fighting a champ that pushes R and locks you down point and click? I'm trying to figure out what champs you think are actually fun and 'balanced' because I'd rather play against Zoe than a lot of other champs. No lol, fighting against a Tryn is definitely not fun. Fighting against Vi or Naut is definitely not fun either. It's not because the champ, it's because the DAMAGE that comes with said UNAVOIDABLE shit. I enjoy fighting against champs that need to utilize their whole kit... Because then i at least know i fucked up. I didn't fuck up when i dodge a Zoe E, Q, but she uses her RNG ignite, and 2 autos/electrocute to fucking take away half my health. I dodged all the "skill" part of her, and she still wins by completely fucking whiffing. My only mistake, was playing the fucking game, and being in the same lane as that cancer. I would enjoy fighting against a Zoe, if she actually had to hit me with things. I think timing things against her R, and in between CD's would be great, if they fucking mattered!
: Why does Yasuo still have a 51% ban rate?
Honestly, i think hes banned because of windwall. Fights are incredibly short, a few seconds at most, and well, his windwall just cucks the fight for that period of time. By the time it's gone, all windows of 1 shot opportunity are gone, or wasted, and there isn't enough time in team fights to fight around that. Like, it's not even an issue of not knowing how to play around the Yas's wind wall, it's literally just because the fights themselves are TOO SHORT to play around him, and his kit. He windwalls, fight is over before it's gone, or at least mostly decided. I honestly see a Yas go in, windwall, die, and the team wins because it blocked enough 1 shots for their team to 1 shot the other team lol. People know how to play around it, there just isn't enough time in your average fight length now TO play around it. As a former Yas main, i feel that's why tbh. It's not his damage, or passive, it's the fact that he can take away the 1 shot in 0.5 second advantage from people, and they hate that.
: So Zoe is...
I mean what's not fun about playing against a champ that misses her Q, and her E, but lands 2 lock on ignites and autos you a few times? OR flashes 3 times. Or protobelts away, or exhausts, or a fucking champ who gets RNG goodies every fucking minion wave. Perfectly balanced. Much counterplay. Such fun, very Riot, small indie company. Like, i honestly would be ok with it, if she had to hit me with her kit to kill me. Instead of R, auto ignite electrocute lol. Why bother having other parts of a kit, if you don't have to land it to be successful. Fuck this game man.
: You know what? League just isn’t fun anymore.
Well said friend, well said. I don't even have friends anymore to hold onto. I honestly do not know what keeps me coming back... 90% of my friends list hasn't logged on in over a year now... Is it the money iv'e spent on skins? Is it the few champions i still enjoy to play without feeling like scum? Or is it me clinging on hoping to get that one match that reminds me of the good League days, where a team fight lasted longer than 0.45 seconds, and you actually felt like you were playing a competitive game, instead of a casual battle royal or TDM. I just... Can't stand not being able to outplay people because of pure damage. If Ezreal gets caught out, and Shifts away, he shouldn't take half of your HP with him. If Pyke gets caught out, he shouldn't be able to come back a second later with full HP, and 100-0 you with assassin burst better than most assassins. I don't think i should lose half my life to a mage that has ludens, liandries, and comet or dark harvest that didn't even hit me, but hit something near me, and here comes the god damn aerial fuck fest of DAMAGE ON DAMAGE ON DAMAGE. I don't think Zed should be able to miss his Q, and clone Q, but auto you with duskblade and electrocute, press E, and kill you still. There is just so little skill expression outside of reflexes and being able to land combos faster now. Positioning and macro is just sitting on the bench at this point. Outplays just don't happen anymore, there is nothing to outplay when you die in 0.45 sec to a lock on, or 2 right clicks.
: Ekko a good champ? Is Fizz a good champ?
Both are good, Ekko sees more pro play i believe since he can get pretty tanky and engage more often. Fizz has some disgusting damage, and a ridiculous escape tool, he is more annoying to play against for sure, but less useful in the long run i think.
: Advice/Question about the current state of Akali.
Are you using your passive? Make sure to weave combos. Pre 6, try harass with Q, Auto, even if you can't get the auto off, zone them from their minions kinda like how a Yasuo will hold his tornado to zone you from CS. I like to Q, Auto, E, E, Auto, Q, Auto then W away with a won trade. Once your 6 you can do all sorts of combos, but just make sure to use your passive, that empowered auto is brutally strong. But remember, there are lots of stupidly ridiculous champions, that make even Akali, seem "underpowered". She is quite strong, but so to are a bunch of other champs that don't need to combo, or play strategically, they can just mash that shit and win trades. Don't play her into counters, = bad time. Try to not play her into champs that can stand there, eat your damage, and kill you with autos while missing all their abilities lol. Quick tips off the top of my head without getting super in depth :D GL! HF
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mark6028 (EUW)
: I'm done. Uninstalled, season 9 just broke me
Duuuuude, the whole "i can handle meta changes, iv'e played mid, jg, top, supp, adc" etc thing, but "the core of the game changes" got me. Holy shit right on the nail. That is MY issue with League. I fell in love with the outplays, strategy, micro, positioning, objectives/teamwork side of League. Then i fell in love with certain champs, Kata being my bae. Yes i am completely aware she requires NONE OF THE ABOVE lol! BUT anyway, now none of that shit matters. None of it. All that matters is you pick a broken champ, preferably a new one, or a reworked one, and then just smash the buttons on CD. Iv'e been playing since late season 2. Highest rank was Diamond 3. I had a few hours a day i could dedicate to League, and i always looked forward to it. Now i just dread it. I can't bring myself to play ranked anymore, with the matchmaking/mmr system being as fucked as it is, and with certain things like auto-fill that i just can't get behind. How can you accurately rank people, when you constantly fill teams with off-role picks, and mismatched ranks/mmrs? I mean, not even fucking CLOSE, i mean silvers with diamonds, or plats, or BLAH BLAH, HOW. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. All for the sake of lower queue times? FUCK THAT SHIT, I'll wait 10 minutes if it means i get a team of people on their preferred role all around the sameish mmr/rank. Bronzes/silvers silvers/golds golds/plats. Those are reasonable jumps, not fucking silvers vs diamonds, like holy shit dude. It's a few ARAMS and Norms for me every other day until i see some serious effort put into the game. I would say 3v3, but now even that will be gone, with absolutely zero effort put forth into saving it. NONE. Because of "statistics". "BUT OUR NUMBERS SAY< BUT BUT BUT< NUMBERS< NUMBERRRRSSSSSSS". TLDR: Riot, League is a game, AND a business. But it should be a game FIRST. There was a time when you treated it rightfully so. Now, Your just EA, treating the game as a cash cow that you consistently milk till it's bone dry. Enough is enough. LEh sigh... Honestly depressing to see the state this game is in, Good thing i have classic WoW lol. At least one company listens to it's playerbase, SOMEWHAT.
Andsauce (NA)
: Stop "balancing" ARAM
I would prefer them to just open the champ pool completely, and to restore bans. So i can continue to ban Veigar and never go against that shithead again on that mode. Everything else they need to leave alone.
Rioter Comments
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
Well said, iv'e been saying for a long time now that Riots solution to URF being gone, was to make the game itself some version of it. The best defense in this game is a ridiculous offense. Fight damage with damage, and broken with broken. CDR with CDR. Movement speed with movement speed. Just too much CDR/mobility/damage... And I'm not sure who they are catering to at this point considering most of the community from what i see in game, and on boards do not like the current state of the game. You get a few who do, then of course the white knights, but mostly i feel people aren't enjoying the game. Between the above issues and matchmaking, it's a shithole.
: Riven cooldowns are too short
CDR in general for every fucking champ, across the entire game, and ITEMS in general needs to be lowered. Game feels like URF, every body firing one shot nukes every 2-3 seconds, and you die just for being on the same fucking screen thanks to super mobility. Like literally under your turret? Here comes predator Heca going 100000000 mph to one shot you under your turret.
: I miss the days where cooldowns actually existed...
Riots solution to people complaining about missing URF, LETS MAKE THE GAME ITSELF URF!!!
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Will Riot ever fix hitboxes?
Hitboxes/pathing/creepblock/client/bugs in general all come after $$$$$. So no, probably never going to be fixed because Riot just says" it's old coding, we can't fix that, or it'll do this or that". Small indie company btw can't even recode their own shit.
: I quit a few months back because damage was too high. How is the current state of the game?
Just don't. Setup/combo champs are still useless and get out-traded by 2 autos, or 1 lock on ability, AP junglers are crap besides MAYBE Karth, and i mean MAYBE. Top lane only has an impact if you play {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} or maybe {{champion:84}} . Objectives don't really matter, laning phase lasts about 5 minutes before the game becomes a mindless deathmatch of kill kill kill kill push paper turrets kill kill kill "oh hey is that a dragon?" "psh ignore that shit, we can push 2 and a half turrets down by the time that thing dies". Basically trolling for doing objectives early on, best way to win, get early kill and snowball push forever. Corrupting pot is having damage buffed and healing reduced (good one Riot) so that really shows how much Riot is paying any attention what so ever to what everyone is complaining about. I mean unless you like playing the broken shit, and building broken shit, and having complete one sided wins or losses that don't feel rewarding at all...Then by all means come back and play. Otherwise save your mental for another 2-3 seasons lmao.
DeusVult (NA)
: Morde is going to have 69 AD at level 1
: New Players
Unfortunately league is not very newbie friendly. My best suggestion is to make some friends, and play the game with them. There will be no "real flaming" and the matches will feel generally more relaxed and fun to learn in. And when that's not really an option the best thing to do is mute all, and focus on your mistakes. Even if the match loss is not your fault, there is always something you can improve on. Focus on CS, map awareness, warding, positioning, etc. Even in the most hopeless of matches you can still improve yourself a tad bit every match. I always find myself going " i should of done this, or shouldn't of done that, or i should of positioned myself there" blah blah. Iv'e been playing for YEARS and i mess up every match in one way or another if not many ways. I struggle with CS, since I'm a "Kata Main", most picks these days the only option i have is to just not die, and wait for good chances to roam, or a good solid gank. So recently iv'e focused ALOT on map awareness/vision so i know when to roam, or when my jungler is gonna go balls to the wall on a gank. It helps make up my CS i lose in the beginning. But yeah man, it sucks that people are like this in this game, but just focus on yourself when it's those kinds of matches, and try to better whatever little thing you can that way it's not a TOTAL stomping. You will at least come out of that match going "ill never make that mistake again" or "ill do this that way next time" blah blah. Good luck friend!
thourse (EUW)
: Silence is a stupid ability and needs totally removed
I don't understand why silence makes you not able to use a melee ability on melee champs. "Im silenced? can't fucking swing my sword a little harder". Like WHAT?! A silence makes you not able to physically swing an object harder? HUH?!
: Nobody wants Jg.
Mid lane Kata main here. Can agree, i hate jungle. I hate being filled into it. It's the punching bag of League, a lane solo dies and it's the junglers fault. People think you are trolling for wanting to get a dragon instead of going on a mindless team death match killing spree. Can't pick any jungles that don't 100-0 you in half a second, that also have gap closers, that also have cc, that also have some form of self sustain. = limited USEFUL jungle pool. "jungle difference" has got to be the most annoying phrase i hear now a days... No fun to play unless you pick whats broken, and your team doesn't int. But in my experience, one or 2 lanes ALWAYS ints, and i never get a chance to do shit. It's not jungle difference when i can't farm my jg because mid/jg or top/jg or bot/jg are contesting all my camps because a inting lane has no pressure what so ever, and is so far behind that you can't even gank for them or you'd get 1v2'd. That's called INTING LANERS DIFFERENCE. Screw that role man, i dodge auto-fill JG. Not gonna be the punching bag for peoples owns mistakes.
: Solo lane Pyke needs a nerf
Dude iv'e been saying Pyke needs to be nerfed PERIOD in any damn lane. He does more damage than the fucking ADC if hes a support, and hes damn near unkillable solo lane (unless hes bad). Sure you can kill a bad pyke. But a good pyke will always run away and come back with near full hp. Dude has too many escapes and too much damage, and too much healing. I don't even know where to start with balancing him. Maybe start with his escape speed? He can dash, gets movement speed, and can go invis, zap his speed or something. I don't think he needs it lol.
They should just unlock all the damn champs in ARAM that way aram specific accounts can go fuck themselves. Bans don't fully solve the problem. Add bans back, AND unlock all the champ pool for it. THEN we are talking bb.
: So when are tanks that can't 1 shot people going to be relevant again?
Fights won't last half a second if they make tanks relevant again. The CURRENT playerbase Riot has attracted (the fortnite/cod players) do not have the attention span for that, so give it 3 more years and hope the crowd changes again. Sucks but thats the truth man.
: Its ok to feed "its norms"
Oh do they also hold you hostage and refuse to FF, and then tell you to stop bitching? That's what happens to me. Bot lane duo completely just ints, but I'm the bad guy for wanting to FF.
: A Patch in the Right Direction!
Maybe in another 3 years the game will be fun again. Took them this long to finally take one damn step in the right direction.
: Block a Spell with Banshee's? You get hit with Luden's, Scorch, and Comet/Aery anyway.
Riot Games - We heard you like poke, so we put poke on your poke so you can poke while you poke.
: Fan Art - Kindred Tattoo
Amazing! Who drew it and came up with the design? Looks sick!
: I think yuumi is being severely underestimated.
I just watched a Ez/Yuum demolish bot lane. People only say she isn't good because she can't 100-0 someone by herself like most supports can. EX Morg, and Lux and blah blah. Just because shes not an "assassin support" they think she is lack luster. No, shes a real support, what a support should be. She buffs others so they can own.
: How it feels when your entire combo gets windwalled
: Proof that Rioters are actually nice and have sense of humour
That painting is the stuff of nightmares. My god, if i saw that, id'e shit myself and curl into a ball sobbing uncontrollably.
Rioter Comments
: i mean it is **Howling** Abyss. in all seriousness though you just need to grow up. if you don't like banless ARAM then don't play ARAM. it was fine before without it and it fine now.
> [{quoted}](name=Inkling Commando,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k9x8h6Yi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-08T03:13:02.149+0000) > > i mean it is **Howling** Abyss. > > in all seriousness though you just need to grow up. if you don't like banless ARAM then don't play ARAM. it was fine before without it and it fine now. So with that logic, Taking away a disabled persons prosthetic leg just because they also have a wheel chair is ok? I mean they were fine with a wheel chair right? Why allow them to have something better and nice? Adding bans made ARAM much better to play. It was a much needed quality of life change to battle aram specific accounts, and to at least try to attempt to make it not a one sided stompfest of 5 poke vs 5 melee. Taking that away after introducing it is just incredibly stupid.
: I agree with Riot.
I mean this is kind of a moral thing no? Sure you signed the contract, and knew what you were doing, but does that make it right? No, it's still morally wrong. It's just fuckin politics. Business/politics man. Long gone are the days of video game companies just making good games. They all have their own agendas. Relying on a company to do the right thing is a recipe for disaster. Companies will never do the right thing, just because it's the right thing. They will only do as much of a right thing that is necessary to uphold their public image. But at this point, I'm not sure what Riot is even TRYING to uphold at this point. They mistreat employees, their players, and care only for LCS/Sponsors/Ads/Skins. Their game is in a total shithole state of unbalance and broken, yet they focus on LCS, yet LCS views are down. Like, what the actual fuck. What are they even trying to uphold at this point lol.
Jøkèr (NA)
: i hate this game
Same here, but I'm addicted, and can't quit. LUL But for real, iv'e sunk too much money into skins i can never physically own, plus i still grip onto hope that the game will be fun again some day. One can hope.
TacoBrain (EUW)
: On Nagakabouros, Celestial Bridges and Star Dragons
Holy, that was an awesome read, thank you sir!
: I worked at this foodplace once
Thanks for sharing {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Idk if this is a bug or a feature but Kayle's E shockwave at levels 6+ procs klepto
: Some reasonable changes to make Kayle viable early, and slightly nerfing her late
2 things id'e like to see to greatly improve her "quality of life". 1. Reduce Q animation time, because my god that is the most clunky ability in the fucking game. 2. Let her/team mates auto attack while R'd, and if need be, compensate by taking away the damage the thing does at the end. Clunkiness is her issue imo. Id'e like to see that addressed before doing ANYTHING with her scaling/damage/ap/ad/whatever ratios. But thats just what id'e like to see done. Like her E is soooo smooth and wonderful, but that Q, and R just feel fucking terrible.
: Why Do Players Only Want To Fight Without Regard To Events On The Map?
Because Riot wanted to turn their game into fortnite, or call of duty, or some shit, and has forced the game into a TDM style where you just so happen to end up at objectives sometimes after team fights. Truly feels like a battle royal at this point, kill kill kill kill kill, oo look, a "air drop" AKA< a fucking dragon with mountain buff! TAKE IT AND KEEP KILLING.
: Add a dodge button during champion select
Auto-fill is enough reason alone to justify a dodge button. Id'e rather wait to requeue, than sit through a loss of 3 auto fills bitching at eachother for 15 minutes.
: you know jungling is trash when you rarely get auto filled support
Dude i fucking hate getting auto-filled into jungle. Holy crap, that is the most unenjoyable player experience possible. If you don't pick something that ganks at level 2 and turns the entire game into a instant snowball team death match, your trolling, it's your fault the team lost, and their grandma died, and their dog fell down a well, and just HOLY CRAP. Like dude, i hit level 2, and you guys died by yourself on the other side of the map, to your own lane, and that's MY fault. I dodge when i get filled into jungle now. You cannot PAY me to play that shit.
Shahamut (NA)
: Skarner is still waiting...
800 movement speed, and 1 shot damage while missing half your kit is the buffs he needs. Put him on the same level as every other fucking champion right now lmao. Or ya know, make another Lux skin. That's cool too.
: Yuumi Seems Pretty Weak On Paper
Well if the champ was good just by HERSELF, then she would be completely busted, as a support champ that is. If she was just a mid laner, then yes, she is crap. But combine her with powerful champs, and yeaaaaah i feel shes gonna do fine. Last thing we need is another fucking support capable of soloing people overloaded with shit tons of unmissable damage. COUGH SONA/Morg
: Not to beat the dead horse, but I’m legitamtely dying because of creep block at least once a week
I'm not sure it's minion block as much as it's probably just the pathing of the game at this point. IDK how many times iv'e clicked one spot, and my champ does 5 other fucking things before moving to that click. "lemme just go back, sideways, 1 hop this time, back it up now yall, ok now i'll go to that original click". Like ill go to last hit a minion, I'm standing perfectly still, the minion is literally in my auto attack range, i click the minion, my champ walks fucking sideways and around invisible objects apparently, and then misses that fucking last hit because 'HUR DUR DURURURUR i gotta walk like a fucking weirdo for no reason". Pathing + Creep Block man. Both have definitely gotten worse over time, and people refuse to admit that their wonderful perfect game isn't so fuckin perfect.
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